Factors that Make Online Poker Better Than Live Poker

Factors that Make Playing Online Poker Better Than Live Poker

Every year, the poker gaming industry’s potential soars to new heights. The majority of poker players now use user-friendly web pages and smartphone apps to play poker online. As a result, visiting live poker platforms is gradually fading because current technology can provide poker players with about the same level of experience as playing poker on a traditional offline poker platform.

There are many key distinctions between live and online poker. Although the game’s principles are roughly the same in both cases, the overall feeling you receive from participating in live poker is not the same as playing online. Some of the variations can substantially impact some areas of the game.

In this post, we’ll compare live and online poker in detail, focusing on a few key areas where they differ.

Table of Content:

  1. In Comparison to Live Poker, Online Poker is Far more Competitive
  2. Speed of the Gameplay
  3. Online Poker Means a Virtual experience, But Live Poker is a Real-Life Experience
  4. When Compared to Live Poker in a Casino, Online Poker is More Convenient
  5. There Aren’t as Many Poker Tells in Online Poker as in Live Poker
  6. Compared to Live Poker, Online Poker Offers more Variety
playing online poker better than live poker
playing online poker better than live poker

In Comparison to Live Poker, Online Poker is Far more Competitive.

If you prefer playing high-stakes real money poker, you must already be aware that it is far more cutthroat than live poker. Online poker players are professional grinders who have developed a winning technique and rarely make mistakes.

As a result, playing against these users will make you feel more psyched up and energized. But if we talk about live poker games, they are usually a lot easier. As a result, if you can handle high-stakes online poker games, you’ll have no trouble beating high-stakes poker competitors in a live setting.

Speed of the Gameplay

Speed is, without a doubt, one of the most significant and noticeable distinctions between online and Live Poker. Playing on online poker websites in India is much faster for obvious reasons. Significantly the work that takes time at live poker tables is done automatically and thus much faster at online poker sites.

You won’t have to manually shuffle the deck after each round because the cards are “dealt” in a fraction of seconds as well as the chip counts are also completed quickly. You may not believe that the faster pace is significant, but it is.

If you’re a winning player, dealing more hands should result in even more winnings, but the fast-paced games are likely to be more pleasurable if you’re playing for fun. Slow play in a live environment can be aggravating, especially if you’re not getting excellent cards.

Online Poker Means a Virtual experience, But Live Poker is a Real-Life Experience.

When we state that online poker card games are simulated rather than a real-life experience, what exactly do we mean? It’s actually fairly straightforward. When you play poker online, you don’t get to meet the people you’re playing with face to face. Because online poker is solely a virtual activity, it eliminates the need for live and physical interaction. You are not playing alone when you play online poker.

When Compared to Live Poker in a Casino, Online Poker is More Convenient.

If you want to play live poker in a casino, you’ll need to dress up, travel to the casino, and pick a table. It is a special occasion, not something to do in your leisure time. Online poker games are significantly more convenient because you can easily play them any time and anywhere. Also, you don’t need to drive to any poker clubs, and you don’t need to dress up because you won’t be meeting anyone else.

There Aren’t as Many Poker Tells in Online Poker as in Live Poker.

Noticing your opponents’ facial gestures, expressions, and body language is an essential component of live poker. The opponent can evaluate the strength of a player’s poker hand and if the player is bluffing by closely studying the player’s actions.

As a result, it’s critical to maintain optimal body language when playing live poker. Fortunately, you don’t have to be concerned about your body language when playing online poker because online poker games usually allow you to communicate your emotions to your opponents. As a result, seeing bodily behavioral patterns in online poker is nearly impossible.

Compared to Live Poker, Online Poker Offers more Variety.

There’s nothing to doubt when it comes to poker varieties, and online poker always wins here. In live poker games in casinos, you only get access to some poker game varieties, such as Texas Hold ’em or No Limit Poker. But in online poker, you won’t have to worry about the game varieties. Online poker platforms have different types of poker games users can try out, and you can also learn how to play Texas Hold ’em poker online.


Online poker games are, in many terms, more accessible and convenient to play than live poker games. But, in both versions, you have to give your best to win.

For more details about live poker click, here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poker_Night_Live

Selecting Poker as a Profession – Good or Bad?

