Play Poker Online Texas Hold’em Tactfully

These basic rules will help you play the leading most popular play poker online game played worldwide.

Texas Hold’em best online poker consists of the following: the letters are blind, the flop, the “river”, the “turn” and “flop”.

The online poker dealer is the person designated to the right of real dealer and moves to the right in every game. The small blind is posted by the player to the left of the dealer and the big blind is posted by the player to the left of the player from the small blind.

Every poker games online between the small blind and the big moves as clockwise, with the big blind player, must become the player of the small blind in the next game, and the person to the left of them becomes the player big blind.

All bets are started with the first active player left of the dealer, once you are dealt cards.

Concept of small blind & big blind

The flop is the small blind and big blind. The big blind is equal to the minimum bet amount set for the board game. The small blind is half or one-third of the big blind.

For example, if the minimum quantity of bets on the table is four dollars, then the big blind should be four dollars and the small blind would be about two dollars.

The letters of the hand the player can have are those that are dealt face down to each player and the small blind player must receive the first letter. The bet will be half the minimum bet on the table.

The cards the flop is three cards dealt in the center of the table face up. These community cards are considered, once these are dealt with begins another round of bets and half the minimum bet at the table.

The turn is a fourth card face up in the middle of the table and the “river” is the fifth and final card face up which is located in the center of the table. Later comes the last round of betting.

In the game, the winner is determined by combining the two cards dealt with the players and the five community cards. In some cases, the best hands are made by the community cards. If this happens, the pot is split among all active players.

Happy playing!

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5 Tips for Gaining Success in Online Poker Tournaments

If you are thinking of stepping up into the next level of your online poker game and contemplating on joining a tournament, you might find our tips below useful so you will be successful in poker tournaments.

Play to grab a win, not simply to cash

Poker tournaments feature a top-heavy payout structure where the final table gives out about 10 times the lowest of payouts. So, your mindset should really be reaching the final table, and succeeding several times to get to that point is really profitable than just cashing out.

Be the aggressor, not simply the caller

In all forms of online poker India, being aggressive and positive is a good attitude. When you are playing medium or small stacks, the attitude of being aggressive is very important. Remember that you don’t want to be the one making the hard decisions.

Target inexperienced opponents and take their chips

There is still some risk playing with inexperienced players but you have to make sure that you take the chips from the fish. If you don’t take advantage of them, someone else at the table will. Once the chips are on a more experienced player’s stack, they will be harder to get.

The starting hand will be dictated by the  stack you have

If your stack shrinks then you must adjust how you play poker online hand. Suited connectors and small pairs will be less attractive when you only have a medium stack since the odds will not be so favorable. The premium cards become really attractive especially when you are the one to act early and make most of the chips that you have.

Aim for the first

When you reach the final table of poker games online, there is nothing wrong with aiming for the first place. Still, the payout for the lowest place on the final table is still a small portion compared to the winner. Aim high and aim for the top.

Happy playing!


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Money Management in Poker Online Games

Poker is a great casino game which will make you earn lots of money if you ensure that you make the right move at the right time. Earning money is easy in poker online but managing your money in a resourceful manner is difficult. Most of the players earn money but very few can manage their accounts.

Effectively managing the bankroll is a must if you want to amass large sums of money. Many Poker players often become broke in their gaming careers. It is a common occurrence. Like a coin has two sides to it winning and losing happens all the while in poker tournaments. A winning hand is important but more than that a winning strategy would help you sail through difficult situations in the game as well.

There are various reasons for poker players to be broke. All players should be aware of their betting limits. You should be measuring your present bankroll in terms of big bets.

Play with a calm strategy

Winning and losing money would happen all the time when you play poker games online. While you are winning all the money accumulates in the bankroll and when you are on a losing streak you should not lose all your money by betting recklessly. The greed to earn more will make you lose more money. You should be able to make a comeback after losing games by effectively shaping your playing strategy and betting in a conservative and aggressive manner.

Play responsibly

When you are on a winning streak you should ensure that some amount is kept aside for turbulent times. Seasoned online poker India players will ensure that they tune their bets in a timely manner. Good players would play only if they have a good hand and thus the betting money is safely invested in the pot. Still, losing streaks happen, and playing responsibly is something you have to learn if you ever want to become a professional poker.

Reckless playing, which involves making unreasonable bets would result in losing a huge amount of money. There are certain situations where you need to alter your style of playing but this should not be a habit.

Pokers players should accept a fact that if they are constantly losing money, they should just end their day and accept the fate of a bad day. Increasing stakes and betting larger amounts to win back the lost money is not the right approach to money management while playing poker.

Happy playing!

