Poker Tips: Understanding Blocking Bet

online poker

A blocker bet or blocking bet in the online poker game is when you make a small bet when you are first to act just to see what the next card is without putting in too much money into the pot. When you make a blocking bet, your opponent will most likely not make a big bet or raise and just call. Doing a blocking bet helps you prevent other players to make big bets which will be natural if you just checked. 

You need to know when and how to make a blocking bet or this move will just be throwing away your chips or money. 

Remember that you can only make a blocking bet when you are out of position in online poker. The idea behind the move is that you want to see what the next card is and not risking too much of your stack when you expect that your opponent will be putting a lot into the pot. 

Expect good cash with blocking bet 

When you play poker online with a blocking bet you can expect to get some good money when you complete the cards you need. 

You can also use this play when all of the cards have been drawn. Players can block at the river when you are against a player who bluffs a lot. You can block bet against a poker online player who is about to make a big bet because he has a monster hand or it is just a complete bluff. If you think you have a medium strength hand with a good kicker then you can do a blocker bet for a showdown. You can put in some chips to prevent the other player from bluffing but just small enough so you do not lose a lot in case your opponent comes out on top. 

Another important point when making a block bet is just to put a reasonable amount or otherwise your opponent will make life harder for you because he or she will have enough space to raise. 

Happy playing!