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Play poker online with your family and friends either for real money or for fun. If Texas Hold’em Poker is a new-fangled game to you, don’t worry about being confused. This is because it is such an easy thing to learn compared to other poker games.

Texas Hold’em Poker can be learned and mastered by anyone in just a quick few minutes because unlike any other online poker games, you don’t have to calculate and compute odds and try to count cards. Remember, in playing, you must always play fairly.

1. Texas Hold’em Poker blinds and antes

The betting structure is not always the same. Sometimes they use antes, but most games begin with two players positioning on the left side of the dealer. Placing out pre-settled money so then there is a primary fund or amount to start things. This step is  the posting of the blinds.

2. 52 playing cards

The Texas Hold’em Poker dealer completely shuffles a deck of 52 playing cards.

3. Hole cards or pocket cards

Each Texas Hold’em best online poker player holds and is dealt with two cards facing down. These two cards are the hole cards or pocket cards.

4. Round one, pre-flop

After which, there is one round of betting beginning with the player on the left of the two other players who posted the blinds. In Texas Hold’em poker, this round of betting is usually called and associated with the online poker real money term ‘pre-flop’.

5. Structure of the game

The primary fund or amount bet varies on what type of game playing, or what kind of betting structure in use.

6. Raise, fold or check

In Texas Hold’em Poker, like any other poker games, players can also raise, fold or check.

7. Burn card

After the end of the first betting round, the dealer cast offs the top card of the deck. In Texas Hold’em Poker, this card is the burn card. This step takes place to avoid cheating among poker players.

8. Flop

The dealer will then flip the next three cards and place them on the table, face up. In Texas Hold’em Poker, these cards are the flop. The flop cards shared so many of the players in the table can use them with their two pocket cards to shape up a poker hand.

9. Second betting round

Then the 2nd round of betting will begin with the player on the left of the dealer.

10. Turn card

After the betting concludes, the dealer will again cast off another burn card and flips one more card into the table. In Texas Hold’em Poker, this card is called the turn card. Then, the players will now use this sixth card to create a five-card poker hand.

11. Another round of betting

The player to the left of the dealer, again, starts another round of betting. Like the other types of online poker India games. This is also the part of the Texas Hold’em Poker where the amount of bet is doubled in size.

12. River

And to end the game, the dealer will burn a card and position the final card on the table, face up. This card is referred to as the river. Texas Hold’em Poker players will now use any of their five cards on the table or the two cards in their pocket to create a five-card poker hand.

13. The final round of betting

The last and final round of the betting will again begin with the player to the left of the dealer.

14. Texas Hold’em Poker showdown

Then, all the remaining players in the table will have to reveal their hands, beginning with the player on the left of the dealer. This is called the Texas Hold’em Poker showdown.

15. Winning the game

And of course, the player with the best cards on hand wins. In cases where players have equal hands, will have to share in the winning.

Take note, to learn Texas Hold’em Poker means to play it.

Happy playing!

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