Poker Tips: Handling a Problematic Pair of Jacks

A lot of players love getting their best online poker pocket jacks for a starting hand but things can get problematic when another player gets something better out of the flop. 

There are several options to play a particular hand in a no limit Texas Hold’em poker. Playing your jacks will really depend on several factors especially how the player on the big blind plays. It will somehow give you a gauge how to play your cards depending on his actions upon the flop. It isn’t fool proof but your chances will be better. 

Never play scared 

There is always a possibility that you opponent flops a good pocket pair or triples but you cannot play scared of these hands. You need to play your pocket jacks as the best of hands on the table. 

Try to know his cards 

Your JJ is the best hand but you should try your best to know what your opponent’s cards are to see your advantage. It also determines how aggressive you should play poker. 

Problematic Jacks

Set a spike when you see the turn then go all broke. Things happen. The good side about this is that your opponent might think that he holds the best cards and that can be your advantage right there. If the turn reveals a king or an ace, action might just stop. The other player might check then fold thinking that you have an Ace-King and made a monster out of the turn card. 

When the turn reveals something small, you get a chance to get a good pot size to take home. 

Slow playing 

Remember you do not have to wait for monster hands to slow play and trap your opponents. You just need something which dominates the table. You already have an ideal scenario when you have pocket jacks and the board reveals 9-9-3. 

Going broke with your jacks happen. That is online poker. That is life but do not let that pull you down. You cannot win big when you do not know how to risk big. Just exert your efforts to assess the situation properly and see if you can double up your money.

Happy playing!

Fans Prefer Texas Hold’em to Other Poker Types

Different persons identify specific issues by the expression of leisure. However, the effect is always identical. They obtain biggest amusement getting back to their favored sort of pleasure again. Nonetheless, there are favorites as always. For instance, poker online players who spend days on online poker sites specify Texas Hold’em being one of the most valuable poker games attainable. That poker version certainly calls the most of participants’ curiosity. 

Likely the basis is in the age and historic meaning that let most poker online participants believe that it’s a father of all other poker games online. Although, depending on historical facts stud poker appeared to be the primary forebear for all other poker kinds. Anyhow, it doesn’t matter looking at those gains that greatest Texas Hold’em members withdraw from this game.  

Actually, capturing proportions of game’s jackpot with their eyes they’re not able to think about anything else but hitting it. Likewise, that’s unfair to claim that this info has entirely neglected. Diligent and rather devoted poker online India players really dig out material about their preferred poker type in the web. And they seem to compensate much for the diligence once they uncover. The poker contests mainly identified as the games played primarily by wealthy. 

Players appreciating Texas Hold’em games

Hence, why do players appreciate Texas Hold’em games that much? To start with it might be outlined that Texas Hold’em poker is generally advisable to newcomers. Obviously, there are grounds for that. The matter is that Hold’em poker and online Texas Hold’em in particular considered the simplest poker type to study and exercise standard poker rules.  

As they’re merely performed by Texas Hold’em rules newbie poker participants find it quite effortless and enjoyable to study the schemes of the game anytime they play poker online. As always when they just start grasping poker they assume mistakenly that to remember poker hands is the most complex in poker playing. Throughout ages, nonetheless, it turns out that thorough focus is the fundamental. This is regarding winning at poker and the most complicate to master. 

The inquiry about a considerable number of gamers dwelling on poker pages could be pretty pat. The answer is plain. They literally get much cash to play poker on the internet. Nonetheless, those amounts still cannot be compared to the jackpots that they all have a chance to hit during Texas Hold’em tournaments. The tours seem some completely outstanding poker events that demand a lot of knowledge and special abilities which might be perfected due to difficult work and appropriate preparations. 

That is why they are after best poker online site which could provide them with lots of practice. Apart from considerable prizes poker gamers also highlight that they adore such tournaments as they obtain good probabilities of showing off as undoubtedly mature poker players and becoming recognized amongst poker gamers. The experience they admire mostly. 

Happy playing!  

Poker Tips: Looking for Patterns of Your Opponents in Hold’em

What you have to notice on your opponent are the extra ordinary things that he may be doing. Does that particular online poker player make small or big raises, or maybe played some cards which should have been folded, or reveal cards which are quite unexpected. 

Know the normal and it is easy to pick up the extra ordinary things an opponent does. Here is a short list of things that you want to learn about aonline poker India player’s betting patterns: 

Preflop raises 

It is not that often that you get very good starting cards. You will notice players raise when they get a favorable hand, you might want to observe how often they do this and if they are going a bit more than usual. You also want to take note how he raises from different positions on the table. If you have an opponent who is a bit tight when on the early position, and then raises during late positions, then most likely you have someone who knows how to play. 

Big hands 

Experienced online poker real money players vary their management of big hands. Some will bet when he gets hold of an excellent hand while some players will just check. You have to remember that you need to vary your game. Checking every time you hit is a very easy pattern to recognize and other players can make you pay badly when they recognize your playing pattern. 


