A Cooler in Online Poker


What is the Term Means By A Cooler in Online Poker

Like a usual, conventional bad beat in online poker, there is really no set explanation of what comprises a cooler. It simply defines as when you have a very strong hand that loses to a better strong hand. 

Unlike a bad beat, in which another player “sucks out” on you, and catches a lucky card, or cards to come from behind and beat you, a poker online cooler is just one of those rare, yet inescapable situations when your really good hand turns out to be a monster hand because your opponent’s hand is superior. 

A common cooler hand is going all-in pre-flop with pocket Kings. It is the second best starting hand. This is only to get a call from somebody holding pocket Aces. Coolers are incredibly frustrating. You can play online poker so long without any decent cards, that when you do find something pretty. It can be distressing to see it lose. 

An additional, much rarer cooler is when you have an incredibly strong hand, say, four of a kind for example, only to find yourself losing to a stronger hand, such a straight flush at online poker 

High bad beat jackpots build up to such high sums as a cooler is such a rare feat. Going all in pre-flop with Pocket Aces against, say, pocket 4s, regards a standard bad beat, and nothing special.  

The winner of a bad beat is somebody who didn’t play the hand accurately. Both the winner and loser of a cooler hand have – in almost all scenarios – played the hand as it should have been played. 

One rarer cooler is having the second nuts, and losing to the nuts. 

To run through, “the nuts” is when you have the total best hand at that specific point in the hand. Prior to the flop, a player holding pocket aces has the nuts. There is no other hand that beats him. Once the flop comes, he may still have a strong hand, but it’s likely that he longer is guaranteed of having the nuts. 

Other instances of sick coolers are a straight flush losing to a higher straight flush. If you’ve watched the Hollywood flick “Honeymoon in Vegas,”

Nicholas Cage runs into a cooler when his straight flush to a Jack is beaten by James Caan’s straight flush to the Queen. 

Quad aces’ losing to a royal flush is one more brutal cooler.  

If you’re going to play any noteworthy amount of poker, you’re going to see a cooler. It will be hurting, and almost make you want to give up the game for good. Just know, but, that your time is coming, when all the cash will be in the middle of the table and your monster hand will be the cooler to some miserable player’s great, but second best hand. 

Happy playing!