Poker Chip Stack Management

Whether you are playing in online poker tournaments or live Texas Hold’em tournaments, or even in a no limit Texas Hold’em poker cash game, the most crucial part of your play is to properly manage your poker chip stack. Proper chip stack management can easily be the difference between making final tables or going broke before making a profit. 

Chip stack management is the ability to make sure you have enough chips. This is to be able to survive the downswings in online poker tournaments or no-limit Texas Hold’em poker cash games. In respect to Texas Hold’em tournaments, the failures to properly manage your chips. This will inevitably result in getting blinded out or not having enough chips to protect your better hands. 

Proper management, just like in a business is the key to your success in getting deeper inn online poker tournaments. A well thought out plan is the best defence against becoming a short stack too early in Texas Hold’em poker tournaments. Your best plan is to keep your eye on several factors while playing the game. These factors are the average poker chip stack, the total chips in play and the relative stack to blind ratio.  Continue reading “Poker Chip Stack Management”

Gut Shot – The Inside Straight Draw

In online poker, the inside straight draw, also known as a gutshot draw, is four cards forming a sequence of five, a straight, with one of the middle three cards missing. 

For instance, 8-9-10-J-Q is a straight. Assume that you take away the 8 or the Q. And then you have an open ended straight draw or an outside straight. Any 8 or any Q from the remaining of the 48 cards can complete the sequence. Hence, if you draw a card randomly from the rest of the deck you have one chance in six of finishing the straight. 

But if you take away the 9, 10 or J, only that rank can complete the straight. Only four of the 48 remaining cards give you your straight. It is just one chance in 12.  Continue reading “Gut Shot – The Inside Straight Draw”

Famous Poker Players Televised

Poker tournaments and online poker games highlighted poker players, celebrities and pros with their outstanding skills. Some keep simple, just wanted to enjoy with their poker online tables while others are known enough and find themselves followed by cameras. Are you wondering who are these players whose performances reach the screen and televised poker shows? Find about them yourself: 

Prahlad Friedman 

Born on May 20, 1978, Friedman is an American professional poker player from Los Angeles, California. Under the screen name “Spirit Rock” he played for Full Tilt Poker. He has other alias like “Mahatma” on Ultimate Bet, “Zweig” on Prima Network, and “Poopers” on PokerStars.  Continue reading “Famous Poker Players Televised”

Be a Poker Pro Playing Poker Freerolls

Nothing feels better than wining huge prize money at online poker tournaments. And, players often use various strategies to come out as the winner. However, you cannot use the strategies used for poker tournaments in the freerolls. In the freerolls games, gamblers tend to be aggressive and play the game with loose hands, without bothering about the results. So, below are some helpful strategies that would permit you the play freerolls in a better way: 

The First Hour 

During the beginning stages of the freeroll poker online tournaments, try to play tight. Many gamblers will give away with their weak hands, believing that it would not incur any kind of losses. For this reason, make it a strategy to play with strong hands; for example, two kinds, a king and an ace, two aces, and many more. Most importantly, you have to be patient during the first hour. Choose your spots cautiously and you will certainly get a great opportunity to win.  Continue reading “Be a Poker Pro Playing Poker Freerolls”

Meet the Top 5 Female Poker Players of India

If you go to the Google search engine and type in the keywords ‘Indian poker players’, you will immediately find the search engine generating over 11 millions of sources in India as a result. The number is amazing, especially because they stand as a proof of how far the online poker industry has come over the years in India. The amount of profit that this game generates annually is very admirable 

Poker is about calculations and rough estimations. It is about being a good reader too. You not only need to learn how to call other people’s bluffs by figuring out that they are pretending, but you also need to be able to pretend well yourself. Beautiful and smart women of India are also in the race with the men poker online players to win a few online poker tournaments. Let us know the top women poker players of 2018 and get inspired to play better and more wisely.  Continue reading “Meet the Top 5 Female Poker Players of India”

5 Poker Term Real Poker Players

All communities have their own practices and customs and the world of poker is no diverse. Players dress in a certain way, they treat their bankroll in a particular manner. And they talk in a particular manner. Many phrases exist in our daily language which comes from poker online. 

