Types Of Poker Challengers You Can Find In A Poker Game

A thing you should acquaint yourself with to boost your game is the different sort of poker online challengers. This is an essential skill so that you can identify what groups your challengers fall under. And then use that info to decide how you are going to play the game.

So let’s take a look at the seven types of poker challengers and know their playing style beforehand:

Calling Station

This kind of poker player likes to call more than raise, irrespective of the cards they hold. Often, these players get successful when cards fall in their favor on table. Thanks to their inefficiencies and poor playing style. Calling stations usually play any two suited cards, and hardly ever fold these cards if they strike a flop. This kind of player play K9 suited and do not fold this hand if he/she hits K on the flop, disregarding other aspects of the poker game like how many players are in the pot.


Fish is regarded as the weakest player in poker as they play bad. They are beginner or amateur players who like to play and are discovered playing at lower limits most of the occasions. Also referred to as Donkey, you cannot bluff a fish as their bets make no sense in any way.


A player who is a poker lover with less or no knowledge in poker playing is known as a Newbie. Most frequently called Noobs, as these players have little information about poker game but are still not prepared to learn on their own.


Maniacs are essentially the crackpots who play almost all the hands, and raise or re-raise with any cards whether strong or weak. These players are very aggressive and spoil other players’ game by putting in many swings to the bankroll. Sometimes, maniac might seem to be an ‘easy-to-play’ player but they can put the whole table on tilt due to their indiscipline trend of playing.

Mr. ABC Poker

Even today, ABC Poker has always been regarded as the right approach for winning when the play poker. A player is considered Mr. ABC Poker generally follows and plays ‘by the book’ which enable them outplay Newbies. These players are well-versed with theoretical element such as primary play, blind structure, etc on a single side and well-trained in practical game.


These players are opposite to Calling Station as they take more challenges and play only superior hands in the top range. Also known as Nit, they have enough endurance to relax and wait for ultra-premium hands. These players play only Pocket Aces, Pocket Queens, Pocket Kings and Ace-King. If you are actually ever re-raised by a Rock player, simply fold hands up to Q-Q.


Sharks, as the term implies, are the craftiest poker player of all. These sorts of players are all-rounder in all aspect of a game, and can approach their play matching to their challengers’ play. They are qualified in reading challengers, shaping poker face and playing just like they have a bad hand or they are chasing. These types of traits help Sharks to get as much funds out of a hand as they can easily.

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How To Knock Out Your Challenger At Heads-Up Play In Online Poker Competition?

Playing Heads-up game in an online poker competition is challenging, thanks to its best and lucrative format. Here are a few tips to follow when playing against your challenger in heads-up play:

Aggressive Play

Tight play is regarded the ideal play in many poker types but it is considered as the worst playing trend in heads-up game. In heads-up play, players cannot wait around to get paid back with strong hands. Therefore, you ought to play aggressively if participating in heads-up game in the competition. You must put up a blind every hand; even if your challenger gives you actions when you are holding strong hands, i.e., you ought to play numerous hands when you have position on every post-flop playing round. Imagine if you are having suited connectors and low off-suit connectors, you ought to always get into the pot with a raise.

Plan your Moves

It is wise to make semi-bluff in heads-up competition play instead of making pure bluffs on numerous streets. Additionally, you ought to play aggressively with drawing hands as it forces challenger to fold their ‘not so good’ poker hands. Therefore, you should evaluate the options available to make smart and tactical moves in the game. For example, you were dealt K-8 off suit, and raised on button. After that, your challenger calls and the flop comes A-K-Q. In this case, you ought to check after the flop or the turn as few players, if holding a hand awful than your one 2nd pair, bet three streets on such a game table.

Play your challenger

When playing heads-up play, you ought to know about playing styles of your challengers to take advantage of them to the best. For instance, you ought to play very loose-aggressive against a tight poker player and rarely bluff against a loose player. Similarly, you ought to play poker at its best against loose-aggressive players to discover and exploit their weak spots when they guard with weak hands out of position. Remember the best challenger to play against is the one who is passive and tight, as it is the most basic style in heads-up play, and the difficult challenger is the one who is aggressive as it is the good and tough playing style in heads-up.

Control your Bankroll

In the poker competition play, a player ought to at least hold a minimal stack of 30 buy-ins for the blind level, he is using. But, it is great to hold 50 buy-ins rather than 30 to handle the worst downturns. In the heads-up game with only two players left and 50 % of the field already paid, the game turns into less varying than other poker types. But don’t disregard long downswings are likely in all game types, also in heads-up.

