Playing against a Pre-flop Raiser in Poker Online

When you play against a pre-flop raiser at poker online game, there are two things to consider. Chip stack will dictate how the game will be played since most small stacks will be forced to bet the best they can after a large raiser while stack leaders will fold after missing the flop.

Another important thing to consider is having the right position in the table when playing best online poker.

Playing Early Position

If you are in a big or small blind position you have the opportunity to put some pressure on the raiser. You can call a small raise in case you have on hand suited cards, small pockets, or connectors. This will give the other online poker real money players the impression that you got something on the flop. In case someone goes over the top, then decide if you have to fold what you have.

There might also be situations where your opponents will have monsters at hand when ace or face cards come out of the flop. The best play can be check and fold.

Game to Play in the Late Position

When you have a late position you can call raises to pairs of cards above 9s; A paired with a 10, J, Q, K; or a K with a J or Q. Watch out for flops like 4, 5, J or a 6, 7, Q if you have a KJ or KQ since most pre-flop raisers might be playing AJ or AQ. When the pre-flop raiser checks, you can make a move and bet on the flop.

You and your opponent can also end up missing your hands playing online poker India. When you have a rainbow on the board and the opponent checks, and then bet your way to his mind. Playing over the top is also another option. This strategy might not work for small stacks which may decide to go all in.

Happy playing!

4 Online Poker Tips The Pros Won’t Tell You

In the past few years, professional poker playing has exploded in popularity. The biggest players are winning substantial amounts of money. However, none of the professional poker players is sharing their secrets. In reality, the best players in the world aren’t doing anything really spectacular other than following basic online poker tips. What makes the best players so amazing is their ability to utilize all of their strengths and capitalize on the we of others. Anyone can significantly improve his or her poker game by following these four easy tips.

Observe your opponents

This is probably the most crucial part of online poker India. When playing against someone, the more you know about them, the easier it will be for you to take advantage of their weaknesses. It is always a good idea to observe an opponent’s betting habits. Some players bet extremely high when they have a good hand. Other players will attempt to make several seemingly small raises. Anyone who consistently raises after each flop might have a good hand. However, some players will try to bluff. Noticing patterns can help you adjust to the moves of your opponents. This will help you save money and possibly have great gains.

Bet wisely and watch your money

Every online poker real money player should set limits when going into the casino. The pros don’t have to worry about money so much, but the average player definitely does. Set a limit and do not exceed it. Being money conscious can help ensure that if you have a bad day at the tables, you don’t put yourself in debt. Along with managing money is managing bets. Some players like to bet high (high rollers), but this can lead to drastic losses. Some of the best players bet moderately and increase their bets slightly when they have a good hand. The best advice for betting is “avoid the extremes.” Don’t bet too little, because you will end up losing money in the long run. At the same time, don’t bet too much because you might lose a lot of money on only one hand, and that is never good.

Take your time

The pros seem to think very fast, but that is because they are pros! You don’t have to make decisions too rashly. Take time to look at your hand and figure out what you have and bet accordingly. Also, take the time to survey your opponents and surmise what hands they might have. The pros are always thinking and are simply faster than the average player. It is important to realize that every best online poker player has to think logically and make educated guesses.

Know when to fold, and when to stay in

Many players do not understand the best solutions for folding or staying in. The best players understand their chances and only stay in when they have at least one type of hand. Having two face cards is a good reason to stay in, but having two different low number cards might not be such a strong hand. When observing other players, if you notice high bets from a player who does not bluff, then you should probably fold. Knowing when to take risks and when to be conservative is a very important element to being a solid poker player.

Happy playing!

Origins and Names of Online Poker Positions

Poker experts might use loads of nicknames and abbreviations for different positions and seats at the online poker table. UTG, cutoff, the hijack, and others are all things that the casual player might not understand. Here they are gathered together so we can go around the table and learn each position’s nickname when they have one. These are for a ten-handed table but will also work nine-handed, as the middle positions are kind of lumped together, and the others count out from the button in either direction.

Early Position

The first four seats to the left of the big blind are collectively called Early Position, which is often abbreviated as “ep” in shorthand or best online poker conversations.

Small Blind (SB, sb)

We all know the names of the blinds, but you have to start somewhere. The small blind, though it acts second to last on the opening round, has to act first in every subsequent round. Add to that the fact that you have to pay money blind for the privilege of sitting here makes this the worst position at the table.

Big Blind (BB, bb)

Paying double, the small blind is bad, but at least you have a position on one person at the table, and you get to act the last pre-flop. Still, having to put money in blind guarantees that you will always be a long-term loser in this seat; you just have to try to lose as little as possible.

