6 Crucial Online Poker Pre-flop Mistakes To Be Avoided

How To Avoid Online Poker Pre-flop Mistakes

Let’s say you’re an age-old poker player and is a know-it-all in online poker tournaments. Who can beat you then? Surely no one! But still, you’re losing out every match. 

When your only motive is to get real money from poker sites in India, any kind of mistake in the preflop can cost you a fortune. Poker seems an easy game in the beginning, but it gets harder. Although many beginners may make preflop mistakes while playing online real poker in India, however, with a few adjustments here and there, such mistakes can be avoided easily. 

Mistake 1: Wrong small blind tactics 

Don’t ever make the mistake of calling from the small blind! This will land you into trouble post-flop. If you want to save money in poker tournaments, then you just can’t afford to make this mistake. You can have a good chance of stealing dead money if you raise from the small blind position. 

Mistake 2: Passive play 

There are times when you’ll find players going passive. They might just do it to get you into a trap. Or to hide their cards! A small piece of advice: Don’t play real money poker in a passive way! If you are a natural player and call out for the raises on time, your win is a probable success. 

Mistake 3: Don’t fold cards too much 

Do you have the habit of folding your cards too much? Then you’re probably making a grave pre-flop mistake. Just because you’re stuck, doesn’t mean you should fold the hands! 

Mistake 4: No plan 

No pre-flop strategy means that you’re entering into a dead game. What to do in the pre-flop stage? Which are the right set of cards? If you know nothing, then your game is over. Poker games online are not as easy as they look. Before you start the game, fix up your strategies. A good poker player should know the difference between a bad hand and a stuck-up hand! 

Mistake 5: No idea of the position 

What is your position in the game? What is the range that you’re playing? You may not know but both are related. Your position will influence your range and vice versa. You need to check the number of players behind you. This is a smart pre-flop strategy. If they’re more then you’ll be playing a tighter range. 

Mistake 6: Don’t play tightly in big blind 

The big blind position is the most advantageous. Whenever you’re playing online poker, play very loose at the big blind. Playing too tight may land you into unnecessary trouble. Keep your cool. Play loose and defend your big blind position smoothly. 

Final thoughts 

Stop making mistakes at the beginning. Eventually, you’ll make lesser ones in the end! Rather than acting hurriedly during pre-flop, be consistent and fold when not sure! 

Last tip: Patience and Observance! That’s the trick that can make you a good player. Hope reading this article makes you a stronger player. Avoid these pre-flop mistakes and start winning at every game.   

Happy Playing !!

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