Poker Online Tips from The Management and Behavior Experts

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There is surely a science behind almost everything. Two things are essential for playing some winning poker online. One you need to get a feel of the math of the cards and seconds, you need to know how your opponents are thinking how they think you are thinking.

Some tips from known behavior and management experts will not really hurt. Let us see what they say about our favorite card game:

Betting with your best and worst hands

You will rake in more cash when you know how to capitalize on the weakness and mistakes of the other online poker India players. The dictum is that you need to know when to play your best and worst hands.

When you play aggressively with your best hand you want your opponents to think that you have a weak hand. Play your weak cards and make them see you as a strong contender for the chips. You need to push your opponents to the wall and make them commit some mistakes which spell profit for you.

Penalize your opponent’s when they do probability matching

Best online poker like other card games is a game of tendencies. Let us say you have 1 King and 3 Queens and you have to guess what you will pick next. Right now, you might say definitely Q but then that is not the case in real life when there is always the tendency to pick the lone K.

You need to know what your opponent’s tendency is. You need to see what his cutoff points are or which he considers unprofitable and which he considers worth betting. You need to remember that he will not strictly stick to this cutoff and for that, you can punish your opponents.

Try to open your calling range a bit and catch him when he isn’t playing his good hands much and playing his weak hands more.

Don’t ever show them what you are doing

Bad players of online poker India will most likely be bad players most of the time. But remember poker is all about information. Never ever give a hint of what you are doing to the other players if you don’t want the chips going down the drain.

Happy playing!


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