Online Poker Vs. Live Poker – Which One is Easier?

Whether you’re playing online or playing in a casino – rules for a poker game remain the same. Strategies, quick moves and the right cards – a full-house beats a flush and that’s valid in any platform that you play. You might find many live players complaining about different problems even in the best online poker apps. 

Irrespective of the similarities, you’ll be getting a handful of reasons from live players that proves that online poker is tougher in comparison to its live counterpart. However, everyone is not lucky enough to have casinos nearby! What’s the option left then? To play poker online

Let’s take a closer look at both of them. Read on to decide the easier option. 

Serious players 

In live poker matches, you may find many strayers randomly walking into the casino to play a short game of poker without any intention of winning the game. They generally have a lot of money and playing is a passion and winning is just an option for them. However, when it comes to playing poker games online, people are damn serious. 

They want money and they’ll use every possible skill to win the game. This makes the game more exciting and playable. 

Get more hands to play on 

If you’ve played on both the platforms, then you will be familiar with the fact that online poker is much faster in comparison to live poker games. On average you’ll get 100 hands per hour and the greater number of hands you get, the quicker you’ll be able to improve yourself as a poker player! 

Naturally, when you’re in a live game, you’ll not get so many players which means no options of getting more hands. 

Difficulty in reading the players 

 How are you supposed to read the mind of the players if you’re not able to see them? That’s an impossible strategy that makes even the best online poker apps fail to meet the good sides of live poker. Bluffing and intimidating players becomes easier when your opponent is in front of you. Again, there’s a plus point in online games, because if you install the tracker software, then you’ll be able to track the stats of the players. 

Level of addiction 

Poker in any form is an addictive game, but when played online can tend to draw the attention of a greater number of users because of its accessibility. Anywhere, anytime, playing poker onlineis easy. No need to find casinos, no traveling issues, no time restrictions – lay down on your bed with a cup of coffee in one hand and your smartphone in the other and enjoy the game. 

Having said that, you can’t deny the fact that live poker is as addictive as online poker, however only for a specified group of players. Not all players have the advantage of visiting the casinos again and again! 


Both online and live poker has a range of possibilities and disadvantages. It merely depends on the user and his comfort level. If a user prefers going to the casino to enjoy a game of poker every evening, then convincing the same person to play online games becomes difficult and vice versa. The ultimate goal is to get money. May it be from any possible sources! 

Happy Playing !!

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4 Confirmed Signs That Proves You’re a Bad Poker Player

Why are you not making any money even after playing poker for years? Poker is great, but not your cup of tea! That’s a fact. Card games are not for everyone. It may not be a space science, but you need basic mathematical skills to get through the game. 

But Online Poker is a thrilling game! You can be the worst player in the world, but still, play poker and win huge cash prizes. That’s the magic of the game. Maybe that was your DAY! Or maybe the opponents were reckless in their moves. Whatever the case,being a bad poker player will not help you win complex poker tournaments.    

Impatient poker player 

Patience is the key to success. It may take some time to learn poker online. Terms, tricks, buttons – all these can seem messy at the beginning. Don’t expect to become rich overnight! If you’re in a hurry, then, you’ll become a sloppy player. No theories of yours will come handy when you’ll get dealt with a complex hand. 

Limping is bad for poker 

Don’t stagger or hobble while you’re playing poker games online. If your opponent gets to know that you lack confidence, the game is gone from your hands. From the moment you start limping, be sure that you’re not a pro player! 

Egoistic player 

Don’t put your ego above your intentions. Till the time you get emotional, you’ll not be able to become a good poker player. Accept your defeat in online poker games. Letting go of the negativity will help you improve your game. Always remember that ego will lead you to make impulsive decisions and result in a poor outcome. 

Non-disciplined player 

Not only being patient but also being disciplined helps! Practicing a few free games. Checking out poker tournaments videos of other players also helps. If you’re serious about the game then read a few tutorials and get knowledge about the same. You need to be disciplined while you’re playing the game. If you’re the kind of person who gets bored easily, then poker is not your game. 