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The Most Infamous Cheaters In History

Poker is as much a game of luck as it is of talent. But that doesn’t prevent players trying to turn the tables with sly tactics. That’s right; poker has its fair share of cheats. Scams and scandals have haunted poker halls through history. And here are some of the most infamous cheaters behind them.

The Borgata cheating scandal

In 2014, Christian Lusardi got into the Borgata Winter Open Big Stack NLH tournament with a collection of rogue chips. It didn’t take long after he’d unveiled them to the play poker table for them to be noticed. The competition ceased. But it wasn’t until Lusardi trapped attempting to flush millions in poker chips down the toilet of his hotel room that the puzzle was sorted out.

The chopstick trick

Again in 2014, the poker world surprised to discover about respectable poker reporter and photographer. Jay Newnum, found stealing poker chips at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. And then he didn’t merely swipe them any outdated way. Newnum utilized chopsticks coated in a sticky material to fish $700 worth of poker chips from a dealer’s token box. Pointless to say, he’s no longer a usual at the poker world!

Ali Tekintamgac’s ‘spotters’

Ali Tekintamgac, a German player, led a clever cheating scandal for years found in 2010, by the Partouche Poker Tour. The previous WPT winner employed ‘spotters’ (fake bloggers and biographers) to expose his opponents’ holdings in competitions, applying pre-determined hand signals. He undertook to trial, not only charged of cheating at the poker table, but heading up a stylish international cheating group! Tekintamgac knew the poker live game was up; he pleaded guilty and sentenced to three years and five months of imprisonment.

The cheat that kind of wasn’t a cheat

Richard Marcus, one of the most infamous cheats in poker history, as no one could trap him. His signature move was the ‘Savannah’, a combo of misdirection and sleight of poker hand.

Marcus might saunter up to a table, playing the drunk, and put down his chips. If Marcus lost, he’d intentionally flout manners by grabbing his chips, prior to relenting and handing them to the dealer. If he won, he applauded like a mad man, exposing his valuable chip.

As Marcus had legally placed his bet, security wouldn’t be able to discover anything incorrect. Plus, he efficiently cheated on his losing bets, as well as, winning bets that likely scrutinise.

Archie Karas’s marked cards

In 2013, Archie Karas arrested for cheating at blackjack. His approach? Marking the cards. Karas privately wiped tiny streaks of dye onto the backs of jacks, queens, kings and aces at games, so he could find their value just before they were dealt. It was merely a matter of time before he was caught by the eagle-eyed security cameras at California’s Barona Resort and Casino.

The most devoted cheat of them all

A few players will do anything to make a good fortune. Take Soapy Smith, a historical cheat who was born back in 1860. Smith in fact managed to cheat with the help of dodgy officials, making friends in the proper places before being entrusted as deputy sheriff. When the local Governor instructed the closure of gambling play rooms, Smith took the chance to raid his own rigged games, arresting players who’d lost huge amounts of cash. He’d then let them go, leaving them so content to be staying away from a prison sentence they’d totally forget about their damage.

Cheating at the tables might seem like a good way to make a chunk of money, but chances are, you’ll get caught, just like the rest of them!

Play fair! Happy gaming!

10 Key Elements To Be Successful In Poker

Imagine you are a chef and you need to cook a delicious meal for some of your very important guests. Now, what do you need? The right ingredients for your recipe and the zeal to cook!

Same is the case when you play poker. Along with passion to play the game and skill of the game tactics, you need to portray some characteristics to become a successful poker player. Your characteristics will help you to not to be the fish among the pack of sharks.


In any game you participate, it is advised to use an adjustable nature or else it may result in damage. It is good to have a game-plan but more essential is to be informative enough to change the strategy as the circumstance arises and acknowledge what is dealt with you. In poker online, you ought to understand how to turn the tables and make the showdown occur.


Following a ‘bump on the log’ strategy is regarded effective but only when cards fall in your support. You should at times get even more active and lively in the game in order to cash in more pots. Therefore, apart from playing the likely odds, try to be social and thoughtful to an extent as it gives a new aspect to your online poker game.


If you are not alert of the things occurring around the poker table, you will become weak and fall off. While playing the game of poker, you should be observant and examine the game on the table you are engaged in. Remaining alert with your mind and heart in the poker game holds the key element.


Sit at the poker table with a purpose to win, or don’t play online poker. You may have encounter players who grumble mid-hand anticipating a bad beat that will push them out from a big pot game. If you are down for the count, eliminate of all unfavourable thoughts and consider that you’re the best player at that poker table.


