5 Common Texas Hold’em Flaws That Can Cost You A Fortune

A perfect poker player is a myth. There’s always a scope of improvement with every match that you get to play. Years of playing Texas Hold’em poker might have instigated a sense of confidence in you. However, always keep in mind that every hand you play and every player you play with has a different mindset and skills, which you’re not aware of. Hence, sure-shot victory is a controversial topic in poker. 

Even the best Texas poker players have leaks or flaws that they are no aware of. A small flaw can cost you a huge sum of money! And, if you’re making them repeatedly, then you need a pro to teach you how to play poker

Mistake 1# Slow-playing 

You need to be slow in your movement depending on the type of Texas Hold’em game that you’re playing. If limit Texas is your game, then limping with a premium hand is a stupid move. If you’ve learned  how to play poker from the popular TV shows, then please be aware that the shows majorly show no-limit Texas poker. And, it’s ok to be a bit slow in those! 

Better not to be slow in the early position, that’s a big leak! 

Mistake 2# Acting too quickly 

This mistake is commonly made by the recreational ones, but the professionals are also not far behind in the race. If you play poker games online continuously for days, then your decisions become prompt and robotic. Just by seeing an opponent’s move, you show your cards. But Texas poker is a game of patience. Just a little bit of thinking can get you the money you’re craving for! 

First study the opponent’s position, cards, body language, and verbal skills (if you’re playing Texas live), then take a few seconds and analyze your move accordingly. 

Mistake 3# No thoughts about opponent’s hand ranges 

Two important aspects of a game of Hold’em – your hand and the opponent’s hand. Complete focus on the cards of your hand and paying no heed to that of your opponents will not let you get any money on board. If it seems difficult to guess, then assign a possible likely ranging based on the pre-flop situation. 

To play poker smartly, depend on your rational skills and not on chances. 

Mistake 4# Getting bored quickly 

If anyone has told you that Texas poker is interesting, then please note it’s a big lie! You’ll have to patiently sit in a table of limit Texas Hold’em for hours. It might get frustrating, boring, and makes the player feel anxious. Then, suddenly if you get A-10 offsuit, you’ll start firing raises. 

That’s a major flaw. Remember that the good players would be waiting for you to make this mistake. 

Mistake 5# Bluffing often 

All pro poker players are the greatest bluffers. You’ve heard this and follow this diligently. That’s a good thing! But can bluffing save you all the time? 

Let’s say you haven’t paid attention to the hands that are going for a showdown. So, you decided to bluff and buy some pots. Now, you’ve bluffed it big without any suitable cards in your pocket, hence when another player calls for a raise, you’re into big trouble. First, learn how to play poker in Texas Hold’em using your brains. Keep bluffing as a secondary weapon. 

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Top 5 Poker Players Who Have Earned in Millions

Do you dream of winning in millions? If yes, then now you have the opportunity of making your dream come true. You can be a banker, actor, or even start a successful business -millions and billions are confirmed! But there’s another amazing option. If you’ve got the skills, then playing poker online or offline can fill up your vaults beyond your imagination! 

Still can’t believe it? Then check out the list of pro poker players who’ve become rich, thanks to poker alone for the same. 

Sam Farha 

This Lebanon born pro poker player was the runner up in the world series of Poker in 2003 and is strikingly rich, thanks to his brilliant poker strategies. With a worth of $100 million, he is a living legend who confirms the fact that earningreal money poker is not a dream anymore. You can turn out to be a cool millionaire like this Mr. Cool anytime, with a little precision, patience, and a good brain for building up poker strategies. 

Phil Ivey 

This American poker player is also known as the Tiger Woods of Poker and has a worth of $26,250,000 approximately. His back to back success in different poker series is an inspiration for the young poker players who are addicted to online poker tournaments. With his smart and stylish moves, he has become a popular on-demand poker player to appear in televised games. 