To sum it up… 

A few tricks here and a few tricks there – that’s it! Your game of poker will be in your hand. No person is a born expert in any game. By practicing on a regular basis and nurturing the skills, the game can be developed. Specialized poker tricks are a boon. People who already have the same are certainly blessed. 

But even you can be a good poker player. All you need to do is practice, be patient, and play intelligently! 

Happy Playing !!

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Online Poker Table

Are you thinking of making online poker india your only source of income? Then, your first instinct should be to improve the table selection. In a casino, things become simple. Roam around different tables and take a moment to check the pros and newbies playing at different tables. 

However, online poker makes this difficult. It’s impossible to tell good or bad by having a look at the usernames. To win cash in real-time, you have to play against the weaker guys. How will you identify them while playing poker games online? 

Lucky for you, here are a few tips that will help you choose the right one. 

Rule 1: Try and select the weakest table

The weaker opponent you managed to get on the table, the better! Don’t let your ego come in between the game. Since you’re playing poker online, hence that’s the greatest advantage you can have! Check the player’s statistics before selecting the table. Weaker opponents will give you the opportunity of playing many pots! Just a little pressure and the opponent will give up. The game is all yours then! 

Rule 2: Avoid tables with aggressive players 

Be smart and avoid the tables with aggressive players. If you’re seated on a 9-player table and it’s almost full, then check the stats of the player sitting to your left. A tight player with a simple playing style can make you win pots. Just keep a note that he is sitting on your left! Now you know which table to select in an online  poker tournament

Rule 3: Start your table 

If in doubt, then start your table rather than joining in between. If you’re a pro, then whoever enters your table won’t matter much. It’s always a better strategy than entering an unknown table and losing the cash! One small tip: if you get too many players for your table, then be sure that players are considering you as a weak player. Don’t worry, that’s going to add to your advantage. 

Rule 4: Right time for the right table 

Playing at the right time is as important as selecting the right table. Poker games online have made things easier! People like playing anytime and at any point in the day. However, weekends are the best time. You’ll supposedly get different types of players and varied tables at this time of the week. Take a trial and error method and check out the most favorable days. 

Rule 5: Check the pre-flop stats of the players 

Ask any seasoned poker player, and they’ll tell you to get hold of the table with weakest preflop stats. You’ll get players who play a lot of hands. Then, there’re ones who have run behind the lost money! These are easy targets. They have very low patience. And will give up easily. Join tables with such players. Your winning probabilities will increase. 

Wrapping up…. 

It’s not always possible that you’ll come across such tables while playing poker online. However, try for a decent table. Although the game needs mind skills, the selection of a good table depends on luck. You can also change sites if you want. Keep your eyes open when you’re playing online poker games. 

Happy Playing !!

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4 Online Poker Skills to Make You Get Money from Blinds

Build your pot first and then start the game of any online poker tournaments. Playing the blinds wrong can make or break your game. Regardless of the hand that you’re playing, you’ll have to put in some amount of money in the pot. Although playing poker makes it difficult to win from the blinds, however, there’s always a way around. The strategy may seem a very small strategy, however, this can change your fate! 

Just a small edge – that’s where you need to capitalize on your blinds. Even the least ones will help you win poker tournaments. Check out these awesome tips to win money from blinds. 

Tip 1: Steal, steal and steal 

Stealing is an offense! But not in poker! The simplest way to mitigate the losses that you’ve incurred from the blind is to steal the dead money. But remember that your stealing strategy shouldn’t be aggressive. For poker games online, if you’re stealing from the small blind then try it out with a larger raise. 

Tip 2: Calculate pot odds expertly 

What is a pot odd? It is the relationship between the size of the pot and the size of the bet. Be smart and use the correct formula to get hold of the odds that are in your pot. If you want money from the blind, then this is important. Foronline pokerplayers, there’s good news! Install a pot odds calculator and get the perfect numbers. 