Under the Gun, First Position (rarely used) (UTG, utg)

The term under the gun didn’t originate with online poker real money. It is actually from medieval times when infantry storming a castle’s walls would be literally “under the guns” of the defenders when they did their bloody work.

Middle Position (MP, mp)

The next three seats are collectively known as middle position and less often referred to by specific names. On occasion, you will hear reference to “early middle” or “late middle” position, but those can be pretty amorphous. “MP” is used to denote in shorthand.

Since the seat name and the area name are the same, this lonely seat kind of gets lost in the mix.

Middle Position, Late Middle, Late Middle Position (MP, mp)

This seat doesn’t exist in a nine-handed game, and like above, mostly gets lumped in as middle position or late middle position when referred to.

Late Position

The last three positions are counted backwards from the button and are excellent places to play cards from.

The Hijack

With button and cutoff steals so common, this seat became known as the hijack when players in this position began “hijacking” the two later seat’s action and stealing the blinds before them.

The Cutoff (CO, co)

It has been posited that this seat gained its name by being the seat that cut the cards when the actual deal passed around, rather than a button denoting where the dealer would be.

The Button, On the Button, Dealer, Dealer Button (BTN, btn)

It is the most advantageous position in poker online. In a home game, you know you’re on the button because you’re holding the deck. In a card room, there will be a big plastic disc that says “Dealer”.

Happy playing!

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Unique Tips to Win Online Poker

Much has been written and posted about how to perform nicely in a real game of poker. The simple strategy like following the facial expression of co-players to some of the most complex ones which require articulating different game plans can help one to earn quite a fortune. But when it comes to playing online poker there are various areas where face to face poker and online poker differ a lot.

Hold your horses

The first and foremost tip is to be patient. At times if there are 5-6 players playing on a common table it takes a lot of time before you get a chance to make your move. Many players have a tendency to swap to some other webpage in the meanwhile and thus miss upon the important record information provided by almost every poker online India site.

Check up on the platform

The second tip is to get yourself familiarize with the online poker real money site. Almost all the sites follow a different set of rules and regulation and require the users to comply with them. A proper study of a site can help you know about the details of payments, pay-outs and concerned information. Also, take into consideration that the personal information you furnished is being secured by the online poker.

Be clearheaded

The third tip is you should be very clear in your mind when to call off. It is very common to see internet best online poker geeks going lavish while playing and tend to overspend. There is no tip which can help you if you have an off-luck day and thus it is always advisable to have a clear demarcation and know when it is better to call off.

There are many winning poker tips to conquer online poker but some of the most basic are mentioned above which have stood the test of time and even go strong today.

Happy playing!

5 Quick Tips for Aspiring Online Poker Players

Poker is a dynamic game which requires concentration, constant learning and improvements to have an edge over the opponents. Online poker players need this to be able to crush them at the table. Along with this, players also need to have a balanced life and mind.

If you are an aspiring play poker player wishing to go-ahead to a path more than just playing the game, here are 5 things you can do.

Get enough rest and sleep before a big game

Lack of rest and sleep may hamper your energy, concentration, judgement and decision-making. Hence, it is always important to get enough rest before a big session and to hydrate yourself well.

Review your hands & watch poker videos

Take time after your play to work on your leaks. Put in at least two days to do a HH review and also spend a couple of hours a day watching videos that are available. This will improve your game.

Don’t fire-up 6-7 screens simultaneously

Do not try or fire-up 6-7 screens simultaneously, especially if you are not used to playing more than 2-3 screens. It’s better to give your 100% to a few games than to play your B and C Game for all.

Stay calm despite the bad beats

Bad beats are a part of poker online and are almost unavoidable. Knowing equities and studying would help you with being realistic. As they say, no bad beats. So, never lose your cool if you face bad beats.

Understand your opponents at the table

When you are playing, your full focus should be on your table, even when you are not in a hand. It is also very important to know your opponents’ tendencies and to not watch shows and other useless stuff.

Happy playing!


6 Habits of Successful Pokers Player

Do you believe you have what it takes to be outstanding in poker? Every poker player requires having certain traits to come out as an amazing poker player. These attributes are akin to both – cash game players and event players. Here are the seven crucial attributes that you ought to bring to play to be a strong poker online player: 


Every good poker player should be goal-oriented to come out as victorious. Poker games online players ought to keep track of all detail to make good use of their money and time. While following this methodology, a determined player should take the lead by showing his skills, and even bluffing when required. Thus, an enthusiastic player should not let his opponents influence the action at the table. 


All poker players ought to always focus and set his attention on the game. If playing live poker games, the players should target on game of poker, rather than watching other things. Similarly, online poker players should not browse the web and talk on phone while playing online poker. Being aimed directs poker players to offer their best in the game. 


