Tricks of Poker Chips

When you are at the poker table, one of the major strategies is to appear confident to your opponents. And one of the ideal ways for that is to learn the poker tricks. These tricks need good hand coordination, loads of practice and focus to be effective. They can help communicate confidence when you wish to bluff a bad hand or coerce other players with your casual yet skilled handwork as you play Texas Hold’em poker online, however they can be used for show off at any social gathering as well. Listed below are a few instances of poker chips tricks for you to begin. 

Knuckle Roll 

A much loved trick of poker chips is the knuckle roll. This trick seems to be the go-to in movies for characters to show how proficient they are at the game of online poker. While it might appear complicated to pull off this trick, it is in truth unexpectedly simple. All you have to do is take a poker chip and roll it across your fingers. 

To begin, pinch the chip between your thumb and forefinger, next rolling it over your forefinger, pinching it with the next finger, and keeping it going. It’s much simpler than it looks. Practice until you get good enough that it feels like second nature. 

Chip Twirl 

You may find the chip twirl a bit simpler, as you have more power over your chips, though practice is still crucial. Not like the knuckle roll, this chip twirl uses three chips rather than just. You can even use more than three chips, if you are bold enough. When practicing, you don’t have to fret about the poker chips falling out of your hands; hence you can concentrate on mastering the procedure and learning how to do them quicker. The quicker you go, although, the more you are at risk of dropping your chips. This is a pleasant trick to perform carelessly; making the rotation of the chip look like it’s something you learned sloppily. 

Thumb Flip 

Of all the poker tricks, the thumb flip is probably the most rewarding if you practise. It is not much simpler than the chip twirl, however it has the benefit of being easy to learn while also being easy to master. 

Like the chip twirl, it takes many chips (generally three or four). Once you learn how to get the fine moves down, which shouldn’t take long, boosting your swiftness is easily achieved by practice. Once you get your speed up, you’ll truly amaze others who don’t know how to do these deceivingly easy poker chip tricks. 


While the thumb flip is perhaps the simplest trick to master fast, the shuffle is the simplest to learn. The steps are fairly easy, and, unlike the knuckle roll, this trick lacks the danger of chips falling, as they’re stacked on the table rather than placed on your hand. This chip trick works best with more chips, and it needs an even number of chips in sequence for the two stacks to fold together rightly. You may have to practice this a bit, but the procedure are easy enough that you shouldn’t have much of an effort, and people around you who don’t know the trick will have no notion how simple it is. 

When you’re all set from practicing your poker chip tricks, try them out at the table. You may not be able to show off your poker chip tricks, but you can still practice while you play poker online. 

Good luck with the trick and at the poker table! 


Learn about Blaze Poker

There are often a few types of Poker games that you may come across online. But you have no idea of how they operate and work! With this in mind we are going to take a look at a very recent innovation that has been linked to a few poker games found at best online poker sites. 

This innovation is the Blaze Poker attribute. You play any game that is Poker Blaze game with a condition. You are for no reason going to have to experience any of the long and drawn out delays. This you frequently experience when playing the game of poker online. 

When you play any standard poker game you frequently find that the best playing choice. You can make at the initial stages of a new poker game is to fold your hand. But then you require to sit there coming up for all the other players. These players are still in the game playing their individual hands. 

While this has turned out to be part and parcel of playing poker both online and in land based casinos. The new Blaze Poker concept is going to totally do away with any waiting around. And  it is going to request lots of players who would much favour. This will be to have frenziedly poker playing action when they are playing online. 

The concept behind Blaze poker is simple, when you choose to play any Texas Hold’em poker table that is classified as a Blaze poker game you are not only playing those players sat just about the primary table you join, but you are playing against hundreds of thousands of players instead, and can be playing any of those players the instant you have folded a hand! 

When you first join a Blaze Poker game you will assign a table. And you will then be able to play Texas Hold’em poker as usual. However as soon as you fold your hand you are then separating from that poker table. And assigning another poker table which is just about beginning live play. 

