15 Secrets To Spot Online Poker Player At Poker Live


With the development of new media, the internet, and it being a lot cheaper, number of online poker players has increased drastically who have swapped the mode of playing poker live to online.

While some of these online players have met with success, others have failed to make the transition smoothly. Those of the players who have played live poker regularly can usually spot the online poker players from a mile. Here are 13 things you can look for that’ll help you identify “the online guys” sitting with you at the table.

Read on:

1]Poker online players shuffle their cards on Poker Padz. These poker table-shaped mouse pads let computer users re-create the feel of playing live poker game.

2]After losing a hand, online poker players yell out, “this game is rigged!”

3]If other player tells a funny joke at the table and while all the other players are laughing the online players just say ‘LOL’ or ‘ROFL!’

4]Rather than, calling for a floor person, online players ask for a moderator.

5]Online poker players will be truly mean regarding tipping dealers, but will tell them to ‘ship it’ as they win a pot.

6]Online poker players will challenge the winner to a heads-up match, after losing a big pot.

7]During a poker tournament online poker players will wish to take a 5-minute break every hour.

8]After a 12-hour session, poker online players will quit and announce they ought to head home for a certain ‘scheduled server downtime.’

9]Poker online players will say that they have been playing poker as for 8 years, even though they just have turned 21.

10]Online poker players justify a bad call by claiming it was a ‘misclick.’

11]Poker online players keep referring to the big stack at the table as ‘villain’.

12]When you ask the online poker players their names, they’ll say bizarre names such as ‘maddy123’ or ‘pokerjoker,’ etc.

13]Online poker players will take a look at the bad beat jackpot display and say ‘I made more than that in rakeback last year.’

Happy Gaming!