Tip 3: Learn to defend the big blind 

While playing poker online, there are many players who fold more often. If you’re one of them, then winning money is a dream for you! If you play passively, you’ll lose out more money. Fold you pre-flop instead of being passive. Then maybe, there’s a bit of a chance of getting money from blinds. Keep an eye on the professional poker players. You’ll find them pairing their pre-flop adjustment with assertive post-flop play. Defend like a champion and win loads and loads of cash in poker! There’s no stopping you. 

Tip 4: Practice aggressive check-raising 

If your opponent is bluffing or playing a weaker hand, then check-raising is your weapon to expose them.  

This strategy will help them, weak opponents, to fold the cards. Any person playing poker against you will start adjusting their game, as soon as you apply the check-raising strategy. What’s the positive side then? You can now play with their confidence level. one doubt in your opponent’s mind – game is yours! 

To recap… 

Best friend or worst enemy – blinds can be either of the ones. It’s you, who is going to make it the same. Learn these strategies and make your game simple. Be a good stealer and grab the chips whenever possible. Shake the confidence level of your opponents and stay deep-rooted into the game. Watch the others float over the surface and lose out on all their money in blinds! 

Poker is about smartness. If you know the right move for the right time, then you’ll be the star of the evening. 

Happy Playing !!

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How To Be Safe While Playing Online Poker?

Hacking, money loss, unsafe IP – these are some of the common terms associated with any kind of online or internet activity. Whether it is internet banking, social media accounts, or online games, users and players are always nervous about the same. Needless to say, online poker in India is no exception to the same. Although none of the best online poker sitespromises to provide 100% protection, however, how you will remain safe from the hands of the malicious hackers, also depends largely on you!  

Stay safe, play safe, and enjoy your winning amounts! Read on and secure yourself against the online poker hackings.  

Safety tip 1: Lock your device 

Since you’re playing online poker tournaments, hence leaving your mobile phones unlocked or letting someone else play on your behalf can expose your data to that person. Make sure that you use strong passwords and patterns to keep your phone safe. Also, protect the poker app by securing it with passwords.  

Safety tip 2: Check anti-fraud regulations 

Play poker tournaments on the sites which have anti-fraud policies in place. So, before you start playing, check out the regulations on their website. As you read through the terms and conditions, you’ll understand whether they are bluffing or are actually providing the necessary fraud protection policies. If suddenly one day you find that your account has frozen, then immediately call the support chat and sort it out! It’s a cautionary warning!  

Safety tip 3: Research for the safest operators 

Don’t just pounce on any poker app just because they’re giving some lucrative offers! Check out the rating, authenticity, number of users, encryption, and popularity before downloading the same. Remember, all sites are not thebest online poker sites. In some of the sites, you may find excessively lengthy content on things like how to play poker, whenever you find the same, do use that app because they are authentic most of the time.  

Safety tip 4: Genuine and trustworthy sources 

Don’t click on the “download app” for random poker sites. If you feel that the app is asking for too many permissions, then don’t install the same. To be on the safe side, keep your phone protected with antivirus or firewall. These things make the life of a hacker difficult!  

Safety tip 5:Authentic platforms for financial transactions 

If the app is allowing you to make a transaction using credit, debit, net banking, and UPI and providing two-factor authentication, then you can trust the same. Also, avoid using any public wifi networks which are accessible to many whenever you’re making a financial transaction. To get back the real money from poker in India, you need to be highly careful. Hacking poker accounts is a favorite pastime for cyber hackers. Also remember, don’t save your details or any other sensitive information on any poker app.  

There’s no guarantee that your account won’t be hacked. Or you will be able to play safe poker all the time. But taking precautions to ensure that you are well protected from the careless mischiefs of the cyber attackers.  

Happy Playing !!

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6 Easy Steps That Helps in Making a Professional Omaha Player

Any veteran poker player will be well-versed with Omaha poker games online. Undoubtedly the most exciting among different poker variants. If you know the rules, then a game of pot-limit Omaha will make your day. 

