Facts About the Current Legal Status of Online Poker In India


Many real money poker sites in India are cropping up now and then. Online poker is no longer a taboo in Indian society. The existence of live pokers and casinos is questionable. However, online poker has made its place smoothly into the confinement of the lazy afternoons of the Indian teenagers. 

As per the Indian institution, the official license is available for online poker sites. This makes online poker very much legal in India. Still, the fact whether you should be playing poker online in any state of India or not, is doubtful.  

If not in the whole country, but you can be lucky enough to play poker if you’re an inhabitant of these Indian states.  Madras High court has made an appeal to the government to legalize online poker. Cheer up! Because Tamil Nadu is another state which is on the verge of becoming a poker state. 

Till then, check out the regulations of Indian states and keep on making some real money poker india. 


Poker tournaments  are a strict NO in this state and are dictated by the regulations of the Betting act 1970. The government here still considers poker and other card games as a game of luck and not a game of skills. Hence, if you’re living in Assam, it’s better not to indulge in the same. 


As per the Goa, Daman, and Diu Public Gambling Act, 1976, live poker, casinos, and online poker are legal. While holidaying in Goa, you’ll come across loads of open bars and casinos at every corner. So, if you’re looking for some thrill, fun, and easy money, Goa is the place for you. 


Playing poker in Karnataka is controversial. As per the verdict of the Indian Poker Association (IPA) vs. State of Karnataka case, since the poker players claim it to be a game of skill, hence the same should be played for recreational purposes and not for earning money. Hence, in short, you can play online poker here but only for the sake of playing the game and not for any other purpose. 


If you’re in Nagaland, then congratulations, you have got the license of playing poker games online. No strict rules – this state has gladly accepted poker as a game of skill. Legal permissions to all online operators to carry on with the fun, thrill, and excitement! 

Tamil Nadu 

Till date, like other states, poker was considered to be illegal in Tamil Nadu as well. But a recent case of online rummy has probed the Madras High court to appeal to the government to put forward certain regulations for online poker games. Since Indian card games are old ones, the government is thinking of legalizing the same.  

West Bengal 

For online poker or any other online gaming operators, this state has provided clear cut judicial norms for the same. Under the regulations of the West Bengal Gambling and Prize Competitions Act, 1957, section 2 (1) (b) games like poker, rummy, bridge, and nap are completely excluded from gambling. You can easily indulge in the same without any interference from the authorities

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3 Fast And Successful Steps to Warm-up Before Poker Games Online

For professional poker players, having “off” days at poker is a natural phenomenon. It’s that day when every move you make goes wrong. Every strategy backfire and no guesses work. Probably, that day is not your day. Inonline poker, this is more common since the player has access to the game all the time and hence keeps on playing. 

If you continuously play poker, there’ll come a time when your mind will get saturated. But if you follow a rigorous warm-up routine and start the game with a clear mind, then winning chances might increase. After all, a player is a human being, performance pressure may make a mess out of his mind. 

There’s no set of rules for the same. But for players engaged in poker games online, trying out these 3 steps before starting on a game can be beneficial. No guaranteed success, but a probable chance! Check out in detail. 

Step 1: Keep off the distractions 

You can’tplay poker and win money while watching TV series or while chatting with family members. Unlike some easier card games, poker is quite complex and demands your full attention. While playing poker online, if you’re playing more than one hand, then be very alert and concentrate completely in the game. Sometimes taking a restroom break can loosen things up! 

Since you don’t need to go up to a casino, you just relax in your bed with some snacks to munch on while you play silently through the game. Do remember to shut off all kinds of noises. Anything that diverts your mind can make you lose out on the game. 

Step 2: Meditate for mental stability 

Are you stressed? Mentally disturbed or sad due to any reason? Then Poker is certainly not the game that will refresh your mind! Poker plays with the mind of the players making them think deeply. Hence, if you’re emotionally drained then, getting back to a stable form before playing is very important. 

There’s an easy way out for the same! Get onto meditation. Clam down your senses and nerves. Put your focus on rational thinking. Practice meditation at least for 30 minutes every day and you’ll get better at online poker! 

Step 3: Recall and reflect on strategies of the last game 

Check out the terms and conditions of all legal poker sites in India. Also, read on some articles on poker. Research is very important before you jump into the game. It’s not just some stupid baby card games. You need to be good with your strategies if you want to win. 

Also, try and recall your past game’s mistake. That’s a very important part. Learning lessons from the past mistakes can give you heads up to your current game. if you’ve failed in applying a particular strategy previously, then search up the internet for the same. read, learn, and apply! 

Does poker sound like a tough job? It’s easy for the ones who have a grip on the game. These 3 steps will not only make you a good poker player but will help you in your personal life as well. 

Happy Playing !!

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