Poker Games Unspoken Rules

Rules are an essential part of games, and players of every sport have to stick to some set of guidelines. The same is applicable for skill games like online poker game which has its own set of guidelines. However, there exist particular tactics of poker that follows as basic practice. And at the same time are noted to be unsaid rules of the poker game.

Slowrolling is Never Acceptable

It is regarded to be one of the major infringements that a poker player can ever do in the course game. Slowrolling means deliberately stalling to turn over the winning hand, and only practice to irritate your challenger.

Never Call Clock on a Player if Not in a Hand

The game of poker is of judgment, and sometimes you will come across players who require additional time to make a crucial decision. This surplus time taken by your challenger for decision-making must not trouble you unless you are engaged in the hand. So, let the players handle the calling clock if you’re not engaged in the hand.

Don’t “Hit & Run”

One of the most awful poker game acts is to leave the poker table instantly after winning a big hand. It is regarded wrong to play poker game with this technique. Many of these hit and runners are despised by the poker society, and are viewed with disregard. In this instance, you will also find poker players who perform Short-Stacking, that is, these poker players not only Hit & Run but appear with lowest buy-in and follow a push/fold technique. Put simply, if they work on one poker table, then they will depart from that table. And change to play one more poker game on another table with nominal buy-in.

Never Drink while Playing

In poker games online, you may encounter few pro players who have a habit to win more with a glass of liquor. But don’t forget, exceptions can be found all over. It is always wise to not drink when playing poker game, even not under the effect of others, as you will lose those hands that are suitable of wins.

Never Grumble, Never Explain

Bad beat occurs to all. You may sometimes find yourself in a scenario when cards may not prefer you. That very instant all you require to do is deal with the circumstance – smirk or nibble your tongue – but do not grumble about it. Worrying is not the answer to your bad luck, rather it makes you feel even worse. Another essential thing that you require to remember is not to clarify the situation- just neglect it and proceed. Though you might have a feeling for the acceptance of your friends and even unknown people on the table, but don’t ignore you have not done a thing wrong. It is not essential to explain to others how estimated your raise or call was as no one at the table has signed up to have poker lessons from you. Rather, you lose much more than you accomplish.

Happy playing!

What New Players Need To Know About Online Poker Tournaments

For most of the players online poker journey tends to start from the cash tables. The option to exit the table at your ease is well suited for any first timer.

Playing online poker tournaments is distinctive. The task of taking on a huge field can undoubtedly give a newbie the jitters.

With a total different expertise required to participate in tournaments when compared with cash games, poker players ought to decide what’s ideal for them.

While money games are the bread and butter for poker players, tournament poker game is a solution of their ranking in the game.

How the Online Poker Tournaments Work

Before the beginning of any online poker event, you ought to pay an entry payment as well as , buy-in. You will then be offered chips, validating your seat at the poker table.

From this point on, you continue playing till there is a last competitor standing. Blinds rise as the game advances.

Just put, tournament play comes after a knockout model. The final winner will have every player’s poker chips.

Types of Online Poker Tournament

There are several types of tournaments. But, they can be extensively labelled into two versions:

In a freeze-out event, you are ousted the moment you have lost your poker chips. But, in a re-buy event, you have an alternative to strengthen your stack by purchasing more poker chips. You can possibly do this at anytime or a particular time determined by the rules of that special tournament. The amount of poker chips you are qualified to buy too can differ from match to match.

There is also an additional option, in which all the players can top up their poker chips. Whether you will need to or not will rely on bankroll management and your overall approach at that specified stage in the poker game.

Online Poker Competition Prizes

The tournament prize structure is available in advance, informing you precisely how much money you will take home. Your return on investment will depend on the position at which you finish in the tournament.

Before you pay the tournament fee, it’s important to analyze your chances of earning a return.

Try your luck at the PokerLion Tournaments. Good luck and happy playing!