Intelligence in poker links to the statistical aspect of the poker online India game. Although some players are decent in maths in contrast to others, but the implicit possibilities remain exact for all. Poker players should maintain on practicing their game to be able to strive and come on strong and against the odds. They ought to view their loss in the game as a chance to improve their poker skills. 


Discipline is what retains poker players under influence and act with decorum. Discipline guides a poker player to stick to a convention play poker online thus blocking their mind to redirect in wrong play. Poker players who are disciplined understand what to do, how to do as well as when to do recognizing the guidelines of the game. 


A good poker player is the one who cannot just lead during the better days but also in unfavourable days. You can come across poker players who go on full-blown-life-tilt following a bad beat, and finish up losing more than being successful. Hence, being mentally strong helps a poker player to get over bad beat smoothly, and execute well when things are going lousy. 


Fearlessness here links to the power of a poker player. A poker player is regarded fearless if he / she do not allow the fear overcome their preferences. Poker players ought to make the strong moves when the time is ideal fearlessly instead of pondering about the money they might lose. 

Happy playing!! 

Online Poker – The Tricky Double Barrel

Making right choices during a game of online poker is crucial to take home prizes. What do you do when you make a continuation bet and your opponent calls it? You might be facing an awkward situation and one option is to double barrel. It refers to the act of bluffing into a pot twice. 

Double barrelling is quite difficult to learn and master. What you do is, fire another barrel. Or make another bet on the turn after your opponent calls your continuation bet. 

You have to remember some basics. So you don’t end up crying after the game if you plan on trying to double barrel: 

Don’t double barrel a calling station 

It could be fun throwing money at someone. But, you need to remember that it will not be productive if you try to bluff someone who rarely folds his card. Double barrel a calling station and say goodbye to your poker online bankroll. 

Reads as always are essential 

It will be very helpful if you know that your opponent folds when he doesn’t have good cards and it is also very useful when you know that someone loves showdowns with every deal you get. The more you know about your opponent the easier it is to know if it’s good to double barrel. 

Check your equity before double barrelling 

This simply means don’t force a double barrel if you do not have some chance of grabbing the chips for the hand. Like in other bluffing scenarios, having some equity is always better. 

Fire a second barrel when your opponent is scared of the turn card 

When you get an over card for the flop, this might be the best situation to double barrel. These cards may hit our range and has a higher chance that you u hold better cards than your opponent. If the turn is a scare card for your opponent then they will be a lot happier to fold and just save their chips when you fire a barrel. Also, you may have improved your potential to as little as a gut shot straight draw, which is enough to continue firing very often. 

Double barrel when you improve on the turn 

You don’t fire the second barrel only when you miss the turn but you also double barrel when you improve your cards. This balances out your strategy and becomes less vulnerable to opponents 

Happy playing! 

Online Poker – Best Poker Amateur Strategies

Are you taking to the poker tables of late? Are you playing at professional tables and an enthusiast with a penchant to keep learning? Well, all you need to do is access the strategies that spin success stories in the game of online poker. The need is especially so in the case of amateur players, since the earlier learned the better! If not, you stand to lose a lot, in terms o time and money! It is vital to be very aware of all the possible errors that unfold unknowingly within the poker arena. 

It is very natural for even a professional to make mistakes when playing poker. Hence it is more important for you as a beginner to know about these errors waiting in each hand and ways and means of avoiding them. The strategies help you in the long run. Always keep a budget in mind. Never play poker online games without a set pay-out or else you end up losing more money than you even bring in, unless of course you are just born to win all the time! It helps a lot to set and stick to a basic budget to ensure that you do not get into any kind of trouble as far as finances are concerned. 

Prevent playing too many hands 

Evade playing too many hands just to be part of the table action. Playing more does not in any way mean winning more! You only end up losing more; instead in good time and gradually upgrade your start-hand investments and requirements. Never ever play poker real money when you are already two or three down! Drinks, that is! You will only get plastered and lose your stack of chips even if you are playing with friends. Irrespective of whether there are low stakes or high at the table, watch the alcohol! 

Avoid bluffing until getting completely trained 

When not trained enough or still in training mode avoid bluffing. You don’t have to bluff a certain amount in any poker online game, the original or variant. Bluffs work in only some pre-strategized situations. A call to showdown could mean huge trouble. Also check out your position in a hand and drop out if need be. Don’t stay in just because you were a part of the dealing. Putting an amount into the pot does not mean you have to stay. Many pot odds call for a ‘call’ and if you’re sure of a bad hand, there’s no way you can improve; so fold right away. 

