Play Poker Online Tips On Balance, Bluffs and Image

It is very hard to pinpoint your most favourite play poker online tips but right at the moment, I can think of the following poker tips which may help any player rake in some chips:

Mixing up your playing style

It is hard to say if a player made the wrong decision about his hand. You might hear other players or commentators on television that one should have done this or that but best online poker is not like that. You really cannot say if what a player did was right or wrong.

You can say it is a mistake if you play low-quality hands too much, or fold too much, bet even with mediocre hands, or maybe not spot an obvious poker online tell by an opponent. But remember at that specific moment you really cannot say what is the best decision to make. That is why you need to mix up your playing style especially when your opponents are quite alert and attentive with your style.

Make the other players guess what your next move will be. Do not do one thing too much so that you will be predictable. You have to keep the other players wondering and keep your balance that you will not second guess your moves and so you are focused towards gaining some profits at the end of the day.

Raising a bluffer

A lot of players who has a strong hand with a high probability of winning commit the mistake of raising after a bet comes from a frequent bluffer. You can do this maybe once when you try to mix up your style of play but the best move acting after a bluffer is just to call. This move invites the next players to commit to the pot and put more money. Raise and you might just chase more chips away. A real online poker India genius knows how to give his guy a little rope!

Do not be afraid to give up the stage

If you play wild, aggressive, and unpredictable to drive the other players crazy and force the mistake, you might be used to have the spotlight on you. But what if you have other players who talk too much and also try to disrupt everyone around the table. In this scenario, do not be afraid to give up the stage and just focus on your game. Remember that your primary goal is to bring home some profits after the game and that trying to compete for the stage will not help you especially when you are already distracted by the antics of other players.

Happy playing!


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Personality Disorders Seen During Poker Online Game

When you sit down for a poker online game, you will be encountering a wide variety of personalities that may range from normal to outrageously insane.

Now, having these disorders might be their weakness so you should also take advantage of them to bring home the bacon.


The narcissist believes that the world revolves around himself or herself. All you need to do is be a good mirror in front of him and please his already swollen ego with praises about his superior online poker real money skills. The bloated ego will eventually make mistakes.


The professor knows everything about the game of online poker India. Or so that’s what he wants to think. You will hear numbers and you will hear statistics about the hand. This kind of player doesn’t really intend to educate but wants to show off his superiority above the other players. Make sure you play against what his stats should do to your game and you will end up tilting him.


This kind of best online poker player will dance around the table and do all sort of antics to celebrate his superiority above a player. Make this player feel that you really suck and he is an expert. Pump the ego balloon and wait for it to burst.


Bad beat. Bad beat. That’s what this player thinks he is getting all the time. Try to be a friend and reassure that he will be doing well or he played the hand wisely. He will continue to play online poker and wait for the chips thrown from his side of the table.

Happy playing!


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Play Poker strategy in shorthanded games

The action in shorthanded games frightens a lot of play poker players. If you are the player who wants to wait for premium hands to act, then you cannot win these games. In shorthanded poker games, the blinds go around faster, making decisions are very difficult. The weaknesses and strengths of players are put on the spotlight.


If you have a 10-handed best online poker game before you, then you can expect the blinds to be on you about 20% of the time. You will be making decisions about your card before even putting money in the middle about 8 of 10 times. Make it a 5 handed game and you will be playing on the blinds about 4 of 10 times. And leaving just about 6 of the 10 chances for you to be picky with the cards you will play. Your chips are also gorge by the blinds faster. You need to play more hands or your money will just be eaten up,


Making decisions in shorthanded online poker real money games is very difficult since you are facing a very aggressive group and you cannot tap into a protected pot.

The players know that they cannot wait so they will be playing aggressive poker online. And will not wait for premium hands. The players will be raising more often, play it aggressively from the blinds. And also have a mindset that everyone will be aggressive towards him. It is quite difficult to read aggressive players and you will be forced to make awkward decisions. The more decisions you make, the higher the chances that you will commit mistakes.

The flop pretty much dictates what will happen to the pot. The more players who make something out of the flop. The more they will be aggressive to join and grab the pot. On the other hand, when only a few players make the flop. There will be more plays to make in order to take advantage of the situation.

Happy playing!


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Play Poker Online Tips Recognizing Betting Patterns & Using

Is there really a betting pattern which you can pick up from your opponents and is there a way you can make use of these to have some advantage against other players? Do not worry if you are not very familiar with the potentials of betting patterns as many play poker online players also do not see them. For sure you have noticed some betting patterns while playing but did not know what to do about them.

