Are Online Poker and Video Poker Similar Concepts?

For all time professional poker players knowing the difference between video and online poker is a common thing. But this blog is not about the professionals. For beginners, the concept of video and online poker can be confusing. The term “video” makes things baffling. Do remember,play poker online is not the same as playing over video! 

Although you can claim that they’re both quite similar but there’s a difference in play methods, player’s mindsets, and many other things. 

Let’s have a quick look at the differences between both. 

Online poker vs Video poker 

If you’re reading this blog, then probably playing poker is your new addiction. If that’s the case, then online poker apps have been showing on your social sites now and then. But then you get to hear from your friend about video poker. Now, what’s that? Which one is better? 

Online poker is way popular than live casinos nowadays. For playing online poker you need to download the app, sign up, and make deposits. Video poker can’t be played on mobile. For video poker, you’ll have to walk into a casino. Yes, you heard it right! It’s a smart computer-based machine that is installed at one corner of the casino. You can just walk up to it and start playing poker all by yourself. 

If you playpoker games online, then there’s a fair chance of improving your playing skills. You’ve free ones, cash games, and poker tournaments. Try your hand at each and gather experience. However, video poker counters are for the professionals, there are no guidelines, no practice games. Your money is gone if don’t know the basic rules of poker. 

Video poker doesn’t require any smart strategy. You don’t know how to play Texas or Omaha! No issues, video poker is all about card swapping and relying on your luck. Hence, it’s better to try your hands at poker online. There’re lots of strategies and moves to be made up. The anticipation of the winning hands, conjuring up of bluffing methods, checking out of the opponent’s strategies – interesting! 

Some people don’t like gatherings at poker tables in live casinos. For the video poker is the best option. It’s a single-player game. No hassles, no chattering, no opponents – play alone and get some cash out of the machine! But for a newbie, it’s a wrong choice. Rather play online poker real money. You will learn the game. Play on ethical platforms and at the end of the day leave with bounty amounts of cash. 

Which one should you choose? 

The probable suggested answer is online poker. It’s simple, rewarding, and knowledgeable. However, for the one-time tryouts, video poker is not a bad idea either. It will give you a real-time experience of the world of poker. 

If you want to learn poker, then log into online poker sites. If poker is fun for you, then move into a casino and indulge in the game of video poker. The decision is yours! 

  Happy Playing !!

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3 Common Delusions About Bankroll Management in Online Poker

Money management is one of the most crucial skills to master in online poker games. You can follow your own set of money management rules. Playing poker becomes easy when you’ve one! However, just by following a set of rules don’t think that you’re doing everything right. Try learning bankroll management from experienced players. You’ll get a bunch of tips. However, none will be of any use! 

But if you play poker tournaments with a fresh mind, then your success is assured. Let’s check out the misconceptions and avoid the same at any cost. 

Misconception 1: Having a fixed bankroll management strategy is a must 

You’ll find many newbies in poker games online asking for the sure-shot cash management strategy for winning the game. But there was never and will never be any fixed strategy for the same. If you have got the practice of making a daily budget, bankroll management will be an easy task. 

No one can teach you to manage your money. That is simply illogical. Check out some good poker games online. If you think they’re great then go on with it. Apply and wait for the outcomes. Always a pre-decided strategy may not help you. A sudden click of thought is also enough to make the person win even a complicated game of poker. 

Misconception 2: Follow the same strategy which everyone follows 

As stated earlier, there is no ultimate rule for playing poker online. You need to find your bankroll management strategy. That can depend on many factors. How much risk are you willing to take? What’s the status of your game? What type of game are you playing? 

You will frame your money management tactic depending on all these factors. So, if your friend comes up with his money management strategy, then please discard the same. You’ll encounter problems at every point of the game. make your poker tournament interesting, just go on and pay your own game. 

Misconception 3: Bankroll management is the same for all games 

Another misconception which almost all poker players make. Using the same money managing tactic which you’ve used in the previous games, will not get you a winning strike in the current one. This is a 100% wrong move! 