This does of course mean you are no longer waiting for your original game playing out. And as soon as you fold you are then getting assigned a new table. It is worth noting that new table will have same structure game as table you at first joined. So you will be playing or the same stake levels and the similar sort of Texas Hold’em game!

Happy playing!

Poker and Psychology

None of the poker player having self esteem would dream of playing the game without having some basic knowledge about the strategy. 

Many ignorant poker players would not think of anything before sitting down to play the game and risk unusual amount of cash without knowing the human side of the game. Knowing what goes on inside the minds of our illogical opponents is just as vital to winning as any mathematical formula. What’s more, the aptitude to look inside and discover how your own thoughts and feelings control the way you play poker  is crucial if you wish to win in the long run. 

Having a feel for the psychology of the game helps you in two ways. Firstly, better you read your opponents’ thoughts, the better you read his cards. Secondly, a deep knowledge of your persona lets you to play at your total best and ignore the common drawbacks like tilt. Opponents will come and go; hence we start with the one player you can never get away from: you. 

Knowing Yourself 

Poker players are several of the most delusional people on our globe. They don’t play too many hands; players just like to see flops. They don’t raise at the incorrect time; it was the opponent’s fault for not folding when he was supposed to. For every slip we make at the poker table, there is an identical and opposite reason to explain it away. And when all else fails we can hold responsible our bad luck. 

Ego and Competition 

Competition reveals the delicate ego present in each one of us, but there is something about poker that makes the failure even tougher to take. Nobody enjoys losing money, but at times something even more is crucial that money is at stake and that is the pride. Poker is steeped in power, and to admit your opponent may be stronger, smarter or just plain better than you is to allow a terrible weakness. The poker mind will go to unbelievable lengths to prevent such a revolting thought. 

Make no error, confidence is necessary. You can’t be a winning poker player without the confidence. To endure the brutal swings you ought to have complete faith in yourself. But when does confidence cross the line to be overconfident? That is where self-knowledge enters the scenario. At the poker table, the aptitude to be frankly honest is worth its weight in gold. This is easier said than done, obviously.  

Your Own Playing Style 

To look into deep into your poker psyche, you require thinking about your own poker playing style. It comes down to why you play poker in the first place. Do you play to hang out with people? As you like the thrill of contest?  Or to prove something? Whatever the reason, or blend of reasons, your style of play is going to mirror that. 

It does you no good to learn correct poker strategy if you won’t use that knowledge when it counts. You can read books, study hand histories, buy fancy software to calculate percentages for you – but nothing and no one will ever make you into a first-rate poker player game but you. 

Knowing your opponent 

Between the amateur players who think nothing of losing cash as long as he can have fun playing the poker online game and the hardcore ones who hang onto each chip for dear life, there is astounding variety of poker players out there.  

If you want to play poker online at a higher level, you ought to be able to read them all. Just by reading your opponent can you put him on a range of hands, and merely by putting him on a range of hands can hope making the right choice most of the time. 

Adjust Your Play Accordingly 

Once you’ve got a little psychological read on your opponent, put that data to use and bend your play accordingly. Against a poker maniac, know there will be some wild financial swings in your future if you stay in this game. If you can’t grip that, go away. When you can, tighten up, re-raise with your decent hands, and in particular don’t let him put you on tilt. If your opponent is too passive, be more aggressive. If your opponent is too loose, value-bet more and bluff much less. For all flaws, there’s a best way to use that flaw and it’s your job to discover it. 

Putting it together 

Once you have understood your opponents well along with yourself, the true psych out poker games can start off. This includes higher levels of ideas. The very beginner poker players just care about their own cards, while the middle level players at least try to think what their opponents are holding. The expert players consider what their opponents think they have. Of course, this is impossible without having a read on the opponent and more than that, a grasp how a player’s opponent is reading him. 