How about selecting a game as a career option? Seems thrilling, isn’t it? Poker can be one such option. If you know how to play poker professionally, then your dream of selecting a career in the gaming industry can be a success. It’s like doing something that you’re passionate about without feeling bored and without feeling tired of even the slightest bit.  

However, before you think of making money out of poker games online, remember that there are pros and cons to every profession that you select. Unlike a hectic 9-5 job, real money poker games can help you get money along with flexible working options. However, just because it’s a game, don’t underestimate the seriousness of the same.  

Check out the pros and cons of playing poker online and choosing the same as a career option in future. 

Pros of making poker your career 

Flexible timings 

If you’re playing poker for a permanent living, then you are not bound by any fixed office timings. There’s no requirement of going to the office. You can work in any shift and at any time as per your wish. Make the best use of your day and working won’t be a problem. Especially if you’re playing poker tournaments, then earning loads won’t be a big deal.  

Unlimited earnings 

There’s no bar on the amount of money that you can earn if you play poker games online. That’s the biggest reason why individuals love playing poker online. You don’t have to limit your spending to a certain budgeted amount. Money has always been the major motivator for every individual. For the professionals who know all the tricks of the game, this is not a difficult game.  

Freedom of travelling 

Another biggest advantage of making online poker your career is that you get complete freedom of traveling anywhere in the world. Rather than sitting down in a fixed place all day long, you can wander about in different locations and keep earning money!  

Cons of making poker your career 

No fixed salary 

This gives you the option of making an unlimited bank balance, but also there’s no guaranteed salary that can provide you with financial security. Especially for family-oriented people, instability and insecurity of income can be crucial factors. This group of people can’t take the risk of keeping a negative bank balance in any possible cases.  

No fixed road to success 

There’s no hard and fast rule of playing poker online, that can take you on a long-term success path. If you want to have a good hold over your career then selecting a profession that will help in getting you successful is the most crucial one. It can be a memorable journey for you with many highs and lows. You can get rick one day and can lose out on all your cash in the other day. 

Fixed bankroll requirement 

You definitely need a fixed bank balance, before you think of pursuing a long-term career in poker. At the initial stages, there can be phases when you may not win any money. If such a situation happens then you will not be able to continue in the game.  

Happy Playing!!

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Omaha vs Texas Hold’em – Which Poker Variation is Better?

Omaha vs Texas Hold’em – Which Poker Variation is Better?

For every veteran poker player playing Omaha poker and Texas Hold’em is a dream. Although both the versions are similar in terms of hand rankings, however, the rules are different and the skill sets required may differ from one another. Both are undoubtedly the most lover variants that are played for real money poker.  

On the surface, both may look similar. If you’re new to the world of online poker, then attempting either of the two will not make much difference to you! Both versions have four betting streets namely pre-flop, flop, turn and river. But an old hand knows the difference between the two. With the slightest change in the rule going unnoticed, you will end up losing in poker games online.  

Difference in rules 

In Hold’em the player gets two-hole cards and in Omaha, it’s 4. While playing poker online, in both variants the player needs to combine the hole cards with the community ones. When you’re playing Hold’em, you can use all community cards and make the winning hand. The same is not the case with Omaha. Here the player has to use at least two community cards to create the winning hand. Remembering the twist in the rules will lead you deeper into the game.  

Difference in betting structures 

Both these versions of poker can be played using different betting structures. However, experienced players prefer playing Hold’em in a no-limit format. On the other hand, Omaha is mostly played in Pot limit format. If you’re playing poker online, then opting for Omaha is the best option. For the professionals who are focusing on earning money from the poker hands  

Difference in complexity level 

Which one is more difficult? When you’re playing the game for fun, complexity is not what you will ask for. Playing poker online and trying out the Hold’em is a far better option compared to Omaha. On the other hand, Omaha is a far complex option. Here, you’ve to vigilant about how effectively you can make the hole cards sync with the community cards.  

Difference in playing standard 

If you check out the videos, you’ll find professional poker tournaments being majorly held on Texas Hold’em rather than Omaha. It is well-evidenced that a Texas player has more sharpened skills than an Omaha player. Moreover, learning to Hold’em is easier compared to Omaha as you get a lot of videos, blogs, and study materials for the same.  

To conclude 

It is true and acceptable by all poker players that Omaha generates a lot of action compared to Hold’em. So, if you’re looking for some real thrill and fun ride, then Omaha is your game. But for real money poker, the focus should be primarily on the Hold’em. However, if you become a professional Omaha player easily, then playing Hold’em flawlessly will not be a difficulty for you. It’s better that you engage in free practice games as much as possible so that you can hone your skills for both variations. 