You need to see how much a poker player tends to bluff when he misses a draw. Again bluffing is another side of your game that you need to vary or you might be made to pay by your more experienced opponents.


When playing in a no limit Hold’em, you need to gauge the aggressiveness of the player especially during tournaments. Is limping in online poker a sign of weakness? Yes and no. You can limp in but still show some might on the best online poker table so other players will not try to steal from you. When other players respect your limp, you will more get more chances at the pot without spending so much.

Happy playing! 

Traps in which Beginners Get Caught while Playing Poker

Poker is an incredible game which requires the right move at the right movement. Learning to play poker online can be a daunting task. Beginners would have to master all the rules and they should also learn the killer tips and tricks to win pots. 

Before playing the game of poker online or in a casino you should be very confident about the rules of the game or you may be in for a rude shock. Beginners generally find themselves in tricky situations and they are clueless about the course of action. Most of the times they end up making a complete fool of them by making the wrong moves and their seasoned opponents take undue advantage of this. 

This post should be able to help the beginners by making them aware of the various traps that they should avoid during the course of the game. 

What should beginners avoid? 

Beginners should avoid playing too many hands before the flops. This is one of the most common mistakes committed by beginners universally. They generally play too many hands before the flop on the poker online India table. Beginners should be aware of the fact that they should have premium cards to play before the pre-flop. You should play only 20-25% of the hands in total and the rest should be folded which carve out a picture that you do not indulge in reckless playing. 

Beginners are too immature when they play poker too many hands pre-flop but also stretch the game too far which may result in losing a lot of money. Beginners carelessly resort to forming any pair. Only if you have the best pair should you go ahead and play your game. 

Play when they have a gut feeling 

Beginners always play when they harbour a gut feeling or a sixth sense about a certain hand. That is wrong. You should play ahead in the game by mathematical calculation, calculate the odds of winning and judge the opponents and their playing styles before you plunge. 

Poker games online takes a toll on you and your volatile feelings. Losing a few hands, and beginners sink into depression and adopt the wrong strategy which lands them into further trouble. Poker is game which is dominated by the strategies and decisions you make. You should effectively mask your emotions and expressions and march ahead with confidence. 

Beginners should resort to taking decisions which would help them long-term. Always remember that long-term decisions would always be fruitful and help you win a lump sum amount. 

Happy playing!  

Playing Mind Games in No-Limit Hold’em

When playing a ring game of no limit Hold’em online poker, you will be needing psychological techniques and bluffing styles. You can only use them when you know what kind of opponents you are facing. 

A few bluffs here and there might do well in a lower stake online poker India. Once you play for the higher stakes where the buy in is at least 200, how you use mind games is very important. Read your opponents so you know how to play them: 


They play their hands and they will fold with the blink of an eye when you bet big. When they have good cards at the online poker real money, they might call for it but do not do something too scary for them or they may back down. They can be an easy catch if you know how to read them and they do not bluff much. 


They might know the ins and outs of best online poker but they will tend to think that you are bluffing and will call against your move. 

Weak & Tight 

Like the fish, they maybe too careful when playing. They don’t want to lose their chips and will not be too quick betting on something good. You can bluff these guys and push them a bit but be careful with their possible traps in the long haul. 

Tight & Aggressive 

These players are the generals of the field. Their strategies and tactics are forces to reckon with. Winning in an online poker game will primarily depend on how they read their opponents. You can bully them by playing strong against them. Change pace by playing like a fish or a sheriff and you might just catch them off guard and read their moves. 

Hyper & Aggressive 

You will be hearing bets and raises all night with these players. It will be very hard to tell if they are just bluffing. You can try to raise them to test the waters but they are very dangerous. Do not let them know what you have and vary how you play your hands. 


They will push all the chips in when they feel like it. On your side of the table, just relax and let them play their game. Just play your game and watch their chips disappear. 

Happy playing! 

Some Uncommon Myths about Omaha Poker Online

One of the major myths is that Omaha is a knotty game!!

Most of the poker games have diverse levels of complication. But if you compare Texas Hold’em Poker and Omaha the latter is a simple game. Most of the Omaha games would enable you learn to play poker and few hands before the flop. There are only two to three players against a pot. All the Omaha hands have many ways to connect to a flop. 

Another myth is that Omaha starting hands run close together in importance 

This is one of the most ridiculous myths pertaining to the game of Omaha. This myth has originated from the edifice that the hands in Omaha have a dictating relationship just as two aces govern the rules of Texas poker. Players are supposed to defend their blind against a raise if you have a marginal hand as well. Players a get the right pot share when they do that. 

Another myth that blinds the players is that you should never raise before the flop 

Most Pot Limit Omaha games are critical in nature. The general concept is that amass a good sum of money before the flop. You can enhance your profits in the game when opponents call at their turn or if they fold their hands. You can make profit in all the hands. One of the easiest ways to do it is utilize the various values of the pre flop cards of the preliminary hands. Players tend to make blunders which cost them greatly before the flop. A great amount of money can be made before the flop. 

