Things You Shouldn’t Learn From Poker Based Movies

There is a difference between the poker players in movies and real life serious poker player. Poker players in movies poker players make great moves. But, beware! If you want to be play poker seriously and be a serious successful poker player, don’t get inspired by the poker players of movies. You will surely pick up some bad habits from them.  

Here are four incredible things the movies depict and which you shouldn’t notice attentively: 


Slow rolling is where you know you have the best hand, but you take longer than you require before showing it to your opponent. Don’t do this. It’s totally awful poker manners. You can understand why most poker scenes include an almighty slow-roll – it increases anxiety and anticipation. However, in real life it just increases hostility and fistfights. It’s not cool and it’s not clever. So don’t use this tactic at the poker table. 

Betting more than the opponent has opposite them 

It is just not how poker online or live game works. Certainly, there might be smoke-filled underground poker games that have these rules, but if you get caught up in games like that then you almost certainly deserve what’s coming to you. 

So don’t fear – you’re not going to sit down in an online poker game and walk away with instant huge money. Poker has rules, but movies love to polish over this one. 

Calling and Raising confusion 

No you are not doing both of them at the same time. You’re either calling or you’re raising. You can’t do both. 

Saying I call” followed by a pause can easily bring about a misunderstanding. The dealer might start to deal the next card, or a player acting after you may start to make their act rooted on the idea that you’re calling and not raising. 

It sounds like a small point, but relating your action in this way can and will root troubles. 

Poker players are well-groomed 

Seriously no! Who care how you are playing when you are playing online poker. Yes, the poker players who play in different tournaments live or play in casinos, clubs or home games with friends might be a little fashionable. But being like the players depicted in movies, is not common in real life. 

So, happy gaming! 


The Emotional Impact Of Poker

Long stints at the poker table can be an exciting and gratifying quest. But like any action if you do it for long stretches of time without leaving it alone, poker online can come with an unseen toll. We’re not talking about a losing a game or your bankroll, but the emotional impact of playing poker for a severe length of time. 

The price of competition 

We all love the competition we get in poker, but the swelling effect of hand after hand of attempting to better your opponents is that your intellect experiences a build-up of stress. Trying to surpass another person at anything at all is stressful, whether there is the discharge of victory or the hint of defeat after the end of a tournament. This is maybe never truer than in the game of poker, where the subsequent competition comes in the subsequent hand. 

Letting yourself to relax completely, to forget about every hand and revel at a moment free from self-evaluation is crucial if you wish to stay emotionally balanced. 


Tilt is a pessimistic approach that you go into when you get beaten at a hand, overlook value, fold to a bluff, get your own bluff called or a countless of other reasons you require a cool head. Online poker might be the greatest card game on this planet and the most fun, but it can also be awfully testing. Poker players are by their proof of success, extremely logical, mathematically better and bred to win. Tilt will get us all, but it’s vital that you understand never to allow it control how your behaviour or act in a poker hand. If it does, follow our measures to get away from it, but look at the causes why you let yourself down. If you can discover a way not to, then you have conquered a mountain of the poker intellect. 

Patience level 

One of the qualities a poker online player can most often boast is how patient they are. But sometimes the patience level extends beyond waiting for premium hands to commit the stack 

Patience in poker can be useful to a dozen vital points of play, such as letting two opponents who are likely to take each other out to clash and not get concerned until they have done so. Patience can be waiting for the appropriate table to open so that you play the game you are best at in place of just sitting down to play as you feel edgy.  

Keep hold of the ability to wait and you shall be remunerated. Okay, let’s do one thing to test your patience level right at this moment. Count to ten before reading the next pointer. If you can do so, you have patience. 

Know your rival 

We are frequently most sensitively affected at the online poker table or away from it by other folks. Try being three-bet four hands in a row by the identical loose-aggressive online poker player. 

Coping with the emotional swings may sound like something you can simply tune out with a flip of your sunglasses over your eyes or popping in your headphones, but the truth is there’s no escaping of the other players and the ones with whom you are competing, and the best thing you can do to combat any possible emotionally-scarring friction is to know others. 

