Different Names of Hands with Kings and Queens at Game Of Online Poker

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Names of Hands with Kings and Queens 

The online poker game, especially Texas Hold’em poker, is vibrant and exciting. One of the chief things, which are immensely entertaining in poker games is the vocabulary being used. 

We all are aware of the 10 major hand names in poker online. Hence, let us today know about the hand name with kings and queens. Read on this post tick the ones you already know: 

Poker Hands Names With King And Queen




Ace Magnets 
Given this name as a pair of Aces is the set that can beat this in the online poker game. 
The phonetic similarities between the K in Kings and the C in Cowboys. In addition, Texas was famed for its poker players and cowboys. And, players with this hand will play it fast and reckless, just like a cowboy. 
King Kong 
A big, strong hand that also shares the initials of the famous movie ape. 
This is for the union between a king and a queen. 
This has been given for the phonetic similarity to TV’s detective. 
Bachelor’s Hand or Jackoff 
This one has been unsuited. Given as the hand is a “jack off-suit”. 
The phonetic word formed by K-ten. 
Big Al 
This one has been named for the big time poker player from Wisconsin nicknamed “Big Al” Emerson. 
This nickname has been given because of the phonetic sound of the King and Nine  pronounced together. 
This has been nicknamed because of the name canine. 
This has been nicknamed for the phonetic pronunciation of K-eight. 
Columbia River 
This nickname is famous for its king salmon runs. And, the King Seven shares a phonetic similarity to King Salmon. 
This has been nicknamed because of a combination of the words king and six together. 
Seattle Special 
This has been nicknamed for the Seattle, US, King County television station. 
This has been nicknamed for the phonetic combination of the words four and K together. 
King Crab 
This has been nicknamed because 3’s resemble a sideways crab and King Crab is a popular food item. 
King Fritz 
This has been nicknamed for the well known German poker pro Andreas Fritz. 
This has been nicknamed for a reference to Donald Duck, the king of the cartoon ducks (used most often when the hand is offsuit). 
It is derogatory nickname for two women. 
From the popular western show of the same name whose theme song references “livin’ on jacks and queens”. 
Robert Varkonyi 
This is the nickname of the winner of the WSOP in 2002 with this hand. 
For the phonetic similarity to Queen-Ten. 
For the similarity to the sound of the name of a well-known malaria drug. 
Phonetically similar to Q-eight. 
Computer Hand 
As it is statistically equally likely to be ahead or behind any other single random hand. So, it was found to have a 50% chance to win and 50% chance to lose against any two cards. 
Granny Mae 
As the queen’s job is to have offspring for the king and is likely to become a granny, and May is the fifth month of the year. 
What is a queen for? 
San Francisco Busboy 
As the California city of San Francisco is famous for its gay community (queens) and the Q3 pair is a queen with a tray. 
Gay Waiter or Windsor Waiter 
Queen with a tray. 
A reference to Daisy Duck – Donald Duck’s partner. 
Queen Liz 
It has been nicknamed as a reference to Queen Elizabeth the second. 

Happy playing!