Take Down the Online Poker Table Bully

To start off this post, let’s define what a table bully is. A table bully is someone who players an extremely aggressive maniac style online poker game and accumulates chips through sheer aggression. The typical table bully doesn’t like to showdown many hands. Instead, they put extreme pressure on their opponents often forcing them to lay down the best hand and when the table bully does get lucky and make the best hand they are often paid off because their opponents don’t think they can possibly have a big hand that often. Which of course they don’t, but they always seem to make the hand at the worst possible time.

Table bullies usually win all of their chips off of tight-aggressive players who only like to put chips into the pot when they know they are ahead, or passive players who are just too afraid to play a big pot. These bullies are often very good poker online players, but in this post, we will explore ways to use their aggression to your advantage.

Wait for a strong hand

To beat table bullies you should wait for a strong best online poker hand, let the bully take control of the hand and then re-raise him for a big pot. Of course, the big pre-flop hands such as pocket aces or kings don’t always come. For this reason, it is also smart to see cheap flops against the bully with hands that can improve, such as big aces, suited connectors or even small pockets.

If you happen to improve on the flop against the table bully you will often be able to take down a large pot. Table bullies love to be in control of the pot and even though they are very aggressive they will often fold if you bet out at them early. Instead, you should show a little weakness and let the table bully take control when you have made a strong hand.

Table bullies love to bluff

Table bullies will bet and raise at any signs of weakness from their opponents. This is what you are banking on. Once the table bullies bets, you should raise because the worst thing you want to have happened is the bully to draw out on you. Table bullies are also often very proud individuals who love to do the bluffing but hate to get bluffed themselves. For this reason, the bullies will often come back over the top of your raise and give you an even bigger pot.

You just have to hope that you make a strong hand on the poker games online flop and let the bully take control of the hand. It might take you a few flops to finally make a hand against the bully, but if you play that one hand right it will more than makeup for the other pre-flop calls you made.

Happy playing!


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Online Poker Multi Table and Multiplayer

Playing online poker allows you the freedom and ability to interact with multiple players across the world at any time. This feature has given rise to multiplayer online poker. Internet casinos offer a variety of games, including blackjack, craps and poker. Some of these games are played against only a dealer while others are played with multiple players at the virtual table. Multiplayer online poker by virtue of it being played against several people at the same time and from anywhere has earned tremendous popularity.

Multiplayer poker online is an exciting option for those who find single player casino games too mechanical. It is also an excellent choice for people looking to make friends and enjoy social interaction through the medium of online casino play. The unique chat feature available on online poker rooms enables multiplayer online poker players to interact with your opponents in ways beyond simply betting with them.

Enjoying the games

If you enjoy the action of poker games online and like the social aspect of playing with live opponents, online multiplayer poker is the right thing for you.

A tournament can be played on a single table or multiple tables at one time. You will only play on one table at a time, but if there are more than ten players, they will be playing at the same time on other tables. You may even be moved at random to another table as more players lose all their chips.

Multi-Table Tournaments

The quality needed here is patience. In big tournaments, one often finds oneself faced with loose players. Separate out these players to your advantage for the big hand that you are likely to have in the future. And when it happens, bet big and you may be able to increase your stack size considerably. It is also important to remember not to abuse the big stack, rather target players with smaller stacks.

They will only go up against you if they have a very good hand, so stealing blinds and ‘bullying’ them out of pots is a great way to increase your own chip stack. Eventually, you will leave a short-stacked poker live player with no choice but to call your raise and go all-in with a mediocre hand, thereby giving away all your chips. However, if all is not going your way and you are running low on chips, consider going all-in pre-flop to try and steal the blinds.

These tournaments often go on for hours, so patience is a virtue well developed. Bet wisely and remain focused. Use the breaks to refresh. Tournament strategy takes time to learn and master. Use these tips and you will be ready to battle any situation very soon.

Happy playing!

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5 Tips On Beating The Online Poker Small Stakes

At most online poker games, the smaller stake games are full of less experienced players and solid players should easily be able to make a profit and build their bankroll at these limits. The following tips will help you understand how bad players think and how you can easily beat them by implanting a very simple style of poker.

