Online Poker: 5 Good Habits to Inculcate for Improving Performance

For playing online poker and earn real money, you need to concentrate on the game and be patient. Sounds easy? Concentration and a calm mind will not come to you naturally all the time. You might be exercising to increase the concentration level, but there’s no guarantee that it will work. If you’re thinking of making online poker your major source of income, then developing a few good habits will help you to get through the game and win thousands and millions maybe.  

Why struggle so hard only for a game? This demotivating factor might make you give up on the regime soon. However, following these simple tips will also help you become a better individual in real life.  

Before diving in to play poker online, start practicing these small habits. See the difference within weeks. 

Tip1: Maintain routine in your life 

Leading a life of a nomad will not take you anywhere in life. Being unruly in life will not make you a good poker player either. Many people think playing poker online is a cool act. But maintaining a routine play schedule is most important. Having a proper routine in your daily life will help you get a good hold over your poker tournaments. If you wake up and just start playing, without having your breakfast or without clearing your mind, then winning probability decreases. Afterall you need energy and patience to play on the best poker sites in India.  

Tip2: Practice meditation 

As said earlier, a high level of concentration is needed for winning real money from poker sites. Meditation is the age-old practice that can bring patience and focus levels in any individual. But you need to follow it conscientiously. This will not only help you in getting a good amount of money from poker. But also make you a better person! Your stress levels will get reduced as well. Just spend 10 minutes a day. Try out any meditation technique that suits your needs. Do follow it diligently!  

Tip3: Prepare before game 

Don’t you make preparations before an exam? Even before a great event, prep time is important! Then, what’s new in poker. Just because it’s a game, people stop worrying about the same. However, to become the best online poker player, a good set up before the game is a must. Just a few things you need to do! Get some basic food items, get over with the washroom part, settle down in a quiet room, and remove all types of distractions!  

Tip4: Take an ample amount of rest 

Playing in at a stretch will not get you millions of bucks! That’s a wrong notion. Take a break. Continuous play at online real poker in India will land you into trouble. An exhausted brain is of no use. Sleep, walk, read, talk – be a normal person. Don’t get submerged into the world of poker. Most importantly avoid consuming too much caffeine while you’re playing. This might hamper your brain’s working process.  

Tip5: Don’t overstress yourself 

If you lose money in online poker, accept the fact! It’s natural. And be prepared to face such a situation often. The worst habit that you can build up is to run behind the lost money. This will make things worse for you. Get over the thought move on and start fresh. Don’t overstress with the negative thoughts. Doing this will make you irrational. The strategies you make will not be effective. Just remember, it’s a mind game. Any kind of pressure on your mind is a loss to you as a player. Moreover, the stress in real life is not a good option. So, avoiding is advisable.  

Happy Playing !!

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Why Should You Learn Pot Limit Omaha?

No-limit Hold’em is the most commonly preferred online poker in India. If you watch any poker movie, you’ll find majorly find this version of poker. It’s easy, reliable, and user-friendly. Once a person starts playing No-limit Hold’em, they play the game for the rest of their life. It’s a known thing that No-limit Hold’em helps the players in getting loads and loads of money. 

However, to get more money from poker games online, learning  Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) is important. As the name says, “No Limit” Hold’em is the variant in poker where there’s no limit on the number of bets that you make. So, it’s easy for people to get addicted to the game. Especially the losers run behind the No-Limit Hold’em games in the desire of getting back the lost money! A fool’s paradise indeed! 

That’s where Pot-limit Omaha makes a grand entry. If you know the strategies of how to play poker, then PLO is the better option. Because this variant doesn’t give the option of spending unlimited capital for the game. So, the intensity of loss is also low. 

Want to know more about Pot Limit Omaha? Here are a few reasons which can be useful to make you understand the good side of PLO. 

