Mindboggling Poker Scenes in Movies

Sometimes we get inspired to play poker online when we see our favourite movies or we watch our favourite actors in movies. It has been more than 100 years already that Poker has found its way into the silver screen. In 1912  poker introduced with the silent movie “A cure for pokeritis.” 

Since then many hit movies has tried to capture poker live scene to entertain movie lovers & poker game lovers. Many of the movies have been effectively successful in capturing the essence of poker game. Let us take a look at 10 popular movie scenes: 


Joe Pesci is frighteningly unhinging as Tommy DeVito in Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas. His presence at the game raises the tension levels all the way up. Thanks to a confusion he has with Spider, a dude who’s not even playing at the table. Spider forgets to get Tommy his drink. And, obviously, Tommy deals with this tiny error in the most exaggerated way possible. Never cross Tommy DeVito.  Continue reading “Mindboggling Poker Scenes in Movies”

Texas Holdem Strategy: Errors Poker Players Make

If you are reasonably skilled to play poker online game, Texas Hold’em and plat it at home online, the given below notes about poker strategy may help you fine tune your game since the game of Texas Hold’em can often present exclusive challenges to the skilled player who is used to applying poker strategy in a online poker setting. 

So here are the main things losing players do always in the Texas Hold’em game: 

Not raising nice hands pre-flop

This is the most ordinary error most new players make in most poker games. But it’s also an ordinary error among game players who never quite understand Texas Hold’em. During the course of a night of poker, it’s often the difference between winning and losing. Bad players simply don’t know how to play their nice cards. And they allow too many people into the pot pre-flop thereby decreasing the value of their nice hands. They make this error over and over again, even with their high pairs.  Continue reading “Texas Holdem Strategy: Errors Poker Players Make”

Psychology Analysis of Texas Hold’em Game

Poker game is being played for hundreds of years and still keeps its charm and freshness. Thanks to the advent of Internet, anyone can play poker online. The number of websites dedicated to the online poker has increased. It can play for real money or just for fun, access is quick and easy, nothing is simpler. Star of poker game is owned by Texas Hold’em. This is a not too sophisticated version of traditional poker and gathering millions of players at online gaming tables. 

Texas Holdem rules are quite simple and do not involves major headaches. But the game itself is something else. Texas Hold’em poker is a game where you can earn fabulous or where you can lose fortunes. Players must know that the virtual world differs slightly of the real world, though it is about the same people. If you play Texas Hold’em with your friends or neighbours to whom you know the strengths and weaknesses it’s all right, but playing online everything changes. You can meet, under the mask of anonymity of a common nick name. High-class players, who really know how to play Texas Hold’em.  Continue reading “Psychology Analysis of Texas Hold’em Game”

Is Online Poker Addictive?

Poker! The game which is played to win cash! The game which is based on mental skill! And the game which is fun and challenging to play if you get the right challenger!  

But it can also be full with threat. One of the dangers is having an addiction for the games. 

Addiction stated to be an emotional state

The addict seeks to get this “high” through some behaviour. Numerous people develop an addiction because of genes. Stress is a key external factor which can lead to addiction, and the presence of some other mental disorders can also add to an individual’s chances to develop an addiction. 

The gambling urge is similar to other addictions. If you have an addictive personality, proceed with care if you decide to play poker online or participate in any other risky gambling activity. Signs of addictive personalities are the people who act rashly, continually seek new thrills or are regarded non-conformists.  Continue reading “Is Online Poker Addictive?”

Judging Challenger’s Personality While Playing Poker Game

You can analyse your challengers’ personality by observing their poker game. By evaluating how your challengers play poker online, you can expose their hidden personality traits. The game persona speaks a lot about player’s personality. Besides minimizing strain, improving memory and improve decisions, playing poker online reveals the genuine personality of the player. Bearing in mind the tactics that players follow while playing poker, let’s learn their personality: 

The One Risking Everything 

Several times, you will find passive players who play poker aggressively. Those players normally have a hidden aggressive personality which appears while playing poker online. Hence, players who seem calm and civil in manners usually hold a daring and aggressive personality. 

The One Dodging his Bets 

While playing poker online, you will get to play against players who are extremely careful in their poker moves. These players will show an attitude of risk-taking. But their careful nature of their personality is revealing when they play poker. Those players tend to lose less not just when playing poker but in other aspects of their life as well. 