Every game is different. Let’s say you’re playing a tournament. Then the number of players is also more. Such poker games online get more complicated in comparison to the normal ones. So, you’ll need a more professional management strategy here. 

Again, if you’re playing Omaha for the first time then the money controlling tactics which you had used in Texas Hold’em will be of no use. Improve your skills with time. Get better with calculations. Strategies will make their way into the game. 


Choose the right poker room. Read the rules and be confident whenever you make a move. Remember, while playing poker online, experience matters. But mere tips from the pro players will be of no use. Every player is different. Every game is different. Every move will be different as well! 

  Happy Playing !!

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5 Awesome Tips for Successful Multi-Tabling in Online Poker

Ask any poker player what’s the best thing about online poker? The option of playing at multiple tables! If you’re a fast-paced poker player, then  playing poker online at multiple tables will sound attractive to you. With this, you can easily get rid of slow games and sloppy deals. Why people like playing at multiple tables. Simple! Because of the chances of winning increases. If you lose ta one table, you’ll probably win at the other. Or, if luck permits, you may win at both. 

If you’re not multi-tabling now, then follow these tips and start learning the strategies. Why lose out on money when you’ve got the chance? 

Undeniably it’s profitable, but playing such poker games online like a newbie will fetch you no money. So, check out these tips and grab as much money as you can from different tables. 

Tip 1: Master one table before proceeding for multi tables 

In the thirst for getting money, many poker players start playing 6 tables at a time. But mostly this results in financial losses rather than gains. If you’re a beginner than playing at one table is advisable. But for a professional’s maximum of 3 tables at a time is logical. Taking in more than that can be too much! There’s no need to get overconfident while play poker online. The aim is to play more tables and get money in the bucket. Remember, slow but steady wins the race. 

Tip 2: Keep cash games and tournaments apart 

This is very important, try to stick to the same format of poker. If you’re planning on playing poker tournaments and cash games altogether, then definitely you’re a fool. This can be confusing. Strategies and rules are different. After all, you’re a human being, don’t forget that. You’ll make grave mistakes if you keep on switching in between the games.

Tip 3: Be focused and keep away distractions 

It will take time to get into the habit of playing multiple tables. So, if you think you can binge watch and play poker online at multiple tables, then you’re wrong. Say no to distractions. Stay focused. Concentrate on the tables. Make up your strategies smartly and play without any distraction. Most importantly avoid miss clicks. While playing more than one table miss clicks are very common. 

Tip 4: Play within your limits 

Trying to take in more than what you’re capable of, is not smartness. If your limit is of 2 tables, then make sure you’re within your boundaries. Once you opt for an autopilot for decisions, your game is gone out of your hands. In very rare cases, the player gets money by taking help from autopilot options. Playing poker at multiple tables is a great option, only if you have the capability! 

Tip 5: Keep good visibility of tables 

You’ll find flaunters often stacking tables on top of each other. They think they’ll accumulate more tables in that left-over space. High confidence levels! If you want to win, then don’t follow this. Keep your tables visible so that you can conjure up a quick strategy as soon as needed. While playing online poker, tiles are a favorable option for getting a complete look at the tables that you’re playing. 

Final thoughts 

Want to be a master of multiple tables at online poker? Only the smart, patient and focused ones can be the same. Be calm. Add tables slowly and rely on hotkeys for avoiding any misclicks. 

  Happy Playing !!

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4 Misconceptions related to Mental Strategies Used in Online Poker

Being emotional at a poker table is a bad sign. Since poker is basically a mental game, hence losing confidence is not good news for the poker players. However, to be a professional in poker tournaments, you need to keep mental peace. 

However, don’t lend your ears to the misconceptions that you hear from other experienced players. Remember, while playing online poker, patience is an important virtue. Emotions are wrong, agreed! But it’s not forbidden. So, before indulging in a game of poker online, read on. 

