Online Poker Techniques – Using and Detecting Tells

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You learn a lot when you observe how opponents play their cards but you can learn more about them when you pay attention to their body language and actions. Over and over again, online poker players will exhibit habits, signals that give you a clue what they are really planning to do. These are what you call tells in the world of poker. When you know how to read tells, you will also know how it feels to rake in some chips or win tournaments.

Here are some of the most common tells:

Folding when out of turn

Before acting on your best online poker hand and you look to your left, you will notice that some of your opponents are getting ready to fold their cards. They may not really fold out of turn but you will get the hint that they are not willing to play what they have. This is very helpful since you practically have a new position on the table when you know the other players will not act.

Chips on cards

When you see a player put ships on top of his poker online cards, this most likely means that he will be joining the action and play what he has. Look to your left and when you see this you may want to avoid getting into any conflict when you have a weak hand. You need to be careful though when you read this tell since there are players who put chips on their cards even before the action gets to them or out of habit.

Getting the chips ready

Some players prepare their online poker India chips even before it’s their turn to act. You will see them sizing the bet and preparing to match it or even go for a raise. Again, look at the other players and see what your opponents plan to do. There are other players though who intentionally do this to mislead you by discouraging you to put in your bet.

Happy playing!


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