The One Bound and Determined 

You will discover a lot of light-hearted poker players. And they always appear to be cheerful in different stages of life. These players have categorised as an obstinate personality. It is their determination that helps them play better and discover different tactics of the poker game. And, this quality also helps them attain the hardest goals of both poker and life. 

The One Downright Neighbourly 

These players are the one who play online poker not merely to win but at the same time also make sure that others don’t win the game. These players are smartest of all, and the most tricky ones to play poker with. The players with warm and serene personality usually fall into this group. The other side of their personality, liveliness and aggression has exposed during the poker game. 

So, every poker player has a game personality. This is poles apart from the personality they show to others in actual life. While playing poker, you have to train yourself in reading your challengers. Your challenges are not only on face value but on game value as well. This will not just help you play better poker but help to read people in real life too. 

Happy playing! 

Unconventional Positions to Play Poker

When playing online poker, you require lifting an optimal space to play the game. Also to breathe comfortably and feel at home. Position is one of the major elements to judge when playing Texas Hold’em poker as it tempts action in all playing rounds. Following are the six aspects that make up great unconventional positions to play poker:

The best tables to play online poker are the ones having space for 6 to 8 people. The next time you play the game online, favour selecting tables having player count of 6 or 8 maximum.

The most excellent time to play poker online is between IST 6:30 PM to 12 AM since the poker tables are full of action at that time, and there are more and more fishes swimming around. Continue reading “Unconventional Positions to Play Poker”

Make Queries to Yourself While Playing Poker

Poker needs a player to have strong decisive reasoning and powerful decision-making skills. This is the main reason why poker pros take time to decide on the finest possible poker move. While playing online poker, it is essential to analyze the present scenario such as your position on the table, hole cards dealt, pre-flop betting, challengers play and more. 

Here is a list of a few questions you have to ask yourself to work out the odds and outs and decide whether to fold the hands or carry on playing. This helps you in not just how to play poker online, but to also prevent poker game errors. 


When your poker game starts, you must not just hang around for your turn to come, instead, you need to begin thinking reasonably to make game play choices. Following are a few queries you need to answer before proceeding further in the poker game:  Continue reading “Make Queries to Yourself While Playing Poker”

Science Behind Poker Folding

In poker online, it’s important to know that it isn’t all about winning the most pots, but the most chips. Folding poor hands saves cash. If you limp into lots of pots most of the time you will lose most of your chips. Folding is an essential way to keep the chips you have – put them in only when you have a good hand.

One of the errors that many learners make is calling excessively before the flop. The trouble with this is that you’re effectively compounding mistake: playing a weak hand pre-flop when you perhaps shouldn’t, and then finding yourself putting more chips into the pot on the flop or the turn. You will be using more chips when you could have saved yourself using them in the first place.

As a novice online poker player, folding could save you an enormous amount of money during a game. The trouble is, knowing when to fold isn’t always easy.

Folding isn’t an easy matter of casting aside a bad hand, and there are some scenarios when folding might be the ideal course of action. Folding a bad hand of cards is a no-brainer. At times, but, it’s also nice manner to fold a good hand. Continue reading “Science Behind Poker Folding”

Control Your Emotions At A Poker Game

Emotional control is one of the most vital portions of online poker games, which no one discusses about. This control can make a big difference in winning and losing loads of money. The game of poker is the blend of joy and frustration which can take a grave toll on the players if not controlled emotionally.

There are lots of examples around the gaming world, where the poker players have won a competition after being down to almost no chips.

When you are annoyed the part of the brain which responds is the one dealing with tempers. It reacts fast without much thinking, which can lead to some serious damage.

You still have chips

In almost each competition, you might drain out several times, but you don’t have to lose your mind as there are chips in front of you still. Continue reading “Control Your Emotions At A Poker Game”

5 Main Reasons to Play Poker Online

Greetings, poker lovers! Have you ever pondered why we play poker online with such interest? Are there any particular reasons for the interest on the sport?

Like you, we too are poker enthusiast and love to play a good game whether we win or lose. Let us explore the reasons of interest below.

Fun and entertainment 

We all love fun, don’t we? Entertainment is the lone thing which fuels us to continue our daily life. It is undeniable that amongst all the cards game poker is the most entertaining. Many of us hit the poker online table despite of our backgrounds, majorly to have fun. Millions of players play the game every day knowing that not every day they can win. It is simply unquestionable that game of poker has a strong emotion and entertainment value proposition. Continue reading “5 Main Reasons to Play Poker Online”