Reason #1: Good option for recreational players 

PLO is an attractive scheme for recreational players. So, if you’re looking for an opportunity to learn online poker real money, then PLO is the best option for you. Firstly, you’ll get to play a lot of hands. Secondly, the money you spent is also limited. So, undoubtedly, it’s a fair option. Although the same would depend on the poker room as well. However, if you’ve been a hold’em player for a long time then moving over to the PLO can be difficult. As soon as you get equipped with both you can play any game or poker tournament

Reason #2: It’s a motivational game 

Did you get tired by playing no-limit hold’em for a long time? What’s better than a refreshing game of PLO then? There are times when professional players feel that while playing poker games online, they’re just merely clicking buttons. There’s no charm in the game! If that’s the case with you, then it’s time to change your game. unlike hold’em, PLO gives the opportunity of learning the game, experiencing a few good hands, and also develop great mind strategies. 

Reason 3# Makes you calculative 

Poker is all about honing your mind skills. But if you start and end your career with hold’em, then this remains a myth! PLO is a little different from other poker games online. Here the player uses 4-hole cards. So, the way you need to take an optimal decision in every scenario becomes complex. With time you’ll be required to make out different strategies. This means you’ll be using a lot of brains. In the end playing PLO will make you cleverer, smarter, and a better player. 


It’s recommended that you should at least once try PLO. As soon as you start playing it you’ll start loving the same. All types of poker games online are interesting. However, to become a good player you need to choose the one which is best for you. 

Happy Playing !!

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4 Best Tricks to Earn Money from Poker Games Online

How to win money in poker games online? You might have searched for this over the internet several times. There are informative blogs that highlight tips for winning and becoming a professional poker player. You can also check out some of the best online poker sites  and get a fair idea of the process. But, how to win more and more amounts of cash by playing poker? That’s a tricky question with no answer. 

Being a smarty won’t always save your day! Logic coupled with smartness – this combination will help you get bounty amounts of cash from the game. Here are a few listed tricks which the professionals use to win real money poker. Try some of them and see the change. 

Here, in this Article, This 4 Tricks Will Help You to Earn Money From Poker Games Online.

#1 Avail bonuses and offers 

Only playing and strategizing is not enough, grabbing mega opportunities is also essential. Some of the best poker websites in India offer, bonuses, referrals, joining cash amounts, etc. Don’t be a fool! Keeping checking your account for the same. This is an additional benefit. Apart from the money that you get from the game, letting these cash offers go away is a sin. And if it’s your lucky day, then you may end up getting free spins as well! 

#2 Make logical bets 

By losing less you can earn more! That’s true in any case.Poker tournaments are no exception. So, instead of giving up all the money that you have in your bank, try to hold on to your money till the end. Bankroll management is the word that will help you secure more and more real money at poker. Self-control is very important in this case. Let’s say you’ve spent a lot and have got only 70% of your money back. What will you do then? Nothing! Because it’s logically not possible to win back every penny spent even from the best poker website in India.

#3 Keep a fresh mind 

It’s very easy to lose money if your mind is preoccupied while you play poker games online. People remain glued to their mobile screens for hours. Just one thought in their mind – Money, Money, and More Money! But, if you speak to professionals, you’ll know that this is the wrong strategy. What do you need to do to get thousands and millions? Be cool, be focused. Stop the game in between, go out for some fresh air. Talk to your family members, watch TV, remember that it’s only a game. 

#4 Play good hands 

Another trick to double your invested capital in online poker is to play a good poker hand. If at the beginning you feel that the hand dealt with you is a tough one. Then either stop or invest less. Whatever you do must be logical. Reduce your chances of getting a bad debt at the game. A good hand at poker always helps the player to get more amounts of cash. 

To conclude… 

Many online poker sites put a cap on the number of deposits. If you’re a spendthrift, then opt for such apps and save your money on time. 

 Happy Playing !!

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4 Signs Indicating to Stop Playing Real Money Poker Games

Poker is an entertaining game. Apart from playing real money poker and getting money, there are several other advantages. Playing poker continuously helps in brain development, attitude development, money management, and business decisions. Once you start playing poker games online, it becomes an addiction. The thirst for money is unending. The desire goes on and on. 

Fun along with money – some players try to get back all the money that they have lost. They keep real money playing poker all day long. But there’s a point in every game when you should stop! Playing poker online continuously has its own set of negative effects. 

