Reasons to Take Notes While Playing Online Poker

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When you play online poker, most of the poker rooms allow players to take notes while they on their opponents. Typically, you will be able to click a drop-down menu where each of the player’s names will be. You will then need to click on the name of the player, and from there you will be able to write anything you want about that opponent. There are several reasons why it’s important to take notes when you play poker and we’re going to look at them quickly.

When you play a long session of poker online you can often forget what happened an hour or two ago. This means that you could potentially make the same mistake twice if you forget how you made the first mistake. In order to avoid making mistakes twice against the same opponent, you need to make sure you jot down notes every time you make a mistake that costs you money.

Helps in getting valuable information

Your notes in most online poker real money rooms will be kept forever. This means that if you sit down at a table a month later. The same opponent is sitting with you at the table, you can view your old notes on the players. This will give you valuable information about the opponent from your own previous playing experience against them. This will ensure you know exactly how to play against that player and you shouldn’t make any mistakes against them.

Targeting the fish of the

Some of the software programs that the best online poker rooms use have some unique options such as being able to label the players you write notes about. There are also software programs that you can use on your own computer which will help you target the fish poker players in certain poker rooms so that you can always find a loose game.

The main reason to write notes about your opponents is so that you have the information you need when it comes to making a big call. It’s important to know how your opponent bets certain situations so you have an idea of what to do when they make a move against you. Taking notes could be the difference between making money and not making money as an online poker player.

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