Well Chosen Poker Playlist


Music and songs discover inspiration from literally anything. So, why would the poker online game stay behind? 

Endless songs by rock, classic pop, and even heavy metal artists have found inspiration prom the game of poker. Here are a list of 10 songs we feel the best ever. You can start off your own poker playlist and add some of these if you too like them. 

Kenny Rogers – The Gambler (1979) 

Genres: Country, Pop 

If you are love to play poker online  and a fan of online poker you are picking one poker song to play on the loop, this will certainly be it. The classic line of this pop song, “You got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em” is full of great advice. 

Lady Gaga – Poker Face (2008) 

Genres: Dance pop, Pop 

Although this is a song truly about the game of romance rather than the poker game, the enticing words “Can’t read my poker face” ought to still encourage you to win a poker session. 

Motörhead – Ace of Spades (1980) 

Genres: Metal, Rock, Classic metal 

Poker lovers! You should listen to this classic metal. The song narrates a die-hard gambler living on the edge. And this is the song which will have your competitive spirit flowing fast. 

Frank Sinatra, Robert Alda – Luck Be a Lady (1966) 

Genre: Jazz 

Lady Luck can be inconsistent and it never hurts to plead your case with her to be on your side, whether you’re tossing dice just like in the movies, or playing online poker at your home on your computer screen. 

Madonna – Gambler (1984) 

Genre: Synthpop, Disco, Album: Vision Quest 

The lyrics of this 1984 soundtrack from the movie Vision Quest, “I’m a gambler, and I will take you by surprise / Gambler, I’ll aim this straight between your eyes.” Doesn’t it sound like a good mantra for any poker player at the table? What do you think?  

Elvis Presley, The Jordanaires – Viva Las Vegas (1964) 

Genres: Rock and roll, Rock, Blues, Album: Viva Las Vegas 

Bring some Vegas swagger right into your home with the classic song from the 1964 Comedy music and Romance movie, Viva Las Vegas. 

Juice Newton – Queen of Hearts (1981) 

Genre: Country 

The narrator of this song believes that playing with the queen of hearts is not very smart and that is what the song says. However, you can make up your own mind about this. 

Clint Black – A Good Run of Bad Luck (1993) 

Genre: Country 

This song about playing fast and loose in craps and in love was featured on the soundtrack to the much-loved 1994s gambling Drama/Thriller movie Maverick. The movie is one of the poker favourites in almost all players list; hence obviously its song would find a place to be a favourite.  

Ray Charles – Losing Hand (1957) 

Genres: Jazz, Classic R&B, Blues 

Bouncing back from a losing hand is easier when you’ve

got a few touching inspirations to encourage you for your next round. And this classic is one of the perfect poker songs for a poker player’s playlist. 

AC/DC – The Jack (1975) 

Genre: Hard rock 

If there’s one thing AC/DC are competent of doing is literally turning anything into wordplay, including a playing card! Listen to this hard rock and we hope it will find place in your online poker playlist. 

Happy listening and making your own poker playlist!