Steps to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone in Online Poker

It is not easy to get out of your comfort zone in online poker game but you need to try and get out so you can go for your long-term goal of winning more. Here are some steps that you can take to achieve this:

Ask for help

If you will not be asking for help, you might not be able to execute the other steps. A poker online friend or a coach will assist you in understanding yourself while keeping you motivated. The other persons will be a good reinforcement so you can stick to your improvement programs.

Start small

Change will not happen overnight. So, you need to take it one step at a time. Pick a small mission that you want to work hard for and achieve. Having realistic goals will help you to act on it more often, overcome challenges, and build your confidence.


You need to give it your all if you want to improve your game. Commitment will lead to pride when you achieve your goals. Your support group should recognize and praise your achievements while giving you feedback for your shortcomings.

Identify challenges

You need to point the forces which will affect how you think and focus. You need to address the problem and dissect why you fail in some areas and succeed in some.

Short-term price

You need to accept the fact that there will be a period when you will be very uncomfortable as you try to implement the changes to your online poker real money game.

Happy playing!

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5 Great Techniques Making Online Poker Game Much Easier

With so many people playing online poker today it is no wonder that everyone has his “ultimate technique” for winning at this game. Everyone has at least one friend who claims and believes in this with all his heart that he has discovered a sure fire way to always win.

Poker players always try to find the best way possible to be good at online poker India and that, of course, includes online poker. So here are 5 techniques that helped me improve my game and I’m sure that they will aid you as well.

  1. Begin tight

Information about your opponents is vital if you want to win. Unfortunately, when you join the online poker real money tournament, you don’t know jack about your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Because of that, you have to start slow and to observe your rivals. Check out which of them are aggressive and which passive players, which like to play tight are and which loose. These first hands are perfect for rooting out weeds, by the time the game progresses, the weaker players will leave the table, leaving only the serious players. And if you’ve done well at the beginning, they still won’t be sure what to expect from you.

  1. Know your level

Maybe it looks tempting to play with the “big boys”, but with great opportunity comes the great risk of losing all of your money in just two or three hands. Best online poker player must know his limits if he is to progress further.

  1. Use the information at your disposal

Okay, so you can’t see your opponents in a poker online game, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their “tells”. These can

  • What they say in the chat box
  • How fast do they play
  • Their betting patterns
  • Which cards do they like to “showdown” with
  1. How to play at mid-game?

Once you reach the mid-game, you should mix tight with aggressive style. Be selective with your hand. Raise only Aces, Kings and Queens. Once you get involved in the game further, you should start to be more aggressive. Because you played tightly so far, the rest of the players will always be wary of you, thinking that you have a strong hand.

  1. Know when it’s a good time to play loose

You shouldn’t always play aggressive or tight. There will be times when you should play loose as well. In a tournament, you want to reach the top three, where the money is and not waste your time with small players.

Happy playing!

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Adjusting Your Online Poker Play – The Tight Game

One key factor in becoming a good online poker player is the ability to adapt your game to each situation and move your game up a couple of gears when needed as well, This is because a certain style that you have adapted may be very profitable against a select number of opponents yet that same style could have you leaving the table with great loss against another set of opponents.

Simply if you can learn to read the players you are against and adapt your own game. It is to counter their styles then you will become a lot more profitable at a lot more tables. But how do you know which style to play?

Adjusting for the tight game

Obviously you have to sit and observe your players. And what they are doing you need to try and identify. Whether the table is mainly loose open play or tight play you. Normally you try to adopt the opposite tactic so if your table is playing lose you yourself should tighten up. And wait for a “premium hand” on which to play. Whereas if you’re on a tight table you should loosen up your own play a little. And raise a bit more with “speculative hand”

Many players believe that there is not a lot of money to be made In a tight game of online poker India and the money is with the loose players however this is not the case as a tight player is just as exploitable as his loose counterparts, all be it in a different way.

Tight players by nature will only play their best hands. This means that they will fold a lot. It is this that you can use against them to yield a profit from the game.

Only raise with speculative hands

It is possible to steal small pots from tight players all day long but be cautious if you are to aggressive in your style a tight player will sit and sit and hit you only when holding a premium hand, potentially costing you a lot of chips. We would advise that in a tight game you only raise with speculative hands so you still have a chance of hitting a flop under a call and We recommend that you still apply pot odds to your raises. It may seem good to steal small pots all day long but if you do not do this with some knowledge behind you eventually you will start lose money with the tight players hitting you big when they do catch a hand.