Good Time To Fold Your Hand

Folding a decent hand surely sounds like an unwise idea but at times it can really save you a hell lot of money and also helps you win a poker game. For any poker tournaments in India a player folding his strong hand is one of the utmost challenges while playing the game. But, it is also one of the most critical skills that all pro must be trained. 

Folding a bad hand is quite easy and all of us can do that. But it takes real talent and expertise to know when you require to ‘laydown’ although you have a flush. Fact is folding is the key to long-term and reliable victory in poker online. Today we are going to take a look when you should fold. 

Trust your Instinct 

Picture this. You are at the table at a poker live and you get the feeling that your hand might not be as decent as it must have been. Let’s say your subconscious gives you signals and it is very important that you pick up those signals. You have to always trust your senses by following what your instinct is telling you. Poker pros frequently do this impulsively with total precision. But, for others like us, it is an important poker skill we require to build up. 

Spot the Warning Signs 

When playing online poker India, you are bound to meet a number of threat signs from a few of the basic moves made by your challengers. Once you are careful and you spot these signs, it normally means your challengers have something threatening up their sleeves and they are prepared to make their big move in the next card. Watch the chips. If one of the challengers has put in more than the odds for a straight draw or a flush or maybe even emerges of position, there is a decent reason why they are undertaking that. 

If you notice that some players have called all your bets even when you had a name of playing decent hands only, then it likely they are very sure about their hands and you require taking this with utmost sincerity. 

Time for Poker Maths 

Further than your instincts and warning signs, a number of sincere poker maths can also help you know when to fold. This can not only help you out to make better decisions but also allow you to win big at poker events in India. Although math might sound scary to a few, it is really quite basic when it comes to poker.  

Folding a decent hand is always hard as we feel that we just might lay down a winning hand. But it is frequently vital when you play poker games as it can be the difference between winning and losing the pot. Thus, you need to develop this skill and gain the poise that folding can be the apt thing to carry out. 

Good luck at the game! 

Should Your Kids Play Poker?

We will never agree to kids below 18 years playing poker online! And numerous parents in India try keep their children away from the game due to its ill reputation. But there are other parents who believe that poker might be too challenging for their young kids. And they encourage their kids to play poker at the home games. 

Is Poker Good For Kids?

We can assure you that poker is one of the best things you can teach your child. It is an excellent game of skill that can help kids to develop their mental abilities like critical thinking, analytical and interpretive skills. But it is crucial that you teach them a child-friendly format of poker at home in India. 

So if you are still pondering if you should teach your kids how to play poker, here are 4 great reasons to begin. 

Poker Makes Kids A Decent Observant 

Poker is certainly an outstanding way to teach your children to be more observant. When kids play poker games they require to gather and process lot of data which will boost their observation skills at a basic level.  

Poker Boosts Critical Thinking Skills 

With the dawn of social media, today kids seem to lack decisive thinking skills and hence they are not capable to analyze situations. Poker games in India can actually help to alter that. Parents can teach their kids about the number of cards which a player draws and adjust their plan depending on what another player is attempting to draw. Just don’t make it complex for them. 

Poker Teaches About Risks 

Risks are an innate part of life and the sooner our kids learn about it the better it is for them. The game of poker teaches kids about the rewards and risk. The game teaches them about odds and possibilities and helps them know the cost and dangers of going all-in. This will make the kids extra careful in life and they will think before doing anything risky in real life. 

Poker Boosts Family Bonding 

If you hunt for ways to spend quality time with your kids and keep them engaged without getting bored, then poker is the exact solution for you. Playing poker together will bring your kids closer to you as it is a cool and thrilling way to spend a little quality family time at home. 

There are certainly many other advantages of teaching this totally amazing game to your kids and you will certainly find them out as and when you begin playing poker with your kids. Although some people might not believe kids playing poker is a decent idea, the truth is it can in fact help in your kid’s mental growth and social expansion. 

So with no waste of time, pull out your playing cards, arrange the table, gather your kids and have great time bonding with them over poker! 