Happy Playing !!

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4 Ways Covid-19 Has Brought Changes in Poker Games Online

Are you a sports fanatic? Do you spend all your day binge-watching different tournaments and games? If yes, then the Covid-19 pandemic is a curse for you. With almost all matches getting canceled, all gamers are doomed! However, have a look around. Are all gaming options closed? Even the pandemic has not been able to stop poker games online players. The fact that people are stuck at home, online poker games have made their place into the lives of many. 

As the online gaming industry keeps on booming, here’s a brief look at the ways online poker tournaments have benefitted from Covid19. 

Increase in the number of players 

The world is going haywire, but poker players are enjoying their merry time! This pandemic is has seen an unbelievable rise in the number of online poker players. Since casinos are a strict NO, hence playing poker games online is the only feasible option. No interruptions, no heading out for clubs, no time-bindings – poker online is a sure hit! 

Improvement of virtual poker sites 

This lockdown situation has taught people to be technologically dependent. 3D and Virtual reality is now an inseparable part of online poker. Good news for the online poker players – now you can get the feel of a real casino while playing poker on apps. Best online poker sites have remodified the games. Just grab your phone, download the app, and play in a live casino environment. 

Hugh cash inflow for all poker sites 

Yes, it’s raining cash in all poker sites. There’s never been such inflow of cash before. The reason is simple. People are getting bored. In this current situation, poker sites have seen the highest numbers of app downloads. Thousands of people are registering on the app for a mere first-time bonus. Circumstances have turned out to be favorable for the online poker industry. 

Increase in awareness about online poker 

Poker is a popular game. But numbers were not good for the online poker sites. If you’ve been playing card games like rummy, and don’t know about poker, then you’re at a loss. However, this pandemic has brought online poker tournamentsinto the limelight. More and more people are getting aware of the different poker sites. Since there’s a lot of time, hence you can just browse through the apps and get the one that suits your needs. 

Wrapping up… 

Rather than engaging in illegal betting, why not indulge in online poker games? Lack of any recreations is making people spend their time more on online games. This is a crazy and unstable time. Things might change in the coming days. But online poker is sure to shoot up from this moment onwards. So, if you’re a poker lover and want to win some real cash from the game, then, your good time starts now. 

 Happy Playing !!

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Poker Online – Useful Online Etiquettes for Players

6 Common Online Poker Manners that You Should Know

Just because you’re playing poker online, that doesn’t mean that you abuse, misbehave and be a pain for your opponent! Like live poker, online poker also has a set of predetermined rules. Follow them and create a playful experience for online poker games. 

Even if the opponent is not able to see you, being courteous and humble throughout the game makes you a good player. Download, login, and start playing poker games online. Read a few rules and behave accordingly throughout the game. 

1.Never use abusive language 

You must be angry if you’re losing the game, that’s natural. But you can’t use slang and abuse your opponent over the chat box. Online Poker tournaments should be played professionally. So, keep your emotions in check. The person sitting at the opposite end is also a human being. He can get angry as well. Chat boxes are for communicating. Use them well! 

2.Keep a stable internet connection 

Playing poker online with a stable connection is also a good manner. It’s very natural that the opponent is not able to see you or your game. Hence, you need to keep on making the moves to make the person on the other side feel that you’re present in the game. if you feel the line is unstable, then inform the players. There are chat boxes in the game, you can convey anything that you want. 

3.Be attentive throughout the game 

While playing poker online, don’t get diverted often, if it’s your time to play and you need to play a smart hand, then being attentive will take you a long way. If you keep on missing the moves and the discarded cards, then surely the opponent will get offended. Sometimes being inattentive throughout the game may ruin your reputation. 

4.Don’t indicate your poker hand 

This is an important etiquette that live poker players need to adapt. Even if you’ve folded your cards, however, don’t talk about the ones with anyone who has left the game or anyone who is still present in the game. This makes bluffing difficult and can give away some good hands. However, this is not an issue that poker games online players will face. Keep mum as much as possible. Speaking up too much may hinder the game. 

