Poker Online – Improving Your Pot-Limit Omaha Pre-Flop Strategy

Pot Limit Omaha is a poker online game involving match-ups between strong hands. The fact that each player has 4 ‘hole cards’ – instead of the two familiar to Hold’em. Players means that most pots are won by high flushes, nut straights or even full-house hands.

The strength of hands shown-down in Pot Limit Omaha affects the overall strategy players on every poker online betting round. Before the flop, it is essential to get involved with the right kind of hand in the right position. And to ensure that the situation is right for the type of hand you hold.

In Omaha poker, you must use 2 cards from your best online poker hand – together with 3 cards from the ‘community’ board to make a poker hand. This means that the best starting hands are those containing maximum number of 2-card ‘combinations’ which can hit the flop. Coordinated starting hands where all 4-cards work well together, in terms of being close in rank or double suited. They are far stronger than pairs or unconnected high-cards.

Avoid raising before the flop

A common error in Pot-Limit Omaha is to raise only with the very strongest hands before the flop. An extreme example is the online poker real money player who waits before putting in a raise. The problem with this is that observant opponents will be ‘known’ that this player has aces. And he will call with a very wide range of hands. A seemingly ‘safe’ low-card flop can then lead to the ‘aces-only-raiser’ losing their entire stack should this have hit someone else’s hand.

Some online poker India hands play better against small number of opponents while others are better suited to multi-way action. For example, a high pair with no back-up is unlikely to be the best hand after the flop in a multi-way pot. However, a small rundown hand such as 5-6-7-8 double suited can win a big pot against opponents playing high pairs when it hits a concealed straight or small flush.

Select the right starting hands

Finally, a position at the table is a critical factor in Omaha Poker. The pot-limit betting means that there will usually be several rounds in which to take advantage of acting last. If you are in an early position then you will need to act after the flop before you know what your opponents will do – a severe disadvantage.

To summarize, good pre-flop play in Pot-Limit Omaha Poker involves selecting the right starting hands with combinations of cards that work together. Balancing your raises to disguise the strength of your hand is a must at all but the lowest levels, and being aware of how position influences the strength of hand you can play will bring in a bigger profit at the tables.

Happy playing!


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Learn all Secret Strategies for Online Poker Cash Games

Hey poker lovers! There are two kinds of poker players. Some poker players are aware of their playing limits and there are some players who are not aware. One of the prominent theories of poker evidently states that every time an online poker player implements a different style in his game his odds of losing are superior to if he plays in his exceptional style.

Disproportionate poker online experimentation results in the hammering of concentration and complexity of the situation would not allow you from judging opponents.

This is one of the oldest strategies of best online poker and helps in distinguishing between good and bad players. The primary strategy lies in reading the opponents and his cards. This will help you in making fewer mistakes and will reward you with more money.

Play 3-4 games simultaneously to increase income

While playing poker online unless you are a pro you should not play at multi-tables – this for experts at a poker game. If you have decided that you are good at juggling and your attention span is sharp you should then play 3-4 games simultaneously which would increase your income. You should start off by earning bonuses before you select a table to play poker.

When players are playing with bonuses, they have a complacent feeling. They are assured that they are playing to use the bonus on the online poker India table. This feeling should be erased from their minds. Playing efficiently and using rational thinking patterns should be implemented as these strategies would help in earning cash. The bonus would be soon over if the players start playing on multi-tables.

Mathematical calculations act as a catalyst and help tremendously while playing poker. Selecting the right table which has small, average and large pots is the best option for players. You should remember that most bonuses are washed away even if the players are not engrossed with the pot. The subscription of Poker and Lobby edge can be your saving grace as their computerized database would help you with choosing the right table.

Multi-tables games can be advantageous

Playing at multi-tables can be very advantageous as it offers dynamism and helps in eliminating the feeling of dullness which generally occurs while you play at single tables. Sometimes the game becomes very predictable and conventional. It also helps in cleansing bonuses in an adequate manner. Playing at various tables (including pot-limit Hold’em and no-limit Hold’em event) has its own advantages and disadvantages.

One of the most significant cash game strategy tips is to memorize all the hand rankings before playing the game.

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Poker Online- Trouble in Poker

If you’re more concerned about not losing than you are about not winning, you’re definitely not going to win a poker game. People who hate taking necessary risks are very bad poker players. This doesn’t make people who leap before thinking good players of poker online, either. One thing’s for sure, though: mediocre poker players always fixate themselves on dodging trouble. The big fries, on the other hand, play with it.

When troubling situations occur

This is silly. If all online poker India players are playing too safely, the game would revolve on senseless bankrolls. Besides, the only “troubling” situations you should avoid are those wherein you’re in trouble but your opponent is not. These situations are very rare, and they only ever occur when you don’t pay enough attention to the game. Most troubling situations happen when both opponents are facing near-equal levels of risk.

Master-art of handling troublesome situations

In most cases, your opponents are actually in bigger trouble than you. For example, instead of panicking because the weaknesses of your hands are staring you right in the face, you’ll fail to see the open opportunities to pull one over your more unprepared opponents. Instead of dodging trouble, best online poker players should master the art of handling troublesome situations. This doesn’t mean that you should risk your hand intentionally to get into trouble.

