How to Master the Card Game In Online Poker

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Is it truly possible to learn how to master no-limit Texas Hold’em online poker by reading a single post? Not even close. Although no single resource can single-handedly teach someone how to master the game, this post will teach you how to learn. Basically, we are going to teach you what resources are good for advanced topics and how you should think.

You must remember that there is always more to be learned when you play poker. No matter what stakes you play at, there’s something out there you don’t know. Always be striving to improve your game. As soon as you stop putting the effort into improving, you’ll start sliding backward.

There are five things that can be used to improve your skills:

Get into the learning mentality

The first step in getting the right mentality is to remember that you’re the only keeping score and the score is tallied by dollars. The score is not kept based on the difficulty level of your opponents, the stakes you play at or how much you can bluff. And since nobody else is keeping score, it pays to be honest with yourself.

Give yourself specific reasons for the actions you take

When you’re playing, take the extra effort to give yourself a conscious reason for every single action you take at the tables. If you have to, speak out loud as if you’re recording an instructional poker online video. Better yet, record a video of you playing and post it up on some poker forums for some feedback. Getting into the habit of requiring conscious reasons for your actions will develop your poker logic and improve your ability to make difficult decisions on the spot.

Practice reading your opponents’ hands

Take the extra effort to give your opponents a reason for every action they take at the tables. Stay awake and pay attention to the table even when you’re not playing a hand. One of the best exercises for an online poker real money player is to watch the opponents and try to put them on specific hands. You won’t get it right very often at first, but as you practice it will develop your skills and prepare you to move up in stakes.

Join and Participate in Poker Forums

We put a lot of faith in poker forums. Our belief in poker forums is not unfounded; they will bring your game to the next level. Make sure you join a couple of the bigger poker forums and participate in the discussions there. The information and the things you’ll learn will greatly benefit you – way more than any book.

Post Hand Histories on Your Poker Forums

Every time you play poker online a particularly difficult hand, save the hand history for later analysis. When you finish the session, visit some poker forums and post your hands for discussion. It is amazing how much you can improve your skills by discussing hand histories on poker forums.

Happy playing!


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