Make Queries to Yourself While Playing Poker

pokerlion_blogs_img_Make Queries to Yourself While Playing Poker

Poker needs a player to have strong decisive reasoning and powerful decision-making skills. This is the main reason why poker pros take time to decide on the finest possible poker move. While playing online poker, it is essential to analyze the present scenario such as your position on the table, hole cards dealt, pre-flop betting, challengers play and more. 

Here is a list of a few questions you have to ask yourself to work out the odds and outs and decide whether to fold the hands or carry on playing. This helps you in not just how to play poker online, but to also prevent poker game errors. 


When your poker game starts, you must not just hang around for your turn to come, instead, you need to begin thinking reasonably to make game play choices. Following are a few queries you need to answer before proceeding further in the poker game: 

Does the primary pre-flop raiser have a strong hand? 

Are there a few loose players? 

Prior to your turn comes how numerous players have folded on the opening raise? 

Are your pocket cards and position sturdy enough to play? 

Shall you call or raise? 


Flop is the round when the whole image of the game gets apparent. This is a phase when you know 5 out of 7 cards, and you identify your ultimate challengers. During this time, you need to think of finding answers to the given queries: 

Who is the attacker on the table? 

If you are holding a strong poker hand, what is your probability? 

What odds do you focus on? 

Are you in the correct position to lift the pot? 

How do your challengers usually play the flop? 


This is a stage when your pot odds turn down. So, most of your vital decisions are taken during the turn as a few unforeseen draws can lessen the value of your hand. Ask yourself some of these queries when you feel trapped in this condition: 

Who is the most aggressive player on the table? 

What are the available odds for holding the strong hand? 

Does your hand is strong enough to worth bet? 

Is your hand weak enough that can be folded to more aggression? 

Will the bluff be lucrative? 

How profound is the stack? 


The concluding round to make your best possible five-card combo, i.e., a poker online round where you already know about your challengers range and can take the ideal decision. Here are some queries you need to ask to take the best face-off decision: 

How much worth can you take out from the hand made? 

Will the bluff work well with a busted hand? 

Shall your challengers fold if you start betting aggressively? 

Will your challengers still bet with medium or the low hand? 

What you get to learn from your challengers in the game? 

Hence, by asking the accurate queries at the apt time, you will begin making the improved ‘poker game play’ decisions over time and can spot which poker strategies to follow in diverse situations. 

Happy playing!