Knowing the betting patterns help your game a lot as you will be able to track the playing styles of other best online poker players and also pinpoint some weak points of your game which you can strengthen. One of the most common betting patterns, of course, is the call-bet-bet-check. So, before the flop, you need to call the blinds then you will get a hand that you consider okay like a pair with a nice kicker. So, upon flop you push in some chips to bet and some more on the turn. But then you did not get a two pair or a three of a kind, so just checked the river.

Your style of play

Looking at the pattern, you might find a leak in your style of online poker India play. If you have the best cards heading to the river, most likely the river will not be doing anything to help the cards of your opponents. Especially when you hear them just passively call during the flop (which reveals two suited cards) and the turn. Their move gives a hint that they most likely are hoping to form a flush. If another suited card comes up on river then it is reasonable to check if your opponents will be acting after you. If you will be the last to act, then by all means bet.

Another pattern that is easy to see is the Call- check-call, check-raise, bet. If you see this pattern, then most likely you are watching a poker online player who has a good hand. Most likely he got a set on the flop, maybe two pair, or got another ace for his AK. So, upon the flop, he will call, then on the turn check-raises to lure into the pot some opponents. He will control the round by putting in some bet during the river. So, when you recognize this pattern, you have to acknowledge that this opponent might have cards that are better than what you are holding. But of course, there will be people who will bluff. So be watchful.

Another betting pattern is the bet-bet-check and then check-bet-call/raise once it gets to the river. This gives you a very disciplined opponent who gets a free card when he needs to see one.

Happy playing!


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Learn Poker Online Tells & Observe During the Game

If you want to excel in poker online, you must learn how to read people through their poker tells or their set of body language which will somehow give information about their hand.

Play poker online tells come in the form of facial expression, habits, reaction, gestures, or any other clue which can help you anticipate their moves. As you gain experience you will see that some players can easily be read and some can easily give you falls tells to their advantage.

Look at the Eyes

As you may notice, a lot of professional players wear sunglasses or caps during a game. Eyes rarely can lie and can easily give an opponent an idea about your hand. Some may stare at their big hole cards for quite a while. Others will just take a quick glance and watch if others will be acting on it or folding.

Read that Expression

A lot of players try to give that best online poker face but an experienced player can read the slightest hints of weak hands through your facial expression or body tics. Some players can show a certain reaction to a weak hand but some players can easily mislead opponents by giving a false tell.

Remember that weak can be really strong or what seems to be strong can be really weak. Be careful when you read the tells of the other players. Look for consistency and never let your guard down.

Checking Out the Chips

Some players will have the normal reaction of checking out his chips when he is readying for an attack. Observe and react properly.


Look for signs of distress and see if that means strong hand or a weak hand for certain players. Check out his eyes, sweat, chest, posture, or clearing of the throat and wait for that bet or fold.

Happy playing!


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Best Play Poker Resource in the Virtual World

We cannot even tell you how many beginners make the mistake of playing loose with all of their hands. Of course, you will win some, but mostly that is because the good players are too smart to play with you. If you want to become one of the good players, you need to learn how to avoid those beginner mistakes and really learn the ways of the game to improve your play poker skills. That is why we are offering helpful tips and guides to help you become the best online poker player you can be.

Improving your Poker Skills

Online poker real money is a game of skill. Sure there are the lucky guys who play fast and loose with their money and see short-term success, but if they continued playing that way, they would end up losing a lot more than they bargained for, often their entire bankroll and more. That is why you need to master a good playing strategy, we recommend playing tight rather than loose, but even before that, you should start with studying strategy by position. This is easy to do online since everything is automated and you will be given instruction on the big blind, small blind, minimum bet and overall position. This is amazingly helpful if you are a beginner since you can start right away playing.

Practice Makes Perfect

At first, we suggest playing in free play poker online games at first just to get the hang of things, but it’s important to remember as you’re playing to treat the money as if it were real money. And even better than the free games with play money are the freerolls which give you great experience playing online tournaments at no cost to you. No costs for buy-ins or bets and you have the chance to win real money. Just ask Annette Obrestad, the Norwegian player who rose to fame playing freerolls from her home computer at the ripe old age of 15 years old. She is also the youngest player to win WSOP. Speaking of Obrestad, anyone can take a lesson from the girl who won entire poker tournaments by playing by position and never looking at her hole cards. Talk about mastering strategy.

Happy playing!



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Learn to Properly Size your Bets in Play Poker Online

Over the course of your play poker online career, you will be dealt aces once every 221 hands. So will your opponents! The difference between being a long-term winner and a long-term loser is getting the most value out of your strong hands and losing the least from your weak hands.