Your Table Image 

You must have knowledge of your table image. Then if you can put yourself in your opponent’s shoes, figure out how he’s making choices – and not how you would be making decisions if you were in his place – you’re set to play poker as an expert. Assuming your opponent is also playing as an expert, the mind games between the two of you can go on roughly forever. 

The ultimate mind tactics of poker game is bluff 

There are numerous factors that ultimately play into a successful bluffing. However, bluff lives and dies based on the opponent it is targeted at. If your opponent senses what you are up to, if he has got a stronger hand than you figured, if his confidence is puffed up by a few wins recently, you are a goner. The tactic is not just about bluffing the weak players; it is about bluffing players who are feeling weak at the game in that moment. 

Psychology is no alternative for cold hard poker math. But psychology can add an unbelievable depth to your game, and to your wallet, when it’s used in union with a solid poker plan. It forms a one-two punch which is virtually invincible. By opening up your eyes to the human side of the game, even as you keep on to calculate odds, there’s no motive you can’t have the best of both worlds. 

Happy playing! 


Well Chosen Poker Playlist

Music and songs discover inspiration from literally anything. So, why would the poker online game stay behind? 

Endless songs by rock, classic pop, and even heavy metal artists have found inspiration prom the game of poker. Here are a list of 10 songs we feel the best ever. You can start off your own poker playlist and add some of these if you too like them. 

Kenny Rogers – The Gambler (1979) 

Genres: Country, Pop 

If you are love to play poker online  and a fan of online poker you are picking one poker song to play on the loop, this will certainly be it. The classic line of this pop song, “You got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em” is full of great advice. 

Lady Gaga – Poker Face (2008) 

Genres: Dance pop, Pop 

Although this is a song truly about the game of romance rather than the poker game, the enticing words “Can’t read my poker face” ought to still encourage you to win a poker session. 

Motörhead – Ace of Spades (1980) 

Genres: Metal, Rock, Classic metal 

Poker lovers! You should listen to this classic metal. The song narrates a die-hard gambler living on the edge. And this is the song which will have your competitive spirit flowing fast. 

Frank Sinatra, Robert Alda – Luck Be a Lady (1966) 

Genre: Jazz 

Lady Luck can be inconsistent and it never hurts to plead your case with her to be on your side, whether you’re tossing dice just like in the movies, or playing online poker at your home on your computer screen. 

Madonna – Gambler (1984) 

Genre: Synthpop, Disco, Album: Vision Quest 

The lyrics of this 1984 soundtrack from the movie Vision Quest, “I’m a gambler, and I will take you by surprise / Gambler, I’ll aim this straight between your eyes.” Doesn’t it sound like a good mantra for any poker player at the table? What do you think?  

Elvis Presley, The Jordanaires – Viva Las Vegas (1964) 

Genres: Rock and roll, Rock, Blues, Album: Viva Las Vegas 

Bring some Vegas swagger right into your home with the classic song from the 1964 Comedy music and Romance movie, Viva Las Vegas. 

Juice Newton – Queen of Hearts (1981) 

Genre: Country 

The narrator of this song believes that playing with the queen of hearts is not very smart and that is what the song says. However, you can make up your own mind about this. 

Clint Black – A Good Run of Bad Luck (1993) 

Genre: Country 

This song about playing fast and loose in craps and in love was featured on the soundtrack to the much-loved 1994s gambling Drama/Thriller movie Maverick. The movie is one of the poker favourites in almost all players list; hence obviously its song would find a place to be a favourite.  

Ray Charles – Losing Hand (1957) 

Genres: Jazz, Classic R&B, Blues 

Bouncing back from a losing hand is easier when you’ve

got a few touching inspirations to encourage you for your next round. And this classic is one of the perfect poker songs for a poker player’s playlist. 

AC/DC – The Jack (1975) 

Genre: Hard rock 

If there’s one thing AC/DC are competent of doing is literally turning anything into wordplay, including a playing card! Listen to this hard rock and we hope it will find place in your online poker playlist. 