For the newbies, if you’re acquainted with the rules of Texas hold’em, then you’re already halfway into the Omaha game. Just keep in mind the two-fold winning strategy – 

  • Let all players fold their hands leaving you behind to win 
  • Have the best poker hands at the shutdown 

Get into the best online poker sites  and start a game of Omaha poker, the best possible five-card game – two-hole cards and three community cards will make you win the game smoothly! 

Follow these easy steps and become a pro in this game. 

Step 1: Draw a high card and become the dealer 

To become the dealer and start the game, you need to first draw out the highest-ranked card. Every player will get the opportunity of drawing a card but if you want the first hand into the game, then draw the card which has the highest rank. 

Step 2: Put the blinds out 

Make sure that the two players left to the dealer put in their blinds before you start the game. So, if you’re the dealer, be smart and keep your eyes open. If you’re not a first-time player, then you would probably know that the immediate player to the left of the dealer will put a small blind and the other one puts a bigger one. 

Step 3: Start the first betting round 

Now is the time to display the community cards. As soon as you present the flop to the players, the betting game in the clockwise direction. Check, call, or raise and allow the next player to do the same. The rules are the same for all Omaha games on maximum online poker sites

Step 4: Deal the turn 

Once you and all other opponents complete the first round of flop, discard the topmost card of the deck face-down and deal up another card face up to the flop. Popularly all  online poker playerscall this as a turn. With this, another new round begins. 

Step 5: Deal the river 

With the end of the previous round, the last and the final community card is dealt and the next round is started. Well, the process is simple and repetitive. The only catch is to know when to check, call, or raise! 

Step 6: Shutdown 

With the final card, face-up the river round begins. When this round starts, plan out your cards accordingly for a winning move. As soon as you complete the river betting round, you and your remaining players will enter into the showdown. What’s next? Well, a player knows the trick! The one with the highest-ranking poker hand will be the winner and will get all the cash. 

Poker is a game of twists and turns. Being witty can get you in an advantageous position in the game. Winning should be your sole focus. 

  Happy Playing !!

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Poker Online – Useful Online Etiquettes for Players

6 Common Online Poker Manners that You Should Know

Just because you’re playing poker online, that doesn’t mean that you abuse, misbehave and be a pain for your opponent! Like live poker, online poker also has a set of predetermined rules. Follow them and create a playful experience for online poker games. 

Even if the opponent is not able to see you, being courteous and humble throughout the game makes you a good player. Download, login, and start playing poker games online. Read a few rules and behave accordingly throughout the game. 

1.Never use abusive language 

You must be angry if you’re losing the game, that’s natural. But you can’t use slang and abuse your opponent over the chat box. Online Poker tournaments should be played professionally. So, keep your emotions in check. The person sitting at the opposite end is also a human being. He can get angry as well. Chat boxes are for communicating. Use them well! 

2.Keep a stable internet connection 

Playing poker online with a stable connection is also a good manner. It’s very natural that the opponent is not able to see you or your game. Hence, you need to keep on making the moves to make the person on the other side feel that you’re present in the game. if you feel the line is unstable, then inform the players. There are chat boxes in the game, you can convey anything that you want. 

3.Be attentive throughout the game 

While playing poker online, don’t get diverted often, if it’s your time to play and you need to play a smart hand, then being attentive will take you a long way. If you keep on missing the moves and the discarded cards, then surely the opponent will get offended. Sometimes being inattentive throughout the game may ruin your reputation. 

4.Don’t indicate your poker hand 

This is an important etiquette that live poker players need to adapt. Even if you’ve folded your cards, however, don’t talk about the ones with anyone who has left the game or anyone who is still present in the game. This makes bluffing difficult and can give away some good hands. However, this is not an issue that poker games online players will face. Keep mum as much as possible. Speaking up too much may hinder the game. 

5.Respect the dealer 

One of the persons in the live game acts as a dealer both in online and live poker. Make sure you’re not rude to the person. It’s not the fault of the dealer that you’ve received some bad cards. It’s just your bad luck! So, remember to be polite and respect the person. Don’t take out your grudge on them! They are mere handlers! They are not your enemy. 

