Poker Online Basics – Understanding Misdeals in Poker

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The term ‘misdeal’ is often used to describe a mistake on the part of the dealer in the poker online game which results in the cards being dealt in an incorrect manner. The result of misdeal is that cards have to be returned to dealer for being dealt once again. The cards are first shuffled once more, a new hand is started, with players receiving a new set of cards.

For the mistake to be caught it is mandatory that it has been recognized. And brought to notice prior to more than one player having already made a move. The misdeal should be declared before any two players have begun to use the cards that they have received. In this post we shall discuss some of the circumstances which are categorized as misdeals in an online poker game.

One of the primary causes behind a misdeal occurs if the dealer unknowingly reveals two or more  playing cards. Since best online poker cards have to be dealt in secrecy, that is, no player should be aware of the cards being held by another player, revealing the cards can prove to hold up the game. Also, another error concerning cards being revealed occurs if the dealer reveals the first or the second card of the deck by wrongly dealing them such that they face upwards on the table.

A flawed number of cards

If a player receives an erroneous number of cards, it is classified as an error. However, there is an exception to this rule which occurs in case one of the players receives an extra card. This turns out to be the highest card in the game. The player is allowed to retain this card if he has been dealt the card in keeping with proper sequence of dealing.

In case the misdeal occurs in the form of a card being handed out to a player out of turn. That is, not in proper sequence of dealing, wrongly dealt card can be replaced using burn card. However, the burn card cannot be used to cover a misdeal. If the error in question involves a card being revealed.

Extra cards are outcome of misdeal

Another misdeal occurs if two or more than two cards have been dealt as extras. That is, if more than two cards have been dealt in excess at the beginning of the game. And this error is called to attention, it is declared to be a misdeal. Also, if more than one card if found to be in a ‘boxed’ position. Which is to say, facing one another, instead of all in one direction, it is said to be a misdeal.

Also, in case a player who is entitled to receive a hand is not present at the table, the dealer cannot deal a hand out for him or her as it is considered to be an ‘empty seat’. If the player wishes to be included in the game and will return, he or she is expected to leave a blind or an ante.

In online poker tournaments, misdeals occur all of the time, but even at a real casino, you’ll see misdeals happen every once in a while. Accept it as they’re part of the game.

Happy playing!

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