3 Common Delusions About Bankroll Management in Online Poker

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Money management is one of the most crucial skills to master in online poker games. You can follow your own set of money management rules. Playing poker becomes easy when you’ve one! However, just by following a set of rules don’t think that you’re doing everything right. Try learning bankroll management from experienced players. You’ll get a bunch of tips. However, none will be of any use! 

But if you play poker tournaments with a fresh mind, then your success is assured. Let’s check out the misconceptions and avoid the same at any cost. 

Misconception 1: Having a fixed bankroll management strategy is a must 

You’ll find many newbies in poker games online asking for the sure-shot cash management strategy for winning the game. But there was never and will never be any fixed strategy for the same. If you have got the practice of making a daily budget, bankroll management will be an easy task. 

No one can teach you to manage your money. That is simply illogical. Check out some good poker games online. If you think they’re great then go on with it. Apply and wait for the outcomes. Always a pre-decided strategy may not help you. A sudden click of thought is also enough to make the person win even a complicated game of poker. 

Misconception 2: Follow the same strategy which everyone follows 

As stated earlier, there is no ultimate rule for playing poker online. You need to find your bankroll management strategy. That can depend on many factors. How much risk are you willing to take? What’s the status of your game? What type of game are you playing? 

You will frame your money management tactic depending on all these factors. So, if your friend comes up with his money management strategy, then please discard the same. You’ll encounter problems at every point of the game. make your poker tournament interesting, just go on and pay your own game. 

Misconception 3: Bankroll management is the same for all games 

Another misconception which almost all poker players make. Using the same money managing tactic which you’ve used in the previous games, will not get you a winning strike in the current one. This is a 100% wrong move! 

Every game is different. Let’s say you’re playing a tournament. Then the number of players is also more. Such poker games online get more complicated in comparison to the normal ones. So, you’ll need a more professional management strategy here. 

Again, if you’re playing Omaha for the first time then the money controlling tactics which you had used in Texas Hold’em will be of no use. Improve your skills with time. Get better with calculations. Strategies will make their way into the game. 


Choose the right poker room. Read the rules and be confident whenever you make a move. Remember, while playing poker online, experience matters. But mere tips from the pro players will be of no use. Every player is different. Every game is different. Every move will be different as well! 

  Happy Playing !!

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