For the professional poker players, here are a few signs to look out for. When you see any of them, you must know that its time to stop playing real money poker sites in India. 

Sign 1: When you’re tired 

Poker tournaments are very strategic. You need to start the games fresh. Don’t make poker a game for the off-times. It’s a logical game and needs a lot of brainwork. So, to play poker online, you need to be alert. If you are tired, the mind is chocked, then it’s a sign that you need to stop playing poker. Even if you get the urge of playing, don’t indulge in the same. In such moments, free poker games can be a good option. A tired mind will not give you a good start to the game. You might end up regretting the lost money later. Tired ness is a sure-shot sign for a strict NO to poker games!  

Sign 2: When you’re preoccupied 

If you’re distracted or preoccupied with some work, then playing real money poker is not a good option. Some people feel that starting a game of online poker is as easy as a cakewalk. You can do it anytime. However, that’s not the truth. A preoccupied brain will not land you anywhere. So, if you’re already engaged in any kind of work, don’t go for a poker game. 

Sign 3: When you’re having continuous losses 

Let’s say you’ve lost 3-4 games of poker in a row. What next? You might start playing another game of online poker India. But continuous losses don’t make you a good player. Sometimes running behind the lost game will take you nowhere. That’s when you know that you have to stop. Before you go bankrupt, stop playing the game. People are always not lucky to get the invested money back. Playing poker online needs to be regulated by the peace of mind. Sometimes it’s better to just leave the game and take a walk on the streets to ensure that your mind is free from worries and you can concentrate on the game. 

Sign 4: When you’re playing randomly 

Just because you’ve no other thing to do, you may start playing poker online. However, it should not be the case. Poker is a serious game. Don’t make fun of it. Random plays can damage the skills of the players. If you’re not acquainted with play a good game of poker, then it’s better not to start the game. 

Happy Playing !!

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4 Probable Ways to Increase Winning Rates In Poker Games Online

Why do you play poker  games online? Ask anyone and the prompt answer that you’ll get is for money! Naturally, there are no other reasons behind the same. But even after playing for years, earning real money poker India is a dream for many. Perhaps you’re too busy making up strategies and forgot to notice some minute game-changers. Want to make thriving amounts of wealth out of poker? Everyone wants the same. 

Check out these points for easy money-making options while  play poker online

These 4 Points would help you to Increase Your Winning Rate in any Poker Games Online Tournaments-

1.Know your odds 

The higher the stakes lower is the winning probability. Simple logic with a twist of maths in it. If you think your lady luck is going to help you win at online poker tournaments , then you’re wrong. You need to calculate the odds of winning or losing at the game. Losing at poker is unavoidable. Winning chances are very minimal in many cases. What to do then? Check out the odds and proceed accordingly. If you know that the winning chances are least, then why proceed with the game any further? 

2.Smart capital management 

Capital management in poker games online  is nothing but management of the cash invested in the game. if you find awesome and experienced opponents at the other end, then think before you give up all the money. Again, if you think that your strategies are not that good, then be logical. Don’t give in a lot of money in the game. It’s better to take precautions then repent later. This increases the chances of winning at online poker games by a high percentage. Loads of money doesn’t mean you will get a definite winning chance! 

3. Leave game at the right time 

A winner needs to be very careful and objective! Yes, a true winner knows when it’s time to quit the game. Inpoker online, it is not always possible to be the winner at the end. What you need to do is leave the game as soon as you’ve gathered at least 80% of your invested amount. Sounds bad? Of course, it is! But if you target to win the complete 100%, then you may land yourself in trouble! Too much greed is not advisable while playing online poker games. Some people keep on playing till the end, even if they feel that they are losing. That’s a fool’s decision. You can’t get back the whole money. So stop when it’s the right time

4. Don’t stick to one strategy 

One fixed strategy can never get yours through the game! Poker tournaments are absolutely different from each other. Which one is logical? There’s nothing called logical strategy in poker. Keep changing your strategy to be able to apply the right one and win the game. If one strategy has helped you win a game, then getting hold of the same in other games may not be handy. So, then what do you need to do? Keep changing. All the time. Don’t let your opponents become acquainted with the strategies. The more your strategies remain hidden, the better!  