Myth 1# You need to be a mathematician to be a good player 

You need to know mathematics to be a good poker player. True or not? Well, in reality for playing poker games online  you indeed need calculative skills. But that doesn’t mean that you have to a genius in maths to crack the game. Don’t let others scare you. A little bit of in-built calculative skills is enough to help you through the game. 

It’s a game! You will improve as much as you play. There’s no definite rule book to make you an unbeatable poker player. 

Myth 2# Emotions are a strict NO and should be blocked 

Those who are playing online poker are undoubtedly human beings. So, having emotions is a natural thing! People who say you can win at poker games online only when you get rid of your emotions are in reality stupid ones! It’s natural to be angry if you lose out on a lot of money. Does that mean that you’ll cry your heart out? 

Keeping control over your emotions can help you make a rational player. 

Myth 3# Take breaks and get mental peace 

Stepping away from the table at times can prove to be a good idea! But not always. While playing poker online, if you find difficult cards, then take a break from the game. Don’t make this a habit! Because this won’t solve the underlying problem. Sometimes taking a break will help you get over your tiredness. But this will not make you’re a better poker player! If you are hell-bound on this fact, then you’re a fool. 

Myth 4# You need to change yourself to be a good poker player 

You need to change strategies with every game – if someone tells you so, don’t trust them! Use your brains. Does it really make sense? Changing strategies now and then will not help you win poker tournaments. Rather be smart and take quick decisions. Changing yourself or your strategy is not the solution. Using the correct move at the correct time is the requirement. 

To conclude… 

Stop believing in these myths and start enjoying the game. Professional players will give you loads of tips. But you need to differentiate between the important ones! Concentrate on your game. develop your skills and start your day with a good poker table. Play smart and win loads of cash. Don’t let your confidence go down. 

Happy Playing !!

 Poker Online Basics – Understanding Misdeals in Poker

Why Play A Tight and Disciplined Game of Poker?

You can’t play poker with a light-headed mentality. Yes, that’s true. The ones who have taken poker lightly are the ones who have not succeeded in the game in the long run. Poker is a mind game. If you think a mere stroke of luck is enough to make you win real money  poker , then you’re completely wrong. 

Practice, practice, and practice – that’s the key to becoming a strong poker player. For being a pro in the field of poker you need to learn to play poker in a disciplined manner. Buy playing a tight poker is hard! It might sound theoretically easy, but it’s really hard! 

It means you need to be patient, fully into the game, and sit for hours on the online poker sites and fold every hand before you get a flop. 

For the ones who are not aware of what tight poker is, read on, and get enlightened. 

What is a tight game of poker? 

In simple words, when you restrict yourself from playing many hands, you’re playing a tight poker game. A tight poker player is generally very selective about the hands they play and the position from which they’re playing the hands. Some of the best online poker players that you’ll find are trained in playing tight poker games. 

A careful and measured approach – that’s what is essential in poker games online. If you behave like a loose poker player and jump about from one pot to another, then your chances of winning become zero. 

Why is tight and aggressive poker good? 

That’s because you get to play only the premium hands! Wondering about in different pots and playing loads of hands, doesn’t make you a good poker player. 

In the best online poker sites, you’ll find different types of poker players. Most of them being a novice and playing a loose hand. If you start playing into several hands, you may end up losing more money. 

In the case of tight poker, the player is more disciplined and choosier. They select the hands which are in a good position and premium range. You can make a mistake in that as well, and end up losing a lot of money. But the same won’t occur repeatedly. 

Hence, when you learn to play poker, you should start with a tight poker style. it’s beneficial from the viewpoint of the player. More money, fewer mistakes. 

Remember, aggression in playing a poker hand is essential because no one’s going to give up their money easily or without a fight. So, be patient, hold on to one single hand, and play in a disciplined manner. Your winning probability will be higher! 

If your poker game is exciting, then you’re playing it wrong 

This might sound weird, but if you’re playing an exciting game then certainly, you’re playing on the losing side. A tight poker player is always bored with the game since they have to sit for long hours and build up strategies to win the game.  

If you’re doing it in the right way, then there’s no stopping you.  