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Ultimate Fun and Fortune in Poker Online

Often you might be wondering why so many people are constantly interested in playing poker online. And the reason is more than just fun. It is about the confrontation with a challenging situation. This tests our intelligence and radical levels in the heart of the game. It’s all about the great mixture of different skills and stimulation. To achieve unlimited happiness with a little fun and great entertainment!

The thrill of exciting competition:

Each of us is well aware that online poker runs on the money engine. It can be a great thrill to win the money in the game to obtain. It’s not just a game of chance but with big money offers! It is a game in which you play it right by-line. And your mental abilities to show along with a pinch of luck. It can be nerve-wracking at times. But it is also used as a platform to make new acquaintances and be good friends on the go. If you squirt after big adrenaline during weekends, then you can look forward to playing online poker with your friends right from online. You can use different poker games to play with just a few simple clicks, from anywhere in the world where Internet is accessible.

Grabbing the Online Gold:

Yes, you could already aware that best online poker involves a lot of money that could be yours to if you can play it well. There is absolutely no limit to the amount that you can grab on large tables by playing. So many online poker players have already won worldwide fame by participating in tournaments and who knows, it could be you next! All you have to do is set your required settings to play smart and witty. Sky is your limit! While with as little risk and so much to easy to win at online poker with a few clicks!

Low Risk – High Rewards:

This is especially true about playing online poker, because it is much lower rake compared to the poker games played in a casino. You can even bet your game with less than ten cents just to give him a head, and that is a great advantage for people who have just begun to feel the movements of playing online poker. Play poker and reap great rewards right now!

Happy playing!

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Smart Tips for becoming better Online Poker Player

Poker is one of the most popular card games and it is played all over the world. There are now thrive throughout the world countless online poker communities; these communities are formed by poker fans who are really into the game. Apart from professional poker communities, a lot of poker games people played just for fun even in the houses. Poker Night is a popular social event in many social circles.

At first glance, poker, like all other card games, seems a challenging game of luck. But if you are a poker fan, then there is something you need to know. Their fate in poker online not on luck alone from. In poker, you need to not only play the game. You can win the game. All you need to do is to win hidden messages to send your subconscious mind, which controls the underlying beliefs.

So, if you believe that you can win poker tournaments, is to open your mind its floodgates of ideas and skills, and empower you to really win.

Here are five tips on how to win the game, with the help of hidden messages.

Learn how to play the game

The first step is to know the rules so you can play poker online game, then to practice to get used to the game. As is familiar with the game, will help you to secure the games that will help a lot. If you have a bad memory, can help learning, record the rules and know-how of the game without any effort.

Remain calm under pressure

This is one of the most important features the best online poker expert should have. Poker is a complicated, exciting and pressure-laden game. Some poker games can even a fierce, competitive, and turned on the environment in a room. If you tend to panic or make mistakes when under pressure, you will not be successful in poker.

It is a good thing, there are hidden messages that can help your mental ability to cope with and improve with stressful situations. These messages can believe your mind that it’s perfectly calm regardless of what happens in the game. And since the subconscious is not news as the conscious mind does filter can convince you that you are getting when you are calm, already aware of panic. In this way you will get all calm and relaxed. All your movements are careful and calculated, and you can stoic poker face the whole game to keep no matter what cards you hold in your hands.

Be positive despite the odds

One of the reasons why most people fail to win in poker, because in order to exert no effort to win. They just think that poker is a game of chance, and it does not really influence its outcome, so they do not pour everything they have into the game. If you think so, soon, chances are you overwhelm fill with doubt and kill your motivation. Finally, this kills your game.

Be sensitive to signals in the opponent’s behavior

Achieving full mind power with positive messages makes your subconscious very receptive to signals and patterns of external factors. This makes you more intuitive and insightful and more able to recognize signals in the behavior of your opponents. This can come in handy in a highly charged game of poker.

Think critically and make wise decisions

And their hidden messages can soothe and strengthen the mind, it opens up the ability to think critically and make wise decisions, no matter what happens in the game.

Happy playing!

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Importance of Reviewing Poker Online Hands

In order to improve your poker online game and gain an edge over your opponent’s it’s important to regularly analyze how you played hands and fix leaks or flawed logic. There are hand replaying tools out there if you prefer the more visual version. But even reading the raw hand history itself is also fine. The most obvious place to start is your losing hands. How many big blinds did you have left? What position did you get involved from? How did the betting go? Note down these details along with obviously the starting hand. As you go through more of your losing hands you will likely start to see trends that can indicate weaknesses. For example, you might always find yourself pushing all-in from a short stack. Or you might bust regularly with weak aces, getting dominating calls.

