Funny Poker Stories of All Time

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Funny Incidents of Poker Games All Time 

Poker players are well-known for being a little crazy. Most people think it is just money game. They are crazy with but we will all admit that the lifestyle and stories are outstanding. The online poker game has lots stories linked to it in some manner. 

Let us cover two of those stories for the poker online game along with making strategies to sit at the next poker game. 

The Tale of FedEx 

In 1973, FedEx was not the multi-billion dollar company it is nowadays. It was in deep trouble. And the company was down to its final $5,000 in the bank along with a $24,000 fuel bill was staring in the face of the owner Fred Smith. Fred decided to sink in style, heading to Vegas with his final $5,000 and playing poker. He played, turning the $5,000 into $27,000 and saving the company. Over 40 years later, FedEx has grown into the huge company it is today, giving Fred a personal net worth of over $2 billion. Just think about that for a moment! Now you can also play online poker to start your own business too.

Know The Left From The Right 

In a small buy-in tournament in the USA, a young man was holding a short stack and staring exclusion in the face. He had his hole cards in one hand and his few remaining chips in the other. He looks at his cards and stops thinking for a second. And then throws his chips into the middle announcing “fold”. The dealer asks him has he thrown his chips into the pot. To which the player sits for a second then swears. It turns out he had forgotten which hand his chips were in and meant to throw away his hole cards, which were in his other hand, rather than his last few chips. Sadly the poker Gods did not spare him and he left tournament. At least it appears he would have made a good choice to fold! 

Have a happy online poker time!