Happy Playing !!

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Why Play A Tight and Disciplined Game of Poker?

You can’t play poker with a light-headed mentality. Yes, that’s true. The ones who have taken poker lightly are the ones who have not succeeded in the game in the long run. Poker is a mind game. If you think a mere stroke of luck is enough to make you win real money  poker , then you’re completely wrong. 

Practice, practice, and practice – that’s the key to becoming a strong poker player. For being a pro in the field of poker you need to learn to play poker in a disciplined manner. Buy playing a tight poker is hard! It might sound theoretically easy, but it’s really hard! 

It means you need to be patient, fully into the game, and sit for hours on the online poker sites and fold every hand before you get a flop. 

For the ones who are not aware of what tight poker is, read on, and get enlightened. 

What is a tight game of poker? 

In simple words, when you restrict yourself from playing many hands, you’re playing a tight poker game. A tight poker player is generally very selective about the hands they play and the position from which they’re playing the hands. Some of the best online poker players that you’ll find are trained in playing tight poker games. 

A careful and measured approach – that’s what is essential in poker games online. If you behave like a loose poker player and jump about from one pot to another, then your chances of winning become zero. 

Why is tight and aggressive poker good? 

That’s because you get to play only the premium hands! Wondering about in different pots and playing loads of hands, doesn’t make you a good poker player. 

In the best online poker sites, you’ll find different types of poker players. Most of them being a novice and playing a loose hand. If you start playing into several hands, you may end up losing more money. 

In the case of tight poker, the player is more disciplined and choosier. They select the hands which are in a good position and premium range. You can make a mistake in that as well, and end up losing a lot of money. But the same won’t occur repeatedly. 

Hence, when you learn to play poker, you should start with a tight poker style. it’s beneficial from the viewpoint of the player. More money, fewer mistakes. 

Remember, aggression in playing a poker hand is essential because no one’s going to give up their money easily or without a fight. So, be patient, hold on to one single hand, and play in a disciplined manner. Your winning probability will be higher! 

If your poker game is exciting, then you’re playing it wrong 

This might sound weird, but if you’re playing an exciting game then certainly, you’re playing on the losing side. A tight poker player is always bored with the game since they have to sit for long hours and build up strategies to win the game.  

If you’re doing it in the right way, then there’s no stopping you.  

Happy Playing !!

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4 Confirmed Signs That Proves You’re a Bad Poker Player

Why are you not making any money even after playing poker for years? Poker is great, but not your cup of tea! That’s a fact. Card games are not for everyone. It may not be a space science, but you need basic mathematical skills to get through the game. 

But Online Poker is a thrilling game! You can be the worst player in the world, but still, play poker and win huge cash prizes. That’s the magic of the game. Maybe that was your DAY! Or maybe the opponents were reckless in their moves. Whatever the case,being a bad poker player will not help you win complex poker tournaments.    

Impatient poker player 

Patience is the key to success. It may take some time to learn poker online. Terms, tricks, buttons – all these can seem messy at the beginning. Don’t expect to become rich overnight! If you’re in a hurry, then, you’ll become a sloppy player. No theories of yours will come handy when you’ll get dealt with a complex hand. 

Limping is bad for poker 

Don’t stagger or hobble while you’re playing poker games online. If your opponent gets to know that you lack confidence, the game is gone from your hands. From the moment you start limping, be sure that you’re not a pro player! 

Egoistic player 

Don’t put your ego above your intentions. Till the time you get emotional, you’ll not be able to become a good poker player. Accept your defeat in online poker games. Letting go of the negativity will help you improve your game. Always remember that ego will lead you to make impulsive decisions and result in a poor outcome. 

Non-disciplined player 

Not only being patient but also being disciplined helps! Practicing a few free games. Checking out poker tournaments videos of other players also helps. If you’re serious about the game then read a few tutorials and get knowledge about the same. You need to be disciplined while you’re playing the game. If you’re the kind of person who gets bored easily, then poker is not your game. 