When it comes down to it, you must have the ability to manipulate the size of the pot in your favour with your bets. In some ways, calling bets is easier than making them. Often, you will call or fold based on a mathematical conclusion; however, making bets requires you to think deeper, with consideration for your opponents’ likely holdings and likings to some hands. To master an optimal playing strategy, you must first master all other facets of poker online game, because making the correct bet requires you to analyze the situation from every angle.

Since bluffing is more often determined by your knowledge of your opponent than by the cards on the board, we’ll focus on value betting. Simply put, your best online poker goal should be to induce your opponent to call the largest possible amount when they are behind or drawing.

Hand ranges in poker

First, you must assign a reasonable range of hands to your opponent based on the information already available in the hand. From there, determine how many outs your opponent likely has that will give him a better hand in online poker. Your bet should certainly lay odds that are worse than the odds that his draw will come in, but more often than not your opponents will be willing to call bets that are much larger than the mathematical equilibrium.

Using your knowledge of your opponent (does he call large bets with flush draws, does he continue in the hand with second or third pair, for instance), size your bet as large as possible while allowing him to continue in the hand. If your opponent has a flush draw on the turn, you have to bet about 40% of the pot to be sure he has the wrong odds to draw; however, you should usually bet more than that, as your opponents are willing to make that mistake.

Game of small margins

Optimal betting isn’t always about betting large. Poker is a game of small margins, so making small bets to keep your opponent in a hand with a subpar hand is often important to raising your win rate. Many players will call small bets when they clearly beat simply because of the pot odds.

They figure that their hand has a certain chance of actually being the best, when in fact it has no chance of being good. As a matter of fact, it should be your hand reading skills that influence you to bet small. If you deduce that your opponent has a weak hand, such as the third pair, and you know he will not call more than a quarter pot-sized bet, that should be your maximum bet. Notice that it doesn’t matter what cards you hold, as long as they can beat the third pair.

Some other important points

A few more important points need to be made. If your opponent thinks he has the best hand, there’s no reason to count his outs, because he’s certainly not thinking about them at all. In fact, he’s probably thinking about your outs, and he may very well raise you if he believes he is ahead. For that reason, if you think your opponent thinks he is ahead, you should bet significantly more than normal if you can beat his holding.

This point has a corollary to the next: if you believe your opponent has a strong draw to a second-best hand, you should seek to keep him in the hand with a smaller than normal bet. If your opponent makes his hand, he’ll surely go broke, so you win more by letting him hit his draw and bust than by betting large and blowing him off his hand on the previous street.

Happy playing!

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Poker Online- Some Undisclosed Secrets of Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em remains one of the most popular games in the world of poker online. Easy to learn and fun to play, Hold’em is a game of skill and strategy. Below are a few pointers for the player who has the basics down and is looking to improve their overall game.

Wait for a good hand before betting big. It’s great to have a big hand and be the first online poker player up but it’s not great to be the first player with a bad hand. If in doubt fold and wait for pocket pairs before laying out the cash. Patience is a key to success in Hold’em. Just wait for the right hand before acting.

The earlier your position at the table (i.e. your proximity to the left of the big blind player) determines what hands you should play. If you are very early to a best online poker game, choose kings, queens and aces high or pairs only. If you sit in the middle of the table, go for it with nine, tens and jacks. If you are in the end position or furthest away from the big blind call with ace high or even small pairs; you never know who’s bluffing.

Do not waste your money

Don’t waste time with a bad hand after the flop. Once you see your chances of taking everything are low to not at all, don’t waste your money. Fold the game as soon as you see the flop and use this as a way to bluff later on. If you are running low on chips and you suspect another player is bluffing in a heads-up situation you might want to play a bad hand; if you think you can bluff your way through it. Don’t make a habit of this as it will quickly become a tell.

Prevent check-raises

Avoid check-raises after the turn if you can help it. If the other player checks back then you have lost out on adding money to the kitty. Be sure to raise or call if you feel confident in your hand. There is no point overplaying a hand of play poker online, especially if the pot is low.

Learn the odds

One of the basic strategies many Hold’em players forget is the importance of learning the odds of getting or playing a particular hand. Counting cards is illegal but having an idea of the likelihood of getting certain cards based on what you have in your own hand can really improve your game. Remember there are only 52 cards in a deck and in that four aces, four kings, four queens and four jacks. Be wise and keep the odds in mind all the time when playing.

Mix up your game

Be sure to mix up your game so those you regularly play with have difficulty in predicting your strategy. Be aware of the tightness of a particular game and how well your hand will hold up against the raises and bluffs around the table. When things are tight only push forward with a really good hand. Throw in a really weak hand to mix things up occasionally and keep opponents guessing.

