Develop Your Online Poker Intuition

Know How To Develop Your Online Poker Intuition

Is there any room for intuition in online poker? Have you ever had a strong feeling about a specific hand? Feeling your opponent had a set and that even though you had a good hand, you were in trouble. 

Some say online poker is just mathematics & psychology. So is intuition a possibly useful skill in poker?  Or should we discard any impression that we may have while playing? But first, what is intuition? Intuition is a category of knowledge and understanding of certain situations, which goes beneath the surface of our conscience.  Continue reading “Develop Your Online Poker Intuition”

Taking Part in a Freeroll Online Poker Game

Play Freeroll Online Poker Games

A number of things could make you consider taking part in a freeroll online poker tournament. It could be the significantly spectacular prize money people are nowadays winning in these games. Or it could be the growing publicity that poker online are receiving nowadays. Which leads to a situation where the winners of the tournaments end up becoming something of celebrities. This would be a situation that would see you develop an interest in playing freeroll poker games; whether money or fame is your motivation. 

The first step

In this direction would, of course, be to gauge whether your poker skills are good enough for you play poker online. While it is true that poker is a game of chance.   It is also true that this is a game where strategy plays a very important part. You therefore need to honestly assess your skills, to see whether they are good enough for you to successfully join such a tournament. Continue reading “Taking Part in a Freeroll Online Poker Game”

Escape Constant Bad Beats at Online Poker

Escape From Bad Beat At Online Poker

A bad beat is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to an online poker player. It can be defined as losing a hand to an opponent who held an inferior set of cards to you, but in reality, the term is generally reserved for.

when your opponent wins the hand despite being a big underdog statistically to do so. 

The frustrating thing about bad beats, and the reason why all online poker players of all levels hate them, is because they essentially level the playing field between the professional players and the amateur players, because at times luck can overcome skill.  Continue reading “Escape Constant Bad Beats at Online Poker”

Top 5 Unwritten Tips to Become Better Online Poker Players

How To Play Poker Online: Tips To Become  Better Online Poker Players

It’s not easy to win at online poker as the online poker game has become super-competitive in lately. 

While it is positively a challenge for new players, there is a strong likelihood that they can do well if they put in place a few key strategies. 

Here are a few not mentioned before tips which will help you become a better online poker player. Dig in to give them a glance:  Continue reading “Top 5 Unwritten Tips to Become Better Online Poker Players”

Eggs, Cats and the Game of Online Poker

Online Poker Story With Eggs & Cats

The game of online poker and newspaper shares a deep link. A century ago, newspaper was the tool to bring news and entertainment for the common people. Poker first became well known game and one of the favourite pastimes amongst American people.  

It is slowly and gradually now that the game of online poker has spread to a broader area in European and Asian nations, in particular at Indian states.  

The earlier newspapers printed some exciting stories whenever they could get about the online poker game. And offered entertained in poker stories for the common people. Let us explore two of the very interesting tales about the poker game, coming straight from the past. Let’s together relive the past.  Continue reading “Eggs, Cats and the Game of Online Poker”

Harder Poker Tells to Hide

Online Poker Tells : You Cant Hide During Poker Tournaments

The poker tournaments are getting as much popular in India as are the online poker games! Poker tournaments are tricky yet entertaining, just like the poker online.  

The game of poker has its moment. Sometimes it seems that the game is easy to play. Obviously, it looks easy and fun to play when you have decent hands to play with and take down your opponent. Whether you are a pro or a beginner of the game, during poker tournaments, in spite of the strength of your hand, your body gives out some automatic responses at the high situations. In spite of your best efforts, it might be tough to control them.  Continue reading “Harder Poker Tells to Hide”

Best Gadgets Invented for Poker Players

Best Gadgets For Online Poker Players

Do you wish to play like a professional online poker player?  Or want to read your opponents mind and to make them fall in your trap? 

This is the universal fact that poker is one of the most popular games in the world, played by both amateurs and pros for money and fun. The simplicity of the game permits anyone to rapidly pick it up, but the depth and skill behind it makes it one of the most fascinating card games. 

Bold, random and a bit ridiculous, there are many gadgets that might be useful during your poker online games and even enough to distract opponents from your weakest game play.  Continue reading “Best Gadgets Invented for Poker Players”

Worst Starting Hands for Texas Hold’em Online Poker

Starting Hands for Texas Hold’em Online Poker

In online poker games, a pair of aces is one of the best starting hands, in particular for Texas Hold’em poker. But are you aware about your worst hands?  

Perhaps by now many of you have known which hands you are going to fold during your poker round. This knowledge can help you to better evaluate what you are holding at the start of the game. Knowing how to spot these bad hands are a crucial part of developing your online poker game. 

Let us explore which are the worst poker hands and see if it matches your knowledge of worst hands while playing Texas Hold’em.  Continue reading “Worst Starting Hands for Texas Hold’em Online Poker”

Top Five Fictional Players for Online Poker Learning

Five Famous Fictional Characters In Poker Games

It is very easy to pick the favourite professional online poker players, if you follow them from the crowd of brilliant and bold. But what is the twist in fiction? Not all of these characters are tournament worthy, although their stories have a few of our favourite fictional robberies, advices and obviously, poker games. 

Rusty Ryan of Ocean’s 11 

With soft and shiny suits which he keeps clean the entire movie in spite of the continuous snacking, Rusty not just plays pokers, but even teaches its rules to other stars in the movie, who are total ingrates.  Continue reading “Top Five Fictional Players for Online Poker Learning”

Funny Poker Stories of All Time

Funny Incidents of Poker Games All Time 

Poker players are well-known for being a little crazy. Most people think it is just money game. They are crazy with but we will all admit that the lifestyle and stories are outstanding. The online poker game has lots stories linked to it in some manner. 

Let us cover two of those stories for the poker online game along with making strategies to sit at the next poker game.  Continue reading “Funny Poker Stories of All Time”