6.Keep up with the action 

If you feel that you’re getting tired or you’re bored, then please leave the game rather than overstretching the same. Few poker tournaments may go on for a long time. Not your fault if you start feeling tired! Leave the game rather than being rude. Hold on to your reputation. Be attentive. If not possible then play the game later. 

  Happy Playing !!

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How Online Poker Tournaments Got A Bad Reputation?

Bad decisions and bad beats – Poker has been trying to get rid of it, the negative, shady, and a bad reputation for years now. People still believe thatplaying poker online will make them gamblers. Although, there have been controversies regarding the legality of poker in many countries, however, poker is not as bad as its negative reputation shows. 

You can play online poker peacefully as it will definitely not make you wild. People say poker can be addictive and can drain the player financially. However, the same varies from player to player. Play poker from your mind and not your heart. You may lose but will not be emotionally or financially drained. 

How did poker get such an unpleasant reputation? Check out some interesting points related to the same. 

Poker goes beyond obsession 

What happens when you start winning real cash by playing online poker tournaments? Your obsession with earning increases. Money, Money, and Money are the only thing on your mind now! That’s when poker becomes an enemy for the player. Chances of encountering psychological disorders increase. When the game takes control, the players become mere slaves and lose out their minds amidst the same. 

Poker leading to illegal earnings 

The crunch for earning more by investing more in poker tournaments, makes people borrow money from illegal sources as well. The unending frenzy of the game keeps the player drawing deeper into the racket. In most cases, it is found that even if the person tries to get out of the same, however, fails to do so. 

Poker similar to alcohol and tobacco 

Poker is considered to be equal to self-inflicted habits like alcohol and tobacco. Since it is not legal in many countries till now, hence this bad reputation of poker is a continuity. If you’ve ever visited a casino and played a live poker game, then you’re well aware of the situational circumstances that are involved with the game. 

Poker can lead to bad debts 

Unlike any other card games, poker can get you drowned into loads and loads of bad debts. Poker games online can be more addictive in comparison to the live poker games. If you start losing chips, don’t get panicky, playing in order to win back the lost amount, and land you into trouble. Many people have ended up being bankrupt by playing poker continuously. All you can do to save its name is to be intelligent, get control, and know where to stop. 

To conclude… 

Treat a game as a game! Don’t let a game be a personal influencer. Poker has got its bad name because of the reckless behavior of the players. Poker is a mere game, however, embracing the positive sides of poker is a necessity. There are many cases where poker is treated as a negative game and people feel that playing this game can ruin the reputation and the person who is engaged in the game! 

Happy Playing !!

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Poker Online – Studying Poker Hand Histories

6 Amazing Female Poker Players of 2020

Card games are not for women – discrimination based on gender has always been prominent in every industry and sector.Online Poker tournaments were not an exception. However, 2020 has been a good year for the girls! Despite the traditional belief that poker is a man’s game, women are also taking the poker world by storm. 

Although a world series for poker is still away, however, girls are surely making a lot of money by playing poker online. To keep up the spirits of other girls who are willing to play poker, check out the list of a few international winners. 

1. Liv Boeree

She is a talented, intelligent, and a very impressive player. She is the only female poker player who has won many poker tournaments. Not only that, but she also has a degree of astrophysics in her name. If you’re into the world of poker, then Liv Boree is a common name that you should be knowing. Not only poker, but she is also a celebrity in the television industry. 

2.Joanne Liu 

Don’t let the distinctive hats and unconventional dressing style of Liu fool you! She’s been an exceptionally good player since 1996. She became 4th in a Limit Hold’em match and uses her Chinese gambling skills to play poker. Although initially, she was looking forward to a career in computer science. However, once cash started raining on her, she gladly accepted this as her fortune and career. 

3. Maria Constanza Lampropulos 

You might have heard her name in poker very seldom! She already has a great professional career. But as she played on, she got engrossed in the game. Maria entered the world of poker with her boyfriend, the famous poker player Ivan Luca. Since there was no looking back. One of her notified wins is the one in Nottingham over 7,000 people. Have a look at her playing videos and learn to play poker online successfully. 

