Observing Players and Taking Notes in Poker online

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Notes are priceless One of the key skills poker online players obtain is being able to observe a player effectively. When you have observed a player, you will find it much easier to make decisions when facing them and you will more often than not come out on top when playing them. There are several things to look out for when observing a player which can give you an insight into their game, below is just a few.

Poker Betting patterns

Betting patterns in best online poker give out a huge amount of information if the player becomes predictable and doesn’t mix up their play. If a player always bets the pot on the flop after making a hand, it won’t take long before players catch onto this and stay away from the player when doing this. This will reduce profit for the player dramatically, where just a simple change in his game would leave him unpredictable to opponents and much more money in his bankroll.

Their mood in the chatbox

We have an article about how you can use the Chatbox to your advantage, so head over there for full details. Basically, you can gain a lot of information on a player’s mood from observing the chatbox. If they seem to be berating a player each time, they lose a pot, you can be sure they are angry and on tilt, meaning they are much easier to take chips off of. Also, if they seem to be participating in the chat frequently, they may not be giving the table their full attention, which makes bluffing against them significantly easier.

Actions during live poker

There are tons of things to look out for when playing live poker games online. It is much easier to observe somebody face to face, as you can tell by their demeanour and reactions what they are likely to be holding.

A great tell is watching somebody when they do not expect you to be watching. By just watching an opponent when the turn card is being dealt, for example, can give you a huge tell if they react in any way. If they react by looking uninterested in the card, they likely are. Also, if they have to look again at their cards, it indicates they do not have a strong hand. This is because if they have a high pocket pair, for example, they will always remember their hand meaning they would not have to look down again.

Also, when a player knows somebody is watching them, they feel uneasy and give away easy tells to any player. Things such as a twitch, a slip of the tongue or a smile will give any pro player enough information to form a decision. A fairly good player may also make these actions as a tool to deceive you. Most of the time it is hard to know what the action they make might mean, but once you have faced several hands with the player, it should become fairly obvious.

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