Do not blow your pocket aces

Remember not to blow pocket aces. A pair of aces is a great way to start out a game but don’t bet too big too soon. Assess your players and begin by playing just enough to stay in the game. When you get down to heads up and have seen the flop, start placing larger bets. Many a player gets excited when they see pocket aces, creating a major tell and losing them a good hand. Your goal is to use your good starting hand to force another player to go all in and then swoop down on their money to victory.

Texas Hold’em poker is easy to understand and difficult to play well. Practice makes perfect and common sense combined with patience will help you bring home the bacon every time.

Happy playing!


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Some Benefits and Reasons to Play Poker Online

If you think to play poker online, the first thought that comes into your mind is to play online poker. There might be many reasons for playing poker online. Many people are satisfied playing online poker through poker sites before they try out for a physical poker. You will get a huge bonus if you play free poker first, even though your playing style is different.

For doing anything, basics are important. An online poker acts as a first step towards mastering poker game. The advantage of playing poker online is that it will allow you to learn the basics first and it is the best game for the beginners. With the start from basics, the poker game is easy to play.

Select your suitable option

You will have an option to select your desired online poker India game from the list of poker sites and you can even earn money while you learn to play. There is no need to panic if you lose money while playing online poker. Once you are comfortable with the game, you can play with real money. Panicking and getting dejected is the thing which you should not do but the thing which you ought to do is tighten the grip game by game so that you can use this experience while playing poker. Any player usually gets a handful of options to choose on which table to play and their choice is completely based on their convenience and comfort and no pressure accounts on them. Your playing experience will be enriched by the various features provided to you.

The feeling which you get while learning poker online is the best and can be only experienced while doing it online. The fears which you need to overcome while playing among a group need not be faced while learning online and the number of mistakes is the steps you take to achieve perfection but not embarrassment. When you slowly gain confidence that you are able to master the skill then your confidence levels will rise so that with ease you can play poker wherever it might be. Playing poker online can be best compared with playing it in your house according to your will and wish without any restrictions.

Let us take a look at the benefits it offers us:

Play as a hobby

Thousands of people worldwide play this game as a hobby. They play this game to relax and also to have fun at the same time. Though it can turn into an expensive hobby, many show interests in enjoying the game despite losing it.

Number of games

We can find a number of games at an online poker site, which you may not find at a real casino. As thousands are playing all over the world as different times, so there is also a game available at any time you wish to play. This is very useful for the player who may work at abnormal times.

Gives people opportunities

Many high stakes players use the game as their main source of income as they are professional players. One of the benefits, why people go for online poker, is that they can spend time with their families at home while earning enough money for their livelihood. There are very few jobs available in the market that would allow a person the chance to do so.

No need for interaction

If you are an experienced online poker player, playing on the internet can make you win much more money. One of the best parts is that there is no need to leave your house, meaning there is no need to travel. There is no time limit to play, can take your own time. You can wake up at any time and play straight away. So there are several benefits associated with online poker.

Poker bonus

When you signup into the online poker site you will get a sign-up bonus. This bonus will help you to make money even though if your loss a small amount. So, you can have a good livelihood by just playing poker.

Happy playing!

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Poker Online and Setting Goals

With the popularity of poker Online sites dominating the games market online, more and more people are turning to poker as a form of entertainment or even as a career choice. With this comes the necessity to set goals and limitations to ensure the game remains in hand and of course – fun!

When it comes to setting goals for playing online poker, there are three key aspects to focus on. Goals need to be:


When setting a goal, it needs to be something that is possible to achieve. If you set yourself a goal that you cannot obtain, you will feel discouraged and eventually fail. So, for example, when we consider best online poker and goal setting, aiming for a WSOP bracelet may be a tad steep.


Set yourself a goal which is exciting and you would feel proud of obtaining. If you set an easy goal, yes you would achieve it, but it wouldn’t challenge your skills and abilities. Aim at a goal which involves some commitment and effort to attain.


It is important to know when a goal has been achieved as well as how far away or close to the goal you are. A popular way of measuring goals in play poker online is by having financial stages. This also means that your bankroll can be closely monitored too. If you do not place ‘stages’ in your goals, you will find it difficult to set goals efficiently.

Now it is time to set your own goals for when you are playing poker:

  1. To begin with, write down your goals so that you can revert back to them, at a later date.
  2. Once you have decided the long-term goal, you need to break the goal down into small achievable parts (or call them mini-goals.)
  3. List these mini-goals and the steps you will need to take in order to achieve them. For example, how often will you play poker at a casino or online? How much of your time will be spent reading and researching into poker and through using books, forums, videos e.t.c? Which games will you play and at what level will you play?
  4. Finally, consider consulting the important people in your life as they may be affected by the goals that you set. Incorporate them into your goals and take on board what they have to say.

Happy playing!



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