5 Great Reasons to Get Online Poker Rakeback

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Rakeback has been available for several years and offers poker players a return on the fees paid to online poker portals. Players benefit from this by getting regular cashback into their accounts, and the rooms benefit through increased player loyalty and often higher volumes of play. If you are not already receiving one of the best Rakeback deals then this article will show you 5 great reasons why you should switch today!

Those Small Cash Game Rakes Add Up

Even though the fees taken from the cash games you play may seem negligible, they can add up to large amounts surprisingly quickly. For example, someone playing just two tables of no-limit Hold’em for 2 hours per day with a reasonable Rakeback deal.

Tournament Fees Reduced By 1/3rd

SNG and Tournament Players can work out how much cash they are leaving on the table very quickly. Those grinding 8+ tables are committing an online poker real money offence by playing without Rakeback – even at the lowest levels!

Site Bonuses and Promotions Are Still Available

Rakeback does not preclude you from the regular bonuses offered by most poker online sites, in fact, while you are clearing sign-up bonuses you can often boost your return to more than 60%!!

Rake Races Add ₹₹₹ To Your Profits

The best Rakeback deals come with access to rake-races – these are contests specific to each Rakeback provider and involve a leaderboard of rake generated over a fixed time period ranging from 1 to 10 days. Players who generate the most rake are then further rewarded via cash prizes. The payouts for rake races can be very large, with the best Rakeback providers offering ₹20+ each month at each of their sponsored sites.

Special Freerolls With Small Fields

Freerolls with prize pools depending on the portals ₹5k are regularly offered by Rakeback providers at the leading sites. The real benefit of these is that many of those who qualify to enter will not do so. For example, the higher stakes cash game players may rightly believe they have a higher profit expectation in their normal games. This leaves some big prizes available to those players who do choose to play.

In conclusion, there is really no reason for any best online poker fan to be playing online without a poker Rakeback deal – make sure you get the best available deal for your favourite site today!

Happy playing!


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