Poker As Your Career Option

Poker is a game which has always been lately interesting to people from all sectors. The game has surfaced as the latest trend among youth; many people are even taking on this game as an occupation.

While old people seem to be playing it for fun with family and friends; the youngsters consider it as an entertaining activity. But the time is transitioning now. The game has developed a lot; as a consequence many people took this more of an approach to earn rather than merely a leisure activity. In the previous years, there has been vital increase in number of people who are prepared to accept poker game as a career choice.

If you want to change online poker game into a career then you require having certain sort of base camp to work from.

Career in online poker India can be equally challenging as well as fascinating. Poker is a difficult crack, hence not intended for everyone. So it is crucial to ponder seriously before taking it as a career. One should reflect on a number of points like:

Focus on what you wish

Be apparent at whether you wish to make it a full time career or consider it as a short lived job. It takes time to be an expert poker player.

Making wise moves

Those who wish to make a living out of poker have to think properly before selecting it as a career choice. Proper planning is required to begin with. Like any other career, start with low risk by playing low-limit games and steadily climb the ladder as you learn the tactics & methods of the game.

Time management

You require putting in particular number of hours in the game for carrying out just like any other profession. Furthermore, always remember you are playing to use quality time & to learn the game, not to use your bankroll.

Coping with stress

The poker is a game of high pressure & solitude. It requires a lot of persistence, commitment for the game, determination to take risks and confident energy. There may not be an assured pay check every month. Therefore, only those who can cope with tension can regard online poker as a career choice.

People had to get around their way by themselves through the hurdles that come selecting online poker for a living. Poker as a career gives you name, fame, economic freedom & most notably personal freedom. It gives you a platform for reputation, trips to foreign places, stable bankroll & much more!

Happy poker career!

Card Suits And Symbolism

The games of card have always been a part of our civilization. In fact, India is the home to many card games such as bridge, online poker, teen patti, rummy, etc. Most of you might have played these games once certainly. Several people keep a packet of deck of cards with them at home to play in the leisure time.

Card games are not only regarded as the games of talent but they also connect with us as the deep astrological features disguised in the symbols of cards for poker games online. Have you ever given a thought to the symbols on the cards? Ever pondered regarding the concept of 4 suits in a deck? Well, if you have been ignorant of these facts; it’s high time to explore them.


The heart signifies spring season. It is also expected to be a portrayal of “childhood” stage of human life. It indicates the component of fire.


The club signifies the summer season. It indicates the period of “youth” where one stresses on studies. A sign of club is the best example of component of earth.


This symbol indicate the fall or autumn season. It signifies the “growing” phase of a human where a person work for his/her career. To be precise, a diamond is the perfect example of growth, task, values, security, etc. The component of air is displayed by this sign.


A spade represents winter season. It regards as an epitome of “old age” when people uncover wisdom, approval, transformation etc. This sign indicates component of water.

There are total 52 cards in a deck which are intended to symbolize the number of weeks in a year. The 13 cards of single suit signify 13 lunar months. 365 is the total of all the value numbers on the cards.

Every single value number of the card marks a keyword which tells us about the characteristics of card.

An Ace stands for Desire

2 stands for Union

3 is for Faith

4 is for Satisfaction

5 symbolizes a Change

6 is for Adjustments

7 is an epitome of Victory

8 stands for Power

9 represents New beginnings

10 symbolizes Success

The cards of royal family i.e. king, queens and Jack signify many historical figures. Honestly, the meaning of the cards have nothing to do with our particular game play; but, knowing such facts add more interesting dimensions to various card games like the poker games.

Happy playing!

Time Factor In Online Poker

Poker! It is almost a craze amongst the youth. And it is definitely the online craze for the youths using internet. Many players feel irritating as they frequently end up leaving the table with little amount of money in their hand compared to the amount they had when they started the game.

Not just the novice but even the pro players experience the same many times. But these sorts of scenarios do not occur because of inappropriate bankroll management or insufficient game talents; this occurs for the lack of time management when playing the poker games online. Numerous players do not pay heed to the time but the truth is time plays a crucial role. Do not forget “time is the real wealth.”

Here are a few quick tips though which, you can manage to win big by wisely playing online poker games.