When you look at online poker hands individually try not to be too results orientated. i.e. just because you lost the hand doesn’t necessarily mean you played it badly. Don’t try to fit a better line to all hands with the benefit of hindsight. Some hands you can just write-off as unlucky. Take 5 minutes on the crucial hands to think through the betting line and if anything. Else could have been done better. And don’t just focus on hands you’ve lost, but pick out winning hands too. Yes, you might have won the hand, but was there a better way of playing it?

Analysis is important during the game

If you find you’re regularly getting knocked out from a short stack, then you should go back over some of those whole tournaments and details. Are you passing up good chances to build a stack? Are you playing too cautiously and fearing your opponents have a decent hand too often? Sometimes it is better to take some more risks when your stack is more in the higher range rather than getting chipped down so often.

Another crucial analysis method is to use simulators. Now if the simulated EV for your hand when those chips went in is greater than 26.6% then it was a good decision. There are some sites that take this process to a slightly higher level in many tools, where the simulation will be done against an opponent’s range of cards rather than their specific cards. Obviously, whatever you use it is only really as good as the data you put in it, so if you are trying to work with ranges then take some time to think through what is most realistic.

Discuss your hands in other forums

It is also useful to discuss some hands with others and best online poker forums are ideal for this. You will usually get a very wide range of answers so the importance is to concentrate on the ones that make most sense to you. There are a lot of bad players out there and they will be offering opinions too. So, use the forum replies to make you think more and consider different lines, or approaches, or elements, or factors. Never just blindly take the advice as gospel.

And remember, don’t rush to change a million things at once. But try to incorporate elements and see how they work out for you at your level.

Happy playing!

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Avoid Tilt to Play Best Online Poker Game

A poker player’s worst enemy is very often himself, not the other people at the table. Aside from poor poker strategy, a player is his own worst enemy when he lets emotions guide his decisions. The online poker player is then said to be ‘on tilt’.

What does being on tilt mean?

Tilt is a state of mind that is feared by both new and experienced players for very good reasons. It usually occurs when a player repeatedly gets his premium holdings beaten by some dude who plays almost anything and always seems to get lucky. In frustration over his ridiculously unfair bad luck, the player starts to play badly. Tilting also occurs when a player is tired or bored because he never gets any playable hands. Or when some real-life problem makes him astray. There are many factors that can be a cause of tilt in online poker games.

The effects of tilt can cause various problems for the affected player. He may fold good hands just because he knows that he will be outdrawn anyway. A player may play overly aggressive and try the most unlikely bluffs to win a pot. He might play starting hands that he normally would have folded without a thought. Whatever it is that the tilt causes the player to do it will definitely cost money. Even just a few hours of serious tilting can eat up the earnings from many days at the tables – and minutes at the best online poker tables!

No one throws their money away!

You may think: “I’m smart and have a good portion of self-control, I won’t be so stupid that I let my emotions take control over my play.” Yes, you will! Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but sooner or later a series of losses will make you mad and you will affect your decisions negatively. And this will cost you. And it will happen more than once. You have been warned!

That is some bad news, huh? Well, the good news is that since you know about this problem you can be prepared and therefore avoid any heavier losses caused by the dreaded tilt. You now know how important it is to control your temper at the table and by training this skill you’ll gradually be better at avoiding tilt, or at least identifying it earlier and quitting a session when you can see it’s negatively affecting your game.

Also, you now know that when you get that feeling of murderous rage after losing a pot that “should have been yours” the best thing to do unless you can calm down quickly, is to stop playing immediately and come back some other time. Don’t play when you lose the most and enjoy it the least. Don’t play when you’re on tilt – and if you can do this then you’ll be streets ahead of the competition because tilt is the biggest profit killer among online poker players.

Happy playing!

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Poker Online – 4 Tips to Pick Sites for Playing

Online poker has come very long way since first free games were offered online way back in the early 1990s. Since 1998, when the first real money poker online game debuted, there continue to be many technological innovations which have transformed the way people play and enjoy their favorite card game.

Today, whether you are interested in playing Texas Hold’em, Omaha, or another online poker variant, there is a wealth of online and mobile options. Top players are earning lucrative income simply by playing their favorite poker variation online.

The choices can be really overwhelming. If you are having a hard time choosing which best online poker platform to invest your time and money into, visit PokerLion for great poker sites. It doesn’t matter if you are a high rolling card shark. Or someone who always wanted to try out that Texas Hold’em game. There is a platform out there for you.

Choosing the Right Online Poker Site

Because there are many options available, it can be challenging for some aspiring poker players to know where to begin. If this is you, the following guidelines will help you make better-informed decisions around which sites to focus your time and energy on.

  1. Welcome Bonuses Can Sweeten the Deal

You may not have realized it, but online poker can be a very competitive endeavor not only for the players involved but also for the companies offering different poker tournaments games online. That’s why it is important to check out the different welcome bonuses different sites offer.

