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Musicians Who Are Poker Player Too

For some of us music is life. And surely the source of breath for musicians! Online poker is the game which has slowly and steadily reached to the every corner. 

It is a game which finds harmony with late night sessions, drinks, rock’ n’ roll and a good amount of music. It is a fact that the country musicians kill their time on road when they play poker with each other or play poker online 

Here we have a few names you might recognise. If you listen to country music or hip-hop when you play poker online, you will know them to go all-in. Read on:  

Know About The Musicians Who Are Good Poker Player

Scott Ian 

New York-born Scott Ian, 54, is one of the founding members of thrash metal band Anthrax. With other bands of their time such as Slayer and Metallica, they basically formed the genre. People know him for his fast, alternating picking guitar style, which led to guitar makers Jackson and Washburn releasing signature models in his name. He’s also a huge hip hop fan, having collaborated with Chuck D and Public Enemy. He began playing seriously after winning a charity poker match for VH-1 in 2006. This opened the door to the poker world, and he went on to take part in the Aruba Poker Classic. He also played in the 2008 and 2009 World Series of Poker Championships. 

Steve Albini 

American Steve Albini is a famous guitarist, though many know him as recording engineer.  He began his career playing numerous rock music and experimental bands, and still performs with Shellac. He has worked with numerous bands and artists such as PJ Harvey, Robert Plant, the Pixies Nirvana and Mogwai. The 56 year old musician has been an avid poker player for many years, and ranked 12th in the 2013 World Series of Poker Seniors Championship. He has participated in the Championship three other times, too, playing no limit Hold’em and seven card stud. 


Nelly is the rap star who shot into fame with Country Grammar in 2000, his solo album which has seen a sell of more than 8 million copies in US alone. He used his success to found a number of ventures, which includes a non-profit organisation. His passion for poker is well known fact for the public. Nelly, 43, was taken part in and has completed a number of poker tournaments, including 2007 WSOP. Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure and Poker Stars European Tour. 

Two More Well-Known  Musicians Who are Poker Player Too

Joni Mitchell 

Joni Mitchell, who is 74 now, is Canadian singer and songwriter. She was shot to fame after her humble beginning in Toronto. Mitchell wrote, self-produced and performed all her work. She was so talented that she even designed the album covers of her albums. She has describe herself a painter first and then a musician. Joni regularly visited Glenn Frey’s Kirkwood Casino in the mid 1970s, where poker matches went on until the early hours. 

Glenn Frey 

The founding member of legendary American rock band The Eagles, Glenn Frey was the writer of numerous of the band’s biggest hits. Already Gone, Tequila Sunrise, etc are a few of the title he penned down and sang. Frey died in 2016 and he has a real love for the game of poker. The band members used to play poker online often during their touring.  

Happy playing!