Play Tight

At the poker online small stakes most, players will be playing a very loose style, seeing a lot of flops with subpar hands. Since the tables will normally be loose, it is advantageous for you to play a tight style. This means you should only play quality hands and only bet when you have a hand.

Do Not Bluff

As mentioned earlier, you should only bet when you have a hand. This is because most online poker real money players at these stakes are calling stations and will call you down to the river with very mediocre hands. Bluffs are usually lost on these players because they are too focused on their own hand to consider that you may have a hand that beats it. In general, you should not bluff at the small stakes because you will end up losing more from bluffing than gain be gained.

Bet Aggressively When You Have a Strong Hand

Since you are playing only premium hands and most of your opponents are calling stations, the way you will make your money at the small stakes is by betting your strong hands aggressively. You will be surprised at how many of your bets are called and the hands that your opponents are calling your bets with. The true inexperience of a player comes through when they cannot get away from a hand. You have to use this to your advantage and reap the rewards of your opponent’s lack of best online poker ability.

Only Draw with the Right Pot Odds

Playing simple poker live includes only drawing to hands when you have the right price. This will actually happen often at this level because many of your opponents will bet very small amounts throughout the hand without realizing they could be outdrawn on. It wouldn’t be a bad play to call a little bit more than you should in some situations because at these levels the implied odds are much higher because if you do hit the draw you can probably get your opponent to call a big bet on the river.

Remember Your Opponents are Fish

An important thing to remember at the small stakes is that your opponents are not very good poker players. These means do not make any complex plays because they will be completely lost on your simple-minded opponents. Just keep your play simple and let the small stakes player’s donk off their chips to you.

Happy playing!


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Why Sit On The Right Of Poker Online Table?

One of the big differences between beginners and pros when playing poker online is checking out the table that they are about to play poker on. Whereas a beginner would just choose a table blindly and sit down, someone who knows a bit about what they are doing will have a quick look at the table stats first.

Poker table stats are usually readily available at online casinos and they provide a quick and easy way to check the quality of the table you are about to play poker online at.

The most important factors to look at are the player-flop ratio and the average pot.

Player-flop ratio

The player-flop ratio shows the relationship between the number of players at the online poker real money table and the ones who see the flop. You should look for a high number here. 40+ per cent is good because it means that the number of players that continue betting past the flop is approaching 50 per cent, and so there is more money to win at the end of the hand. This applies for a table with around 8-10 people. Any less and a flop percentage of 50+ could be considered low because you are taking fewer players into account.

The average pot is also very important because this also shows how much money is available to win on average each hand. So obviously a high number here is good as well. A pot which is 500 per cent or more of the big blind is a good number to look for. So, for example, if you are playing with a big blind of ₹2, then a good average pot would be ₹10.

So why are these things good to look out for and how does it increase your chances of winning over other people? It’s simply because it shows games with a large number of players who see the flop and also put quite a lot of money in are not playing an optimal best online poker game. This means that they are more likely to lose their money and you can use a good strategy to win it from them. Look for a good poker bonus to test out your poker skills.

Happy playing!


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Top 5 Sit & Go Mistakes in Poker Online

If you are a sit and go, Poker Online player, the name of the game is survival. It’s all about making it to the final three spots, so you can make the money and come out with a profit. The key to surviving is to avoid making huge mistakes, and new players all make very similar mistakes early in a sit and go. This article looks at the top five ways that players bust in sit and go, and has a few tips on how to avoid these mistakes.

#1 – Act as a Fool

The easiest way to quickly bust in a sit and go poker online is to play like a maniac. Often times when we play low stakes sit and go we see players entering almost every pot preflop, and losing a ton of chips with poor hands. Also, they go way too far with these hands and lose way more chips than they should. A perfect example of this is when a player raises a pot with KJ early in a sit and go, hit middle pair, and get all in. Why would you do that? It just doesn’t make sense.