Justin Bonomo 

Wins, Wins, and Wins! This man has pocketed almost all major poker series and is currently having $45 million cash in hand. Quite a lot for a lifetime! Starting the career as a teenage poker player at the age of 16, he has gradually transformed himself into an experienced one with every passing poker tournament. With his 2018 win of $1 million, there’s no stopping him now. Raging into the depths of poker world like a bull, he is certainly going to make it to the top of the list one day. 

Daniel Negreanu 

One of the popular poker faces of the era, he is certainly an ambitious, charming, and unique poker player with assets of around $ 50 million. Kudos to the impressive poker skills which he has possessed from the very beginning, he is popularly known as the kid poker. If must’ve also seen him in some of the blockbuster movies like the Wolverine and the X-men origins. If you’re looking for some expert advice and tips on poker games online, then he is your best guide. 

Erik Seidel 

With a win of around $5.5 million in different poker tournaments, this man left his flourishing career in the wall street and restored to poker championships. His knockout hand is so famous that the same as shown in the movie “rounders” to make all poker players go gaga over the same. by playing online poker for real money, he has always been a phenomenal poker player. 

Do you want to make it to this list within the next few years? Nothing is impossible if you put in hard work. Check out the strategies of these players and you’ll be benefitted. Even you can be a millionaire!  

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3 Fast And Successful Steps to Warm-up Before Poker Games Online

For professional poker players, having “off” days at poker is a natural phenomenon. It’s that day when every move you make goes wrong. Every strategy backfire and no guesses work. Probably, that day is not your day. Inonline poker, this is more common since the player has access to the game all the time and hence keeps on playing. 

If you continuously play poker, there’ll come a time when your mind will get saturated. But if you follow a rigorous warm-up routine and start the game with a clear mind, then winning chances might increase. After all, a player is a human being, performance pressure may make a mess out of his mind. 

There’s no set of rules for the same. But for players engaged in poker games online, trying out these 3 steps before starting on a game can be beneficial. No guaranteed success, but a probable chance! Check out in detail. 

Step 1: Keep off the distractions 

You can’tplay poker and win money while watching TV series or while chatting with family members. Unlike some easier card games, poker is quite complex and demands your full attention. While playing poker online, if you’re playing more than one hand, then be very alert and concentrate completely in the game. Sometimes taking a restroom break can loosen things up! 

Since you don’t need to go up to a casino, you just relax in your bed with some snacks to munch on while you play silently through the game. Do remember to shut off all kinds of noises. Anything that diverts your mind can make you lose out on the game. 

Step 2: Meditate for mental stability 

Are you stressed? Mentally disturbed or sad due to any reason? Then Poker is certainly not the game that will refresh your mind! Poker plays with the mind of the players making them think deeply. Hence, if you’re emotionally drained then, getting back to a stable form before playing is very important. 

There’s an easy way out for the same! Get onto meditation. Clam down your senses and nerves. Put your focus on rational thinking. Practice meditation at least for 30 minutes every day and you’ll get better at online poker! 

Step 3: Recall and reflect on strategies of the last game 

Check out the terms and conditions of all legal poker sites in India. Also, read on some articles on poker. Research is very important before you jump into the game. It’s not just some stupid baby card games. You need to be good with your strategies if you want to win. 

Also, try and recall your past game’s mistake. That’s a very important part. Learning lessons from the past mistakes can give you heads up to your current game. if you’ve failed in applying a particular strategy previously, then search up the internet for the same. read, learn, and apply! 

Does poker sound like a tough job? It’s easy for the ones who have a grip on the game. These 3 steps will not only make you a good poker player but will help you in your personal life as well. 

Happy Playing !!

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4 Online Poker Tips that can help You Probably Win a game in a Casino

Playing  Online Poker at the casino is the oldest and most traditional way of playing poker. If playing poker games online has become a trend now, casino poker was the first of the card games that came into use. As strange as it may sound, casino poker is twice easier and softer compared to its online counterpart. 

You can get a look at the opponent. Check out the expressions and can play the game only till the time you’ve got cash in hand. Whereas, with online versions, people get addicted and keep on playing for long hours in the search for some real money  poker. 