In poker, you ought to make big moves if required, i.e., if you are sure that you will win the game by playing all your money on a particular hand, then your ambitiousness is better off. You ought to make small moves with check-call as well as check-call, but big moves enable you test and get the actual view of your competitors.


Let’s take a situation here. You are dealt a low hand 3-5 off-suit that is seriously a bad starting hand in poker game. But you can make it a winning hand by wondering out of the box. So, don’t simply sit and hang on for strong cards to fall at your place, use your skills in different ways like include bluffing with tight-aggressive play to come out as a champ.


You will commonly have bad beats in poker. For example, you have flopped the most possible draw and expect to win the hand but in some way miss the draw. However, you should stay relaxed and carry on. So, it is essential to control your thoughts to yield better outcomes than falling to pieces.

Ego vs. Egoless

Tilt is a thing that every player has been through in the poker game. Normally, tilt arises if you lose a big pot on a careless bad beat. In such a scenario, how you continue further decides the outcome of your poker game session. That is, if you play even farther for payback on the players, then you may lose more and if you restrain your ego and play as you usually do, you will undoubtedly retrieve the money you have lost.


Poker is a game with a disguised benefit. Every poker online player should be wise enough to take an edge over the others. If you have a got a genuinely good hand, then strong moves to swindle your challengers off the maximum number of chips. And if you have low cards but have invested money in it already, then act wise and make your challenger believe that you have decent cards.


It is occasionally beneficial to follow your intuition. While playing the game of poker, you can often keep aside the method and logic linked with the game. In the end, it’s fair to trust your gut feelings.

Happy playing!

Unusual & Interesting Terms Of Poker

Hey poker lovers! We believe, you all are aware of the common terms used in poker. Words such as bad beat, freeroll, fish, bankroll etc. These terms are especially famous to poker crying players. Complex terminology such as check-raise, edge or angle shooting is even quite famous to the regular poker players who play poker online and live.

But there are terms which are less used but they still exist and are used as customary poker phrases while playing. We have collected and listed a few of them. Give a glance:


The term is used for intentional bluffing. The poker player wants to intentionally create an image of weak player who stupidly bets. The point is to aggravate other challengers to gamble and have lots of playing action at the table.


It means that you have most or all of the poker cards that somebody would wish to have with the present board. When you have pocket queens, and the other two queens flop, you have crippled the deck.


This word is used to make your hand less valuable because of poker cards which duplicate it.


A five-card combo that forms two different inside straight draws; a hand including three consecutive cards, the card two ranks higher than the top card of those three, and the card two ranks lower than the bottom card of those three.


It is a hand which might not be played for one cause or another. A poker player with a foul hand might not make any claim on any part of the pot.


This word means the player (maniac), who plays crazy and wild poker.


A Texas Hold’em beginning hand with two cards two apart in rank.


It is the biggest game which is available in the poker club.


This means a strong combination which is not a bluff.


These terms means worthless combination of cards.


It means to call more than one bet in one single action.


It means to call a bet after one or more other players have already called.


It means to call a bet when the s player is representing a hand which you can beat, but the pot is large enough to justify a call anyway.


The same combination that the player will receive in the next game due to poor shuffle of cards calls.


Combination of cards with very low probability!

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Live Poker Vs. Online Poker

From the time the first online casinos came into light, numerous table games, led by poker, instantly earned ardent fans. It was a fascinating concept to be able to play right from the convenience of your home or office, and probably even win loads of cash!

The truth is it’s considerably tougher to play poker against opponents in person and beat them at the game. Even if you happen to be the “online poker expert” among your acquaintances, it still won’t promise that you’ll be good at live poker. In fact, though you may have played hundreds of thousands of hands at poker online, your first time playing live poker could leave you shaking your head at your losses.

Differences in Play

The differences between live and online poker are truly vital. Let read on a couple of crucial ones:

When you play poker at the online casinos, you can lose or win a bundle in actually just a couple of seconds. There’s no waiting around for dealers, shuffling, chip counting, pot splitting, or other “real world” interruptions. Live poker players really have to have a lot of endurance to enjoy the game. Actually, if you’re mainly an online poker player you’ll almost certainly find yourself bored very soon and very frequently when playing in a live environment.

The ideal way to resist the boredom at a live poker table is to make use of the “extra time” while you’re not playing hands to examine your competitors. This is part and parcel of the poker game to all good live poker players.

