Play Poker Online Tips: Making Most of your Good Position upon the Flop

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One of your best assets during a play poker online session is your position. Making decisions after how the other players tend to play their cards is a big plus and somehow helps you make a more accurate decision. Knowing this is not good enough though but you have to know and practice the techniques of how your good position on the table can help you bring home some more money. Let us assume you are on the button and on the flop.

Smooth-calling when holding good cards

If the best online poker flop does not bring to the table very dangerous looking scenarios for your cards, then you can give yourself a wide range of hands that are strong enough to raise. Deep stack money players will often just call even with a solid hand as long as the cards are not monstrous enough to put all their chips behind it. Instead of raising which can give your opponents a screaming warning that you have a good hand, just smooth call. Your cards are not good enough to put all your chips in but getting some more money in the middle for you to grab is a great move, too.

Long shot or no hand smooth calling

Let us say that you only have a gutshot after you see the flop and you are praying to all the gods for a 3-card straight flush. In this situation, you can make a float call and make the other players that you have a good hand. In order for this to work though, you need to have a good image on the online poker India table and the right set of opponents for the float play to work.

Smooth-call against fearful players

When you have a good chance of drawing something out of the flop, you can make use of this scenario to push another player against the wall. When a weak online poker real money opponent bets, make sure you call. If he bets a small amount or check, push him more and raise or bet something big. Act as a menace and force the opponent to make the mistake.

Happy playing!


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