#2 – Play Loose

One online poker real money mistake we see over and over in sit and go is players who see over 40% of the flops, even during the early stages. The only excuse for seeing that many flops are if you’re getting Aces or Kings 40% of the time, and that is a pretty ridiculous proposition. Amateurs like to play hands like 910 suited even for a raise, and that is a losing play that will surely get you stacked eventually.

#3 – Underestimate Opponents

Even if you’re playing at a low stake sit and go table, you can never take your opponents too lightly.

#4 – Multi-Tasking

No matter how good of a poker player you are, it is important to focus on the task at hand. If you’re playing online poker while cooking, cleaning, watching TV, and chatting with friends, you’re doomed to have a bad session. Because of this, you should always focus on the poker games online. Even if you’re multi-tabling you’ll still be way better off by focusing solely on the computer instead of other tasks.

#5 – Overestimate Draws

Another super common mistake we see at the low stakes tables is players getting it all-in early with just a draw. You’re supposed to stay tight during the early stages of a sit and go, and the only time you should get your whole stack in is when you’re sure you have the best of it. A flush draw or a straight draw is definitely not the best of it.

Happy playing!


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Make Use of Your Intellect while Playing Online Poker

There is always a first time for everything and that brings up fears and questions – fear of the unknown and questions about how to best go about one’s new endeavour. There was a first time you played cards with friends and family. Experience aided your performance and eased fears. Now it’s time to try Poker online. Online poker is the same game as the one you played at home but in a different format. There must be something going for it as online poker is enjoyed by millions. If you want to join them, there are things you must learn before you do

You need to build a strong mental attitude as well as be physically fit to successfully compete and enjoy the games. Poker online will be scary at first. It’s not the same as a friendly gathering for a few games with buddies. Online poker rooms offer a much different ambience than the home den. But have no fear. Take a few deep breaths, relax and allow yourself time to understand the basics of online poker.

Begin with the practice games

On your visit to an online poker real money don’t play with the experts until you have tried out the practice games, or play for “play money.” Once you feel more secure with your practice sessions, it’s time to move on to the card room and deal with opponents with cold cash. Be prepared in your mind to accept whatever befalls you on your first foray into real games. Consider it a training ground and whatever it costs you is your tuition.

In these beginning, think about the games you like and why. Is tournament play for you or do you really get into cash games? What is your risk level? All beginners have questions and should. You can find answers to your questions by reading poker game posts and books and visiting online forums and training sites. Any acquaintances you have that are familiar with online poker are great sources of enlightenment. The cautious approach with lots of learning along the way is your best bet for hours of challenging entertainment.

Good technology

Don’t forget your computer and internet connections must be sound, stable and reliable. Technical failures during critical decisions are major deal killers. Take advantage of the complimentary software packages offered by many sites that can augment your gaming skill. They won’t all work for you, but some of them may make a real difference. Be sure the sites you play on have a Rakeback feature. Rakeback can give you that needed edge.

Space from which you play is important. It must be comfortable and have everything you need at the ready.

You may find yourself playing for hours on end, so the physical and mental stamina to remain alert throughout prolonged sessions is mandatory. Anyone who enjoys competitive poker games online will be sold on the online poker scene. All poker fans should open themselves up to the online experience. Actually, anyone looking for a new adventure should give it a try. Just follow the guidelines laid out in this article, find yourself a reputable site with Rakeback and dig in.

Happy playing!


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Online Poker Tips for Multi Tabling

With the number of people playing online poker nowadays and with all the advancements in poker platform, it is becoming much easier to turn a profit playing poker, even regardless of the stakes that one might play.

What is multi-tabling you ask? Well, it is when a player plays more than one tournament, sit n go or cash game at a time in an attempt to increase the amount of money that they are averaging per hour. While your average ‘multi tabler’ only plays 4 to 8 tables at once, it is not too far out in the left-field to see some players have more than 24 tables going at the same time. And of course, it would only make sense that if a player is playing 6 times the number of tables that you are, that they are making up to 6 times the amount of money.

