5 Poker Online Myths You Should Know About

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Although this is a poker online site, we like to cover other topics well, including tournament poker games. Gaming club and home poker games have been around for decades, and throughout that time countless myths and urban legends have come up regarding the online poker game. This post will look at the most common poker myths and will attempt to either prove or disprove each one.

Online Poker Myth #1 – All Online Players are Old

One common belief that online players hold is that if you go to a local gaming club, you’re going to find a group of 70-year olds playing poker while chatting about their grandkids. Although it may be true that poker online players are typically younger, there are still plenty of young guns who play at online gaming clubs. You’ll be really surprised with all the 18-20-year olds who grind at gaming clubs instead of getting part-time jobs.

Online Poker Myth #2 – It’s All About Hold’em

Another common misconception with best online poker is that it’s only No-Limit Texas Hold’em. At the smallest of gaming clubs, this may be true, but at any decent sized poker room, this is a complete myth. My local gaming club offers mainly NL Hold’em, but also has Limit Hold’em games running 24/7 and has PL Omaha games running about 90% of the time.

Online Poker Myth #3 – All Poker Rooms have Hourly Fees

Players are used to online poker real money rooms raking each pot and not charging hourly fees like some online poker rooms. However, you should know that most online gaming clubs actually just rake the pots and avoid the hourly fees.

Online Poker Myth #4 – Everyone is Out to Get You

If it’s your first time playing at an online gaming club you probably will feel really intimidated with all of the online poker etiquette and quirky rules at the tables. Unlike online poker, you actually have your cards, chips, and opponents right in front of you, and you have to know how to interact with each appropriately.

However, don’t feel like players are going to scream at you if you screw up. Let everyone know that you’re a beginner, and they’ll help you out and take it easy on you until you get the hang of it.

Online Poker Myth #5 – Tipping = Good Karma

This one is a common myth believed by many people, and it’s actually up to you. A lot of players feel that if they always give dealers nice tips that they’ll be rewarded with more hands and bigger pots. Mathematically, this is ludicrous, but if you believe in karma or “what goes around comes around” then this might actually hold true.

Happy playing!


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