5.Respect the dealer 

One of the persons in the live game acts as a dealer both in online and live poker. Make sure you’re not rude to the person. It’s not the fault of the dealer that you’ve received some bad cards. It’s just your bad luck! So, remember to be polite and respect the person. Don’t take out your grudge on them! They are mere handlers! They are not your enemy. 

6.Keep up with the action 

If you feel that you’re getting tired or you’re bored, then please leave the game rather than overstretching the same. Few poker tournaments may go on for a long time. Not your fault if you start feeling tired! Leave the game rather than being rude. Hold on to your reputation. Be attentive. If not possible then play the game later. 

  Happy Playing !!

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6 Amazing Female Poker Players of 2020

Card games are not for women – discrimination based on gender has always been prominent in every industry and sector.Online Poker tournaments were not an exception. However, 2020 has been a good year for the girls! Despite the traditional belief that poker is a man’s game, women are also taking the poker world by storm. 

Although a world series for poker is still away, however, girls are surely making a lot of money by playing poker online. To keep up the spirits of other girls who are willing to play poker, check out the list of a few international winners. 

1. Liv Boeree

She is a talented, intelligent, and a very impressive player. She is the only female poker player who has won many poker tournaments. Not only that, but she also has a degree of astrophysics in her name. If you’re into the world of poker, then Liv Boree is a common name that you should be knowing. Not only poker, but she is also a celebrity in the television industry. 

2.Joanne Liu 

Don’t let the distinctive hats and unconventional dressing style of Liu fool you! She’s been an exceptionally good player since 1996. She became 4th in a Limit Hold’em match and uses her Chinese gambling skills to play poker. Although initially, she was looking forward to a career in computer science. However, once cash started raining on her, she gladly accepted this as her fortune and career. 

3. Maria Constanza Lampropulos 

You might have heard her name in poker very seldom! She already has a great professional career. But as she played on, she got engrossed in the game. Maria entered the world of poker with her boyfriend, the famous poker player Ivan Luca. Since there was no looking back. One of her notified wins is the one in Nottingham over 7,000 people. Have a look at her playing videos and learn to play poker online successfully. 

4. Vanessa Rousso 

If you’re into poker, then you must’ve heard the name of Vanessa Rousso several times. Her poker skills have successfully landed her in the 8th spot in the Women’s All-time Money List. She is beauty coupled intelligence – rare but a dashing combination for a female poker player. Although she has no major titles to her name right now, that time is going to come soon! 

5. Vanessa Selbst 

After completing a smashing 12 years in poker games, she has the number 1 ranking in the Global Poker Index. Very popular and having a net worth of around $11.9 million, she is undoubtedly a tricky player. Opponents are of the opinion that it’s very difficult to win over Vanessa. She knows the right set of bluffs than can turn the game around. She is a very reckless and bold poker player and can teach you some smart moves for your poker games online. Check out her bluffs and you’ll know why she is famous. 

6. Annie Duke 

With a net worth of around USD 9 million in the bank, Annie is popularly known as the Duchess of Poker. Unlike others, she has made poker her career, profession, and passion. She thinks it’s a great initiative to help other novice players to get the tactics of the game in mind. For that, she has written books on poker strategies and instructions. Want to get some handy tips for poker online? Read her books. 

Happy Playing !!

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Online Poker: Is It A Good Option for Poker Players?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word poker? Wall-mounted luminaires, black and white-tied attires, the girls in beautiful evening gowns, unlimited drinks, and a table of poker! That’s how a poker-playing scene has always been depicted in movies. 

However, these are all old schools now! Playing poker games online, while lying down in the comfort of your bed, is the new trend. 

Want to play poker in the middle of the night? Which casino will remain open for you? Gone are the days when people lived life with such uncertainties. Do you have a smartphone? Then, download poker from online poker sites and start playing anytime. 

No expenses, no casino trips, no carefully coordinated dress code – play the game for the sake of entertainment and win cash real-time. 

Before you dive into the exciting world of poker, check out some of the benefits that playing online pokeroffers. 

No hassle gaming option 

With multiple online poker tournaments  available at a click of your finger, searching for the nearest casinos can take a break! That’s the beauty of online poker games. You can play it anytime, anywhere, and under any circumstances. Stuck in a boring family gathering? Move into a corner and start playing. for girls, it’s a very convenient option, because they find it difficult to get over with their household chores and visit a casino for a round of cards! 

