Meet the Top 5 Female Poker Players of India

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If you go to the Google search engine and type in the keywords ‘Indian poker players’, you will immediately find the search engine generating over 11 millions of sources in India as a result. The number is amazing, especially because they stand as a proof of how far the online poker industry has come over the years in India. The amount of profit that this game generates annually is very admirable 

Poker is about calculations and rough estimations. It is about being a good reader too. You not only need to learn how to call other people’s bluffs by figuring out that they are pretending, but you also need to be able to pretend well yourself. Beautiful and smart women of India are also in the race with the men poker online players to win a few online poker tournaments. Let us know the top women poker players of 2018 and get inspired to play better and more wisely. 

Nikita Luther 

Nikita Luther is playing football for a few years now. With GPI #8585 and 433.97 pts, Nikita Luther is currently the top women poker player. She is the participant of World Series of Poker and has just won the 2nd WSOP Bracelet for India, the first one was in 2017 by Aditya Sushant- Nipun Java team who registered a historic victory in the WSOP for India. 

Muskan Sethi  

Born in Delhi and the resident of the city, Muskan Sethi regarded as one of the strongest woman poker player in India. With GPI #8676 and 431.21 pts, Muskan is ranked second in the category of top women players. She has played in Deltin Poker Tournament. 

Mubina Rattonsey  

The resident of Mumbai city, Mubina Rattonsey is currently holding the third position. This year her statistics are GPI #17223 and 269.68 pts. 

Babita Agarwal  

Babita Agarwal is currently holding the fourth position amongst the women poker players in India. This year her statistics are GPI #54479 and 95.59 pts. She has recently participated and played marvellously well in the Deltin Poker Tournament! 

Parm Mehmi  

Born in India, Parm Mehmi  is a homemaker and a proud mother of one kid before she is poker player. She is holding the fifth place with her current GPI #64697 and 79.18 pts. 

Happy playing!