Poker Online Freerolls – Fun with No Deposits

Poker freerolls are basically poker tournaments that are conducted for free on poker playing websites. These websites do not usually charge you anything under the pretext of registration fees, unlike normal poker tournaments. Organizers of these poker online freeroll tourneys also sometimes offer cash prizes for the winners of these tourneys. Usually, quite a lot of people enter these poker freeroll tournaments and play in a very jovial manner. And friendly manner because there is no actual spending of money.

When you start to play at the online poker India freeroll tables, you should first make a decision as to which table you want to play in. Most of these tables are categorized on the basis of the prize money they offer. So usually, the tables listed at the top have the best prize money amount. And also have the maximum number of players competing for it. One should note that these poker freeroll tournaments can take a very long time to finish. So you’ll also have to stock up on your patience.

Remember, this is a tournament, even though it’s free. So, you’ll have to up your game if you want to win something big! Keep in mind some simple tricks of the online poker real money. Play competitively, try to be aggressive. If you happen to get a hand of a royal pair (Like a KK) or a double Ace hand, then you should raise significantly to set the pulse of the table racing. The two above mentioned hands are extremely good and can always ensure a good round. In these situations, if you raise your bet by quite a bit, you can be sure that your call will be seconded by someone or the other because the number of participants is really high.

Play the game tactfully

Try to play a smaller number of hands during the game. Sometimes people think that just because they are at the table playing a game of play poker online freeroll, they just have to play in every single round. It’s alright to fold every now and then and is also a technique practised by many. You can keep throwing your cards away till such time you get a great combination, which can almost surely win you the round. When you do get such a hand, then it is the time to become aggressive. Raise your bet, wait for more people to call your bet and then watch the money pile in as you win!

Even if you have moderately good cards that can win you some rounds but not always, you should fold. This holds good for a hand like numerical pairs, such as an 8-8 or a 9-9, for example. Don’t attempt to play the round if you are not sure of getting that pot. Remember, you shouldn’t really try to bluff your way in poker freeroll tournaments. You should really avoid that.

You must remain focused while you are playing because after all, poker online freeroll games are also actual poker tournaments. And since these are played online, it is highly advised that you stay away from any distractions such as email or instant messaging or using your cell phone or glancing at your television.

Poker freerolls are the best places for beginners to learn, so if you are starting, then the poker freeroll sites should be your first stop.

Happy playing!

Playing Against a Preflop Raiser in Play Poker Online

When you play against a preflop raiser during a play poker online game, there are two things to consider. Chip stack will dictate how the game will be played since most small stacks will be forced to bet the best they can after a large raiser while stack leaders will fold after missing the flop.

Another important thing to consider while playing poker online game is having the right position in the table.

Playing Early Position

If you are in a big or small blind position you have the opportunity to put some pressure on the best online poker raiser. You can call a small raise in case you have on hand suited cards, small pockets, or connectors. This will give the other poker players the impression that you got something on the flop. In case someone goes over the top, then decide if you have to fold what you have.

There might also be situations where your opponents will have monsters at hand when ace or face cards come out of the flop. Poker game online can be check and fold.

Game to Play in the Late Position

When you have a late position you can call raises to pairs of cards above 9s; A paired with a 10, J, Q, K; or a K with a J or Q. Watch out for flops like 4,5, J or a 6,7, Q if you have a KJ or KQ since most preflop raisers might be playing AJ or AQ. If the preflop raiser checks, then you can make a move and bet on the flop.

You and your opponent can also end up missing your hands. When you have a rainbow on the board and the opponent checks, then bet your way to his mind. Playing over the top is also another option. This strategy might not work for small stacks which may decide to go all in.

Happy playing!


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Big Pot Play Poker Online Bluffing

The skill to bluff big pots in poker online effectively is something that’s needed. This separates good players from great players. It is no accident that the games played at the highest stakes feature some of the most daring bluffs: big bluffs are a central part of the game.

For small bets, the majority of best online poker players mix up their play very well. They’ll bet out or raise with nothing on the flop with about the right frequency – but a lot of players don’t mix up their play well on big bets. Some players never fool around when they put in really big money on the turn or river. Your opponents can never resist the big bluff when they see a lot of money/chips in the middle. Timing to strike the right balance between value bets and bluffs when you raising the ante in the pot is crucial to playing top-level poker.