Players are clouded with another myth that states you should never raise the bets with low 

In the game of Omaha players are faced with situations when they know it is time for quarters. But players do not realize the fixation of being divided in the game may result in damaging their games as well. The chances of winning may diminish. Players should raise the bets you have a fairly low hand or if you have exceptional cards. 

There are many qualities that demarcate good and great poker tournaments players. Different layers react differently in diverse situations and this is what makes them unique. In Omaha games a player needs to concentrate on making money before the flop. We hope after reading this post few of the myths has been cleared. 

Happy playing! 

Texas Hold’em Rules – How To Win Cash Games Online

Online Texas Hold’em Poker is a high profitable game on the internet. Here a perfect player can reach the goal without having much effort. For this purpose the first thing required is to participate in the online poker games. This will give the player tremendous experience and confidence. If the player gets as much as experience, then he can start playing real online game by depositing money. 

If a player deposits some amount he becomes eligible to collect the bonus of the same.  Then he can fearlessly enter into the field by contributing the bonus amount of the deposit. It will be better if he keeps a file or record about the outcome of the game. This will help the player to make a self-assessment on the money secured from the game. By bearing these matters in mind a player can make improvement in the field of online game. 

The play poker game is the highly profitable competition. Since this is a cash game it will produce too much mental and physical strain to the player. To sort out this it is better to approach the game with well-planned skills and arrangements. 

Be selective about online cash games

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The Creative Art of Playing Poker

The common knowledge on making money in poker online is that you earn money if you win, otherwise you lose; it is as simple as that. While this is true, did you know that highly-skilled poker players still win even when they lose? This may be as ironic as it seems, but it actually is true. 

You see, poker is all about combination of luck and playing it smart. And you probably heard this countless times before. What is probably new to you is that these extraordinary poker online India players actually learn to make their own good luck. To understand this better, compare an amateur from a professional poker player. 

Amateur versus the professional 

Pros earn at every single hand because unlike amateurs. They have learned the art of folding when they have a really bad hand. Moreover, they still win even if other players have stringer hands. Not to mention, these players make the raise when they have the best hand. The secret behind all these skills is their discipline in playing their cards. They also know to size up their opponents and they play with the betting tendencies of the other players in mind. 

This is not all. Professional players also differ from amateurs with the strategy they employ in maximizing their chips. These players keep a low profile when they need to. And they go all out when they are sure to win. While there is no assurance in the poker games online, the experienced player has a analytical skills of the percentage of loss / win of the cards they’re betting. They take calculated risks and they are able to maximize profits. 

Players need mathematical skills to calculate odds

These players experience their own share of bad luck just like the amateurs. However, they know that as much as poker is a game of chance, it is also a game of skill and it is majorly game of skill where players need to have mathematical skills to calculate the odds. Thus, even in situations where luck seems to have left these players, they choose to be patient. They are conservative with their bets and in turn this allows them to have enough chips to risk on betting when their luck turns up. 

Furthermore, they also know how to manipulate the other players into thinking they have better hands when they dont have anything. Thus, they end up with the pot. So you see luck alone cannot win you a poker match. Professionals take this game to a whole new different level where they are able to make this as a lifestyle and a career. 

Acting the professional 

Making money in poker is playing the game like a true professional. You make your own luck when there is none. You also try to play it smarter than your competition. By trying to play poker online like a professional, you minimize your mistakes and you actually get to improve your poker skills. 

Sure, you will make a lot of mistakes and you really wont turn into a professional overnight. However, you now know the tricks of the trade. And all you have to do is make them into a habit. Before you know it, you have actually become one, a professional poker player who has mastered the art of making money in poker. 

Happy playing! 

Heads-Up Texas Hold’em Strategy Tips You Need to Win

No matter what form of online poker is played, ultimately it comes down to two individuals playing for the prize and pot of money. This is called heads up poker. The strategy involved in this game format is entirely different from the multi-player table tournaments. 

It is also very different from Texas Hold’em poker which is played against many opponents. 

Since you end up playing against one individual, this means that the chance of winning a pot with the hand that you have is much higher when compared to playing with many players since you only have to beat the hand of one other player. 

One on one 

Playing against just one opponent can either be a positive or a negative, depending on what you can do at the table. 

You only need to concentrate on one opponent and hence you should be ready to take the player out.  Continue reading “Heads-Up Texas Hold’em Strategy Tips You Need to Win”

Worst Starting Hands for Texas Hold’em Online Poker

Starting Hands for Texas Hold’em Online Poker

In online poker games, a pair of aces is one of the best starting hands, in particular for Texas Hold’em poker. But are you aware about your worst hands?  

Perhaps by now many of you have known which hands you are going to fold during your poker round. This knowledge can help you to better evaluate what you are holding at the start of the game. Knowing how to spot these bad hands are a crucial part of developing your online poker game. 

Let us explore which are the worst poker hands and see if it matches your knowledge of worst hands while playing Texas Hold’em.  Continue reading “Worst Starting Hands for Texas Hold’em Online Poker”