Musicians Who Play Poker

Musicians Who Are Poker Player Too

For some of us music is life. And surely the source of breath for musicians! Online poker is the game which has slowly and steadily reached to the every corner. 

It is a game which finds harmony with late night sessions, drinks, rock’ n’ roll and a good amount of music. It is a fact that the country musicians kill their time on road when they play poker with each other or play poker online 

Here we have a few names you might recognise. If you listen to country music or hip-hop when you play poker online, you will know them to go all-in. Read on:   Continue reading “Musicians Who Play Poker”

Bluff Raising the River

Bluff Raising The River at Online Poker

When we first starts out in online poker, each of us have aspects of the game that are more attractive to us, based on what it was that appealed us to the game in the first place. For numerous of us, our insights about poker come largely from media depictions of the game. The way the media has showed poker over the last 2 decades, has lots to do with why people are attracted to the game as a pastime. People think of poker as being an overgenerous display of psychological warfare. And they’re always very preoccupied with the bluff tactics followed in the game. 

This is mostly as they’ve seen instances of big bluffs on TV made by pros. There the player just decides their opponent doesn’t have it and goes with their read. These plays are impressive as people are largely too taken in by the notion of poker online as a battle of big egos, more so than a battle of strategy more akin to chess. Continue reading “Bluff Raising the River”

Bluff in Pot Limit Omaha Poker

Bluffing in Pot Limit Online Omaha Poker Game

Bluffing can be a very crucial part of various online poker games like Pot Limit Omaha, but there are good reasons why it might often play a lesser role than in a game such as No-Limit Texas Hold’em poker. 

In Texas Hold’em poker, the hand that is currently winning is usually a big favourite over any drawing hands. Furthermore, the hand that is winning on the flop will very often be winning at the end. And because Hold’em is usually played as a no-limit game, the ‘winning player’ can bet so as to make it very expensive for anyone to outdraw him.  Continue reading “Bluff in Pot Limit Omaha Poker”

Tactics of Shuffling Poker Cards

Know How To Shuffling Poker Cards

With the poker players getting drifted to online poker games more and more, the shuffling of poker cards is getting out of trend. 

Shuffling a pack of cards isn’t as easy as you think, not if you want to truly randomize the cards. Most people who are habituated in playing the poker online, when they sit for a small homely poker game will give a pack a few shuffles with the overhand or riffle methods. But, studies have shown this isn’t enough to ensure card game being played is totally fair and put off cheating.  Continue reading “Tactics of Shuffling Poker Cards”

Different Names of Hands with Kings and Queens at Game Of Online Poker

Names of Hands with Kings and Queens 

The online poker game, especially Texas Hold’em poker, is vibrant and exciting. One of the chief things, which are immensely entertaining in poker games is the vocabulary being used. 

We all are aware of the 10 major hand names in poker online. Hence, let us today know about the hand name with kings and queens. Read on this post tick the ones you already know:  Continue reading “Different Names of Hands with Kings and Queens at Game Of Online Poker”

Bet in the Dark – A Poker Term Explained

Know About Popular Poker Term “Bet in The Dark”

An online poker player has been said betting in the dark when they take the action before seeing the cards. This has been dealt just before the betting round or just looking at the hand. This is the term being used mostly in Texas Hold’em Poker or Omaha poker games. 

The phrase comes from the ideas of betting without sight. As though there were no light in the room and you were unable to see the cards. Once the online poker cards are revealed, you then have ‘light’ and can see the cards to bet on!  Continue reading “Bet in the Dark – A Poker Term Explained”

Different Names of Hands with Aces in Online Poker

The online poker game, especially Texas Hold’em poker, is vibrant and exciting. One of the chief things that is immensely entertaining in poker games is the vocabulary used. 

We all are aware of the 10 major hand names in poker online. Let us today know about the hand name with aces. Read on this post tick the ones you already know:  Continue reading “Different Names of Hands with Aces in Online Poker”

Bluffing in Omaha Poker

Bluffing in Omaha is much distinct than bluffing in Texas Hold’em poker. As each player has four cards to play in Omaha, there are more draws and outs for all at table. Hence forcing all the players off of their hands will be a tough job.  

Follow these rules to make successful bluff in Omaha online poker game: 

If you are newly playing poker online, you must not rush into bluffing. Take your time to get a feel for the game and slowly establish your personal style of playing. New players frequently bluff into tough spots, and their aggressive opponents pick up on it and raise their bluff.  Continue reading “Bluffing in Omaha Poker”

Top Texas Hold’em Mistakes Beginners Make

What Types Of Mistakes Makes By Beginner Poker Players

Texas Hold’em is a positional game. A player can literally see the money follow in the wake of the dealer button as it goes around the table and with that in mind, and considering all the free information available on this subject out there, it is indeed hard to comprehend with so many rookies completely ignore position. Every online poker strategy move described here and there works better from position. The reason why position leads one such a big benefit is so straightforward it barely bears repeating and reiterating. 

Aggression is fashionable at the online poker tables these days, there’s no denying that fact. Fortunately for good players though, beginners often find a way to botch up aggression too. They are aggressive for the sake of aggression, delightfully unaware of the “when” and “where” which make or break this strategy approach.  Continue reading “Top Texas Hold’em Mistakes Beginners Make”

The Top 5 Omaha Poker Errors

Omaha Poker Errors:

Even though new Omaha players might have loads of interest for the game, you still have to learn the ropes before you’ll become a winning player. If it’s your first time playing Omaha poker, you’re likely to make the same errors as other beginners. Read on to discover the five most common Omaha poker errors for beginners. 

Applying Texas Hold’em Knowledge 

Most Omaha players begin to play poker with Texas Hold’em variant and try to bring their Hold’em strategy to the table when they begin playing Omaha. This is one of the biggest errors made all the time from new Omaha players. So before you sit down and set up shop at an Omaha table, make sure you throw your Texas Hold’em theories and strategies out the window.  Continue reading “The Top 5 Omaha Poker Errors”