However, if indulging into a live game with all the grandeur has been your dream for a long time, then we’ve your back. Here’s a list of tips that will help you become a pro in the poker live games in a casino. Especially for the beginners, some valuable pieces of advice follow: 

Live Poker tip#1 Perfect time for playing poker live 

When is the best time to play live poker? Most of the casinos remain open 24/7 and you’ll find the rush at its peak during the weekend nights. That’s the time when people can take some time out of their busy schedules. 

However, if you want some real money from poker, then fix up your poker night on a weekday. Unlike the weekends, on weekdays, the majority of the players will be in a hurry of ending the game. They’ll get anxious, uncomfortable and you can easily take advantage of the exasperation and put down the cards and end the game!   

Live Poker tip#2 Get hold of the good seat 

Texas Hold’em or Omaha or Seven Card Stud – which one is your forte? If you’re a first-time visitor of a casino, please note that every casino lists the game options available and you need to select the table and game which suits your skills. 

Just because there’s a place vacant in Omaha table, don’t just barge in. It’ll do you no good! And once you’re into the table, put up a friendly gesture with the casino staff, they can help you get some better tables! 

Live Poker Tip #3 Keep your actions and expressions in control 

For a pro online poker player, this might be very difficult. Don’t act too smart on the table. Again, don’t be a dumbass! Act only when it’s your turn of playing. Playing your cards before or after your time may put you into an odd position and can also reveal your cards to the opponents. 

Bluffing in live poker is easier than in its online version. Hence, you’re already having an advantage. Just keep a close eye on your opponents. 

Live Poker Tip #4 Know when to fold your cards 

Do you have a two-face card? Then don’t fold the same like a stupid! Keep a clear mind while playing poker in a casino. Unlike poker online, here you’ll be tempted to indulge yourself in drinks. That’s the enjoyable part of the game, however, don’t lose your mind by drinking till your throat. Keep a note of the players who are not bluffing. If they are putting on high bets, then fold your cards! 

Hope these tips help you to become a pro in casinos. Poker is a brain game, whether it’s online or live – being rational and alert will make you a winner always. 

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10 Heads Up Play Poker Online Tips

If you’re new to the heads-up game, you can really get crushed by rushing in blindly. Proper heads up strategy is vastly different than normal No-Limit Hold’em Strategy, and you need to make the correct adjustments in order to beat your opponents and make money. We recommend following the 10 tips below to help you get started and learn the basics, then read the rest of our heads-up play poker online strategy to fine-tune your game.

Tip #1 – Open it Up

The first tip you need is to open up your starting hand ranges. Since you only have two players at the table, the average starting hand that sees the flop is going to be much worse than at a normal 9-handed table. Because of this, you should open up your starting hand range. You can’t afford to wait for premium hands while playing heads up because you’re in the blinds every hand.

Tip #2 – Play Your Position

The position becomes a huge factor in heads up poker because you are either in the best position or in the worst position every hand: there is no in-between. When you’re the dealer, you’ll post the small blind, act first pre-flop, and act last on the flop and beyond. When you’re the small blind, you’ll post the big blind, act last preflop, and act first on the flop and beyond.

Tip #3 – Remember Hand Values

As mentioned above, the starting hand values go way up in heads up poker. The same goes for showdown hands. The average winning hand in heads up poker online India will be much worse than the average winning hand at a 9-handed game, so adjust accordingly. Even hands like middle pair or second-worst pair are still decent hands and will probably win an uncontested pot, so bet them out.

Tip #4 – Semi-Bluff When Possible

A great way to pick up a bunch of pots in heads up best poker online is by firing out smallish bets into unraised pots. Most passive opponents will toss basically any hand but top pair or maybe second pair to a bet.

Tip #5 – Spot Bluff Attempts

This is basically the opposite of the above tip. If you’re playing an aggressive opponent, you’ll have to make a stand to prevent constant semi-bluffs and preflop raises. Even if you only have middle pair you should look him/her up to keep them honest, or he/she will continue to pummel you in every pot.