Play only when you are focused:

Numerous poker players consider that they require playing for longer time period to win lots of cash as their profit. But, long hour gaming sessions can turn out to be very tiring and above all boring. In addition, being focused to the poker game is a huge challenge, particularly when playing Multi Table Poker Tournament, the complexity is increased twice. Thus, stop playing before you lose your focus.

Moving to higher stakes:

A player should always begin playing poker with the low stake tables. As you will play more poker games you will gain better confidence of the games and thus can move to the higher stakes. Additionally, if you play regularly, playing the lower stakes tables for long can be boring or might not offer fair chances to win big. Thus, you can go for high stake table. However, if you are an occasional poker player, playing at high stakes will not work for you.

Cope with the online pace:

Poker online provides more action with a faster pace. Playing online permit you to play on numerous tables or play numerous tournaments simultaneously. The faster pace of online poker leads to very less time for the players to analyze the situations and come to any decision. Hence, a player has to be very careful before making any move.

Make fast but wise moves

Since online poker games give you very less time to analyze your competitors and their hands, you have to be cunning and fast. Try to read your challengers and take action appropriately. Use the time limit allotted to your turn wisely. Neither take any action immediately nor waste the time limit of your turn. Do not sit idle when it is the turn of others. Evaluate their actions and try to crack their tactics.

Weirdest Lucky Charms Of Poker Pros

You will be amaze to know how the poker players feel they need a bit of extra help at the poker table. Weird behaviours, strange beliefs and lucky charms are truly big part of poker games.

Here is a list of pro poker players and the things they had brought with them to the games. They had the hope that Lady Luck will shine on them!

Fossilman’s Spooky Shades

Greg Raymer, the popular poker pro player has a hobby of gathering up fossils. He began playing poker during his university days, when he played for dimes and nickels. For that matter, he generally keeps a tiny fossil as a card defender while playing poker. Apart from this, he is also regarded for his amazing lizard-eye hologram sunglasses.

The eccentric Jesus look

Chris Ferguson, the famous American pro poker player is incredibly popular for his long hair cool mirror sunglasses, brown beard and signature cowboy hat. Chris got his nickname “Jesus” for his unconventional looks.

The Casper Gaurd

Contrary to other players, Doyle Brunson attained his nickname “Texas Dolly” for a spelling error on an entry form. Rather than his poker item. The 10-time WSOP bracelet winner is popular for having a novelty “Ghostbusters” cigarette lighter. It has “Dolly” as a name engraved on it. “Casper,” the Nickname of the lighter, add a bit of spice to the Brunson’s persona. He generally wears a cowboy hat every time he is playing poker.

Shark at the Poker Table

The well-known poker pro player of Costa Rican Humberto Brenes, who notes as “The Shark” in the world poker circuit, got his play name for his tendency of having a small toy shark which he uses as a card guard in poker events. Known for his intense playing style, Humberto can be seen exclaiming “the shark is hungry” every time he wins big pots.

The Orange Trademark

The favourite pro poker player Johnny Chan known for having a fresh orange on his poker playing table which has ultimately become his trademark. This poker pro confesses that he genuinely likes the smell of a refreshing orange more than the cigarettes’ smell.

Skullman Has a Bone to Pick

The recognized pro poker player from England i.e. Gerald David is famed for his bone-chilling dress and a skull which he uses as a protection for his cards. David, frequently seen in his distinctive outfit made of several skulls whenever he plays poker. His skull bracelet, the rings and necklace conveys the British pro’s intense playing style. He is widely referred to as “Skullman”.

The Poker Brat

Phil Helmuth, ‘The Poker Brat’, recognized for flashy clothes and themed vehicles for every WSOP’s opening night. The champion of 13 WSOP bracelets adding a Main Event victory in 1989, Phil also has other achievements including poker game commentary and promoting an online poker room to his record.

So, have you ever played a game or two of poker having your lucky charm or wearing particular behaviour along with you?

Happy playing!

No Limit Poker vs Pot Limit Poker

You might be aware that poker regarded as game of cards where aim is “beating your competitors”. To get to this, the players play on the value of the card-combo dealt to them. And set the gambling sum into the middle game pot. The player, who owns a hand with the highest value. Or is still in the game after all others have folded away, comes forth as winner.