Happy listening and making your own poker playlist! 


5 Signs You Selected a Bad Online Poker Site

If you are lately playing at a poker site that you are not definite about, this post will help you make a decision if you ought to play elsewhere. If you observe that the poker site where you are playing has all or a few of the negative signs listed below, it is time to search another site to play poker. 

Not adequate games throughout the day 

It’s tough to make money when there aren’t any games in the site! A few poker sites just don’t have sufficient games. The best poker sites don’t have this dilemma as they put forth the effort to market efficiently. A big part of the scheme with poker online is the ease factor. You should be able to turn on your computer and get into a game within a matter of seconds. Or else, the ease factor is removed. 

Everyone seems to be talking smack about your poker site 

All poker sites will have its fare share of haters. The motive for that is losers frequently blame the site, not their game. If you often visit the poker forums, you’ve perhaps noticed tons of posts from poker players that are crying about a certain site being “rigged” or how bad it works. Most of these posts end up getting bashed by other members and called out for being an awful poker player that is blaming the site. Thus, if you find similar posts on Internet forums and no one seems to be defending the site, that’s a sign the site is the trouble. 

They take forever and a day to pay you 

We are well into the 21st century. Gone are the days where online poker players require waiting weeks to get paid after requesting a payout. Well, they should be. Alas, a few poker sites are still stuck in 2003 and make players wait forever and a day to get their money. Quite honestly, there’s no justification for this. If your site makes you wait weeks to receive your winnings, hit upon one that doesn’t. There are loads of fast-paying online poker sites. 

The software is also stuck in the early 2000s 

Like we said, the early 2000s are long gone. Poker sites have developed, particularly in terms of software quality. If the site has the look, feel, and safety of a 2003 online poker site, don’t misuse your time at the site playing uselessly. The top online poker sites have safe, secure playing platforms with modern graphics. The aesthetics of a poker site says a lot about the poker players. If a player really does want to be a serious player in the online poker world, he or she will invest properly in modern technology. Don’t settle for anything less. 

You are not winning 

The point to play poker is winning, or to earn money. If you aren’t winning on a certain poker site, you need to make a change. Nowadays, this is a double-edged sword. The reason you aren’t winning on that site is either because of the site or because you aren’t a skilled poker player. Give yourself a sincere review. Do you win elsewhere? If so, hold the site responsible and find some other site that offers the games and quality of opponents you can handle. If you don’t have a verified winning track record anywhere, work on fixing the holes in your game first. 

Happy playing! 


Online or Offline: Where to Begin Playing Poker?

People interested in playing poker often are confused about where they should play the game – offline or online? It is an interesting query. Many pro players now wish, they had gotten their start online. Why? There are many reasons for such. 

Let’s explore a few from the list below: 

You can take your beatings cheap 

Unless you’re a natural, poker isn’t going to come simple to you at the very beginning. You have to work hard and gain experience before you be a solid poker player. That’s part of the reason you ought to start off online. Most online poker sites offer freerolls where you can learn how to play poker game without any buy-in and risking any money, and still win some amount of cash. 

Every poker site offers micro stakes games. You don’t have to make an enormous deposit or have a massive bankroll to begin playing online. In offline poker rooms, you will require far more money to buy into games than online. It is fine if you’re rich. If not, online poker will be much more affordable while you are just starting to play the poker game. 

Play more hands every hour 

You require gaining some experience prior to your expectance to begin making money. Not just it is going to be cheaper to play online as a beginner; you will see more hands per hour. To tell you the truth, online poker players are dealt about 5 times as many hands per hour, per game played. Once you begin multi-tabling, you’ll see extra hands per hour. You can’t manage how fast a live dealer deals the cards. Slow dealers harm your hourly wage if you’re a winning player. That won’t occur online as the cards are automatically shuffled and dealt. 