When you are playing against world-class pros, bluffing too often is a bigger mistake than not bluffing enough. You will get called very often and you will look to everyone like you are carelessly spewing online poker chips. You’ll question yourself why they are calling you so often, but it’s easy to see why: your opponents will be getting 2:1 odds on a call (if you are betting the size of the pot) and they will infer based on your betting habit that you’re bluffing more often than that.

How can they determine that you are bluffing too often?

In a manner of speaking, if you are balancing your online poker real money big bluffs properly, you will be betting for value about two-thirds of the time. And you will be betting as a bluff about one-third of the time. Hands that you will bet big for value on the turn or river come up quite rarely. It’s not often that you make a straight, a flush, a set, or some other huge hand that earns a big bet on the river for value. If you’re betting big on the river and turn very often, your opponents will figure out that you’re bluffing too often.

Bluffing too often can be a huge misjudgment in an online play poker game. But not bluffing often enough in the truly big spots is one thing that prevents great players from becoming world-class. You’ll probably never hear someone say of famous poker players “he’s never messing around in that spot.” They can be bluffing in any spot. As the pot gets very huge, their bluffs will be less frequent, as they will be trying to represent very thin ranges, but their bluffing frequency will never be zero in any sport, other than some trivial ones where it’s only appropriate to raise with the unorthodox.

Have the edge on an opponent

Most of the time your big bluffs will occur when you have an edge on an opponent. This is most true for big moves on the river. If a player checks to you on the river, it’s likely not a check of strength. With one pair of hands, people will often call on the flop and turn, but not always on the river. Their “check-call, check-call, check” line often tells you that they have a big pair but no better. Some novice players will fold to a pot-sized bluff way too often in this spot, and will not adjust oneself behaviour even when they begin to suspect that you are bluffing them often. Against these players, you are obligated to keep pilfering (stealing) until they adjust.

Definitively, the ability to pull off a big bluff is a crucial element in poker. Highly do so with the correct frequency, and you’ll raise your game to the next level.

Happy playing!


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A Look at Poker online Tournament Strategy

To begin formulating a poker online tournament strategy, you first have to be aware of the different phases that occur and are relevant to gameplay. The easiest way to approach tournament strategy is to divide the process into four parts, starting with Pre-Tournament decision-making. Also, looking at the beginning and middle stages, and ending with the final stage.

1. Before the Tournament: Pre-Tournament Decision Making

There are many different types of online poker tournaments, so the first step is to be very clear on what type of tournament you’re entering.

Major Tournaments:

Large tournaments lasting for an extended period of time, like one week up to one month with larger buy-in fees.

Minor Tournaments:

Much smaller tournaments that usually last for three days. Buy-ins are cheaper than in major tournaments.

Free Roll Tournaments:

There is no buy-in fee required for entry into the tournament.

Re-buy Tournaments:

Players are given the option during a certain period to purchase more chips. Usually for the same price as the original buy-in. Each tournament has different re-buy rules regarding how many chips a player must have in order to purchase more. And another issue is whether or not the tournament allows for multiple re-buys or a one-optional re-buy. When the period for re-buys ends, the tournament becomes a Freezeout.

Guaranteed Tournaments:

Guarantees from the start that a certain amount of money will be in the prize pool, regardless of how many players buy-in to the play poker online tournament.

Satellite Tournaments:

A one-table tournament that’s used for the purpose of awarding winners with buy-ins to major tournaments.

Shootout: A player must defeat all players at his table before advancing to the final round. All finalists play against each other in a freeze-out format until only one player remains.

Freezeout: Players who run out of chips are eliminated. As seats open up, tables are combined together until there is only one player remaining. Players in the top remaining positions receive a percentage of the prize pool on a predetermined scale.

2. Beginning Stages of the Tournament

Depending on type of tournament, players will have a general tendency either to play more aggressively in early stages or very tight.

