7 Big Challenges Faced by Online Poker Players

Since the time online poker mania started, live poker took a backseat. After several twists and turns in the road, online poker has finally overcome the grey areas and is being widely played now. From the development point of view, developers and companies must’ve excelled in perfecting the flaws of online poker apps thereby producing some of the best online poker sites

However, the days of miseries continue for the players! As silly as it may seem, this list of challenges is truly a curse for any good poker player who’s always engaged in different poker tournaments. 

Let’s have a look at some of the botherations that are hindering the ultimate growth of this platform. 

Poor internet connections 

How would you feel, if your connectivity gets cut at the moment when your full-house cards are on the verge of beating the flush? Well, the world seems crushing down for online poker players when such instances happen. 

However, this is an unavoidable situation. Even the best online poker players have faced this situation at least once. Internet failures are an uncontrollable challenge. Let’s face it. You can blame your service provider. You can scream your heart out. But you can’t predict when it will happen. So, deal with it! 

Unable to read the opponent’s expressions 

Is your opponent bluffing? How would you know? You’re playing online poker in India! There’s no way you can read the expressions of your opponent. It is again an unavoidable part of this platform. Until you’re a complete experienced player, playing without viewing the opponent can be a hectic process. 

Dealing with unknown players 

It’s not that in live poker you’re going to deal with your friends, but in case of the online ones, you’ll get a variety of poker players who can sometimes drive you crazy. Especially dealing with the newbies and the addictive ones become painful! So, if you feel poker online is easy in comparison to the live games, then you’re wrong. Because at the casinos you get the professional players and can enjoy the game. 

High-stress levels 

Poker is a mind game. So, stress is an essential part of the same. But with onlinepoker tournamentsmake people stressed out more. Do you know why? Because the game is always with you. This means that the urge of getting back the lost money works continuously in the brains of the players. What do they do? They keep on playing. Keep on taking up the stress! 

Poor rewards 

Money and gifts that’s the best part of poker games. if the same is not there, then there’s no use of playing the game. Previously sites used to offer cashback and rewards to excite players. But now they’re more into getting users and grabbing as much money as possible from them. So, what’s the headway for the game? Nothing. 

Unsuccessful bluffing 

Yes, this is the most challenging part. Bluffing works in an awesome way when you’re able to see your opponents. When you’re playing with a virtual player, bluffing becomes unsuccessful most of the time. Bluffing is a lifesaver for all poker players. How are you going to win the game without faking it? Good question! Winning becomes highly questionable in the case of online poker tournaments. 

Highly addictive 

When you know that the game is always with you on your mobile phone and you can start playing the same anytime or anywhere, then the urge of playing the game gets high. And if you’ve won one or two games, then the thought of getting money makes you more addicted to the game. No need for casino visits, no expenses – just play poker whenever you feel like playing. 

Happy Playing !!

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Facts About the Current Legal Status of Online Poker In India


Many real money poker sites in India are cropping up now and then. Online poker is no longer a taboo in Indian society. The existence of live pokers and casinos is questionable. However, online poker has made its place smoothly into the confinement of the lazy afternoons of the Indian teenagers. 

As per the Indian institution, the official license is available for online poker sites. This makes online poker very much legal in India. Still, the fact whether you should be playing poker online in any state of India or not, is doubtful.  

If not in the whole country, but you can be lucky enough to play poker if you’re an inhabitant of these Indian states.  Madras High court has made an appeal to the government to legalize online poker. Cheer up! Because Tamil Nadu is another state which is on the verge of becoming a poker state. 

Till then, check out the regulations of Indian states and keep on making some real money poker india. 


Poker tournaments  are a strict NO in this state and are dictated by the regulations of the Betting act 1970. The government here still considers poker and other card games as a game of luck and not a game of skills. Hence, if you’re living in Assam, it’s better not to indulge in the same. 


As per the Goa, Daman, and Diu Public Gambling Act, 1976, live poker, casinos, and online poker are legal. While holidaying in Goa, you’ll come across loads of open bars and casinos at every corner. So, if you’re looking for some thrill, fun, and easy money, Goa is the place for you. 


Playing poker in Karnataka is controversial. As per the verdict of the Indian Poker Association (IPA) vs. State of Karnataka case, since the poker players claim it to be a game of skill, hence the same should be played for recreational purposes and not for earning money. Hence, in short, you can play online poker here but only for the sake of playing the game and not for any other purpose. 


If you’re in Nagaland, then congratulations, you have got the license of playing poker games online. No strict rules – this state has gladly accepted poker as a game of skill. Legal permissions to all online operators to carry on with the fun, thrill, and excitement! 

Tamil Nadu 

Till date, like other states, poker was considered to be illegal in Tamil Nadu as well. But a recent case of online rummy has probed the Madras High court to appeal to the government to put forward certain regulations for online poker games. Since Indian card games are old ones, the government is thinking of legalizing the same.  

