4 Online Poker Tips that can help You Probably Win a game in a Casino

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Playing  Online Poker at the casino is the oldest and most traditional way of playing poker. If playing poker games online has become a trend now, casino poker was the first of the card games that came into use. As strange as it may sound, casino poker is twice easier and softer compared to its online counterpart. 

You can get a look at the opponent. Check out the expressions and can play the game only till the time you’ve got cash in hand. Whereas, with online versions, people get addicted and keep on playing for long hours in the search for some real money  poker. 

However, if indulging into a live game with all the grandeur has been your dream for a long time, then we’ve your back. Here’s a list of tips that will help you become a pro in the poker live games in a casino. Especially for the beginners, some valuable pieces of advice follow: 

Live Poker tip#1 Perfect time for playing poker live 

When is the best time to play live poker? Most of the casinos remain open 24/7 and you’ll find the rush at its peak during the weekend nights. That’s the time when people can take some time out of their busy schedules. 

However, if you want some real money from poker, then fix up your poker night on a weekday. Unlike the weekends, on weekdays, the majority of the players will be in a hurry of ending the game. They’ll get anxious, uncomfortable and you can easily take advantage of the exasperation and put down the cards and end the game!   

Live Poker tip#2 Get hold of the good seat 

Texas Hold’em or Omaha or Seven Card Stud – which one is your forte? If you’re a first-time visitor of a casino, please note that every casino lists the game options available and you need to select the table and game which suits your skills. 

Just because there’s a place vacant in Omaha table, don’t just barge in. It’ll do you no good! And once you’re into the table, put up a friendly gesture with the casino staff, they can help you get some better tables! 

Live Poker Tip #3 Keep your actions and expressions in control 

For a pro online poker player, this might be very difficult. Don’t act too smart on the table. Again, don’t be a dumbass! Act only when it’s your turn of playing. Playing your cards before or after your time may put you into an odd position and can also reveal your cards to the opponents. 

Bluffing in live poker is easier than in its online version. Hence, you’re already having an advantage. Just keep a close eye on your opponents. 

Live Poker Tip #4 Know when to fold your cards 

Do you have a two-face card? Then don’t fold the same like a stupid! Keep a clear mind while playing poker in a casino. Unlike poker online, here you’ll be tempted to indulge yourself in drinks. That’s the enjoyable part of the game, however, don’t lose your mind by drinking till your throat. Keep a note of the players who are not bluffing. If they are putting on high bets, then fold your cards! 

Hope these tips help you to become a pro in casinos. Poker is a brain game, whether it’s online or live – being rational and alert will make you a winner always. 

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