What we’re suggesting is that you spot the degree of trouble you’re in, in relation to the trouble that other players are facing, when you’re caught in an uncomfortable situation. As the saying goes, “trouble is what you make of it”, and according to experts, this is very true in online poker real money as well. If you need to lose some money because your strategy tells you that you can earn more in the long run, then you’re playing a pretty good game of poker.

Happy playing!


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Play Poker Online Tips – Playing Kings and Queens

Getting pocket Kings and Queens does not guarantee a win in a game of poker online. You can still mishandle these very strong cards and end up losing. Here are some poker tips on how you should handle such strong cards:

Aggressiveness preflop

Queens and Kings of the best online poker cards are quite tough cards to improve upon the flop. It is not that often that you will make a set out of them. You need to protect your hand from weaker cards which may hit upon the flop. Make sure that you raise good enough so you can scare away low pairs and suited connectors.

Raise more when holding Queens on preflop

This is a bendable rule of online poker real money but you will have more success if you follow it. Pushing more chips and being more aggressive when you are holding queens is logical since they are vulnerable to face card combos which may involve kings. You want to push off holders of K-J or even a K-Q so you will have a better odd in case a king opts out of the flop.

Be ready to fold

You should be willing to fold even these monster hands during an online poker gameplay. Remember that even when you have a K-K or a Q-Q, you can go against Aces. Proceed with a ton of caution when you see the flop reveal an ace.

Know what you are going against

Aside from other players forming higher pairs, your kings and queens are also vulnerable to sets like straights and flush, any other player who has pocket aces to start with. Be alert and observant of how your opponents play their monster online poker India hands so you know what to do when you run into one.

As you mature as a poker player, you will master how to handle your pairs of kings and queens, and also learn how to fold them prior to the flop when needed.

Happy playing!

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Play Poker Online Tips On Balance Bluffs and Image

Online Poker – 4 Amazing Strategies to Apply

Poker is counted among those casino games which require more mind than luck. It takes time for everyone to know about various strategies which enhance the chances of winning in the game of online poker. In this article, we will inform you about some of the amazing strategies which help in winning poker.

Know when to bet and when to fold

While playing this game, one should have knowledge of when to bet and fold. Blind stealing is considered as one of the most effective online poker India strategies. It occurs at that point of time when the dealer stands up for blinds to be folded. If you are the last player to act, you should do steal raise. Betting is used for limiting the number of players. However, you should apply this strategy only when your cards are good.

If you wish to check an online poker real money opponent, you can apply the strategy of a check-raise. Here, you will tempt the opponent to bet. You should apply a reverse steal for bluffing the opponents while doing an opener. While if someone is playing a shorthanded game, you can do squeezing. It is done when the player has good cards and expects others to draw.

Know what are your cards

Another strategy which should be applied in best online poker is to know your cards. You should apply your knowledge of when to play the cards and discipline to fold. It is also very important to observe your opponents while playing the game of poker. It is one of the best strategies you can apply in poker. Observe them and use their weakness in your favour. If you know about your opponents then you will be able to help yourself while building up and protecting your stack. At the same time, try to use dissimilar patterns while playing poker. This will help you to confuse your opponents and they will keep on wondering about your game plan.

These are just 4 poker tips – of course, there are many more poker tips for winning players – and we’ll keep giving them to you in the future!

Happy playing!


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Line between Winners & Losers in Poker Online

There is a clear-cut line and that is when a poker online player knows when to play his cards and when to fold them. You can determine if someone is a winner or a loser with that dictum. And will know by experience how things should go. You will get a better feel of the game the more you play poker.

Betting and Calling

The game of poker online is actually all about betting. Betting will be the determining factor if someone will win or someone will lose. Again, you should know when to bet and when no to bet.

We see online poker real money winners as those who bet, and losers as those who call. In a game of No-Limit Hold’em, you cannot afford to be very passive and just call all the time. You need to be aggressive to be successful. And you can play a bit on the right side of the game at times but you need to bring out your solid game and be aggressive when you get into the action. You need to make your opponents make harder decisions in the game and make them commit mistakes.

Get other players on the hand

Great online poker India players can get people to involve on a hand. They can make those guesses as to what cards their opponents are holding. That makes them successful.

You will improve on this skill as you go along. And you need to ask questions when you or your opponents make the move. You need to understand why the other guy is betting, why is he pushing all of his chips in, or why did the opponent raise, why did she check, is she waiting for a draw, and things like that.

When things get into the river, you have things all figured out and planned out. You have read what your opponent has just by looking at all of his actions.

Happy playing!

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Playing your Online Poker Cards When Out of Position

Over and over again, you will hear that position is a very important factor in playing no-limit Hold’em online poker. This is especially true when the stacks are deep where the betting rounds during the turn and the river can result in large pots. Good players will often not hesitate to fold cards, which lesser skilled players will risk when they are in a bad position rather than throwing away their money.