To sum it up… 

A few tricks here and a few tricks there – that’s it! Your game of poker will be in your hand. No person is a born expert in any game. By practicing on a regular basis and nurturing the skills, the game can be developed. Specialized poker tricks are a boon. People who already have the same are certainly blessed. 

But even you can be a good poker player. All you need to do is practice, be patient, and play intelligently! 

Happy Playing !!

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5 Smart Tips for Becoming an Expert Online Poker Player

Yearning to get the life of a pro poker player? Seems like a dream life, to get bags full of money, playing passionately the game that you love and living a luxurious life! 

Getting real money from poker in India is easy for those who have pro qualities of playing the game. The more you play and the more you use your brain, the more you’ll earn. There’s no sure-shot strategy of winning in live or online poker games. So, now you might be wondering how to become a professional player? Well, no training institute will develop your skills! 

If you’re playing poker for more than 5 years, then you’ve your share of perks as well. Experience is the key to success in poker. However, if you find people saying that it’s just a day’s game, then they are simply kidding with you! 

Becoming a professional poker player in this competitive age is not a matter of joke. Here’re a few tips that can come handy, if you’re in the learning phase and are trying to become a professional. 

Step 1: Be a consistent player

Just because you’ve lost 3-4 games of poker, don’t fret and move on to some other card games. Being consistent is better than having highs and lows! When you’re playing online real poker india, you can access the game from any device. So, even if you don’t have the luxury of sitting in a casino for long hours, that’s not a problem. But quitting the game in between for playing once in a year won’t help! 

Stick to the game. You’ll learn strategies from your opponent’s moves. 

Step 2: Know your odds

No matter how much you try to learn, poker is a game of mathematics. So, knowing the odds is essential before you start playing. How much do you have in your pot? Do you have a drawing hand? These are some basics that you need to assess while playing on some of the best poker sites in India

Learn to think about the ranges and not the hands because then you’ll be able to judge all the possible hands you’ve. Be smart and play logically.

Step 3: Study poker 

Knowing the game inside-out is what makes a person a professional poker player. If you think, it’s just a child’s play, you can meddle with the cards and get hefty amounts of cash, then you’re wrong. To get real money from poker in India, you need tostudy the game. Yes, that too in a literal sense. 

Check out trial games and videos on Youtube to get a hint of the professional strategies that the game involves. You must be astounded to know that you are paid to learn programs as well! Get hold of one and start learning. Soon you’ll get the hold of it.

Step 4: Don’t act like a know it all 

Let’s say that you’ve won a few games of poker. Congratulations! However, don’t let the win get on to your head. There’s no “happily ever after” in a game of poker. Since online poker for real money is played, hence the game is always very thought-provoking and dynamic. 

So, stop acting know-it-all and be cautious all the time while the game is going on. From the moment you become over-confident about your moves, your game’s gone!

Step 5: Keep your emotions away 

Poker is not a place for emotions. Lost a match? Got very upset? Feeling bad for the opponent’s wrong move? Lost concentration for the same? 

If you’re facing such emotional turmoil in your head, then go up and get some fresh air. Your emotions will barely help you survive in the game. Think logically and play rationally – that’s the ultimate motto of being a professional poker player.

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Can Misclick Be Avoided in an Online Poker Game?

It’s a common situation to mistakenly hit the “call” button instead of “fold” and lose the game in online poker. This and many more goof ups are quite common when you’re playing  poker online. Sometimes, even the smartest of the lot ends up making a “Misclick”. 

One wrong click and your game is gone out of your hands! Sad but true.

Misclick – why does it happen?

If you think that this unfortunate situation can only happen to an inexperienced player, then you’re living in a different world! Slight distraction and inattentiveness can make you click on the wrong button. Even the best online poker players lose their focus and end up hitting a wrong button which makes your opponent win the game. 

It can be highly annoying, but it’s an inseparable part of the  poker games online. So, expert players who routinely play more than one game, have dealt with the fact and live with the uncertainty of its occurrence!

Avoid a misclick – follow these simple tips

There can be fortunate times when a misclick can work in favor of your game. For instance, you may unintentionally add some extra digits and shove up a huge stack! 