Having a Poker Face

Those players who are better at online game than live game probably feel and play their best when played in anonymity, smashing players left and right without having to conceal their emotions. The “Internet wizards”, normally speaking, have a great deal to learn, but, when it comes to needing the daring and tenacity to play perfectly against seasoned live poker players, particularly when it comes to “physical strength” and giving off and reading the live tells.

Pace of the Game and Bonuses

Many live poker casinos will provide you some bonus for playing there. The online poker equivalent is that a large range of rooms will provide players things such as deposit bonuses and rakeback.

Relating to earning these rewards, online poker’s got the benefit hands down, primarily as a result of the speed of play and number of hands you can match in there in a much shorter amount of period. For instance, a live poker player can, at most, earn cash per hour for each play. Poker online players, however, can play at a bunch of tables at a time and thus track hundreds of played hands per minute. This boosts the rate at which they earn bonus points that can be transformed into cash much more promptly.

Earning Power

Both online poker players and live poker players have the likely to earn good money at the tables. But, the strategies included and things that need to be discovered in order to be successful at the live versus virtual felts are quite distinct indeed

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Three Alternative Card Games To Poker

One of the most broadly accepted and enjoyed card games; poker is played live in casinos and online across the globe. The reputation of best poker sites which offer these games is great.

Perhaps reason poker has won hearts of world so quickly is for diversity which it offers. Not only are there several forms of the game. But there are also many expertise required for players to be good.

Poker blends chance with confidence and skill

Eventually, poker is the ideal game because it blends chance with confidence and skill. Those capable of poker card counting can decide possibility of cards being laid and act appropriately. Giving the game a specific element of risk and experience.

Moreover, the concept of ‘bluffing’ has altered the game into something which is globally recognised and liked. This deceitful element adds another layer of fun to the procedures. And is so well know that the appearance ‘poker face’ is now used widely across the globe.

For those interested to play poker online, the favoured format is usually Texas Hold’em. This variation includes a larger number of gambling stages and so makes the potential success high. There are also more chances for players to adjust their hand or exit the poker game, making it fast-paced and stimulating to play.

While poker online offers the ideal challenge for even the most skilled player it is, obviously, not the only card game available. Currently, a whole range of games can be played from the convenience of your own home and that permits you to have the complete casino experience without going outdoors. This means that the normal card player can hone their abilities at their comfort and even try their luck at the selection of other games available.

For players interested in attempting a new task, here are three great alternate card games to poker:


At times termed as ‘21’ this is a wonderful card game which has been highlighted in numerous movies. Off the screen, this game has been a frequent addition to casinos and has been transferred into the digital realm for the comfort of modern players. With basic rules and a certain level of talent required this is a fast-paced and thrilling game ideal for those searching to try something different.


A great game for any player! Solitaire is a game which has been played in homes and casinos for several years. Recently, those looking to earn cash from their fun could take their options and play online.


Another wonderful game, Hearts needs a set amount of players and practices a specific layout and set of protocols during play. This is the best game of technique and skill, making it the ideal way for poker fans to hone their skills prior to returning to the poker table.

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5 Reasons For Tipping Poker Dealers

Some poker players prefer to tip dealers while other folks don’t. Here is a list of 5 reasons why you ought to tip your poker dealer next time you play poker.

Show Your Gratitude

The easiest and most simple reason for tipping dealers is just to show your gratitude for a task well done. If your dealer does his or her task in an expert. And effective manner to keep the poker game moving without needless delays, it’s well worth a tip.

To Help Them Out

A lot of poker players are ignorant that dealers often just make lowest wage. And generally rely on tips by the players to make a living.

They Helped You Out

If a poker dealer assisted you strike a miracle one-outer or otherwise suck out. Just keep in mind that the cash in the pot wasn’t intended to be yours anyway. There’s no harm in separating with a couple of those “free of charge” bucks to a dealer who will be extremely thankful for the tip.

You Win or Cash Big in a Poker Competition

While a ratio of every competition buy-in is put aside for the dealers, they’ve most probably been operating without receiving tipped (like at cash games) for their whole shift. To the competition victors indeed go the ruins, but they carry with them the task of taking care of the competition staff.

They’ve Been Particularly Nice to You

Poker sessions can occasionally be a long grind for both players as well as, dealers. Smiling, participating you in chat, and taking a real interest in you; a polite dealer to keep you in great spirits should be honoured. Keep in mind that their decent mood has probably had a positive impact on your own disposition and poker game, so a good dealer can indirectly support you play your best poker!

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10 Animals Mentioned In Poker Games

It has been observed that poker players have loads in common with animals. A few legendary players of the poker game have had nicknames of animals attached to their names. Including Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott, Billy ‘the Croc’ Argyros. Hunt them in Google if you haven’t heard about these players before. Study about them.