A lot of players also play with emotion ruling large. A big mistake! Don’t let your bets beat you, instead work towards them adding up over an evening. Never play a game of poker to escape from depression. If you begin with a tilt you lose. Instead take a break. When playing poker it is very essential to pay attention to your hands always. Don’t get distracted. Keep track of what’s going on at the table. Flush and straight opportunities come up at any time. Always be alert for the people who fold and then call opponents. Observe your opponents and steal the pot. Most importantly concentrate on what’s on the table as you can’t afford to miss a single move made by other players. 

Happy playing! 

Going “All-In” Playing Online Poker Games

It’s the infamous phrase that you’ve heard during the major online poker tournaments, “I’ll go All-In”. Suddenly the player moves their entire stack of chips into the center of the table; the remaining players choose to call or fold, and the tension escalates. 

Whoever is left playing reveals their cards and sometimes stands up from the table in anticipation for the last cards. It’s the moment that spectators wait for, the final Texas Hold’em showdown when players are risking it all. But do you really know what it means to go all-in and when you should do it in poker online? 

When a player is declared All-In, they are either choosing to bet their entire chip stack, or they do not have enough chips to call a bet and are betting whatever they have left. The best online poker player who goes all-in without enough chips to call is eligible for the portion of the pot to the point of this final wager. All further action involving other players takes place in a side pot. This is unavailable to the player who has already gone All-In. 

When a player goes All-in, the pot currently at the center of the table, which has contributions from him/her as well, is treated as the main pot, over which the All-in player has rights. After the player goes all-in, all the new bets are placed in a side pot, over which only the contributing players have rights. The All-in player does not have any rights over the side pot. The side pot is then given to the next winning combination. 

The most common practice in Hold’em 

Going all-in is common practice in no-limit Texas Hold’em tournament online poker real money games. But, it is typically only used in regular Hold’em games when someone has a short stack of chips left. Going all-in will affect you as a player in two different ways. Either you will be making the all-in bet, or you will be facing the all-in bet deciding whether or not to call. Making the all-in bet yourself is a rush; it shows confidence in your hand, and it will make or break your place in the game. 

When someone else goes all-in, the pressure is on you whether or not to call. You should weigh the cost with the possible outcome. If calling the all-in bet isn’t going to devastate your stack, then you should probably call. Consider how much you’ve already put in the pot, along with how much calling this bet will cost you.  

Sometimes the pot is just too high to fold, and you’ve already risked too much not to call. Sometimes you can save yourself from losing even more chips by folding and realizing that this player went all-in for a reason. There’s no exact science, and you learn from each experience. 

Happy playing! 

Tips for Playing Shorthanded Online Poker

Online Poker has been going strong years after years in the recent days. The MoneyMaker boom is still going strong, but the game of poker overall has changed a lot over these past years. Poker just like anything else goes thorough cycles. When the online poker boom first started sit and go tournaments and multi-table tournaments were all the rage. Then gradually players started to realize that even though the tournament guys get all the glory, the cash game players make more of the money. 

As Players started drifting towards more cash games, the games got tougher and a new cycle started, the shorthanded games started becoming more popular. For an experienced disciplined poker player, shorthanded online poker India games are very profitable. 

The reason shorthanded poker games have grown in popularity is like we mentioned above, they are simply a more profitable game. Players get to see more hands against a full 9 or 10 player table. They get to make more decisions per hour than full table. And many players do not know how to adjust to playing a shorthanded game. 

Opening up your hand range 

As we mentioned above, experienced players can make a killing play poker online tables with players that do not know how to adjust to the shorthanded format. When you are playing shorthand poker games you can raise with much weaker hands than you normally would in a full ring game with 9 or 10 players.  

Raising with weaker hands in poker online games is pretty standard and confuses the less experienced players. In shorthand value changes dramatically from a full ring game. In a full ring game AJs and 88+ are standard raising hands whereas suited connectors and weaker hands in general are perfect for shorthanded play. 

The Importance of Position 

Position is another aspect of shorthand play that changes dramatically from full ring games. In full ring games you must be very selective about what hands you play, and from what position. 

In a short-handed online poker real money Texas Hold’em game position is much less important against a full table game. Now, we are not saying that position is meaningless, but it takes on a new aspect in the shorthand games because there are fewer players and you will often be playing pots heads up against other player. Also, since there are only 6 players at the poker table, you will be in the blind much more often than full ring games. 

Adjusting to Poker aggression 

The biggest adjustment for new players trying their hand at online poker games is the increased aggression of these games. They love putting pressure on players and know how to do it. Of course every poker style has a counter attack that will stop it. So don’t think that shorthand is all about crazy aggression. But it is about well-timed aggression and strategy. If you can handle this style of play, then you can take advantage of the unsuspecting players that think they know how to handle the shorthanded format. 

Happy playing!