Each poker game carries an organized quantity of gamble in each round of game. These are normally termed as limits. The limits of bets may be of three kinds – ‘Fixed Limit’, ‘Pot Limit’ and ‘No Limit’. It is crucial to figure out these before selecting a table. Though there are small differences, but each variant requires an individual set of tactics, demeanour and mind-set.

Playing limit applies to the quantity with which a player might open or raise. All poker games have a minimal play limit, a stated optimum limit or no limit & a pre-decided playing unit in which bets can be crafted. Usually analysis of the ‘pot limit’ and ‘no limit’ poker is carried out on the basis of composition of the bet, tactics, skills & demeanour needed by the player.

Elements of the Bet

Pot Limit

A pot limit is putting through to the size of the pot. The size of the pot crafts of –
1) Beginning pot, i.e. chips gathered from the earlier rounds.
2) Previous action in recent playing round, i.e. trail.
3) A call from the poker player setting up a raise.
In a pot limit game no poker player can raise higher the size of the pot, however this raise can be lower than the size of the pot as long as it is similar to or more than any earlier raise or bet in the same playing round. If a player makes optimum raise, its known as ‘raising the pot’. In this variant of the poker game, players can bet any quantity up to the size of the pot or whatever quantity they have on hand with them.

No Limit

A poker game played with a no limit gambling structure permits each player to raise the bet by any quantity up to his entire left over stake at any period. The limit is just on the minimum side, that is, any play must be as enormous as the ‘big blind’ and any raise need to be at least as huge as the last bet at the game. Each player begins with a particular minimum amount & is permitted to bet any amount over and above the preliminary amount during any part of the poker game. When a player bets all that he has on the table, is ‘all-in’.

Tactics, Talents & Demeanour

Pot Limit

Here, the players are aware of the optimum limit of playing, so they can set their tactics appropriately. Here the arithmetical intricacies of the pot odds require to grasp completely, as the risks and rewards are the consequence of the pot size. The primary goal of each player is to place as few chips into the pot as likely when the player has a losing hand, and vice-versa. If the bets are narrowing so are the rewards.

No Limit

The no limit poker is more a game of demeanour and talent and one’s capability to judge the patterns of the competitors which need different tactics and moves to increase one’s victories. You have to figure out how your competitors are going to respond to each hand. A good player will make distinct decisions in similar circumstances against the same player, to prevent the chances of being read by others. You can even manipulate your competitors by using your abilities without even allowing them know. Here, a player’s objective is to get his competitors to put as much amount into the pot as likely when he has the best hand. This variant of poker is connecting with higher stakes and larger risks.

Bluffing can be a part of both the games. But extreme caution must be applied so as not to let your competitors know of it. So keep altering your tactics and be attentive to your opponents’ steps.

Happy playing!

Omaha Poker Vs Texas Hold’em

Hey there all the poker fans! Omaha and Texas Hold’em are the most favourite poker games. Both the games have identical features, levels of fun, excitement and happiness. But, the sole difference is the volume of action that takes place during the poker game. Though both the card games belong to the poker family; however, are entirely different and involve distinct principles, methods and winning tactics.

Usage and Number of Pocket Cards

The crucial difference between the two is the number of pocket or hole cards got by each player. Hole cards are those which are dealt (face down) to every poker player in the beginning of game. In Texas Hold’em poker, a participant gets two hole cards whereas in Omaha poker, the player gets four cards. In Texas Hold’em, the player selects whether to use a single or both the hole cards in combo with the community cards. However , in Omaha Poker, he must use precisely two hole cards out of the four. To create a poker hand by merging these two with the three community cards. This results in very much higher possibilities of forming a hand in Omaha as players will get to stay even more in the poker game till flops. Therefore, more betting can be anticipated throughout the whole hand.

How to Play

Post dealing of cards, a round of wagering happens and players analyze their cards to find if they have a well positioned hand. All the players have four choices. They can, either call the blind, raise it up or just fold their hand if they discover their poker cards are not well positioned. After the initial round of gambling “flop” takes place and three community cards are dealt face up. An additional round of betting occurs and the “turn” card is dealt. Subsequent round of gambling occurs – the “river” in which the concluding community card is dealt face up. The three out of these five community cards can be put to use by all players to form their poker hand. Now, the last round of playing occurs and the poker player with the best five card hand is the winner of the pot.