Happy playing!

Poker Is A Tough Way To Build A Living

You are changing your news channels and suddenly got stuck to something. You see a man with smiling and showing off his one golden tooth. And holding a large check of million rupees. Loads of people are standing beside him to cheer him up and to celebrate with him. The entire scenario is so extravagant, so classy that you ponder of replacing the man with you. 

The man is a poker pro and has won a recent tournament at an online poker website, winning loads of money. Wow! Isn’t that dreamy? We believe, you are thinking the same. 

You have butterflies in your stomach and those butterflies are urging you to become a pro poker player. Than slogging on to your mundane job or business.  

Poker is your career

To tell you the truth, out of numerous poker enthusiasts, limited have the potential to be a pro. And trust us, taking up poker as your career is the hardest selection for you. Enduring by poker rules only might not lead you to win the game, as this game needs plenty of skills. This includes calculations, psychological discernment, comprehensive abilities and more such things above simple rules. 

Here, the query is why numerous aspirant poker online players fail to get success long term in the game. Many of the players fail to identify the significance of managing their bankroll. While a player might fancy himself in outs and it is nice to be aggressive with the strategies. The player should  go down the stakes when his challenger beat him and rebuild before he climbs up. 

Basically, if a player follow poker strategy forums or videos, he will know that a pro player to avoid major downswings, go down the stakes, increase grind hours and put in their game at a stretch, trying their best to ensure break even. As per poker rules he should never disturb his bankroll to keep up with the excessive demands or lifestyle inflation, as this in long term can lead him going broke. 

The Pro Poker Players

At times it is seen that pro poker online players can’t cope with loss and the entailing stress. While any pro will know it’s a part of the game and they will win in the long run, most players can’t handle it with a level head. 

Do try and stay calm and focused if you are looking forward to taking poker as your profession, as  maintaining a regular lifestyle will have lots of challenges as a poker player. 

Hence, if you are looking out for a career in poker follow usual online poker news, poker strategies and numerous training websites which you can get online and also make certain you obey the basic solid aggressive game to stay a step forward in your game. 

Ideally, by now you should know that to a poker pro is tough, but desired by many; adaptive talent set and ability to learn are the main skill sets you need to have to take up poker as your career option. Definitely, playing poker isn’t actually building a simplistic living. 

Happy playing! 

Preventing Identity Fraud & Theft

A successful poker website! Running it involves numerous challenges. Apart from providing robust poker software, poker operators require to devise lucrative promotional campaigns. And boast a terrific customer support.

Another, frequently less spoken about characteristic of running every day operations is risk and transactions management. Incessant monitoring of tables for fraudulent activity is crucial in offering fair chances to all online poker players.

The steps taken

Most of the online poker operators are now setting up teams. These teams rigorously track suspicious player activity without neglecting this key area. Such fraud analyst team recognize the fraudulent by making correlations between a user’s digital identity. Looking at whether devices, locations and IP addresses, have been associated with bad play in the past.

They also detect multiple accounts originating from the same device or IP address. And flag those as high-risk indicators of false play.

We, the PokerLion Team, suggest the poker online players to take some necessary steps from your end. And prevent your identity theft.

Note the following steps

  • Never begin any game at a new online poker site. Start when the security section of their website is properly read and understood.
  • Remember that you have to give your financial or bank account details to make game deposits. So be clear on the poker site terms and conditions!
  • The systems implemented by online casinos include methods to secure your privacy and safeguard your personal information.

You can’t play your poker online game while being paranoid that someone is watching you and trying to grab your identity. This isn’t just an online incidence, scams like credit card identity theft occurs in real life as well. People have paid at restaurants, the server has taken the credit card details, racked up major charges on them. And the unwary victim finds huge billings incurred in their card monthly declaration.

Hence, before playing online, you should really see how identities are being protected in the site that you wish to visit and play for online poker real money. The website should state in detail how they make your remain in their site worry free and secured. Numerous online poker site like us, take extra steps. So that you know who’s a real employee of the company and who’s just a player.

