6 Factors to Look When Selecting Where to Play Online Poker


With countless online poker sites available to select from, it can be hard to discover the one that is best for you. Making this procedure even tougher is the abundance of affiliate sites that distribute misleading or false info to promote the sites that offer them the greatest commissions.

However, if you look these six factors, you can come across an online poker site that is most suitable for you! 

Platform and Poker State Restrictions 

Many poker sites are either confined from operating within several countries or states, or simply decide upon not to. In India many states have banned poker game such as Gujarat, Telangana, Assam or Odisha. Hence, you should probably start by narrowing down your options to sites which is maintaining the rules legally.

Poker Site and game traffic 

The site’s traffic is another major consideration when selecting an online poker site. Also consider the factors like at what time you play poker online game, the games and stakes you play while checking out the traffic of the sites.

Poker Site Rake and Fees 

When searching for a new best online poker site, players often neglect rake and tournament fees in favour of the more attractive “rakeback” or VIP rewards. Have a clear idea what poker sites have to offer you.

Poker Loyalty Rewards 

These days, very few sites offer regular rakeback. Rather, most have a tough loyalty rewards program. The most standard poker site rewards program consists of earning points, which then earn you status levels. Check these programs thoroughly before selecting a site to play poker.

Poker Sign-Up Bonus 

Sign-up bonuses are another promotion tool that many online poker sites use to appeal to players. Nevertheless, you really need to go through the fine print! 

Reliability and Ease of Fund Withdrawal 

Although we have stated this criterion last, a site’s reliability is probably its most crucial attribute. It doesn’t concern how the poker games are, how low the rake is, or how great the rakeback if you aren’t able to withdraw your money! If an offer seems too good to be authentic, then it most likely is. Sadly, the online poker industry isn’t controlled, and there are loads of scumbags taking edge of this fact.

There are over 1000 online poker sites, but you wouldn’t trust the bulk of them! Do some research ahead of joining a new online poker site! Sadly, even some of the biggest sites were found defrauding their visitors, so learn that there are no guarantees – the best you can do is reduce your risk.

Happy playing!