However as a word of caution not all tight players will crumble under the slightest raise unless they believe themselves to have the nuts, there was a couple of years ago a new breed of player that was conceived in the play poker online world the Tight-aggressive player these players tend to have a good understanding of Position and other aspects of the game that allow them to switch from a tight to a loose game in the same hand these are the players that you need to be wary of as they will monitor how you play and make there move to maximize their own profits.

Happy playing!

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Online Poker Basic: Learn to Glance Around

When you play poker and a rumored good player joins the poker table with you do not be pressured to show off. Continue to observe all players for their style and tell signs. This good player might be losing small bets in the early part of the game to check on the other players’ abilities. That means you have to be careful for other players at the table might be doing some observing too. In this article, you will understand why it important to observe how online poker players react.

It is really important to not get too excited on showing that you have talent too when playing against a good player. If you are one of those good players too, this game could be a battle of talent and luck. Initially, you may say the rumors were bad. The looks of this guy just don’t fit the image of those winner guys you see on international or national poker tournaments. It could be true you play better than he does, no one can tell until the games begin.

And so when the cards are being dealt, you feel the pressure of winning the game and proving yourself. You may have the tendency to stare at your cards without even glancing at the other players. The result of your analysis was wonderful: you are raking in pot after pot. Then you wonder what is so good about this other good player. It seems like he is not so good after all.

Tackle the presumed good opponent

Then after several games it became established in your mind that the good player was just not up to your level of proficiency. So when he called for a raise in bet, you were thinking that there was nothing he was worthy of showing. You shoved in part of your stack. He raised again, you raised with him.

But after that you were slowly losing and losing pot after pot. The stack of chips you had on table is leaving you piece by piece. The thing to do would be to quit game or else lose all chips you previously own. You wonder what went wrong.

One reason could be that you failed to observe tell signs. Certain people make certain reactions when given a set of cards and/or when community cards are revealed. You may find a smirk on their face that could mean a good online poker real money hand. When a frown is observed, then it could mean the player’s hand missed cards on table to make a good hand.

When you just stared at your card all throughout game, you are missing out tell signs. And if you don’t want to let other people read your position, you may either bluff or maintain a constant face with no reactions when community cards are laid down or when cards are distributed.

So when you play poker online this weekend, don’t keep staring at your cards. Keep that stoic face and be observant of other players’ reactions. This talent cannot be learned overnight, it will take some time. Try to play as many kind of players as possible, take note of how they reaction to certain situations in game.

Happy playing!

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Perfect Reads of Online Poker Tells through these Signs

A tell is any habit, behaviour, or physical reaction, that gives other players more information about your hand. The following are tips supplied to online poker fans by the pros, and can apply against novice or advanced players. Remember, that in poker there are many contradictions and exceptions to the rule. Also, experienced pros will give out false tells to fool players.

Watch the Eyes

This is why many pros wear sunglasses or visors/caps when playing; they know that the eyes rarely lie. For example, many players can’t help but stare at big hole cards, so their length of time peeking is longer. Conversely, if a poker online player is looking to steal the pot, he may look to his left to see if the remaining players, who haven’t yet acted, have quickly glanced at their cards and are likely to fold. Another e.g., a player may try to ask you questions about your hand, knowing that people rarely can “look someone straight in the eyes” while being dishonest.

Facial Expression

Again, many pros try to disguise their entire face by wearing a cap and looking downward. This is to avoid the classic stare down that best online poker pros are famous for. They may try to study your face for nervousness (detecting a weak hand), or even look for repetitive characteristics like a body “tic”. You may have obvious unhappiness in your face when your hand is weak, and conversely, you may show a contrasting show of confidence when your hand is strong.

Trembling Hands

Also, a by-product of anxiety, beware of an online poker real money player whose hands are shaking, this nervousness can represent a big hand.

Glance at Chips

Again, relating to the eyes. It is common for players to quickly glance at their chips if they connect with the board after a Flop for example. This may be a subconscious reaction, but the player is already planning his attack.

Repetitive Betting Patterns

Usually the most revealing tells are based on the way an online poker India player habitually bets during particular situations. For example, maybe the player always checks when he has made the nuts, or a player may regularly fold after being re-raised.

Chip Stacking

When you first sit down at a table, study the way the players stack their chips. Although it is a generalization, loose aggressive players typically maintain unorganized/sloppy stacks, while tight conservative players keep well organized/neat stacks.

Happy playing!

