Things You Shouldn’t Learn From Poker Based Movies

There is a difference between the poker players in movies and real life serious poker player. Poker players in movies poker players make great moves. But, beware! If you want to be play poker seriously and be a serious successful poker player, don’t get inspired by the poker players of movies. You will surely pick up some bad habits from them.  

Here are four incredible things the movies depict and which you shouldn’t notice attentively: 


Slow rolling is where you know you have the best hand, but you take longer than you require before showing it to your opponent. Don’t do this. It’s totally awful poker manners. You can understand why most poker scenes include an almighty slow-roll – it increases anxiety and anticipation. However, in real life it just increases hostility and fistfights. It’s not cool and it’s not clever. So don’t use this tactic at the poker table. 

Betting more than the opponent has opposite them 

It is just not how poker online or live game works. Certainly, there might be smoke-filled underground poker games that have these rules, but if you get caught up in games like that then you almost certainly deserve what’s coming to you. 

So don’t fear – you’re not going to sit down in an online poker game and walk away with instant huge money. Poker has rules, but movies love to polish over this one. 

Calling and Raising confusion 

No you are not doing both of them at the same time. You’re either calling or you’re raising. You can’t do both. 

Saying I call” followed by a pause can easily bring about a misunderstanding. The dealer might start to deal the next card, or a player acting after you may start to make their act rooted on the idea that you’re calling and not raising. 

It sounds like a small point, but relating your action in this way can and will root troubles. 

Poker players are well-groomed 

Seriously no! Who care how you are playing when you are playing online poker. Yes, the poker players who play in different tournaments live or play in casinos, clubs or home games with friends might be a little fashionable. But being like the players depicted in movies, is not common in real life. 

So, happy gaming!