Happy playing!

Indian Poker Gaming Scenario Evolving

There haven’t been loads of Indian Poker players previously. But now numerous people not merely enjoy Poker, but they are also winning large amounts of money playing it. In short, the Indian Poker scenario is getting better. 

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons for this

People with changed mindset 

The world has changed and progressed a lot with the help of new discoveries and new technologies. Modern times have brought modernity in the mindset of people. In India as well, peoples’ thoughts have evolved a lot. 

The Indians have come to realize the prospective of online poker. They get to witness the rich and alluring lifestyle of global and Indian Poker pros on social media. Furthermore, they are learning that Poker is a game of skill which can be learnt, and it also grinds the mind. So the youth is figuring out the vast possibilities of a good life that the game of Poker has to offer. 

Broad range of tournaments 

With the increase in the number of online poker players, the range of tournaments has also amplified. When they start playing poker games, players look for free games. Once they get the grip of the game essentials, they can move onto tournaments.  

Attractive rewards 

One of the major reasons for the increased poker online love in India is the enormous amount of wealth that the game has to give. A lot of poker tournaments are being organized, both online and live, with prizes going up to several lakhs of rupees. 

Favourite Past Time for Celebrities 

Many Indian film stars and entrepreneurs are enjoying Poker at their homes and at casinos in Goa. If you have noticed the headlines of news, many celebs are taking keen interest in poker game. They are taking part in various tournaments and arrange poker game at their homes. 

Experience the fun and rewards that poker game has to offer!

Happy playing! 

Without Risk There Is No Reward

Imagine if you have a choice, taking risk and getting rewards or no risk and no rewards, what would you prefer?

Of course, some of you might love a quite life having no trouble and taking no risks in your entire life journey. But do you think life without risk is thrilling? We know we have one life and a life without risk is not exciting. The story of playing poker is the same.


The game of skill rather than luck! Will you prefer playing it without taking the risk of winning or losing some cash? We would suggest you not to even think that in your dream. The online poker real money games are the best to play for the ones who are eager to play poker along with risks. And to tell you the truth poker players are very much attracted to the real money games.

“Real money games are poker games played with ‘real’ chips and money at stake, usually with no prearranged end time, with players able to enter and leave as they see fit. On the contrary, a poker tournament is played with tournament chips worth nothing outside the tournament, with a definite end condition (usually, only one player left), and a particular list of players.”

With this brief, we can instantly deduce three things about the real money games:

Real money poker games packed with:

  • Thrill
  • Action
  • Money

The undeniable Thrill

More than anything else, we believe that poker is a lifestyle. And when you have the chance to win amazing rewards just through your skill at cards. There’s nothing quite like it. The online poker real money games are thrilling at every turn.

The continuous Action

The action of the game can be felt in the many hands played. That card on the river saving your day, the energy that flows through a poker table when players are All-in. And even in the most soundless hands where players show action only through their bets or game style.

The Enormous Money Factor

There’s no rebuffing that lure of making money is one of biggest draws of online poker games. It might or might not be just a way of keeping score. But it’s also a major factor behind the charisma of the real money poker game format. Knowing that you have the opportunity to win big with each flip of a card or stake of the chips, that’s enormous!

And that is why we keep coming back to online poker real money games and why we believe them to be the heart of poker. If you feel the necessity of wonderful rewards, thrill and lots of action come join PokerLion for some real money poker games!

Happy playing!

Mind Your Expressions Poker Players

From a frown to a smirk, any facial expression can be your game changer. Yes, poker players! You can hide your eyes wearing sunglasses at poker table. But is there anything you can do to hide your tightened cheeks, strained forehead or any other form of reflex facial movement. 

Just visit a casino one day to play poker or watch it live. You will notice a lot of drama at poker table. Numerous players may pretend to leave with the best cards in hand. Many others attempt to look aggressive with just rags. The players initiate small talks to divert attention from them and they even glances in a try to cover a no hand.. 