Promotions and bonuses 

What are you playing poker for? Apparently for money. If you play the game in a casino, you either win or lose. But, if you’re playing it online, then even if you lose, you’ll get attractive promotional offers, discounts, cash bonuses, and surprise gifts in your bag! Sounds good? Poker players are crazy about the same. Are you a newbie and not certain about the pro poker rules? Worry not! With poker games online, you’ll at least get the one-time registration amount in your wallet. 

Stress-free gaming platform 

Unlimited tension, edgy situations, last-minute strategies – all these equipped with drowsy effects of drinks and smokes can put you under winning stress if you play poker in a casino. In online games, you get to set up the environment. Music, lights, place, mood – you’re the boss of the game. so, sit back, relax, think straight, and focus before you play online poker to get real money. 

No excess money wastage 

Can you just walk into a casino and start playing the game? It’s a courtesy to get drinks and even offer some to the opponent while you’re at it. In short, to play a game of poker, you’re required to make excess expenses. Taxi charges, drink costs, snacks costs, dress costs – they keep cropping up. If your sole purpose is to play and win some real cash, then how does it matter whether it’s online or offline? 

Final words… 

It’s natural that compared to the live games, in an online game you get to play more hands. So, as a player, it’s a great platform for you to test and upgrade your playing skills. Why waste your time, money, and energy to walk up to a casino, when you can get the feel of the real game on your Smart Screen? Save your casino visit for a special evening! 

Happy Playing !!

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The Psychology Behind the Need of Bluffing in Online Poker

If you want to win consistently in poker, then you need to bluff and you need to do it big! Whether it’s poker live or online poker, your lady luck will not be able to save you at the game, if you’re not a good bluffer. As soon as you’re able to convince others at the table that you have got a good hand, you can swing the game in the way you want it! 

Just bluff and do it professionally and correctly. A good poker player knows how hard it is to bluff and make others believe their version of the truth. You’ll be getting numerous tips on how to be a good bluffer and how to play poker professionally, but did you ever wonder about the importance of the same in the game of poker? 

If not, then read on to know more.

Purpose of bluffing in poker 

The majority of the good players of online poker in India are master bluffers and never miss out on an opportunity of creating a delusional atmosphere for the opponents in the game. Why would you bluff? 

For two reasons mainly. 

  1. To make the opponent assume that you’re having a better hand in comparison to the opponent 
  2. To make the opponent assume that you’re having a worse hand in comparison to the opponent 

Why should you lie to your opponent? Because the strategy behind the same is to make the opponent nervous, play with his mind, and make him take a wrong decision drastically. One wrong move by the opponent and your game is on! 

It can be difficult for poker live games. You need to be a real good actor to fake it! Have confidence and don’t let it show on your face. Remember, the person sitting in front of you is also an experienced player. One expression leak can expose your bluff to the other person. 

The psychology behind bluffing is to remain calm and restrict your reactions. Because it’s natural to start reacting as soon as you tell a lie straight on the face. 

However, players of some of the best online poker sites in India have the exposure of bluffing effortlessly because, in online poker, you and your opponent are not able to view each other!   


Things to keep in mind while bluffing 

Faking a fact and making it convincing is an art. Bluffing is the name of that art. There might be times when despite the best efforts, you’ll not be able to bluff. However, if you keep these simple tips in mind, you can succeed for most of it! 

  • Be confident while you’re doing it 
  • Keep your breathing and pulse intact 
  • Keep a calm mind 
  • Plan the bluff before executing the same 
  • Avoid any kind of stress and apprehensions 
  • Believe in the lie 
  • Don’t rush into the matter 
  • Keep an eye out for the opponent’s moves 

As the popular saying goes “Fake til you make it”. Bluffing is a consistent and integral part of poker games. Your mind is a powerful weapon, use it well and develop the game which will make you win fortunes.

Happy Playing !!

6 Reasons Why Millennials Are Hooked to Online Poker

Facts About the Current Legal Status of Online Poker In India


Many real money poker sites in India are cropping up now and then. Online poker is no longer a taboo in Indian society. The existence of live pokers and casinos is questionable. However, online poker has made its place smoothly into the confinement of the lazy afternoons of the Indian teenagers. 

As per the Indian institution, the official license is available for online poker sites. This makes online poker very much legal in India. Still, the fact whether you should be playing poker online in any state of India or not, is doubtful.  