Re-buy tournaments, due to the fact that players can purchase more chips during re-buy periods, are played much more loosely and aggressively. The cost of blinds towards the beginning of the tournament is fairly low, which allows players much more leeway when deciding which hands to play poker. Again, factoring your cost allowance versus aggressive playing is important for finding the proper balance somewhere in-between both. It may be worth the risk to invest up to five per cent of your stack to see the flop on marginal hands for the chance of doubling what you have. This is only toward the beginning of the tournament when blinds are still affordable and you know that you won’t let yourself put in more than 5% of what you have on a small pair.

Keep in mind that your main focus in the beginning stages of a tournament should be to keep a decent stack of chips so that you’ll be in a secure position for the upcoming rounds.

3. Middle Stages of the Tournament

Towards the middle of the tournament, significant changes in the blinds need to be taken into account. Blinds will be raised and you’ll be required to invest a larger chunk of your chip stack as the rounds continue. This affects your playing strategy because the general tendency here is to try to win the blind by raising immediately. In order to call, you will have to invest a significant amount of money, which is not a smart move to make if your hand is weak. Smart players will fold immediately if they have nothing to go on. Remember that tournaments are a matter of survival, and if you’re wasting your chips on weak hands at this stage, you probably won’t last long.

To recap, your best bet if you’re in early position is to aggressively make the first raise, but if another player makes the raise, play tight and fold immediately if you have a weak hand.

4. The Final Stage

In order to make it to the final round, you should shoot for winning the blinds at least once per round. If you succeed, you’ll be in a position where the increasingly high blinds leave you in a critical position with your chips and require skilful short-hand play. The best online poker real money strategy at this stage is to take stock of where you stand with your chips and how close you are to the prize money according to the tournament’s prize structure. If you have a decent amount of chips, your focus should be on eliminating the other players by playing aggressively. If not, play conservatively and call only if you have a strong hand. It’s important at this stage to know realistically what’s possible and to adjust your strategy to aim for that goal.

Happy playing!


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More Tip and Tricks to Play Online Poker

It is not uncommon for even experienced poker players to flounder at online poker games. This is because there are some differences in the manner in which poker is played in the real world and online. 

Use whatever available information to play 

When you play best online poker you are not able to see your opponent and thus you cannot gauge his emotions from facial expressions and gestures. Thus, you need to make use of whatever information is available. The time tells at online poker games offer an indication of whether the person you are playing against is a fresher or an experienced poker player. If the player takes time to make his move, chances are that he is new to online poker and you can probably try to bluff him more than you would otherwise do. 

Write notes 

Online poker is a fast game, more so than poker live. This means that you have to be at the top of your game. You can consider writing notes to yourself about your game plan and mistakes to avoid and quickly glance at them as you play. If possible, memorize the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents. 

Analyse strength and weakness 

If you are new to online poker real money, polish your skills playing with virtual money first and analyse your strengths and weaknesses to gain confidence. This is the time to develop your own strategies and find out whether you are a safe player or an aggressive one who pushes an advantage to the fullest. You can then move on to playing with real money. 

Choose reputed online poker site 

Ensure that you are registered at reputed best online poker sites. This is because there is always a possibility of players colluding online against someone and sharing information. The site you are registered with should have an effective monitoring system for keeping tabs on the players. 

Select a game syncing your style 

Your chances of winning depend a great deal on your game selection. Select a game that is in sync with your skills, ability, and style of play. If possible research on your opponents and get an idea of the quality of opponents that you are going to face. Research on online poker India games shows that there is a great deal of benefit in accumulating as much information as you can on your opponents. The key mistakes that people make and the ones you should look to avoid are calling too frequently, betting too much, or folding too often. 

Know skills bringing maximum gains 

Know the skills that can bring you maximum gains. For example, if you play with a group that plays very few hands and folds more often, you can benefit by sharpening your short-handed play skills. You should also be a little more aggressive in blind-stealing. 

Hold on your cards 

Conversely, if you are playing with the “maniacs” who bet aggressively do not be afraid to hold on to your cards because they are betting “maniacally” and not because they have good hands. If you feel that your poker online opponents are calling too often, take advantage of it and do not bluff. 

Remember that at an online poker game, if you are unable to form an intelligent opinion of your opponents, you will get sorted out by them. 

Happy playing! 