Happy Playing !!

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6 Smart Online Poker Cheats That Every Player Needs to be Aware

Cheating is illegal. Yes, we all know that. But do we really follow the same? Cheating was always a part of online poker – now, before, and in the future! Some of them are simple, some are highly aggressive. You may not even know when you’ll suddenly get cheated. 

Before you face such humiliation in any online  poker tournament, here’s a quick recap of the most commonly practiced online cheating techniques. You may find the same names in different other blogs. But an easy explanation never hurts! 


It’s a perfectly made-up gameplay between two players. Although strictly banned in poker games online, however, it’s still a common practice. You may not find such cheaters in multi-table games. But when it’s a two-player game, you’ll find players offering you such things. In such cases, they share information over the phone or skype and not on online chat options. 

Multiple accounts 

This is a dangerous cheating technique. You’ll get pros in the game who maintains multiple real money accounts. Online poker rooms don’t permit more than one account for a person. However, cheaters always find a way out! Those alluring offers like “first-time deposit bonus” make people indulge in such activities. There can be cases where a player starts playing in several tables of the same tournament! Stop such cheaters from grabbing the bulk winnings! 


If you get hold of a robot to play on your behalf, then no one can stop you from winning! And that’s exactly what people do while playing poker online. Although this is a form of cheating, however, it’s very difficult to catch the real ones. So next time if you want to earn some real amounts of cash, then get hold of a robot! 


Now, this is a super confusing technique. Sometimes one player helps the other one in the same tournament by giving tips. How will you catch these? In playing poker online, it’s impossible to catch such cheaters. Very common and very easy strategy! Majorly this is used in the final phase. 

Superuser accounts 

What if you get to see the hidden cards of your opponent? This was a fairly old cheating strategy in live poker. If you’re thinking that this is impossible in poker online, then you’re wrong. A complete hand history and hidden cards all can now be revealed to the players from the stored server. Guess, there’s nothing that a cheater can’t do! 

Account selling 

Let’s say you’ve selected a table based on the statistics of a player. Obviously, you’ve chosen a weak one! But 30 minutes into the game, you’re amazed at the way this weak player is playing! Magic? Not always! Often weak players sell their seats to pros. It’s illegal in poker tournaments! But who cares! 


OK, so this article is not for you to become a pro cheater in online poker games. Rather it’s an eye-opener for players like you, who use their brains to play a fair game. Remember, that no site is completely free of cheaters. So, keep your eyes open when you’re at play. 

Happy Playing !!

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Why is Mathematics Important For Online Poker Players?

Who says maths is not required for everyday activities? For the ignorants, please note that poker without maths is an impossible task. Have a look at the history of the online poker beasts. Without the basic knowledge of probability, there’s no way out from a poker match! 

Use your maths skills and win loads and loads of cash! Fascinating isn’t it? It’s like a mathematic puzzle. Once you enter a poker tournament, you’ll have to make complex combinations of numbers to win the pot. So, if you’re afraid of numbers, then playing poker online is not your forte. 

You don’t need to be an Einstein to crack the combinations. Just a little bit of knowledge of frequencies and probabilities can get you a long way into the game. 

Mathematical psychology for poker 

Did you assumepoker games online  to be a game of chance? If so, then you’re wrong. Either you develop a strategy or you fall into a trap. That’s the rule of the game. surely, you must have heard of game theory. If not, then do watch the movie “A beautiful mind”. That’s where the link between probability and poker started! 

Without maths, you will definitely be lost in between the odds and outs of poker. Making winning combinations out of the 52 different cards is, in fact, a difficult job. To win real money in poker, you need probability knowledge that can help you make combinations as and when required. 

Maths skills that are must for poker 

Learn to play with numbers and real poker in Indiawill be the easiest game for you. Scared of learning maths? Oh no! You don’t need to sit down with your school maths book to become a good poker player. Here are a few maths skills listed down for your convenience. Just brush them up. The rest will gel naturally. 