But, that’s the rarest of all cases. 

Why consider the same? Rather focus on avoiding the misclicks. Although there’s no sure-shot formula for the same, however, read on and follow these tips to get a fair chance at online real poker  India

  • Keep a firm hold over the mouse or the finger which you’re using over the screen to avoid any wrong clicks. 
  • Check the buttons you’re clicking at least twice before doing the same. 
  • Be calm, relaxed, and attentive while you’re in the middle of a game. 
  • Take time in making decisions. 
  • Don’t be in a hurry to set up strategies or to end the game. keep patience if you want to avoid mistakes. 
  • Avoid playing too many tables at the same time. 
  • Be focused on your game. Don’t indulge in other side activities while you’re in the middle of the game. 
  • Know the basics of a mouse click and mobile screen clicking system

Misclicks in live poker games

As strange as it may sound, misclicks are there in a poker live game as well. It’s true that in live games you don’t get the opportunity of clicking on a wrong button, but there you have the opportunity of taking a wrong decision! That’s what is defined as a misclick. 

Like any best online poker players, a live player may be under pressurized situations and take a wrong decision that might affect the overall direction of the game.


Next time when you sit for a poker game, remember to keep your surroundings clear from any noise, keep your mind focused and be patient. Don’t rush in a poker game, being quick mentally is all that is needed. Take time to click after deciding and analyzing the pros and cons of the situation. 

Losing from a win situation for just a wrong click can be frustrating and saddening at the same time! 

Happy Playing !!

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5 Tips for Online Poker if You are a Beginner

If you are new to online poker, or even online poker for that matter, there are some things you should know before you jump into a game of poker. First of all, if you are a complete novice, you should respect your bankroll enough to not get in over your head by buying into high-staked or even mid-staked games until you know what you’re doing.  

Even if you know how to play poker, there’s a certain process, a formula if you will, to growing as a poker player. The optimal level of your unique play style can only be cultivated by starting from step one and working your way up. 

So, what is step one? Preparation. Prepare yourself financially and mentally first. Don’t think of your newfound hobby as a profession or a way to earn an income by any means, if you are new to the game. You must practice your game and graduate through a learning stage before you can earn decent profits on your bankroll at a steady pace.  

If you just enjoy playing poker online for the fun of it, then you won’t have a problem grasping the fact that you won’t become rich overnight. You must also learn to get “in the zone” of poker, adapting to the specific mental restraints and discipline that a well-versed poker player can invoke. Whether you are looking for some extra money or just enjoy the sport, or both, the following tips will advance your game.

Budget and Bankroll

If you don’t have a lot of money, budget yourself so that your bankroll is 300-500 X the big blind in any cash game you enter.  Although this may not be enough over the long run, it will help you to handle the swings of the game and cover any bad sessions that you have at the tables.

Game Stakes

Even if you have enough chips to play with, do yourself a favor and start at the low-limit tables. You’ll get a chance to work your way up slowly. The fact is that if you start too high, you’ll be out-experienced off the bat, and the essential lessons learned as you just start out playing will come at a much lower cost at the low-limit games. If you want to waste your money, go ahead, but it really is important to understand online poker real money games from the ground up. 

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

You should never assume that you know how to play poker, until of course you’re making a couple hundred grand a year in live tournaments. You will be a much better poker player if you stay grounded and modest about your game. Always look for the lesson in every hand, every betting round, and every opponent. 

Player Attitude

Don’t be overconfident in your game. Nobody likes a cocky player. They are the most likely to fall under attack by opponents simply because no one else wants them at the table. Furthermore, it’s just good karma to be nice. When you are courteous and respectful of the game and your opponents, the game and your opponents will respect you back. After all, you are all there for the same reason and without each other, there wouldn’t be a game. Take their chips, but be polite about it.

Take Risks

While you should learn to play at first by playing tight and observing the operations of the game, don’t get stuck there. Learn to take risks by getting your feet wet a little at a time. Watch your opponents and see what kind of risks they take and what the payoffs on those risks are. While you shouldn’t go all-in every hand, do remember that being scared doesn’t make money. 

Happy Playing !!

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