Tip #6 – Make Value Bets

This relates to tip #3 because with lower winning hands you’ll have to extract value from hands you normally wouldn’t.

Tip #7 – Adjust to your Opponent

Throughout the course of a heads-up battle, you’ll gain reads on your opponent, and he/she will gain reads on your play as well. As you pick up common plays and tendencies of your opponent, you need to make adjustments to counter their most used moves.

Tip #8 – Switch up your Game

This is just the opposite of the last tip. As you’re picking up reads on your opponent, he/she will be doing the same. Because of this, you need to switch up your play to keep them guessing, especially if you are in a long heads up a battle that spans over an hour. To keep your opponents on their toes, make sure to alternate between betting flops and checking them when you hit, and throw in an occasional strange play like a big bluff or a check-raise. Learn more about switching up your game.

Tip #9 – Be a Finisher

This is an important tip for heads up players. When you battle your opponent down to a small stack, you have to finish him/her off and not let him/her back into the match. To do this, you can’t give them any easy double-ups or get lazy and call off big bets. The easiest way to let a crippled opponent back into a match is to call preflop all-ins with a poor hand just to try to knock them out. Continue to play your normal game, and you’ll finish them off quickly.

Tip #10 – Stick to Your Bankroll

One common mistake that new players make is playing heads up cash tables with their whole bankroll. This is a big mistake, and will almost surely leave you broke.

Happy playing!


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Know the Traits of a Great Online Poker Player

Poker is known as a game of luck to many, but to those who play professionally, poker is most definitely a game of skill. While catching the right cards at the right time can make players a lot of money, hiding a potent tell or detecting another player’s bluff are just as important. The online poker players in the whole world all have several qualities in common, and most of those can be acquired through thousands of hours of study and practice.

Great ones start with low stakes

Great poker players typically start games with a group of friends, or maybe at a small casino table with low stakes. Chances are, best online poker players know that a pair of Aces or Kings is a great starting hand. However, most advanced poker players know the exact statistical chance that their particular hand can win the pot. This skill only comes with practice. Thankfully, the advent and increase in popularity of poker online make learning the chances a particular hand has quite easy. Some poker games on the computer have statistical tables that help beginners learn the chances of the game.

Recognize the cards of their opponents

One of the most useful poker online skills that great poker players all have is the ability to tell what cards their opponents have. The great ones do this primarily by looking for tells, which are little facial or personal tics that happen when a player is unable to control his or her excitement or disappointment. A player who knows his opponents tells is able to bluff them willingly, making their chances of winning drop greatly.

Another way the great poker players are able to tell what cards an opponent has is to watch their betting patterns. This ability is much easier to master, as it primarily involves playing many hours of online poker real money. Aggressive players typically bet and overbet when they have even minor hands. An experienced player can take advantage of this by slow playing his opponent. Slow playing is betting in a manner that makes other players think they are waiting for another card to hit, while they actually have a great hand in the hole already.

Great poker players can switch bet styles

In addition to reading the other players around the table, a great poker player is able to switch his betting styles on the fly. That means he is able to slow bet, on one hand, come out aggressive on another, and passively fold when he is beaten. Great players are unpredictable in this manner, which can be a large risk and reward strategy. The best players are able to maximize their winnings this way, while at the same time minimizing their loss.

Finally, a great poker player’s most important ability is one that takes a long time to master. They have to be able to put their ego aside and forget every single loss that happens during a game. Even the best players in the world have times where they get frustrated by an opponent, but emotions can make a great player take huge risks. The best players don’t become emotional during the game, and therefore are able to simply focus on the information at hand.

Happy playing!


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Criteria for Picking a Poker Online Platform

Once you decide to try out poker online, the most important decision you have to make is what poker site you’re going to play at. There are a variety of factors that go into this decision, including the poker site’s software, their sign-up bonus, and their poker traffic.

By examining these factors, plus a few more, you’ll be able to find the best possible online poker site for you. Continue reading this post to learn about choosing the best poker online site.