Poker Tips: Handling a Problematic Pair of Jacks

A lot of players love getting their best online poker pocket jacks for a starting hand but things can get problematic when another player gets something better out of the flop. 

There are several options to play a particular hand in a no limit Texas Hold’em poker. Playing your jacks will really depend on several factors especially how the player on the big blind plays. It will somehow give you a gauge how to play your cards depending on his actions upon the flop. It isn’t fool proof but your chances will be better. 

Never play scared 

There is always a possibility that you opponent flops a good pocket pair or triples but you cannot play scared of these hands. You need to play your pocket jacks as the best of hands on the table. 

Try to know his cards 

Your JJ is the best hand but you should try your best to know what your opponent’s cards are to see your advantage. It also determines how aggressive you should play poker. 

Problematic Jacks

Set a spike when you see the turn then go all broke. Things happen. The good side about this is that your opponent might think that he holds the best cards and that can be your advantage right there. If the turn reveals a king or an ace, action might just stop. The other player might check then fold thinking that you have an Ace-King and made a monster out of the turn card. 

When the turn reveals something small, you get a chance to get a good pot size to take home. 

Slow playing 

Remember you do not have to wait for monster hands to slow play and trap your opponents. You just need something which dominates the table. You already have an ideal scenario when you have pocket jacks and the board reveals 9-9-3. 

Going broke with your jacks happen. That is online poker. That is life but do not let that pull you down. You cannot win big when you do not know how to risk big. Just exert your efforts to assess the situation properly and see if you can double up your money.

Happy playing!

Different Factors which Affect the Value of Your Position

Position is crucial especially when you are playing no limit Texas Hold’em poker online. Now how do you determine the scenarios where position is of greater or lesser value? There are several factors you need to consider when evaluating the value of your position. 

We must first understand what a good position on poker games online table is. A lot of people will say that a good position is when you are acting after the other players. True but of course this is not the case in all of the betting rounds. It is hard to simplify the discussion about position and just say that the optimal seat is always the button on the betting rounds post flop. Even the button can have a bad position when the position can be compromised by a preflop raiser. 

Depth of Stacks 

The more money on the table, the higher the chances that the poker online India players will get involve during the betting rounds with more chips being pushed into the middle. When this is the scenario, you can maximize the potentials of your position to outplay the other players. Become a good player and use your position to give your opponents problems. Without using your chips, you can make people commit mistakes as you present them a potential big loss. 

Number of opponents 

If there are a lesser number of opponents on the table, the lesser the risk you have when checking a card or putting a small bet to see a cheap one. The position is less valuable when you are on a heads up and the other player deceives you by betting when he has weak hand or checking when he has monsters. The more players in the pot, the more honest you can expect the betting to be. A late position in a big field of players is the optimal in best online poker. 

Your cards 

Your hand matters a lot in determining the quality of your position. Drawing hands often needs a better position compared to made hands. Other players acting before you may spell a free cad, or a hint to steal, or a chance to complete a draw. 

Happy playing! 

Fans Prefer Texas Hold’em to Other Poker Types

Different persons identify specific issues by the expression of leisure. However, the effect is always identical. They obtain biggest amusement getting back to their favored sort of pleasure again. Nonetheless, there are favorites as always. For instance, poker online players who spend days on online poker sites specify Texas Hold’em being one of the most valuable poker games attainable. That poker version certainly calls the most of participants’ curiosity. 

Likely the basis is in the age and historic meaning that let most poker online participants believe that it’s a father of all other poker games online. Although, depending on historical facts stud poker appeared to be the primary forebear for all other poker kinds. Anyhow, it doesn’t matter looking at those gains that greatest Texas Hold’em members withdraw from this game.  

Actually, capturing proportions of game’s jackpot with their eyes they’re not able to think about anything else but hitting it. Likewise, that’s unfair to claim that this info has entirely neglected. Diligent and rather devoted poker online India players really dig out material about their preferred poker type in the web. And they seem to compensate much for the diligence once they uncover. The poker contests mainly identified as the games played primarily by wealthy. 

Players appreciating Texas Hold’em games

Hence, why do players appreciate Texas Hold’em games that much? To start with it might be outlined that Texas Hold’em poker is generally advisable to newcomers. Obviously, there are grounds for that. The matter is that Hold’em poker and online Texas Hold’em in particular considered the simplest poker type to study and exercise standard poker rules.  