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When You Need to Stop Playing Online Poker Freeroll Games

Now online poker freeroll games are a great place to get some experience of basic poker tournament, but they teach you a lot of bad habits. The fundamental problem with the freeroll is that they are free! No one invests all your money, so they feel they have nothing to lose. It is not natural for you to invest a lot of their time poker freeroll if you want to succeed, and do what they say, time is money.

Best online poker freeroll games are very popular poker sites to play poker online with thousands of people every day.

Here is a cross section of the community playing freeroll poker online beginners who have never played a single hand, but may have looked a little poker on television, poker players are very good quality is a little more could be used as money to be. The result is a situation where most players are from the poorest to hit early in the tournament, so to fight a decent player for the next two hours.

If you play a little online poker India freeroll games and found enough to do to improve it beyond the first hour, it is probably time for you to go and leave the online poker freeroll games behind. Play a freeroll and to make money means sitting for anything from three to five hours for the award of a prize of as little as ₹ 5000. You could play for four hours to finish in the top ten and earn less than ₹ 1000!

Pay and enter the tournaments

The next step on the ladder of online poker real money is to pay to move the entry tournaments, even if you do not pay a rupee or two. Here the difference is in one word. Poker online poker freeroll games usually have a total budget of anything from ₹ 50 to ₹ 500000, this is money from the poker site, so go there and play. There are up to 2400 people playing in freeroll tournaments each, so the money per player is very low.

Well, if you opt for an entry in the tournament, even if the price of admission is only ₹ 100 to decide, and there are five times more money in the pot by a player, and that’s without “added” money poker website often launched to encourage more players to participate in the tournament. Lucky you, how much you have to win in this game as in a freeroll. In fact, you probably have a better chance. As they have so many players in the game when you are less likely to give one lucky player equipped with a “bad beat” is burning.

So, ask yourself, what would you do to better spend your time – for hours at a freeroll for a pittance of a price or pay money at a price that is actually worth winning?

Happy playing!

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Be Aware of Online Poker Etiquette

While playing poker implementing the right etiquette gives you the confidence, and helps you to adequately concentrate on the game as well. This article would spell the right online poker etiquettes which should be followed by all the players on the table.

Poker is a thought-provoking game. You invest your time in thinking and calculating not only your but the moves of your opponents as well. A long pause poker games online etiquette poisons the tempo of the game. The dynamism and the glamour of the game somewhere loses and this makes the game very conventional and unsurprising. Players often quit a particular poker table because of the stereotype and lack of excitement.

Most poker players indulge in playing on multi-tables which increase their chances of winning. If you are simultaneously playing 2 or more poker games online you should be able to devote ample time to plan and make the right moves on all the tables you play poker online. If you are not a pro at multi-tasking you should refrain from playing games simultaneously as it would cause an obstacle to your thinking pattern and it would affect the speed as well.

Avoid creating ant scene

Both big and small stakes are involving in the game of poker attracts irksome behavior and tainted language. One of the prominent poker etiquettes is that players should avoid creating a scene; refrain from drinking too much alcohol. Speaking obscene language is an absolute no. All these acts are forms of distraction for players. And any player who indulges in any of this is an easy target for the opponents.

Do not play out of turn. Users follow this etiquette strictly as it tends to give an indication about the cards to the other players on the table. You should never show your cards even if you have decided to quit the game. This act would help you immensely as the opponents would not be able to judge the playing style of yours and you would not be an easy target. Shielding your cards from the others on the table is important or else important information would be leaked and this could alter the betting stakes in the game. Obviously, you do not want to create an advantageous situation for others.

Happy playing!

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Dealing with Bad Beats in Online Poker Game

Many online poker players, no matter what variation of the game they play, struggle to deal with bad beats. Admittedly there isn’t much worse than getting your chips in with a high percentage edge and watching the pot ship to a fishy opponent who hit a miracle card on the river. Bad beats are usually followed by the loser berating the winner in the chatbox. Tilt then comes into effect and more often than not causes the player who just took the sick beat to lose even more money out of frustration or the burning desire to win the chips back.

Okay, so not all players react to bad beats in that way but it’s definitely not uncommon. In fact, everyone has a breaking point. The point in which they just can’t take anymore and their emotional state begins to affect the way in which they play. If you do truly want to be able to deal with bad beats and stop going on tilt the first thing you need to do is identify your breaking point. Usually, the more online poker real money you play the more immune to the beats you become but no matter what stakes your play or what game, one person can only take so much.

Calculate your patience level and emotions

Step one is to work out how much you can take before you lose emotional control and you begin to play inferior poker. As the best online poker player, your aim should be to bring your A-game to the table 100% of the time. Now, this can be pretty difficult but if you’re serious about becoming a winner then it’s a concept you need to understand and apply.