4. Vanessa Rousso 

If you’re into poker, then you must’ve heard the name of Vanessa Rousso several times. Her poker skills have successfully landed her in the 8th spot in the Women’s All-time Money List. She is beauty coupled intelligence – rare but a dashing combination for a female poker player. Although she has no major titles to her name right now, that time is going to come soon! 

5. Vanessa Selbst 

After completing a smashing 12 years in poker games, she has the number 1 ranking in the Global Poker Index. Very popular and having a net worth of around $11.9 million, she is undoubtedly a tricky player. Opponents are of the opinion that it’s very difficult to win over Vanessa. She knows the right set of bluffs than can turn the game around. She is a very reckless and bold poker player and can teach you some smart moves for your poker games online. Check out her bluffs and you’ll know why she is famous. 

6. Annie Duke 

With a net worth of around USD 9 million in the bank, Annie is popularly known as the Duchess of Poker. Unlike others, she has made poker her career, profession, and passion. She thinks it’s a great initiative to help other novice players to get the tactics of the game in mind. For that, she has written books on poker strategies and instructions. Want to get some handy tips for poker online? Read her books. 

Happy Playing !!

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Top 5 Tactical Skills to Learn While Playing Online Poker

Not everyone can become a great online poker player. You need to be a quick decision maker, good logical reasoning skills and grey matter to become one. Similarly, to be a successful entrepreneur you need these skills as well. 

The fact that leaders are made and not born becomes true only when you’re willing to go an extra mile to develop your skill sets and become a good entrepreneur in this competitive business world.  

But did you know that while learning to play poker for a long time, you can easily develop your managerial skills? Isn’t it amazing? Poker is all about money management. So, when you learn to build up strategies and manage your money effectively, you’re gearing up for the next level. 

Are you planning on starting a business lately? And if you’re a poker player, then indulging in the game frequently can be beneficial for you. Play poker online and nurture your management skills. 

Become a strategy maker 

Good strategies are the key to success in every aspect of life. Whether it’s playing poker online, live poker or business, you can’t move forward with a blank mind. Every move needs to be planned and strategized. While playing in some of the best online poker sites, you need to remember to lure your opponent into a trap. Make them tensed and all charged up. Then, they will definitely take up a wrong decision and give you a good hand at the game.  

With business, make use of the same strategies for beating the competitors. It’s the trait of a good entrepreneur to start a business with mission, vision and strategies. If you’ve none, then you’re not an entrepreneur material.  

Learn to control emotions 

Keeping a cool head – that’s the key success strategy of every poker player. If you’re playing poker games online, then making up a “poker face” is the best way to control your emotions.  A good entrepreneur should also be prepared to keep a cool mind. Getting connected with any person will make your business decisions poor.  

Be attentive 

Missing out on any minute detail in the game of poker, can land you into trouble. Study every move of your opponent, keep your eyes open for any opportunities that may come up. Before the game ends, a poker player needs to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent and frame the strategy accordingly.  

If you want to be a good businessman, then studying every detail of your competitor’s aspect is necessary. How will you do it? By developing your monitoring skills.  

Be an opportunist 

Once an opportunity is lost, it never comes back. And, as a businessman, if you give up a good opportunity, then you’re doomed. But, if you’ve learnt to play poker well, then a well-planned aggressive move from your end can push up the adrenaline of your opponent and he may end up folding the cards giving you the opportunity to win. That’s called an opportunity. Keeping a hawk’s eye at the opportunities is the probable way of winning at poker.  

Similarly, times will come when you’ll get an investment opportunity or some expansion projects. When it does, make sure that you’re available for the same. Otherwise, you’re an unskilled entrepreneur.  

Start studying others 

What is poker? Nothing but manipulation and playing with the mind of the opponents. For that, you need to be able to study the person with the cards against you. Similarly, to be a good entrepreneur, you need to be able to read people. If you’re able to spot a bluffer well, then you’ll be able to negotiate better – both at the game and in business. 

Happy Playing !!

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