West Bengal 

For online poker or any other online gaming operators, this state has provided clear cut judicial norms for the same. Under the regulations of the West Bengal Gambling and Prize Competitions Act, 1957, section 2 (1) (b) games like poker, rummy, bridge, and nap are completely excluded from gambling. You can easily indulge in the same without any interference from the authorities

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Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Not Cheat to Win A Poker Game

Did you grow up watching casino and poker games infamous old-school movies? If so, then the concept of a cheater present in every table has taken an inevitable place in your mind. You can undoubtedly claim that the poker tournaments like Texas Hold’em and stud poker have many loopholes allowing the players to indulge in cheating activities. 

However, if you’re a pro, then you know that you should NEVER walk in this path! You can land yourself into some serious trouble. Online poker in India declares cheating to be illegal and unethical – so stop playing smart and use your skills to win the game.

Get caught and get into trouble

Do you think you’re smart enough to get away with the cheating tricks? That’s impossible. If you’re playing in a casino, remember that the same is being equipped with plenty of cameras to keep an eye on your every move. However, playing poker games online in India gives you a good chance of deceiving your opponent. After all, poker is a game of deception! 

So, be alert when you’re playing the game in a casino. Your evening will get superbly exciting if you end up in jail!

Strategies will never improve

Let’s say that the majority of your wins at poker are based on your cheating skills. Then, when did you ever bother to use your grey cells? The answer is simple. NEVER. Cheating may help you get a win by chance, but it will certainly not improve your logic, rational skills, and decision-making capabilities. In short, you’ll remain a failure as a poker player. 

Trying to play in some of the best poker sites in India, will remain a dream forever for a person who relies on cheating skills rather than improving his game skills. 

Play an unethical game

The word “cheating” is always unethical and illegal in any aspect. Whether it’s poker or some other game, using cunning techniques to get an upper hand in the game, is simply not acceptable. A cheating strategy is unethical and illegal, no matter what! 

So, as a regular poker player, if you’re marked as a cheater, your reputation will be at stake. There may come times when you will be banned from important poker tournaments. Some of the best poker sites in India maintain security procedures to keep the cheaters at bay. Don’t ruin the game. Play ethically and enjoy the winning fruits.

Playing with a wrong spirit

Real Money Poker is not gambling. Want to know why? Because it’s a mind game. It’s a battle of wits between the players. Your opponent player must have dedicated hours of labor and wrecked his brain cells to get into a position where he can play the game flawlessly. However, if you start using illegal techniques, you’re indirectly hurting the sentiments and also disrespecting a good poker player. Does your conscience allow you to cheat on a good player? If it does, then you’re not meant for this game. Opt for gambling instead! 

Be alert, stay sharp, and guide yourself from any cheaters on online poker in India. Don’t get tempted to indulge in dishonest methods. Remember, winning isn’t everything, playing a fair game is all that matters! 


Do Enjoy Your Online Poker Game.

Happy Playing !!

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Online Poker – 10 Proven Techniques if You Prefer Bluffing

Bluffing is the art wherein you make other players think that you have a better hand than you actually have. If utilized properly, bluffing can assist you increase your earnings from poker games online and win big. Here are 10 winning tips to help you successfully bluff. 


Bluff a good hand made by your opponent 

Bluff when a poker online player has made a good hand. An instance would be when the 3rd of a suit hits the table. A player may have a flush. If you bet as if you have the flush, other players may believe you. 

Bluff when opponents searching  

If you are in a pot, bluff the best online poker player that is searching for ways to fold. By placing a big bet and letting them believe that you have something, you can eliminate them from the game. 

Focus on the other players 

It is better if you know more about the habits of your online poker real money opponents. If he is a beginner, he may bluff frequently which makes them easy targets. However, it is the more veteran players whom you have to keep an eye on.

 Opt to bluff late 

If players have just seen you bluffing, they will recall it. If you try to bluff again too early, then someone is likely to call you. Naturally, this can be utilized to your advantage. If you have a good hand after being caught bluffing, chances are players will call you bets. 

Only bluff on tight tables 

As a rule, bluffs have a greater probability of functioning at tight game tables instead of the loose ones, not unless every loose player has folded already. 

Bluff on high limit tables 

In low limit poker games, there is actually no gain bluffing. When betting just small amounts, you can expect that most of the time someone will call your bluff. High limits, particularly no limit games, are perfect for successful bluffing. 

Bluff from the back (late position) 

If everybody is folding, calling and checking all around you, it is a right time to attempt to get a hold of the pot. It is not a good thing to bluff from an early position because you do not know the other player’s hands. 

Do not bluff too frequently 

Try to make a pattern that other players will have difficulty in spotting. If you bet with a pattern, they will definitely notice it. An excellent bluffing strategy will keep them guessing. 

 Stay calm and cautious 

Be cautious when bluffing poor players, as they may not know when they are defeated. Although you may appear as having a stronger hand, they just may not notice or care, as they have not achieved a plan of their own. 

Observe a lot and then bluff 

A number of bluffing situations are usual and you must be able to utilize them to your advantage. Excellent players though, may spot it, observe the play and use it against you. 

Bluffing is an important strategy for all poker players. It is not science, it is an art. The 10 tips mentioned will assist you achieve a bluffing strategy that will let you bluff your way to bigger earnings. 


Happy playing!!

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