While each welcome bonus will vary from site to site, the bottom line is simple. These bonuses allow you to win rewards which can help to incentivize your time on a given site.

  1. Start Where It Feels Comfortable for You

Poker can be a very fun and rewarding game. It can also be quite stressful if you are playing with very experienced players. Without having the foundational knowledge they have. As a result, we encourage you to start at a game that is suited to your ability levels.

In fact, you might even be able to build your knowledge on a site that offers tutorials or access to a specific demo mode. This way you can gain experience before getting in over your head.

Finally, just because high stakes variants are out there does not mean you should jump into those. Until you feel comfortable and understand the general mechanics of the game. Learn more about poker strategy by checking out the leading podcasts in the world of poker

  1. Figure Out Which Features Matter to You

A site that specializes in live poker may not be worth your time if you are someone who has no interest in watching a dealer or other players on screen. Additionally, a site which is animated might not work if you are someone who does not like graphical renderings such as those you might find in a video game.

It’s important to try to figure out which features on an online poker India site are important to you and which are not. The best way to sort this out is to spend time exploring and reading around some of the best online poker sites. You should start to quickly get an idea which features matter to the type of gameplay you are looking for.

  1. Variety is the Spice of Life

Don’t forget to try out a lot of different poker variants and platforms. Experiment and see which ones you like best. Poker is a game and is meant to be a fun way to spend time. Don’t forget that.

Happy playing!

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Online Poker- Some Mistakes Beginners Commit in Poker

You aim to have fun and win a good amount of cash when you play online poker. When you are a green apple in the game, you tend to make some mistakes which may get the players on the table to raise some brows or may get you out of your cash.

We made a simple list for you to browse and know what mistakes you commit when playing online poker games and what you should avoid:

Playing any hand you have

Play and enjoy the game but you need to learn what is the acceptable starting hand for you. Do you think it will be wise to play a 3 Spade with a 4 Diamond?

Jumping over your bankroll

Anything that is too much is not good for you. If you play greedy poker online or play way above your budget can afford, count a few months and you will be declared a bankrupt. Know your limits and stick to what you can afford.

Declare and change

Like chess, online poker real money is a game of integrity. Declare “raise” and you should raise. Say “call” and you mean to call. Your first action is your final action. Play by the etiquette and you will win more than chips while on the poker table.

Mimicking other players

Imitate professional players you see on the television and you may end up getting their bad habits as well. Online poker India is a game where your own decision and habits will count. Your call will win your games and your behavior will be your wall against the other players.

Loving too much the suited cards

Suited cards are nice but you need to know how to value your cards. An Ace and a King of different suits are far more valuable than a ten and two of hearts. Remember there is a very low probability for a flush.

Happy playing!


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Poker Online Strategy – Prepare for Your Best Game

While this is hard at first, advanced players must figure out which game they play best and why. Different games and different certain betting structures require different skills. Since winning at poker online means having a higher level of skill in areas, a true winner should know why he is winning in order to maximize his advantage over his opponents.

We cannot tell you which game you will be best at, but we’ve noticed some trends. Furthermore, they also have an advantage with the technical and/or people aspects of the best online poker. The technical aspects refer to taking advantage of poker ‘math,’ such as mastering pot odds and playing tight. The people aspects refer to skills such as bluffing and varying your style of play poker. Here is what we believe certain games reward the most:

Longhand Limit Hold’em

Limit Hold’em rewards technical skills, especially patience and an understanding of hand value. Since many hands go to a showdown, reading one’s opponent only helps so much because it is harder to bluff and pot odds will often make a river fold highly risky.

Shorthand Limit Hold’em

Shorthand requires a mix of people and technical skills. People skills are important at analyzing a shorthanded game. You must understand your players and figure out which type of game to play. Often, a very aggressive form is best. However, in a loose game, you should revert to a standard online poker India strategy. Thus, once you analyzed the game using people skills, technical skills will be rewarded because one type of ‘technique’ should be employed to beat the game.

No-Limit Hold’em

No-limit Hold’em also requires both technical proficiency and people skills. Technical skills will help you understand how much you should bet and how much you can tolerate calling. People skills will help you in a hand (by putting an opponent on his cards) and determine your general strategy. No-limit Hold’em fundamentally comes down to how people utilize aggressive betting. If people are meek, steal a lot of pots but fold if stern resistance comes to your bluffing. If people are being very loose, be patient and trap them. You should often be able to wipe them out in one hand.

As you can see, poker is about technical and player proficiency. If you are very good at remaining patient, playing quality hands, and playing pot odds, stick to limit Hold’em. If you excel at poker tournaments because you know how to deal with opponents, you want to be in shorthand or no-limit game.

Happy playing!


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