There are, thus, a few additional words that the online poker world has developed that simply do not work unless they are used in the situation of playing poker. Here are our five favourites: 

Under The Gun (UTG) 

A player deemed ‘under the gun’ when they sit right away to left of player posting big blind. In terms of strategy, it is one of the weakest positions at the poker table. As you act first in every round of betting all through the hand. Confident poker online players have used the perceived weakness of being ‘under the gun’ to trick their opponents about their hand strength by acting strong when in that position.  Continue reading “5 Poker Term Real Poker Players”

Poker Folklore – The Amazing Tales

The world of poker, whether it is online poker or live, is full of stories. These stories are full of suspense, comedy, and intrigue! 

These stories told, retold, shaped and reshaped over the years. It’s hard to know if these stories are accurate or even if they occurred at all. But one thing is for certain, we love reading about them. And also sharing them with all who play poker players. 

Let read about a few of them and enjoy the tales in between playing poker online. 

Stu Ungar calls with Ten High 

As the legend goes, Stu Ungar’s hand reading capabilities and sheer guts were the stuff of legend. And perhaps no Stu Ungar story symbolizes this like his call with Ten-high. The tale is, Ungar was absorbed in a high-stakes poker game, a $50,000 heads-up tournament, against 1990 WSOP Champion Mansour Matloubi when this hand came about:  Continue reading “Poker Folklore – The Amazing Tales”

Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy Playing in the Blinds

When you are in any of the two blind positions in Texas Hold’em poker losing money is an easy thing to do. It is highly probable that you will lose money much more times. It is when you were a blind position than when you are in a different position. The decisions you have to make when in the blinds are very difficult indeed. And they depend somewhat on luck but mostly on skills. There is no sure way to play out of any blind; everything depends on how you play and when you decide to fold. 

If you would be positioned anywhere else, let’s say for instance in the middle and you have a bad hand in your poker online game, when you see other raise and bet in front of you then you can simply fold as your hand isn’t worth losing all that money. But when in a blind position you can’t do that. The odds you get to call from the big blind position are big but you don’t know your hand yet and the problem is that you can get stuck and pay off a good hand somebody is holding or is going to draw. In the long run you will realize that you mostly lose money when you bet and call against a good hand that is going to take your money and not when your hand gets beaten.  Continue reading “Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy Playing in the Blinds”

Online Poker Players Beat Your Bad Beats

“Bad Beat” is the poker online term that best describe a hand in which what appears to be a monster nevertheless loses. It usually happens where a player bets the clearly stronger hand. And the opponent makes a poor call that eventually “hits” and wins. 

Every player is vulnerable to bad beats. It can be a player who enjoys playing at the most trusted online casino. Or one of those who loves going to a real casino to play. There are no excuses when it hit you, you just have to deal with it. 

As much as we hate to admit it, bad beats are part of today’s game of online poker. If you haven’t experienced a bad beat at the poker table, then you haven’t been involved in many pots. Or you just play far too conservatively.  Continue reading “Online Poker Players Beat Your Bad Beats”

Flush the Opponent in Online Poker

Unleash online poker and know the tricks and tips that can lead you to an emphatic win. When it is online poker, you must learn the hands categories properly. You may be amazed to know that some of the hand categories can earn you a sustainable mileage. Let us understand the hands categories and the jargons used to describe them in the world of poker online. 

If two out of the five cards are from same rank then it is called a pair in the vocabulary of online poker. It is necessary that the other 3 cards should be completely unrelated. The remaining cards are considered when a tie comes in before. Similarly if two pairs can be formed in your hands with the fifth one remains unrelated, it is called Two Pairs. The bottom pair is used to break the tie.  Continue reading “Flush the Opponent in Online Poker”