Poker Online – Beating Fish in the Poker Games

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Poker is a game of strategy. However, what is the most frustrating thing in poker online games? It is the moment when you lose to the bad players.

If you get frustrated or annoyed when a bad player wins hands against you, it’s not your fault. Much of the problem comes from letting these bad beats get to you, causing you to play poker badly.

Let us take a look at the bad players whom we call FISH we face at the online poker table.

The overaggressive fish

This is the type of maniac who loves to sit down, start raising immediately (especially preflop) and create some general havoc for the entire table. He can often be tricky and he’s usually very tough to put on any kind of hand. we have noticed that some people like to keep their distance from this person, sit as far away as possible and react to what he does.

However, we have found that the best way to handle this type at the higher stakes is to sit down at the seat to his immediate left. Why? This allows you the option to put pressure against the maniac (and EXTREME pressure on the rest of the table) by re-raising him pre-flop at every opportunity. This strategy is NOT for the faint of heart, and it does not work very well at lower limit tables if the people will happily limp in for two or three bets anyway. But if you can succeed in eliminating the field this way, you will often find yourself with the best hand AND position on the maniac going into the flop, putting you at a distinct advantage in online poker India.

It’s difficult to pinpoint how far we will lower the quality of my starting hands with which to make this play; we have been known to re-raise with something like K9 if the maniac is extremely wild and we know that there’s a good chance that those mediocre cards will be a monster compared to his holding. Another benefit of three-betting him often is that you will really annoy the rest of the table (and they’ll likely start to press their luck to compensate.) Sometimes the whole table will then go on tilt, and you can reap the rewards if you continue to play such a controlled-aggressive strategy.

The limper fish

Here is a player who will hold on to his hand for dear life; you’d have a tough time getting him to fold without prying his cards away with a crowbar. He’s usually involved in the action and he slowly gives away his chips until he finally hits his three-outer and scoops a decent pot against a newly-enraged opponent. This kind of poker games online player will practically force you to play better cards because you’re more likely to have to win a showdown against him.

If he is sitting behind you, you’ll have to think twice before trying to raise pre-flop with a hand like 99 because you know that he is likely to call two bets anyway with his K8s (thus leading to you being out of position with your 99 and against maybe three opponents…not a good situation at all!) Since a limper will often create a domino-limping effect around the table, we prefer to toss most marginal hands (such as KJ in bad position) and focus on either big cards or drawing hands. When you’re in a hand with the limper, it’s also vital to avoid slow-playing as much.

The predictable fish

Pre-flop, he ALWAYS raises with QQ, calls with 66 or A-10, and folds rags (regardless of his position or what the table conditions are like.) He stays in when he flops a draw and folds when the flop misses him. He slowplays sets but raises the top pair on the flop. He calls the turn with the second pair and raises on the river if his hand improves. Sensing a trend here? 🙂 While this type of fish will not fill your pockets as quickly as the first two types, you can still grind away against him without incurring a lot of risks. When he raises, you can fold your second pair on the turn or your 77 preflop. You can also try fancier bluffs against him because he will quickly fold a questionable hand if you show aggression at the right time.

Happy playing!


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