As we just mentioned, there are tons of criteria when it comes to picking the best online poker site. The first, and most important, is the poker software. We’ll discuss all of the criteria now.

Poker Software

Finding a site with the best online poker software is definitely the best choice to make. You’ll have to deal with the software every time you log on, so that makes it much more important than support, the bonus, or the game variety. A smooth-running poker client makes it a pleasure to play online poker, so it’s a good idea to find the best possible site software-wise.

Player Traffic

After poker software, player traffic is definitely the second most important aspect when it comes to a poker site. If you log on to a new online poker real money site and find amazing software, it’s pretty useless if you don’t have anyone else to play against.

Game Variety

If you’re a Texas Hold’em or Omaha poker player, then game variety doesn’t really matter for you. Make sure to read more about poker sites with extensive game selection.

Customer Service

After you find a poker site that has great software, solid player traffic and offers the games you like, the next most important thing to check out is the customer service. In almost all situations, you’ll never have to contact customer support at a poker site, but when you do, it’s nice to know that you’ll get a timely response. Some things to look for when it comes to customer service include if the poker site offers a phone line or live chat for an instant answer.

Deposit Bonus

One overrated aspect of online poker sites is their deposit bonus. Players feel like they’re getting free money when they sign up, but that is definitely not the case. Every online poker bonus has some sort of clearing requirements that means you have to play for real money before you get the free money.

Easy Competition

This factor is important for making the most possible money by playing online poker, but it should come after all of the above factors. By choosing a site that is made up of mostly poor poker players, you’ll have an easier time winning money.

VIP Rewards

This factor is much more important for high stakes players because if you’re putting in huge volume you can get some extra rewards for your business.

A Note on New Poker Sites

Major poker sites should meet all of the above criteria, but if you decide to go with a newer or smaller poker room you should be extra careful when researching them. Almost all sites are extremely reputable, but there are a few bad eggs that need to be avoided. If you’re thinking about joining a relatively new poker room, make sure to Google their site name to read a few reviews about the site to make sure it’s legit.

Happy playing!


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Benefits of Online Poker Heads-up Display

An online poker Heads up display otherwise known as HUD is a device which provides you with all the details and information of the opponents on the poker table. This software not only helps in detecting the opponents’ mind but also analyze the hand ranges, the players’ style and behaviour while playing. The HUD stats offer you the information of all the hands played and their strategies which can increase your chances of winning the game. The HUD stats usually include 3bet%, PFR%, AG and VPIP%. All this information is displayed in different colours, lines and numbers that will let you know the opponent’s position on the table.

Why must you need a HUD?

A Poker Heads Up Display is a must-have device for every passionate poker online India player. It not only polishes your knowledge about the game but also suggests you better ways to overcome the players. As an alternative to this device, you can also read the Poker blueprints or articles on poker websites, but they do not offer you the on the spot advice as a HUD. If you want to gain profit from the poker game HUD would be the ultimate tool for this purpose. Especially the device is useful in winning high-stake tournaments.

What can you do use a HUD?

Playing without using a HUD makes a lot of difference in the win rate. The statistics displayed during the game helps you to use your bluffs effectively, win over more pots, bet a stake or get aggressive when required. It is natural to get tense when you risk your hard-earned money on the table in the hope of winning more. But the chances of winning can get better with an online poker real money HUD on your table. It is honestly suggested to have one when you are playing a micro stake or a multiplication table.

More about HUD

When you are playing multiple tables, a HUD serves as a trustworthy informer. You can get into the opponents’ mind and get a clear picture of what their moves are going to be. You can also have a clear idea of when to get aggressive and submissive. When you are stuck in a bad pot the device will help you get out in no time. The opponents’ hand range displayed on the screen offers you a deep insight into their strength. You can play each of your opponents without getting distracted. The stats offered on the display screen can completely be depended on for they are electronically made up and not manually.