Loads of animals have made their way into the game of poker. Over the years to describe particular hands, games, player types and situations. Hence, we have compiled a list of 10 animals in poker. Let’s proceed without further ado:


It is a pocket pair of two’s, also known as deuces. This term is primarily used in Texas Hold’em poker game. Duck fare when played heads-up preflop against one challenger. As they are statistically preferred for winning against every non-paired two card holding.


Crabs suggest a pocket pair of threes which usually, just as Ducks, are best folded immediately in multi-way pots. That may be, obviously, unless you can limp in for affordable from late position and hit a set, whereby your crabs will commonly scoop a great pile of chips.


Previously all poker players used to be fish. Frequently new and unskilled with the poker game, a fish’s knowledge tends to be basic at best. At online poker games with a regular cast of characters, everybody mostly understands who the fish are. Just be specific never to “tap on the fish tank”, lest you frighten them (and your probable profits) away.


Being the most feared animals in poker, the sharks are greatly talented players who stay at the top of the game’s food chain. If you see a shark or two lurking near you, it’s maybe best to appeal a seat change, as they feed on fish and feast on whales.


Whales normally come to play poker having loads of disposable income with them. Playing against whales is hazardous due to their heavy bankroll size. Eager for action, whales do not dither to get mixed up in large pots, knowing that they can re-purchase if they lose.


The wobbly cannons at any poker table, donkeys emerge to have little to no notion of how to play poker game. They also frequently make this noisily clear to everyone else sitting at the poker table both in actions and in words. Having a donkey at your table is an entertainment.


H.O.R.S.E. is the combination of five poker variations: Texas Hold’em, Omaha hi-low, Razz, 7-Card Stud and 7-Card Stud hi-low. Success in H.O.R.S.E. needs players to show great overall poker skills.

Rabbit (hunters)

Rabbit hunting happens when a player in hand which has just been finished without any showdown asks the dealer to expose the next board card or two. The rabbit hunters normally do this to check whether the incoming cards would’ve enhanced their hands had they not taken the decision to fold.


Railbirds are found on the fringes of events fields, usually rooting on friends, players or family members who they’ve got a stake in economically which are still playing in the competition.


Found in the poker online games which feature hi-low poker versions with a “declare”, pigs are the players who announcing both “high” and “low” to not have to split pots. Relying on how lucky or unlucky they may be, players normally make pigs of themselves in the games by striving to details one pot too many.

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Top 5 Hollywood Movies Based On Poker Game

There is something special about poker online game. Of all the games in the world, none is as mysterious as poker, and full of romance and intrigue. It doesn’t matter where you are playing the game, in a casino or online, poker is the most thrilling one.

So, with poker being so thrilling, it is natural to be a hot topic for movies. And as a poker fan you should have a list of them. Let us explore:


This Hollywood flick won’t train anyone how to play poker, but it is an entertaining film which captures the old-west picture of back-alley bars, cards and cowboys. The character of Maverick which is played by Mel Gibson. He travels with the original Maverick which is played by James Garner. Additionally, Jodie Foster to the big poker event and a riverboat five-card draw winner takes the entire contest.


Many poker fans were introduced to the world of no-limit Texas Hold’em through this 1998 movie with Matt Damon and Ed Norton as its star cast. There’s yet no movie made that’s about modern day poker like this one. And the epic poker session which Damon’s character goes through to help save Norton’s “the worm” is spectacular. With a cameo role by Johnny Chan and a few great lines, this is a must-watch movie.

The Cincinatti Kid

This movie is a poker classic and is famous for its climatic final poker hand between Steve McQueen’s “The Kid,” and Edward Robinson’s Lancey Howard. The movie revolves around the young card player as he attempts to win the title of the best poker player of all time. And this leads him to Lancey Howard, who was the title holder at that time.

A Big Hand for a Little Lady

The western comedy of 1966 draws attention of the audience and also of Meredith. The traveller who stakes his whole family fortune to get into the biggest high-stake poker game. He makes his wife, Mary, very unhappy. But, when her husband suffers with a heart attack during the game, Mary intervenes. She takes up the hand of her husband.

Honeymoon in Vegas

This 1992 comedy movie revolves around Nicolas Cage losing his girlfriend for the weekend when his straight flush is beaten by James Caan’s higher straight flush. Now, the audience would have perhaps assumed cheating here, but luckily the character of Cage isn’t that bright, as then we’d miss out on his antics from Hawaii back to Vegas to get his girl back.

Happy playing!