Card Suits And Symbolism


The games of card have always been a part of our civilization. In fact, India is the home to many card games such as bridge, online poker, teen patti, rummy, etc. Most of you might have played these games once certainly. Several people keep a packet of deck of cards with them at home to play in the leisure time.

Card games are not only regarded as the games of talent but they also connect with us as the deep astrological features disguised in the symbols of cards for poker games online. Have you ever given a thought to the symbols on the cards? Ever pondered regarding the concept of 4 suits in a deck? Well, if you have been ignorant of these facts; it’s high time to explore them.


The heart signifies spring season. It is also expected to be a portrayal of “childhood” stage of human life. It indicates the component of fire.


The club signifies the summer season. It indicates the period of “youth” where one stresses on studies. A sign of club is the best example of component of earth.


This symbol indicate the fall or autumn season. It signifies the “growing” phase of a human where a person work for his/her career. To be precise, a diamond is the perfect example of growth, task, values, security, etc. The component of air is displayed by this sign.


A spade represents winter season. It regards as an epitome of “old age” when people uncover wisdom, approval, transformation etc. This sign indicates component of water.

There are total 52 cards in a deck which are intended to symbolize the number of weeks in a year. The 13 cards of single suit signify 13 lunar months. 365 is the total of all the value numbers on the cards.

Every single value number of the card marks a keyword which tells us about the characteristics of card.

An Ace stands for Desire

2 stands for Union

3 is for Faith

4 is for Satisfaction

5 symbolizes a Change

6 is for Adjustments

7 is an epitome of Victory

8 stands for Power

9 represents New beginnings

10 symbolizes Success

The cards of royal family i.e. king, queens and Jack signify many historical figures. Honestly, the meaning of the cards have nothing to do with our particular game play; but, knowing such facts add more interesting dimensions to various card games like the poker games.

Happy playing!