Just remember if you plan to play poker for a long time and decide to make heaps of money, go in for a good poker heads up display. If not 100% you can certainly see an increase of 25% of your poker income. Once you get used to the device, it becomes easier to read the stats on the screen promptly and plan your moves instantly. The time spent on the tables would get reduced while the pockets would fill with extra bucks for the weekend party.

Happy playing!


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Make it to Top Ten in Online Poker Tournaments

Freeroll poker tournaments are free to enter and can allow the player to win cash prizes for certain ranks that are reached within the online poker tournament. These tournaments are a great way to up your rankings within the online poker community and are also a great way for players to practice.

Be confident and aggressive

While playing in online poker tournaments, there is one aspect of playing that is sure to get you into the top ten of the tournaments, and that is being a confident and aggressive player through the game. Players, don’t be confused, playing aggressive does not mean that you should not play smart!

Aggressive players are more likely to make it to the top ten in tournaments than players that are playing conservatively. Aggressive players can establish themselves in the poker online tournaments and create their bankroll and their chip pile easier than those players that have not been playing aggressively.

What does it mean to play aggressively?

If someone is low on chips through the tournament then be prepared to raise this person if you have a hand that is considered to be good.

Playing aggressively to win tournaments means sometimes betting more than you would in a normal hand or playing in a poker live game that is not a tournament. The reasoning behind this is the fact that people don’t like to fold during tournaments and if your hand provides a good chance of winning than it is better to play out the hand than to fold.

While playing aggressively to win the tournament be careful with over-betting, in most cases when a player is faced with an opponent over-betting, the player will be more apt to call the hand, as players become overwhelmed in this situation with end up calling the hand. If you are going to overbet the hand than be prepared for others to call – therefore, it is important to have confidence in the hand that is being played.

Happy playing!


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Choose an Easy Poker Online Table to Play

One of the major advantages of playing online poker as opposed to land-based or brick and mortar casino poker is the lobby information available strictly to poker online players. When you walk into a live poker room you can watch the games, find the fish, and sit at their table. No one is going to provide you with instant game stats though. Often times, even good poker players fail to utilize the poker lobby when it comes to poker table selection.

Poker table selection is a little like your poker game in general. When you start out, hopefully, you’ll take with you a few points from this post, and later on, it’ll be second nature. Without much effort at all, you’ll be table-hopping to all the easiest to beat poker tables.

So, let’s have a look at the information offered in an online poker real money lobby, shall we?

Average Pot Size

This is the first thing we look at when we are looking for a table. Is there money to win? A high pot average is usually a big sign that there are some loose and juicy players at this table. There’s lots of raising, and plenty of calling at this table. This table isn’t a nit-fest.

Hands per Hour

In the best online poker lobby, you will also see something like “Hands/Hour” or Hands per Hour. This poker lobby stat tells us how many hands are dealt at each table per hour. If you’re playing for Rakeback or loyalty points, obviously you want to see as many hands dealt per hour as possible. Furthermore, if you’re single tabling, you don’t want to spend as much time waiting for your tablemates to finally get to their turns.

If you’re multi-tabling, you may appreciate a bit of a slower game, giving you more time to act between hands. Hands per hour are more of personal preference, but it’s still something to consider when choosing a table.

Flop Percentages

This is a good one – it shows what per cent of the players at a table see each flop. If there are a lot of players still in the hand once the flop has been dealt, an aggressive betting style should see a decent profit here. Tighter players don’t see as many flops, and stronger players will have already raised out any decent competition.

Player Bankrolls

How many chips do your opponents have in front of them? Once you have this information, you can decide 1, if there are enough chips at this table for you to want to sit there, and 2, how many chips you should bring (learn more about buy-in strategies). Knowing the average bankroll size in advance lets you come to the table with a strong personal bankroll strategy.

We like to always buy-in for the maximum, but if you see a table with a lot of short stacks you can easily come in with a small stack and be successful. Once you’ve chosen as many suitable poker tables as you’d like to play, you can begin to work out a profitable seat selection at each poker table!

Happy playing!


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