Tricks of Poker Chips


When you are at the poker table, one of the major strategies is to appear confident to your opponents. And one of the ideal ways for that is to learn the poker tricks. These tricks need good hand coordination, loads of practice and focus to be effective. They can help communicate confidence when you wish to bluff a bad hand or coerce other players with your casual yet skilled handwork as you play Texas Hold’em poker online, however they can be used for show off at any social gathering as well. Listed below are a few instances of poker chips tricks for you to begin. 

Knuckle Roll 

A much loved trick of poker chips is the knuckle roll. This trick seems to be the go-to in movies for characters to show how proficient they are at the game of online poker. While it might appear complicated to pull off this trick, it is in truth unexpectedly simple. All you have to do is take a poker chip and roll it across your fingers. 

To begin, pinch the chip between your thumb and forefinger, next rolling it over your forefinger, pinching it with the next finger, and keeping it going. It’s much simpler than it looks. Practice until you get good enough that it feels like second nature. 

Chip Twirl 

You may find the chip twirl a bit simpler, as you have more power over your chips, though practice is still crucial. Not like the knuckle roll, this chip twirl uses three chips rather than just. You can even use more than three chips, if you are bold enough. When practicing, you don’t have to fret about the poker chips falling out of your hands; hence you can concentrate on mastering the procedure and learning how to do them quicker. The quicker you go, although, the more you are at risk of dropping your chips. This is a pleasant trick to perform carelessly; making the rotation of the chip look like it’s something you learned sloppily. 

Thumb Flip 

Of all the poker tricks, the thumb flip is probably the most rewarding if you practise. It is not much simpler than the chip twirl, however it has the benefit of being easy to learn while also being easy to master. 

Like the chip twirl, it takes many chips (generally three or four). Once you learn how to get the fine moves down, which shouldn’t take long, boosting your swiftness is easily achieved by practice. Once you get your speed up, you’ll truly amaze others who don’t know how to do these deceivingly easy poker chip tricks. 


While the thumb flip is perhaps the simplest trick to master fast, the shuffle is the simplest to learn. The steps are fairly easy, and, unlike the knuckle roll, this trick lacks the danger of chips falling, as they’re stacked on the table rather than placed on your hand. This chip trick works best with more chips, and it needs an even number of chips in sequence for the two stacks to fold together rightly. You may have to practice this a bit, but the procedure are easy enough that you shouldn’t have much of an effort, and people around you who don’t know the trick will have no notion how simple it is. 

When you’re all set from practicing your poker chip tricks, try them out at the table. You may not be able to show off your poker chip tricks, but you can still practice while you play poker online. 

Good luck with the trick and at the poker table!