Conceal that miserable poker face behind a computer screen 

This is a bit funny but have you ever thought that you ought not to play poker online as you can’t make a good poker face? If you are miserable at concealing your emotions, playing poker at a casino is not a wise notion. No one can watch over your face online. So whatever hand you play or whichever move you make, you can feel free to express your feelings in your play room. Your opponent wouldn’t see you. Many new poker players don’t know how to perfect a poker face. Play poker online for some time to have some experience while practicing on your poker face. After that if you wish you can play at the tournaments or offline at casinos. 

Most players online are bad 

T he majority of online poker real money players are bad. As you are a beginner, you ought to play at the place where bad players play. You can practice your game first with the bad players. You’ll find a much higher percentage of weak players online than offline. Don’t worry. 

Online poker coaches you how to deal bad beats 

This might not sound tempting, but you will deal a lot of bad beats online. It might appear, at times, that the poker sites are rigged. But, they aren’t. The reason it’s going to seem like you get more bad beats online than offline is because you are dealt more hands per hour online. Playing poker online will teach you how to handle bad beats as you are going to get bad beat quite frequently. It builds your poker character! 

Now you can vote to play online poker, if you are just starting the game. 

Happy playing! 

Online Texas Hold’em Poker vs. Offline

Internet was a big surprise and even frightful for a lot of people. The casino poker rooms were shocked when internet gave birth to first online poker websites several years ago. They were right to be scared in some way. As playing online appears to be much easier and people may favour feeling more comfortable. Let us take a look at the comparison between online and offline Texas Hold’em poker game. 

The online ones felt at that time the good side of online Texas Hold’em poker. Online poker game websites do not require actual live dealers; they can remain open and perform 24 hours a day and can have players from entire globe. These are some of the major causes that the casinos were not able to compete with the online scenario.

Online Poker is Cause of Poker Popularity

Online poker is the key cause that poker game has thrived to a huge extent in the recent days. Just as prior to them the poker had turned into an old-fashioned game lowering its popularity. Hence, online poker aids the real life poker as well. It truly saved the poker industry. Today, both the online and offline poker game is well admiring than ever before. And all this is because of the advent of internet and online poker. 

Many novice poker players think that to play poker online will prove to be totally different than playing poker them offline, and they are at times correct. There are some major differences between online and offline Texas Holdem poker game. You are by now familiar by the fact that it is much harder to ‘read’ the poker opponents. When you do not see them sitting in-person at the table.

Variety of selection factors

In online poker, when one have to make a choice, it frequently comes to a huge variety of factors other than ‘reading’ your opponents faces. Marking a tell from a player’s actions on a hand is frequently very tricky, not all players show such tells. Most of the necessary data comes from position at the table, betting patterns, and observing the hands the opponents play. 

The greatest benefits of online Texas Holdem poker are its swiftness and convenience. Online poker is a lot faster comparing to offline one. There is no waiting while the deck is shuffling, the deals are very speedy and no misdeals happen. It takes no time at all for the rake to be taken out. There is no changing of chips to and fro. No counting of the pot and there is no waiting for choices to be made by floor managers.  

Another benefit an online poker player has is the alternative of playing at multiple tables to get more action and increasing your general hourly win rate. Additionally, when one is playing online, it is always likely to find a game to his liking and they can play all day long, from any part of this planet, and from the comfort of their own home. The charisma of poker variations and games is much greater than in the land-based casinos offering the Texas Hold’em poker games as well. 

A social game

The major benefit with playing poker offline is that it is a social game; it lets you to have social contacts with other people. To meet your opponents face-to-face is considerably more enjoyable and exciting than sitting alone in front of your computer, and you are able to talk to and get to know more people.

It is much easier to remain focused and study your opponents, and reading their gestures when you can see them, your ability to read your opponents’ minds is increased since you can see when they are feeling restless, if they are affected by a ‘bad beat’, or if they are in a good or in a bad mood. And certainly, it is easier to remember their actions when you are able to fix them to a living, breathing human. Also, if you are good at spotting physical tells in your poker opponents, you will find more opportunities to do so when playing offline poker. 