Comparative Hand Strength

Only the difference in the number of the hole cards changes the game play tactics of the two games. Omaha poker involves more of “straight”, “three-of-a-kind”, “full houses” and “flushes” as each player has two additional cards in his hands. As a solution a “pair” is hardly ever a winning hand in Omaha, while in Texas Hold’em you can have a fair opportunity if you have “pair” or two pair.

Bluffing and Drawing

Though not difficult, bluffing your competitors is much harder in Omaha, as big winning hands occur often. Players are unlikely to “fold” in Omaha when compared with Texas Hold’em as they are provided many outs to strike their hand. The fact is, Omaha is commonly regarded as a drawing game as there are numerous outs that will total a hand.

Bigger Pots

The reality that each player gets four hole cards to begin the game, outcomes in bigger pots in Omaha. There are a huge number of likely combinations which encourages players to remain in the poker game.

Both these poker games are fast paced, although some players regard Omaha faster. Both are evenly exciting and fun-filled. It takes pointed mind and a lot of valour to be a good poker player. You cannot usually win every game; all you require to do is to select the right stake poker table.

Happy playing!

3 Errors Poker Newbie Ought To Avoid

Largely, the novice poker players categorizes in two groups. Ones who have just began or are not regulars and other ones who are transitioning from live poker game to the online world.

But, the do’s and don’ts for online poker game achievement for both these categories are somewhat similar.

Start at stakes which don’t hurt you

Always start playing at stakes where you resistant to a financial hit. This is true even for pro players having played at substantial high stakes in online games or at live casinos.

The main goal at this stage is getting used to online poker and all its little yet vital nuances. With the continuous pressure of losing funds no longer on your mind, you can only concentrate on the poker game at hand.

For new poker players playing online poker, this also offers are chance to chalk out the numerous variations with live poker, a thing that holds great advantage in the long term.

Prevent Multi-Tasking

Playing poker live has many benefits. One of the major is being able to play on many tables. But, if you are a newbie you ought to bear some things in mind.

Knowing when you are prepared to shift gears is vital. Most novice poker players tend to make the blunder of moving up the ladder too quickly. Stay away from this lure.

Once you regularly crush opponent on a single table and are able to collect profits, it’s time to make the move. There is no rush though; your ease level is the single most essential factor that should rule this decision.

Be Professional, Even Online

The comforts of home and playing online can often distract new poker players. Finding techniques to cut time in between hands could provoke your downfall.

Poker players must not let their focus levels drop even when they are not included. Observing every hand to get little bits of info on fellow poker players will hold you in good stead heading forward.

More notably, having a professional attitude is crucial for you to be a winning poker player. Keep your eyes fixed tightly on the table to find defects in your competitors’ game.

Happy Gaming!

Can Playing Online Poker Game Make You A Better?

It is convenient to think that online poker gaming websites are only valuable to people who are entirely new to the game. While it is undoubtedly true that newbies can get a whole lot out of playing online poker games, pro players can also gain from it as well, for several reasons.

It Lets You to Play Frequently

If you have come to a certain talent level with poker games and want to develop more, the ideal step you can take is play more frequently. Most people can’t just go to their local casino whenever they wish to sharpen their game skills or in most cases they do not have a casino in their city or even in the state. Hence, playing online poker game is the best option one can have.

In fact, the best part of being able to play poker online is the simplicity of convenience – you can try it out as often as you wish to and even when you don’t have loads of free time to do so. Most players, both newbies and the pro players, take benefit of poker websites to play some quick games the moment they have the opportunity, rather than hoping to set aside a certain day or time of the week in which to have long sessions at the poker websites. Even a few hands during a period, these online poker games just add to a player’s experience and enable to develop their gaming talents with time.

You Can Sign up for Online Poker Communities

Another wonderful approach of moving up to the next level with your poker games is to discuss technique and play hands with different players. This can efficiently be achieved in an online poker community. In such communities, you can share comments and tips with the other players from around the world and enjoy chatting with them socially. It’s a given that linking with other players will enable you learn a lot about your poker game and be a great approach to pick up a few fresh ideas.