As they’re merely performed by Texas Hold’em rules newbie poker participants find it quite effortless and enjoyable to study the schemes of the game anytime they play poker online. As always when they just start grasping poker they assume mistakenly that to remember poker hands is the most complex in poker playing. Throughout ages, nonetheless, it turns out that thorough focus is the fundamental. This is regarding winning at poker and the most complicate to master. 

The inquiry about a considerable number of gamers dwelling on poker pages could be pretty pat. The answer is plain. They literally get much cash to play poker on the internet. Nonetheless, those amounts still cannot be compared to the jackpots that they all have a chance to hit during Texas Hold’em tournaments. The tours seem some completely outstanding poker events that demand a lot of knowledge and special abilities which might be perfected due to difficult work and appropriate preparations. 

That is why they are after best poker online site which could provide them with lots of practice. Apart from considerable prizes poker gamers also highlight that they adore such tournaments as they obtain good probabilities of showing off as undoubtedly mature poker players and becoming recognized amongst poker gamers. The experience they admire mostly. 

Happy playing!  

Poker Tips: Looking for Patterns of Your Opponents in Hold’em

What you have to notice on your opponent are the extra ordinary things that he may be doing. Does that particular online poker player make small or big raises, or maybe played some cards which should have been folded, or reveal cards which are quite unexpected. 

Know the normal and it is easy to pick up the extra ordinary things an opponent does. Here is a short list of things that you want to learn about aonline poker India player’s betting patterns: 

Preflop raises 

It is not that often that you get very good starting cards. You will notice players raise when they get a favorable hand, you might want to observe how often they do this and if they are going a bit more than usual. You also want to take note how he raises from different positions on the table. If you have an opponent who is a bit tight when on the early position, and then raises during late positions, then most likely you have someone who knows how to play. 

Big hands 

Experienced online poker real money players vary their management of big hands. Some will bet when he gets hold of an excellent hand while some players will just check. You have to remember that you need to vary your game. Checking every time you hit is a very easy pattern to recognize and other players can make you pay badly when they recognize your playing pattern. 


You need to see how much a poker player tends to bluff when he misses a draw. Again bluffing is another side of your game that you need to vary or you might be made to pay by your more experienced opponents.


When playing in a no limit Hold’em, you need to gauge the aggressiveness of the player especially during tournaments. Is limping in online poker a sign of weakness? Yes and no. You can limp in but still show some might on the best online poker table so other players will not try to steal from you. When other players respect your limp, you will more get more chances at the pot without spending so much.

Happy playing! 

Playing Mind Games in No-Limit Hold’em

When playing a ring game of no limit Hold’em online poker, you will be needing psychological techniques and bluffing styles. You can only use them when you know what kind of opponents you are facing. 

A few bluffs here and there might do well in a lower stake online poker India. Once you play for the higher stakes where the buy in is at least 200, how you use mind games is very important. Read your opponents so you know how to play them: 


They play their hands and they will fold with the blink of an eye when you bet big. When they have good cards at the online poker real money, they might call for it but do not do something too scary for them or they may back down. They can be an easy catch if you know how to read them and they do not bluff much. 


They might know the ins and outs of best online poker but they will tend to think that you are bluffing and will call against your move. 

Weak & Tight 

Like the fish, they maybe too careful when playing. They don’t want to lose their chips and will not be too quick betting on something good. You can bluff these guys and push them a bit but be careful with their possible traps in the long haul. 

Tight & Aggressive 

These players are the generals of the field. Their strategies and tactics are forces to reckon with. Winning in an online poker game will primarily depend on how they read their opponents. You can bully them by playing strong against them. Change pace by playing like a fish or a sheriff and you might just catch them off guard and read their moves. 

Hyper & Aggressive 

You will be hearing bets and raises all night with these players. It will be very hard to tell if they are just bluffing. You can try to raise them to test the waters but they are very dangerous. Do not let them know what you have and vary how you play your hands. 


They will push all the chips in when they feel like it. On your side of the table, just relax and let them play their game. Just play your game and watch their chips disappear. 

Happy playing!