Learning gestures to communicate

We normally discuss and learn on what gestures to communicate to the fellow players. But frequently get fooled by our challenger’s misleading activities. These gestures though characterised as non-verbal form of messages are off late pretty plain due to poor acting of the amateur online poker players. Mastering this art to manipulate challengers in particular the beginners is easy but when you sit facing players who have already beaten hell lot of stacks and have clean swept the table, you require big confidence and a savvy methodology to break their game. 

In those moments, the only thing which can save you from a smash is the talent to read the countenance. Actions, phrases and words can be faked but micro expressions, no way. They show up on your face involuntarily. If you are Homo sapiens, you have emotions and your emotions have the tendency to show up on your face, even if for a nanosecond. That is where your talent to recognize and read others’ emotional stances would act as an extra benefit. 

Micro expressions normally appear at the time when someone is trying to conceal their feelings. The best instances of such are found nowhere than poker live. This works on the easy science of “conceal a few and reveal a few” but might or might not be proportional. You, in turn have to learn and play with every clue you get. There might be unexpected interactions and consequences thereafter but hey, this is where your experience counts. 

And once you get this right, whatever your challenger is withholding, he isn’t doing it from you. 

Happy playing!

Bluffing Basics & Slowplay Subtlety

You can confess to us, we won’t mind. If you are a mid level poker online player, you didn’t understand bluffing fully when this journey began. 

Poker is an incredibly mental game. Beyond knowing the odds and the hands, it’s loads about the psychological manipulation of those around you. Getting into your challengers’ heads and deliberately leading their thought patterns to get a desired effect. Bluffing is a big part of the manipulation online poker game. 

Many players have a quite basic view about bluffing. While it is surely a chief element of the game. Many players first saw bluffing, like player just decided to try stealing a random pot. Many thought they just have to pretend having a great hand. When they didn’t and they play really strong when they were really weak. 

But, now it is evident to many players hat view is only partly true. And that bluffing or more largely “false play” which covers a broad range of actions. Both blatant and subtle! Let’s talk about a few of these false play actions: 

Basic Bluff

The basic bluff is betting like you have good cards. When you in fact do not, trying to make your challengers fold. The basic bluff is most useful in NL Hold’em games where a player’s entire chip stack is at risk in any given hand. Bluffs are normally best tried against only one or two other challengers. A basic bluff can be blatant, like playing strongly from the beginning like you are holding KK. But it can also be more subtle, like making a big bet from a late position when a scare card appears and your challenger is checking hoping for a cheap draw. By betting big on the scare card, you are signalling that you’ve made a good pair or have finished your hand. If your challengers don’t yet have a hand, they are perhaps not willing to go against your clear made hand, so they fold. 

By No Means Bluff

If the stakes are tiny, don’t ever worry bluffing under any situations. You’ll never be able to push anyone off their cards. Really, nothing you do is liable to influence the other players at all. With micro-stakes, everyone is just playing their cards and if they want to see the river, you’re not going to be able to push them off of any hand, no matter what your bet is. You might as well be unseen.  

Pseudo Bluff

This is one of the more subtle false plays on hand of poker online game. The flop has just come down. You are playing when you only have a high card hand looking for a draw, but your options of ending up with a hand on the turn or the river are really pretty civilized.  


This is a great instrument for your false play store which should always be kept set as the value it delivers can be quite unbelievable. In one example of this type of false play, you’re in premature position, the flop’s come down and you’ve got the nuts. A couple of your challengers after you are in the hand. You know you are going to win, but you don’t want to scare them off with a strong opening bet. So instead of matching your strong hand with a strong bet, you just check instead, indicating weakness to your challengers in the hope that this will encourage them to bet up the pot. Preferably, you get them too invest in the hand to wish to get out, and then you bet a lot on the river. It’s an excellent manoeuvre for maximizing the value you get from your nut hand.

Happy playing!