Here is how you should play poker when you are not in a good position:

Avoid risking it with connectors

When you have a good poker online hand, it might be easier to adjust with your bad position. Let us say you have a pair of sixes and you are out there to get a set but no set is revealed upon the flop, then goodbye. Another choice of play is keeping on firing when you get a set on the flop. This may not be the case with connectors which usually flops about 4/5 of the hand. The pot odds in order to have a flush or a straight is not favourable.

Over-bet the size of the pot before the flop

It is a good reason to celebrate when you are out of position and you still win what is in the pot when you have only a big pair. Some action is nice when you have a big pair but you should not allow your opponent to get in cheap since he still has a chance in case, he out-flops your hand. Make the other online poker India player play for the opportunity to grab away your chips.

The awkward situation on the blinds

When you are holding pocket 10s or maybe A-Q and you are on either the BB or the SB, things can get pretty awkward when the player on the button is quite aggressive and open-raises. So, what should you do? Do you fold online poker real money cards? Of course not. Do you call or re-raise? If you have cards like A-Q it might be wise to just call with chances of hitting the cards about 33% of the time while the pair of 10s might be more challenging since they only get better one of eight ties. In any way, give your opponent a chance to fold when you are out of position.

Happy playing!


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Poker Online Basics: Acting decisively like a Winner

When you play poker online, you need to get the best of it by focusing on the long term, being realistic, and acting deceptively to get an edge over your opponents. You also act decisively and that distinguishes winners from losers.

And you need to think and feel and making sure you make a perfect blend of the two for your best online poker game. You need to feel but not be overconfident that you become very impulsive. And you need to think but cannot over-analyze and not act accordingly.

Here are some characteristics of how you can become a winner:

Selective aggression

You need to play aggressive but you need to time it right. You need to wait when you have the advantage when things feel right and then pounce hard on your opponents. Indecisiveness is the characteristic of losers who check when in fact they need to bet or they raise when they really need to fold. You need to understand the situation and apply the right online poker real money techniques to make most of the situation.

Push some more when winning

When you are winning, try to push some more. This is pushing in the right manner as opposed to losers who do not have the grounds and foundation to be aggressive. Pushing when you are winning is a form of selective aggression. Winning players can push because they have that edge against the other players where they think you are luckier or a stronger player, and as a result, you will meet less opposition on your way to claim the pot.

Adaptability and hard work

Learning poker online is a continuous process. Even the poker greats learn something every time they play. You need to be pliant as bamboo and learn to adapt to the changes. Your pursuit for self-improvement should be there as you try to strengthen your game and hone your online poker India skills.

Happy playing!


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Play Poker Online Tips: Making Most of your Good Position upon the Flop

One of your best assets during a play poker online session is your position. Making decisions after how the other players tend to play their cards is a big plus and somehow helps you make a more accurate decision. Knowing this is not good enough though but you have to know and practice the techniques of how your good position on the table can help you bring home some more money. Let us assume you are on the button and on the flop.

Smooth-calling when holding good cards

If the best online poker flop does not bring to the table very dangerous looking scenarios for your cards, then you can give yourself a wide range of hands that are strong enough to raise. Deep stack money players will often just call even with a solid hand as long as the cards are not monstrous enough to put all their chips behind it. Instead of raising which can give your opponents a screaming warning that you have a good hand, just smooth call. Your cards are not good enough to put all your chips in but getting some more money in the middle for you to grab is a great move, too.

Long shot or no hand smooth calling

Let us say that you only have a gutshot after you see the flop and you are praying to all the gods for a 3-card straight flush. In this situation, you can make a float call and make the other players that you have a good hand. In order for this to work though, you need to have a good image on the online poker India table and the right set of opponents for the float play to work.

Smooth-call against fearful players

When you have a good chance of drawing something out of the flop, you can make use of this scenario to push another player against the wall. When a weak online poker real money opponent bets, make sure you call. If he bets a small amount or check, push him more and raise or bet something big. Act as a menace and force the opponent to make the mistake.

Happy playing!


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Online Poker Strategy – Aggressively Playing Drawing Hands

A drawing hand in an online poker game is a situation where you have certain cards that make a potentially strong hand. This is only if you have that other card to complete the hand you desire.
In the game of online poker India, drawing hands maybe tough cards to play, in particular when you are faced with bets or raises and you are not sure whether you will call or not. In the normal cases, you play the poker game hand with some checks and calls. And you will see that you will make your straight or flush but at the same time doing it the cheapest way possible.

Bring aggression on the poker game table

Another way to play poker online is drawing hand is to have some aggression on the table. You can bet out or raise instead of feeling your way by calling and checking. It may not follow the practice of seeing how your cards will do as cheaply as possible but playing them with aggression has a lot of advantages.

Playing online poker real money with aggression though with drawing hands fits poker players with advanced skills. These players can read situations very well and has a good grasp of poker tells to read the other players. Advanced poker players also know the risks of pushing some chips for an unmade card. In case you are a beginner or an intermediate poker player and want to experiment, just make sure you stick with the best cards to draw a good hand like Ace high for a flush and a high straight draw.
In case you are playing best online poker drawing hands and you play it with some aggression. Other players on the table will not think that you are still waiting for another card to make what you have, and this impression in itself is a very big advantage for you.

Happy playing!


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