Manage the huge ego 

Here’s a news bulletin – everyone’s ego might require stroking at times, but we have almost certainly never lived in such a sheltered world when it comes to poker. Articles, statistics, podcasts, analysis, interviews, rankings, videos and tips are all over the place, and if you read sufficient inspirational matter, anyone can believe that they’re the next Phil Ivey. 

Retaining poise is key in poker online game, but so too is modesty, for there is a fine line between poise and pride just as there is a fine line. Poker is still a elongated game, and no win or loss comprises a ending result. Retaining a level head means balancing your emotions. You sensitively delicate unless you build up the coolness to cope with all that poker have to deal you. 

Use up time investing in the emotional side of poker, and your happiness and positivity will be mirrored and felt at the table. This approach can be ideal for your poker game

Happy playing!

Optimizing Your Approach For Success In Poker

Getting success in the poker game needs an exceptionally objective approach. You must analyze decisions rationally, receptive to fresh ideas and be self-critical. Being able to evaluate and develop your own poker game in this way translates to confident decision making. Confidence is the key element of a strong approach for the game.

Let’s have a discussion about how these elements make for a strong poker approach.

Failing to Analyze Your Own Game Objectively

In poker, you just cannot develop while being unaware of your own errors—the first step of developing is recognizing your loose points and being receptive to new ideas. But many players are too confident in their online poker game, which stops them from taking this step. And, mockingly, this is almost certainly most true of already-winning players, who have decent reasons to be confident. The trick is, then, to be just as meticulous as you are confident.

As any pro poker player can tell you, there might come a time when you feel you’ve learned almost all you need to know, only to discover a new notion that exposed more depth and intricacy in the game. Simply put, it is vital to never feel like you’ve perfected your poker tactic. So long as no-limit games remain un-solved there will be space for development.

Tips for developing an objective mind

Defy being over-confident about your own game

If an opponent makes a move in the poker online session which you wouldn’t have made, pause to think about what she did. You may wrap up that his play was sub-optimal, or even completely wrong, but you will have arrived at that end by thinking sensibly about it. Or, maybe you’ll find out his play was, in fact, better than what you would have done, in which case you’ve learned a bit new.

View strong competition as a learning experience

Likewise, rather than viewing your strongest opponents as foes, view them as players who you can learn from. Adjusting your attitude in this way will help you to see and adopt strategies that your opponents have shown to be useful.

Just remember always that poker is a complex game. Different lines can be useful and to diverse degrees in distinctive situations. Just by keeping your mind open, you will be able to analyze the numerous decisions you can make towards encouraging a strong overall strategy.

Lacking Confidence in Your Game

While being self-critical is the key for being a great poker player, you must also be sure in your judgment making.

Tips for being more confident

Learn to accept that you are not going to win each and every game.

Learn to accept the fact that not every game is meant to win by you. When you play an online poker game, there can be lots of ups and downs. Face them and accept that you will lose many of the played poker games.

Reassure yourself often

Repeatedly cheer up yourself that so long as you are assessing your own plan objectively you can be certain of your decisions. This will help you to build and preserve confidence about your plays, even when they don’t work out. For instance, if you get called after making a bluff using the ideal blockers, and in a spot that favours your range, you can move on from the position knowing that you made a carefully planned decision irrespective of the result.

If you struggle with making determined but effective plays, find ways to support yourself of their efficiency. Try to recall a time when you productively over-bet bluffed, for instance—when you knew your opponent would have to fold or make a call.

Thinking about the Poker Dream

Every aspiring poker player dreams to play poker game, win it and be a successful poker player. It’s good to have goals. They keep you enthused, so you can put in the work essential to make the dream turn out.

But, there is so much more for being a great and successful poker player than making loads of money. Think about the things this way: winning a game is merely a result of playing great poker. Tough though it might be, you require thinking the big picture to become a great player, which means learning to forget about the dream and be utmost dedicated to strategy planning.

To sum up, you should strive for a mindset tailored for poker success. Towards that end, a few key components of that approach are:

  • Think objectively about your game and your opponents’ games.
  • Build and maintain confidence in your decisions as a result of that thinking.
  • Focus on strategy, not monetary results, to become a great poker player.