Probability and percentage calculations 

What’s your chance of having three of the same kind of card? Puzzled? If you don’t know the probability of holding the cards, then how do you plan to make it through the game. So, you do agree that probability and percentage is a must-know! How many hands are possible? What’s the chance of getting a flush on top? Probability becomes more important when you’re engaged in playing poker online

Outs and multiplications 

How many outs will improve your hand? If you don’t know this, you’ll easily lose out to your opponent player. That’s where you need knowledge of basic multiplication. Come on now! Everyone knows this. Just brush up and start playing. Count your outs, multiply by two and add two – you’ll get a great poker hand in any poker tournament

Frequency calculations 

For all poker pros, minimum defense frequency is a common maths concept. What’s the amount of your hand range? Should you be defending the same or continue with the hand range? These questions can only be answered when you know the basics of frequency calculations. Playing poker will get easier with this tactic in place. 

Happy Playing !!

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4 Ways Covid-19 Has Brought Changes in Poker Games Online

Are you a sports fanatic? Do you spend all your day binge-watching different tournaments and games? If yes, then the Covid-19 pandemic is a curse for you. With almost all matches getting canceled, all gamers are doomed! However, have a look around. Are all gaming options closed? Even the pandemic has not been able to stop poker games online players. The fact that people are stuck at home, online poker games have made their place into the lives of many. 

As the online gaming industry keeps on booming, here’s a brief look at the ways online poker tournaments have benefitted from Covid19. 

Increase in the number of players 

The world is going haywire, but poker players are enjoying their merry time! This pandemic is has seen an unbelievable rise in the number of online poker players. Since casinos are a strict NO, hence playing poker games online is the only feasible option. No interruptions, no heading out for clubs, no time-bindings – poker online is a sure hit! 

Improvement of virtual poker sites 

This lockdown situation has taught people to be technologically dependent. 3D and Virtual reality is now an inseparable part of online poker. Good news for the online poker players – now you can get the feel of a real casino while playing poker on apps. Best online poker sites have remodified the games. Just grab your phone, download the app, and play in a live casino environment. 

Hugh cash inflow for all poker sites 

Yes, it’s raining cash in all poker sites. There’s never been such inflow of cash before. The reason is simple. People are getting bored. In this current situation, poker sites have seen the highest numbers of app downloads. Thousands of people are registering on the app for a mere first-time bonus. Circumstances have turned out to be favorable for the online poker industry. 

Increase in awareness about online poker 

Poker is a popular game. But numbers were not good for the online poker sites. If you’ve been playing card games like rummy, and don’t know about poker, then you’re at a loss. However, this pandemic has brought online poker tournamentsinto the limelight. More and more people are getting aware of the different poker sites. Since there’s a lot of time, hence you can just browse through the apps and get the one that suits your needs. 

Wrapping up… 

Rather than engaging in illegal betting, why not indulge in online poker games? Lack of any recreations is making people spend their time more on online games. This is a crazy and unstable time. Things might change in the coming days. But online poker is sure to shoot up from this moment onwards. So, if you’re a poker lover and want to win some real cash from the game, then, your good time starts now. 

 Happy Playing !!

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6 Crucial Online Poker Pre-flop Mistakes To Be Avoided

Let’s say you’re an age-old poker player and is a know-it-all in online poker tournaments. Who can beat you then? Surely no one! But still, you’re losing out every match. 

When your only motive is to get real money from poker sites in India, any kind of mistake in the preflop can cost you a fortune. Poker seems an easy game in the beginning, but it gets harder. Although many beginners may make preflop mistakes while playing online real poker in India, however, with a few adjustments here and there, such mistakes can be avoided easily. 

Mistake 1: Wrong small blind tactics 

Don’t ever make the mistake of calling from the small blind! This will land you into trouble post-flop. If you want to save money in poker tournaments, then you just can’t afford to make this mistake. You can have a good chance of stealing dead money if you raise from the small blind position. 