In the end, we have to say that if you are an experienced online poker player, you will love playing Texas Hold’em poker in both the scenario, the online and offline. 

Happy playing! 


Origins Of Omaha Poker

There is a lot of uncertainty and mistaken beliefs about the origins of Omaha Poker. Many people presume that this was an old 1800’s Wild West game because of its name Omaha. This is the same name as the well-known city in Nebraska. You might be very amazed to learn the real origins of this game. If you by now don’t know much about its history. 

It turns out that this game was not created in the city of Omaha. And really had nothing to do with it except for having the same name. Also, the game is particularly new. In fact, this poker game only has a history dating back to 1982 in Las Vegas, Nevada! That means this game is a child compared to other poker games that have been around much longer. 

Prior to Omaha poker became official, there were a few versions of the game that advanced over time and had diverse rules. In fact, one of the initial forms of Omaha originated in the Midwest in cities such as Detroit and Chicago. The game they played back then let poker players to take 5 hole cards instead of 4. And the game was termed Twice Three. The game began to evolve as each player got 5 hole cards. And there are only 52 cards in a deck, so this restricted the number of players who could take part. 

Spread of poker to the south and west

Soon after, the game was played with 4 hole cards and it began to spread all over the nation, particularly in the south and west. Names like Nine Cards, Fort Worth and Oklahoma were being used for the same game. Ultimately, Omaha became the conciliation and some theories propose that Omaha was selected since it was close to the centre of the nation, which was a good compromise to all the other names based in other states. A few of the more ordinary names for this game were at times known as high/low split and 8 or better. And now it is one of the popular poker game all over the world through online poker sites.

In time around 1982, the game was found in casinos in Las Vegas. And it turned out to be a hit and one of the most admired poker games in recent history. Even today, Omaha is one of the peak games besides Texas Hold’em poker and it is still rising in fame, particularly pot-limit Omaha. This game held a lot of action, which was great for tournaments and involved plenty of strategy and this is why it turned out to be such an exceptional poker game to play back then. One of the exciting features of Omaha is the high variation of winning combination of cards. It was easier to get very influential winning hands as each person had more cards to make combinations with, so four of a kind and royal flushes were much more often and this made it very thrilling. 

Happy gaming! Keep playing poker online!


Texas Hold’em Tactics – Win More Pots With Aggressive Play

One of the most effective Texas Hold’em tactics is to be aggressive. By using aggressive Texas Hold’em Tactics you can win more pots by shear force alone.  

It’s one of the oldest Texas Hold’em poker tactics, and that’s because it works! Being aggressive at the poker table is the number one way to smash your opponents into the ground and literally take their chips away from them. Decent aggressive play will let you to win more pots because it intimidates your opponents and makes them less likely to call or raise you.  

Why aggressive is one of the best Texas Hold’em tactics  

Being aggressive is one of the best Texas Hold’em poker tactics because it works. It works for a variety of reasons, as outlined below:  

Aggressive play masks your cards  

It doesn’t matter if you have pocket kings or are bluffing a 7-2, aggressive play masks what hand you actually have. When your betting big, other players can’t help but think you have something decent. This is particularly true after the flop and turn, as any self respecting player wouldn’t bet big when they don’t have a decent hand, right? 

Aggressive play forces players to think  

When you bet aggressively; you raise and re-raise, it forces your opponents to think twice about their cards. Well he’s betting so much, he’s got to have something decent!’ are all examples of internal dialogue that will be running through their head. Playing aggressively makes your competition think about their hand. It’s more likely they will second guess themselves and fold.  

Aggressive plays reduce your competition  

When you raise and re-raise you force a lot of players out of the game. Most average players will not play on if they don’t have a decent hand. By playing aggressive you will reduce the competition you do have in every hand. Some of the time everyone will fold and you will just pick up the blinds and antes. By constantly reducing your competition you have less people to beat and you’ll win more pots. 