Good luck at the tables!

Top 6 Tips To Select The Best Online Poker Website

Are you looking for the best online poker sites where you can play poker without any hassle and win big prizes and receive great bonus offers? Then these excellent tips will help you select the best poker website for you. Just read on: 

Today you can find numerous online poker sites out there irrespective of which nation you are from. Some of these sites are really extraordinary and provide you an excellent gaming experience. However, there are many others that are shady and are hunting you down to get your money. 

Hence, it is imperative that you select the right online poker site that will not only offer you a great gaming experience, but also provide you ample opportunities to win cash prizes as well. To help you select the best poker sites to play poker games, here are 6 amazing tips- 

Welcome Bonus Offers 

Most of the genuine online poker websites offer welcome bonus to all new players for joining their online poker sites. Bonus offers are basically free money that the gaming website offers you for playing poker. Although you may be tempted to go for the biggest bonus offer, it is often smarter to opt for a bonus that you will actually receive. 

Ease of Playing Online 

In most cases, you will be required to download the client software on your machine from the poker site. However, you should also check if the website offers an online interface that allows you to play directly on the website. Both the software and the interface should be user-friendly, visually appealing with easily recognizable buttons. Although 3D graphics and animations can be very attractive but the basic game play should be your top priority when choosing a poker site. 


Being a poker player you will need to boost your bankroll and the best way to do that is by playing poker online freerolls. Freerolls are mainly poker tournaments without any entry fee that provide cash prizes. Any good poker website will offer you numerous freeroll tournaments of varying sizes. You need to focus on the size of fields, numbers and offered prizes. The fewer players on the table indicate the higher your chances of winning big money for free. 

Read User Reviews & Testimonials 

Reading reviews posted by existing users is an important aspect of your conducting research while choosing the best poker website. Any genuine website that offers online poker India will provide you authentic user reviews, both good and bad, that will give you a clear idea of what you are getting into. It is also a good idea to check out the reviews on their social platform pages. Moreover, you should also look out for videos on the website and on their official YouTube channel that will help you understand the sign up process and the game play experience. 

Safe & Easy Deposit/Withdrawal Options 

When you play poker online for money it is imperative that you ensure the website offers safe and secured banking options for both deposits & withdrawals. A good website will offer you various options and methods for both processes. This will help you to select your preferred mode of payment or withdrawal with some backup options. 

Effective Customer Support 

The customer support department of any poker room is very crucial even if you assume you will not require it. It is very possible that you will face some issues with the online poker site and then you will need the customer support whether you like it or not. A knowledgeable, helpful and courteous customer support team can be a difference maker in helping you win pots and actually receive your cash prizes. 

Happy playing!

Some Common Question About Online Poker

As a beginner, there might be different questions in your mind about online Poker. The term ‘online poker’ might be daunting for you at first since you are inexperienced about this game. However, by getting relevant answers of all your doubts and queries, you will be able to gain some confidence about the game and playing it online.  

Let’s try to find the answers of some very common questions together: 

How safe and secure online poker is? 

This is common question that the poker online players always think about. They even have doubts about the sites that let them play poker online. However, you will be ensured to know the fact that playing online is as safe as going to the local casinos. In order to judge the reliability of the sites, you must ensure that you are depositing your money in a secured or encrypted site. You should always go for a site which is licensed. The sites that are run by the Governing licensed body are the safest place for playing poker. 

What are the needs for playing online? 

You just need a computer or a mobile or tablet with internet connection. Another vital thing that you need is a mode of payment to deposit your money at the site. You can use the third party sites. You can also use your debit or credit card for transferring money. However, you should always be aware while depositing money for the poker online site through cards. Sometimes they may charge some additional costs from your card. That is why third party money bookers are considered as the best for transferring money for online poker. 

What amount of money do you require to begin? 

As poker is now considered as the game of skill rather than the game of luck or chance, you can begin with any amount of money. You can even play with just a little money. Sometimes, few sites demand a minimum deposit. But, you can also play for free also. These days, most of the poker websites offer a bonus on your first deposit and also different bonuses. 

Do you need to go to casino? 