Your breaking point might be after just one bad beat or it might be after five. Only you can know when it is and you need to be able to identify it. It’s usually around the time you start feeling agitated by the play of others or depressed about the lack of justice in the game. Finding out when your own breaking point occurs is the first step to learning how to deal with bad beats.

Do not play crossing your limit

Step two, believe it or not, is to stop playing once you have reached your breaking point. For most people, this is where to problems really start. They tell themselves over and over that they are feeling good and are still playing their A-game when inside they know that really emotional control is slipping.

If you want to become a successful player then you need to have self-control. Going on tilt will kill your win rate and in severe cases turn winning players into losers. The best way to prevent this from happening to you is to learn to identify when your breaking point is and stop yourself from playing when you reach that point.

Once you have stopped playing it is important to take a sustained break from the action. Try to do something that will relieve your frustration and return you to a calm state of mind. An exercise is a great tool in helping you achieve this. Just take a 30-minute break, go outside and do something physical. Only return to the tables when you are fully over the emotional stress from your previous session.

Happy playing!

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For Poker Deals:Play Online Poker & Visit Poker News Sites

Online poker has witnessed a boom over the last decade. This has led to the huge growth of poker news sites, especially over the last decade. Both online poker players and fans use the news sites for a variety of reasons, but generally, they visit them as a place to search for news and share their thoughts about poker hands, players, rumours, lifestyle, tournaments, poker offers and other interesting things.

We have listed the cause people should visit best online poker news sites in various parts of world:

​​Latest Poker Offers

Visiting poker news site helps you to know various top offers & deals running on various poker websites across world. Be it a bonus, deposit offers or any other lucrative offers. News sites let you know about different offers, helping you to save lots of money. The beauty of these platforms is that they also bring information on lucrative freeroll tournaments. This can benefit you a lot.

Poker- tournament

Apart from latest offers, poker games online news sites also bring up information on various tournaments and events. This including tournament structure details, schedules, buy-ins and prize pool information along with suggestions for stay, food and shopping. So, if you want to know about the upcoming poker events or wish to know about the past results of the tournaments, you should visit news websites.

Player Interviews

Almost all poker news websites across the world cover the interviews of the top poker players who share their poker journey, hands, experience, victories, losses and at the same time give important lessons and tips to aspiring poker players. So, poker fans and players also visit news sites in order to watch interview videos or find excerpts from interviews for a better understanding of the poker.

Discussion Forums

Most poker news websites feature discussion forums where players from around the world gather to discuss things about both offline and play poker online, including their player ranking and even their own accomplishments. Players on these sites discuss poker hands, strategies, and much more about poker.

Live Event Coverage

The last but very important reason why you should visit an online poker real money news site is the fact they bring up live coverage from various high-profile poker tournaments running across the world. Yes, you can find live updates on big-money poker events.

Happy playing!

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You Don’t Want to Miss these Online Poker Tips

Poker is a card game popular in the world. No matter where you are, you’ll see people looking card poker. Some people play for free while playing online poker their profession. If you want to become a good poker player, there are many things you need to learn.

Today, there are a lot of information and tips for online poker India. By doing a Google search, you can find much information on it. Other than the Internet, you can also go to your local library and look out for books on poker. Books cover a wide range of topics, from poker tells in detail the various strategies.

If you want to be a great professional play poker player, you must be willing to be a student forever. You have to keep learning new techniques, strategies and keep you updated to the latest poker news.

Now let us tell you some poker tips and we at PokerLion hope that you will find them useful:

Always be humble

Over Confidence makes you lose games. If you want to be a good poker player, you must know your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your limits, you can play to your strengths and try to win games.

Do not be lazy to learn and practice

No professional players have become lazy to practice and learn. Play with other online poker real money players the most experienced and try to learn from their strategies and tips. In this way, you can take the next level.

At a winning mentality

A great player must always have a winning mentality and try to win every hand, if possible.

Do not play every hand

If you are treated with a dirty hand and the odds are against you to win, not play. Yes, you have a winning mentality is important, but also must be realistic and ensure that is not lost. So remember, do not need to play each hand.

Always stay focused on the current game

When you play a game, not thinking about anything else. If you let your mind drift away, you lose concentration and make bad decisions. If you want to win games, you need to stay focused and have a clear head.

It does not take a single day for you to become a great poker player. So make sure you always keep learning and practising the game of poker.

Happy playing!

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