That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? But before you run off and open up 25 tables on your favourite poker online site, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

Number of Poker Tables

Something that players need to consider when deciding to multi-table is how many tables can you successfully run and still play your ‘A’ game. Since the whole idea behind running multiple tables is to increase how much money you are making per hour, it would be ridiculous to put yourself in a position where you are struggling to play correctly. If you play better on 3 tables than you do 4, then move down to 3. Or if you are better off playing two, then only play two. It makes absolutely no sense to play more tables if your bottom line does not eventually show a larger return for it.

Being able to play on multiple tables effectively will take time and patience. Start slow and make sure you are still beating the game before adding another table. Rushing yourself will only result in money lost which can result in a loss of confidence and tilting.


When playing more than one or two tables it is very important to not be doing anything else other than playing best online poker. Aside from the fact that you should be paying attention to your opponents, you are literally going to have to make a decision in one form or another within seconds of each other at times. While you are deciding to fold or raise on one table, another screen is beeping loudly prompting you to make up your mind, and fast.

It is just good practice to shut everything else off including the TV, forums and chat when playing several tables. To make the most money possible players need to be focused on the task at hand which is playing online poker real money.

Avoid Difficult Spots

Although being tricky and playing small pairs and connectors or slow playing monsters can be extremely profitable on one table, it can be an absolute nightmare while playing more than one.

There are several reasons for this. To begin with, you just simply have not paid enough attention to each table to have a good idea of who you are playing against and their tendencies. Without paying attention to the table and your opponents, playing any less than straightforward can be costly.

Two, the more time you spend on one table, the less time you are ultimately spending on the other tables. This results in you timing out and folding hands or having to make a rushed and difficult decision when you wished you could have used more time. When multi-tabling it is good practice to just simply bet for value and move on to the next table. Save the tricky stuff for when you have time for it.

Multi Tabling Tips in Poker

As profitable as multi-tabling can be, it also can be disastrous to a player’s bankroll if the proper precautions are not taken. It is important that when starting to multi-table that you take it slow and easy adding only 1 to 2 tables at a time. Also, be sure to keep track of how you are doing so that you can make adjustments as needed if it seems like you are giving up quality for quantity. Doing this combined with using various software options and programs and playing simple, straightforward poker, and players will ensure that they increase their profits when multi-tabling in online poker real money.

Happy playing!


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Observing Players and Taking Notes in Poker online

Notes are priceless One of the key skills poker online players obtain is being able to observe a player effectively. When you have observed a player, you will find it much easier to make decisions when facing them and you will more often than not come out on top when playing them. There are several things to look out for when observing a player which can give you an insight into their game, below is just a few.

Poker Betting patterns

Betting patterns in best online poker give out a huge amount of information if the player becomes predictable and doesn’t mix up their play. If a player always bets the pot on the flop after making a hand, it won’t take long before players catch onto this and stay away from the player when doing this. This will reduce profit for the player dramatically, where just a simple change in his game would leave him unpredictable to opponents and much more money in his bankroll.

Their mood in the chatbox

We have an article about how you can use the Chatbox to your advantage, so head over there for full details. Basically, you can gain a lot of information on a player’s mood from observing the chatbox. If they seem to be berating a player each time, they lose a pot, you can be sure they are angry and on tilt, meaning they are much easier to take chips off of. Also, if they seem to be participating in the chat frequently, they may not be giving the table their full attention, which makes bluffing against them significantly easier.

Actions during live poker

There are tons of things to look out for when playing live poker games online. It is much easier to observe somebody face to face, as you can tell by their demeanour and reactions what they are likely to be holding.

A great tell is watching somebody when they do not expect you to be watching. By just watching an opponent when the turn card is being dealt, for example, can give you a huge tell if they react in any way. If they react by looking uninterested in the card, they likely are. Also, if they have to look again at their cards, it indicates they do not have a strong hand. This is because if they have a high pocket pair, for example, they will always remember their hand meaning they would not have to look down again.