It is a big NO. Online poker doesn’t demand you to physically present at the place of the game unless you are playing poker live. You just need an electronic gadget and internet connection to join the game or online tournaments. You can do it right from your home or office. However, in India you have to be a person above 18. 

Do the online poker games offer you variety? 

Truly speaking, the games available online are more varied than the traditional games. Here you will find a total variation of different poker games. You will find games like Texas Hold’em poker, Omaha Poker, Blaze Poker, Fish Party and many more variations that you can dream up. 

Now, happy playing! 

Top 6 Poker Fashion Accessories

Poker is exciting sport! And poker has seen a huge evolution in fashion trends over the years! 

For many poker players, staying in fashion is very crucial. You never want to show up wearing the wrong thing to a key poker event. You don’t want to gamble with your poker wardrobe in the same manner you’re gambling with your money. 

Below we have put together a list of the most common fashion accessories that you are almost surely going to find a few poker players wearing when you next watch or take part in a poker match. 


When you are play poker or watch it, we promise that you will discover numerous poker players who are wearing sunglasses and they are not doing so as they experience light intolerance, they are wearing them to stop their opponents reading their eyes when playing! Go for it as one of your fashion accessories! 

Hats and Baseball Caps 

Many players consider this just as a fashion accessory. And there are a few players who always can be seen with caps on. This stop them giving away any tells more often than not! If you are attending a poker live game, reaching there with a stylish cap can be fashion statement from your end. Right? 

Oversized Headphones 

There can be not anything more off-putting when you are playing poker than having the low pitched drone or hum of another players headphones being easy to hear. Constantly, stay alert of players wearing oversized headphones. They are often wearing them to distract you and your fellow players and opponents! 


While the rules of a few pokers live games may not allow players to wear complete face masks but there have been the odd occasions in the past where poker player used full face masks! You can also the deck up with masks which cover half of your face, semi-half or just your eyes. 


Imagine how distracting it will be if you are sat at the poker table and are faced with your opponent who is wearing some form of flashy wig? Want to buy some for yourself? Go ahead! 


Now, poker rooms can be a little chilly but there is another reason for wearing scarf at the table and it is to hide any physical tells. Scarves are one of the most fashionable item poker players can use. 

Which one will you select of these six?

Three Approaches To Contest Too Aggressive Players

From the early days of poker games, the expert players have known that the approach to win a poker game is to be an aggressive player. 

Like most pieces of advice, this one ultimately trickled down to the mass poker players. Even in the small stakes games many have begun to notice a lot more aggression and have had to find ways to fight it. 

Luckily, many of these online poker players are novice aggressors. Here are a few approaches the pro players attempt to take benefit of these extra aggressive players. 

Check-raising from early position 

This is a play the pros use when they raise out of position and get called by multiple players. When this occurs, they don’t continue the flop unless they have a hand with which they are willing to barrel off and not fold to a raise. Otherwise, they check to the opponents to see what develops. If the action is too heavy after checking the cards, many expert players tend to just get out of the way, but normally checking opens up a chance. 

The cool thing about the check-raise normally prices out the draws, but can at times still get called by top pair since it kind of looks like a draw itself to a lot of poker online players. 

Opening larger from late position 

To combat over-aggressive online poker players, the expert ones at times use a larger raise size of anywhere from 3 to 4 times the big blind when they are in late position or even middle position. They tend to do this less frequently from early position because the range is so strong that they do not mind facing a three-bet. 

A larger raise size makes it far more likely that any caller pro poker online players get is one in the blinds. Also, the larger sizing handcuffs players with medium stacks because it makes it tougher for them to three-bet less than all in without committing themselves to calling a four-bet shove. 

Open-shoving larger from late position 

Many players start to open shove once they get to around 10-15 big blinds. If the players have over-aggressive opponents behind them who are capable of exploiting their light opens by jamming wide over them when they have a 16-20 BB stack, then these players go ahead and open-shove those stack sizes as well. 

With the online poker games so aggressive nowadays, a number of players in the small stakes try to copy better players they search for, fighting fire with fire. But habitually they do so in disturbed manners. This opens them up to further counter-aggression which is something the expert players often try to exploit. 

Happy playing!