If not in the whole country, but you can be lucky enough to play poker if you’re an inhabitant of these Indian states.  Madras High court has made an appeal to the government to legalize online poker. Cheer up! Because Tamil Nadu is another state which is on the verge of becoming a poker state. 

Till then, check out the regulations of Indian states and keep on making some real money poker india. 


Poker tournaments  are a strict NO in this state and are dictated by the regulations of the Betting act 1970. The government here still considers poker and other card games as a game of luck and not a game of skills. Hence, if you’re living in Assam, it’s better not to indulge in the same. 


As per the Goa, Daman, and Diu Public Gambling Act, 1976, live poker, casinos, and online poker are legal. While holidaying in Goa, you’ll come across loads of open bars and casinos at every corner. So, if you’re looking for some thrill, fun, and easy money, Goa is the place for you. 


Playing poker in Karnataka is controversial. As per the verdict of the Indian Poker Association (IPA) vs. State of Karnataka case, since the poker players claim it to be a game of skill, hence the same should be played for recreational purposes and not for earning money. Hence, in short, you can play online poker here but only for the sake of playing the game and not for any other purpose. 


If you’re in Nagaland, then congratulations, you have got the license of playing poker games online. No strict rules – this state has gladly accepted poker as a game of skill. Legal permissions to all online operators to carry on with the fun, thrill, and excitement! 

Tamil Nadu 

Till date, like other states, poker was considered to be illegal in Tamil Nadu as well. But a recent case of online rummy has probed the Madras High court to appeal to the government to put forward certain regulations for online poker games. Since Indian card games are old ones, the government is thinking of legalizing the same.  

West Bengal 

For online poker or any other online gaming operators, this state has provided clear cut judicial norms for the same. Under the regulations of the West Bengal Gambling and Prize Competitions Act, 1957, section 2 (1) (b) games like poker, rummy, bridge, and nap are completely excluded from gambling. You can easily indulge in the same without any interference from the authorities

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Can Misclick Be Avoided in an Online Poker Game?

It’s a common situation to mistakenly hit the “call” button instead of “fold” and lose the game in online poker. This and many more goof ups are quite common when you’re playing  poker online. Sometimes, even the smartest of the lot ends up making a “Misclick”. 

One wrong click and your game is gone out of your hands! Sad but true.

Misclick – why does it happen?

If you think that this unfortunate situation can only happen to an inexperienced player, then you’re living in a different world! Slight distraction and inattentiveness can make you click on the wrong button. Even the best online poker players lose their focus and end up hitting a wrong button which makes your opponent win the game. 

It can be highly annoying, but it’s an inseparable part of the  poker games online. So, expert players who routinely play more than one game, have dealt with the fact and live with the uncertainty of its occurrence!

Avoid a misclick – follow these simple tips

There can be fortunate times when a misclick can work in favor of your game. For instance, you may unintentionally add some extra digits and shove up a huge stack! 

But, that’s the rarest of all cases. 

Why consider the same? Rather focus on avoiding the misclicks. Although there’s no sure-shot formula for the same, however, read on and follow these tips to get a fair chance at online real poker  India

  • Keep a firm hold over the mouse or the finger which you’re using over the screen to avoid any wrong clicks. 
  • Check the buttons you’re clicking at least twice before doing the same. 
  • Be calm, relaxed, and attentive while you’re in the middle of a game. 
  • Take time in making decisions. 
  • Don’t be in a hurry to set up strategies or to end the game. keep patience if you want to avoid mistakes. 
  • Avoid playing too many tables at the same time. 
  • Be focused on your game. Don’t indulge in other side activities while you’re in the middle of the game. 
  • Know the basics of a mouse click and mobile screen clicking system

Misclicks in live poker games

As strange as it may sound, misclicks are there in a poker live game as well. It’s true that in live games you don’t get the opportunity of clicking on a wrong button, but there you have the opportunity of taking a wrong decision! That’s what is defined as a misclick. 

Like any best online poker players, a live player may be under pressurized situations and take a wrong decision that might affect the overall direction of the game.


Next time when you sit for a poker game, remember to keep your surroundings clear from any noise, keep your mind focused and be patient. Don’t rush in a poker game, being quick mentally is all that is needed. Take time to click after deciding and analyzing the pros and cons of the situation. 

Losing from a win situation for just a wrong click can be frustrating and saddening at the same time! 

Happy Playing !!

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