Also, when a player knows somebody is watching them, they feel uneasy and give away easy tells to any player. Things such as a twitch, a slip of the tongue or a smile will give any pro player enough information to form a decision. A fairly good player may also make these actions as a tool to deceive you. Most of the time it is hard to know what the action they make might mean, but once you have faced several hands with the player, it should become fairly obvious.

Happy playing!


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Follow 8 Online Poker Tips & Be the Boss at Poker Table

As beginners, the most common mistake an online poker player seems to make is making sure that they play as many hands as they can as if the number would decide their win. Though in reality, sometimes they must learn to fold for bad hands in the best online poker games rather than losing your pot. Even for online poker, during the game, remember to wait for your chance to raise/call depending on your hand, to not give away your cards. For it is all about how you play poker, your cards, no matter what you have been dealt with.

Control those calling urges

Another thing most players rush into is calling/raising before seeing the flop. Apart from following basic poker games online rules, you must develop patience along with maintaining a poker face to keep your opponents engaged. When sitting for a poker tournament, remember to stay attentive not just to the players but also to the table and the cards being played. Your chances of guessing the opposing cards might just win you the game!

Temperament is key

Since poker is a game of ups and lows, making sure you maintain your calm even after winning hand is important, don’t get carried away for you may lose more than you have won in the excitement. While learning to play poker can be easy if you read up, do make sure to participate in as many games as you can to improve your theoretical skills.

Learn, apply, repeat!

Always remember, keep a track of your play, as you start reviewing your own player after every session of poker online India you will find critical mistakes that will save you a countless number of learning hours as well as money. After all, the only way to get better at your game is to become better at thinking on your feet.

Sleep tight

As most poker action begins late in the night, the amount of sleep you get before that is paramount. Being drowsy or tired can cause adverse effects.

Poor nutrition, poor decisions

When hungry, the hormone ghrelin is produced in the stomach. This hormone has been shown to have a negative effect on decision-making capabilities and impulse control as studied in research conducted by a University in Sweden. So, eat right, play right.

Don’t just bluff or just stay in a hand

Most beginners think poker is all about bluffing. Remember, you don’t earn any brownie points bluffing. While it works, it’s all about timing. Also, another thing that haunts amateurs is staying in a hand because they have already bet. It’s always better to minimize your losses, so fold even when you have bet a substantial amount.

Practice, practice, practice


We don’t need to emphasize anymore. According to research, it takes 10,000 hours to perfect something. So, spend as much time as possible playing poker.

Happy playing!


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The Fatigue Factor in the Game of Play Poker Online

Anyone that tells you that they do not get fatigued in play poker online playing is quite frankly not being truthful at all. Everyone experiences some fatigue in playing poker and indeed this can even happen within the first hour or two for most people. Humans were not meant to sit around a poker table with their back hunched over for long periods of time and that is why we experience fatigue when playing the game.

Experienced best online poker players are better able to deal with the fatigue and avoid allowing it to negatively affect their game, but that does not mean that they do not feel it. If you are having fatigue problems when playing poker, here are some tips to help you deal with them.

Take ample break

Make sure that you take a break every hour, even if it is only for five minutes. If you are playing poker live, just get up and stretch behind your chair. You don’t even really have to miss a hand if you don’t want to, but missing one or two hands to take a walk around and come back can actually pay dividends later on in the session. If you are playing online poker, do the same thing except just around the area of your computer workstation.

Maximize the length of sessions

Increase the length of your sessions gradually. If you find that your 12-hour session is killing you every time you try it out, maybe you should reduce that session to 6 hours twice a day. Or alternatively, you could start at 6 hours every day and then on a monthly basis increase it by one hour until half a year later you have gradually worked your endurance up to where it needs to be to withstand daily 12-hour online poker real money sessions.

Sleep and sleep till you feel fresh

Get an appropriate amount of sleep. Many people like to underestimate this part and love to play poker sessions for 64 hours, but that is not really something you should do more than once in two whiles when the poker game happens to be unbelievably good. Making sure you are well rested with at least 8-9 hours of sleep each night will allow you to play good poker more consistently and that will benefit your bankroll much more.

Happy playing!


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