Aggressive play works even when you have decent cards  

You will get nice pockets every now and then. Aggressive play works a treat when you pull these. By playing aggressive when you have decent cards you will win more easily in every subsequent hand. By constantly raising you will strengthen the pot so when you do win the round you will take a big win. After you do this everyone will be deadly afraid of you and this aids you in your later aggressive moves when you don’t have as decent a hand. 

You can win more pots with aggressive play and this is truly one of the most effective Texas Hold’em poker tactics known to date. By learning how to play aggressively you will be able to take benefit of your opponents and ruthlessly win pots.

Happy playing!

How To Play Texas Hold’em Poker?

The goal of Texas Hold’em poker is making the best five-card hand you can. Using a blend of the two “hole cards” you are dealt and the five community cards on the board. You can utilize one, both, or none of your hole cards while forming your best hand. 

Before the cards are dealt in online poker table, forced bets are made by the first two players to the left of the dealer or dealer button. These players are termed as the blinds. The player to the direct left of the button is the small blind. And the small blind puts out a forced bet at the starting of every hand. This is as good as half the big blind. The ‘big blind’ is the player that is to the instant left of the small blind. And at the starting of every hand the big blind ought to post the larger of the two blinds. 

Dealer deals card

After the blinds have been posted, the dealer now deals the cards one at a time to every player. He begins with the small blind and dealing clockwise until every player has two cards faced down. 

Now, the first betting round starts with the player to the instant left of the big blind. He is also commonly referred to as the player ‘under the gun’ or UTG for short. Every player can fold, call or raise with amounts relying on variation of Texas Hold’em poker that is being played. Any time a raise is made, this is the new minimum bet to call. Or minimum to use when re-raising if applicable. 

If playing No Limit Hold’em, a player ought to meet the minimum bet if calling or if raising, the minimum bet also ought to be used. But at any time, a player can announce ‘All-In’ and move their whole stack into the pot. 

The betting round continues like this until it reaches the small blind. If the bet has not been raised in front, the big blind can check his option. This which means that he or she does not care to raise. But he has already invested the minimum bet and would like to see the flop. 

The betting rounds

After the first betting round, the dealer now deals the flop. This is first 3 of 5 total community cards that players can use to make their poker hand. 

Now, the second betting round will start. This time beginning with small blind or the closest active player to the left of dealer. 

Players will have similar options as they did in the first betting round, except now players can ‘check’ their hand instead of folding, calling or raising. Checking just simply means that you would like to pass on making a bet of any kind. It is possible for all players to check and totally skip a betting round. 

However, if a player wishes to make a bet, the minimum bet ought to be equivalent or higher than the big blind. Then every player who wishes to stay in the hand ought to at least call the raise but if players wish to raise themselves, the previous raise is the new minimum. 

Once betting has reached the dealer button or the last active player closest to the right of the dealer button, then the betting round has been finished. 

After the second betting round, the dealer will now deal the 4th community card which is also known as ‘the turn’ or ‘4th street.’ 

The 3rd betting round will start after the turn with betting round beginning once again with the small blind or the closest active player to the left of the dealer. This betting round is the same as the second betting round with players having the alternative to check, raise, call or fold their hands. 

The River

The last community card known as ‘the river’ is then dealt after the 3rd betting round. Players can use any 5 out of 7 existing cards to make the best hand possible. 

After the river, the 4th and final betting round will now start. This betting round is the same as the second and third betting round with players having the option to check, raise, call or fold their hands. 

Once this betting round has been finished, the remaining players will now flip their cards over and the player with the best hand will take down the pot. 

The dealer button now moves one seat to the left and the action now starts from the top. 

As you can see, learning how to play Texas Hold’em poker only some time. But once you do, you will apprehend that was just the starting and will swiftly understand why it takes a lifetime to master the game. 

Happy playing!