Mistake 2: Passive play 

There are times when you’ll find players going passive. They might just do it to get you into a trap. Or to hide their cards! A small piece of advice: Don’t play real money poker in a passive way! If you are a natural player and call out for the raises on time, your win is a probable success. 

Mistake 3: Don’t fold cards too much 

Do you have the habit of folding your cards too much? Then you’re probably making a grave pre-flop mistake. Just because you’re stuck, doesn’t mean you should fold the hands! 

Mistake 4: No plan 

No pre-flop strategy means that you’re entering into a dead game. What to do in the pre-flop stage? Which are the right set of cards? If you know nothing, then your game is over. Poker games online are not as easy as they look. Before you start the game, fix up your strategies. A good poker player should know the difference between a bad hand and a stuck-up hand! 

Mistake 5: No idea of the position 

What is your position in the game? What is the range that you’re playing? You may not know but both are related. Your position will influence your range and vice versa. You need to check the number of players behind you. This is a smart pre-flop strategy. If they’re more then you’ll be playing a tighter range. 

Mistake 6: Don’t play tightly in big blind 

The big blind position is the most advantageous. Whenever you’re playing online poker, play very loose at the big blind. Playing too tight may land you into unnecessary trouble. Keep your cool. Play loose and defend your big blind position smoothly. 

Final thoughts 

Stop making mistakes at the beginning. Eventually, you’ll make lesser ones in the end! Rather than acting hurriedly during pre-flop, be consistent and fold when not sure! 

Last tip: Patience and Observance! That’s the trick that can make you a good player. Hope reading this article makes you a stronger player. Avoid these pre-flop mistakes and start winning at every game.   

Happy Playing !!

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Online Poker Vs. Live Poker – Which One is Easier?

Whether you’re playing online or playing in a casino – rules for a poker game remain the same. Strategies, quick moves and the right cards – a full-house beats a flush and that’s valid in any platform that you play. You might find many live players complaining about different problems even in the best online poker apps. 

Irrespective of the similarities, you’ll be getting a handful of reasons from live players that proves that online poker is tougher in comparison to its live counterpart. However, everyone is not lucky enough to have casinos nearby! What’s the option left then? To play poker online

Let’s take a closer look at both of them. Read on to decide the easier option. 

Serious players 

In live poker matches, you may find many strayers randomly walking into the casino to play a short game of poker without any intention of winning the game. They generally have a lot of money and playing is a passion and winning is just an option for them. However, when it comes to playing poker games online, people are damn serious. 

They want money and they’ll use every possible skill to win the game. This makes the game more exciting and playable. 

Get more hands to play on 

If you’ve played on both the platforms, then you will be familiar with the fact that online poker is much faster in comparison to live poker games. On average you’ll get 100 hands per hour and the greater number of hands you get, the quicker you’ll be able to improve yourself as a poker player! 

Naturally, when you’re in a live game, you’ll not get so many players which means no options of getting more hands. 

Difficulty in reading the players 

 How are you supposed to read the mind of the players if you’re not able to see them? That’s an impossible strategy that makes even the best online poker apps fail to meet the good sides of live poker. Bluffing and intimidating players becomes easier when your opponent is in front of you. Again, there’s a plus point in online games, because if you install the tracker software, then you’ll be able to track the stats of the players. 

Level of addiction 

Poker in any form is an addictive game, but when played online can tend to draw the attention of a greater number of users because of its accessibility. Anywhere, anytime, playing poker onlineis easy. No need to find casinos, no traveling issues, no time restrictions – lay down on your bed with a cup of coffee in one hand and your smartphone in the other and enjoy the game. 

Having said that, you can’t deny the fact that live poker is as addictive as online poker, however only for a specified group of players. Not all players have the advantage of visiting the casinos again and again! 


Both online and live poker has a range of possibilities and disadvantages. It merely depends on the user and his comfort level. If a user prefers going to the casino to enjoy a game of poker every evening, then convincing the same person to play online games becomes difficult and vice versa. The ultimate goal is to get money. May it be from any possible sources! 

Happy Playing !!

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