You Can Play Poker Game for Very much Lower Stakes Online

Part of poker game is the betting aspect. By explanation, you can’t gain more experience without playing. But, when playing online poker games, the stakes are usually very low at cash game tables, and additionally you’ve got to tip the dealers. Since you need to play more poker games to improve yourself, the higher the stakes you play at, the more expensive the lessons you’ll learn along the path.

One superb thing about online poker is the money stakes. Enhancing your game doesn’t have to include a high cost. You can play hundreds of hands and gain important poker game experience without having to wager too much money; and naturally you don’t have to pay tips to any dealers.

Happy poker gaming!

5 Reasons Why More Sleep Can Develop Your Poker Game

Poker players are continuously looking for techniques to boost their play. They study the current poker strategies or watch their preferred pros to make an effort and catch that key piece of information that will enable them win the game or be closer to winning.

But, there’s one thing that almost everyone can do to conveniently improve their poker abilities: It is by getting more sleep! It doesn’t take a specialist to realize that loads of online poker game players sacrifice sleep to improve the game when the truth is more sleep is one of the best things you can do to develop your game. Here are 5 reasons we have collected for you and listed them below:

1] You Will Be Much Focused

If you find having trouble concentrating for long durations at the table, sleep can help increase your concentration. Lack of concentration is one of the key causes players make errors in poker. Frequently this lack of concentrate comes from exhaustion or fatigue.

When you get adequate rest each night, your concentration will increase and you’ll discover that you can focus much longer during each session.

2] Your Memory Will Strengthen

Sleep is crucial in helping us to process and preserve info. During sleep the brain arranges info and remodels the communication. This helps us keep in mind important info over the long-term.

Shortage of sleep can affect communication, making it tougher for the brain to retain info. Players who play poker for longer duration and sacrificing their sleep might win a bit more money, but for the long term this step might in fact hinder your capacity to develop.

3] You’ll be less likely to Tilt

With proper sleep, your potential to restrain your emotions enhances. Less sleep can make the poker players emotionally vulnerable, which can lead to tilt. Adequate sleep enables the players to control their emotions better that results in less tilting at the poker gaming tables.

4] You’ll make Better Choices

Being well rested, you’ll make better decisions while playing your poker game. Better memory will let you to remember how competitors played against you or the killer approach you employed to win 10 buy-in in a game a week before.

Poker game is all about having the best calls and good sleep can help you make better choices, which earns you more cash.

5] Your Health will be better

Several studies have confirmed that getting more rest can help strengthen one’s health.

Adequate sleep is one key factor for better outcomes at the poker table. During the recent years, we have noticed how a healthier lifestyle has given positive results to a player in the poker games.

Hence sleep and happy gaming!

2 Tips To Play Omaha Poker

Omaha poker game gives players four cards to begin and the players need to make their best hand with two of their poker cards and three of the regular cards.

Here are two tips to help you win the next time you play Omaha poker game:

Best starting hands

As the poker players get four hole cards rather than two. You’ll discover a lot more higher-ranked poker hands in a game of Omaha compared to the other variants of poker. It surely makes the game more exciting. But also a bit risky due to the truth players have six likely hands to play.

The best hand you can draw is Ace, Ace, King, King double suited. That means the Aces and Kings are from the exact suit. Another solid hand that ought to be played strongly is Ace, Jack suited and Ace, Ten suited. This provides you a pair of Aces. But even a straight draw requiring a King and Queen in the regular cards. Ace, Ace, Queen, Queen suited is an additional good hole hand, as is the King, King, Queen, Queen double suited.

Worst beginning hands

Quite often, players can succeed of themselves in Omaha Poker considering that as they have two more cards than regular Texas Hold’em Poker, they usually have a shot at winning – specifically after the flop, which are the first three regular cards. But to be able to see those cards, poker players must call or raise based on the other players at the game table.

Frequently, it’s best not to get stuck while chasing the hands – which can be costly if cards don’t come. A few of the worst beginning hole hands you can have. And ones you ought to fold on immediately are three Aces and a poor card that can at best just be an enjoyable pair of Aces. And there’s only one Ace left over. But is deceiving to some novice poker players.

One more hand you ought to look to toss is when you have four cards with connection between each pair – like being dealt an 8,7,3,2. There are direct possibilities between the eight and seven and the three and two, but pursuing those straights will probably cost you a lot of funds to see the common poker game cards.

Happy playing!